A Corollary to “The Pandemic”

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Alex Grey

Once more I want to thank CiaoSteve. Not only for his editorial advice but also for his contributions. He has become almost a confidant, allowing me to better express my adventures.


I missed him. It had only been a few months, but we had such good times together. Now, Mathew was off at College, and I… well, I truly missed him. He was only living in the neighboring state, but he might as well have been thousands of miles away.

I had so much I wanted to tell him. Some things I came right out with, and others… well, some things are better kept to yourself. I never told him that I thought I was pregnant. It would have put a dampener on everything, and most likely scared him off for life. I guess it was just as well as, much to my relief, my predicament had been a false alarm.

We kept in touch, texting on a daily basis. I wanted him as much as I did on our first date, and he proclaimed to share the feeling. It was something, but nowhere near enough. He’d be back in the summer, but the summer seemed so far away, and what’s more he’d probably find somebody else between now and then, somebody younger, somebody more beautiful, somebody more… well, appropriate for a guy of his age.

Frustrated that meeting again was not on the horizon, we continued to text, at times sext. I couldn’t help but keep flicking my phone on, looking to see if there was another message from Mathew.

His last post had read:

“I want every inch of you. I want to feel your body wrapped around mine, to feel your warmth and soft skin against my body. I want to taste you, to feel your juice on my tongue. I want to be so close to you that it’s like we are one. I want my hands and tongue to explore every part of your body. I want to feel you as you shake and quiver from the pleasure. I want to hold you in place and have you know you’re not going anywhere until I’m done with you.”

Not bad for a kid his age. I had taught him to be quite verbal, and as I read it, I felt a flush deep in my belly and a wetness down below. It had only been a few months but, yes, it had been way too long.

You know what they say about a twist of fate and how cruel it can be. Well, in this case fate did intervene, in a most unexpected, opportunistic and compassionate way. One evening, my husband announced that because of a spike of cases, his job was taking him on the road again, and he would be posted to a city that sat not quite 50 miles from Mathew’s College.

His assignment was for no more than a week, and I had resigned myself to be alone at the ranch. I didn’t think about it immediately, but a couple of nights later a light flashed in my mind. I was sure he wouldn’t mind. All I needed though was to find the right time to ask.

“During your trip? Where will you be staying?” I asked Paul, handing him a large glass of red wine.

“There’s a hotel not far from work. I’ll get a room there. Why?” came his response, a suspicious tone to his last question.

“So, you won’t be needing the car?”

“Well, I’ll need it to get me there and back, but…” There was a hesitation in his voice and maybe a realization in what I was about to ask. “…where are you going with this?”

I knew Mathew lived on campus, however, not in the dorms. His family was well enough off for him to afford an apartment nearby. It was only a forty five minute or so drive, and under those conditions, I could still semi-insulate against the disease. All I needed was a vehicle.

“Well, you know. I just wondered…” I gave him those eyes, those it would mean the world to me eyes. “…You know. I could come with you, and, if you don’t need the car—”

“—you can take it,” Paul finished off my explanation. “And, where might you be taking it? It’s that kid, isn’t it?”

“I just thought… well, you are going to be close… so, why not pay him a surprise visit.”

Paul just sipped his wine, then nodded.

“You never fail to amaze me. But allright, it sounds like a sound plan.” There was a pause before he added. “Have you brought this up with him?”

“No, but I will. A surprise visit might be unfair, he could have some girl with him, and that would be a catastrophe.”

As had become the habit, over an innocuous text message, I broke the news. From his almost immediate reply, Mathew sounded ecstatic at the idea, confirming that it had been a sound decision.


So here we were, on the road, making small talk, me occasionally interrupting the conversation with ideas about my visit. If nothing else, this certainly made the trip seem shorter. We checked into the hotel late afternoon. To say it was a freebie—okay, well actually it was fairly expensive, but Paul’s employer was picking up that bill—it was quite luxurious. They offered spas, pools, gym, and every type of amenity you should expect for the price. I wouldn’t have minded spending a few days away in the hotel itself, but I had plans afoot.

I didn’t think it would Travesti be prudent to visit that evening; after all, I needed rest and I so wanted him to see me at my best. What’s more, being Friday, he had classes that afternoon anyway.

“I will be there tomorrow,” I texted, “At what time do you want me?”

“I want you all the time?” came an instant reply, signed off with a winking emoji.

“Whenever you can get here,” came a second message. “I have no plans except for being with you.”

“How about mid-morning,” I suggested. “That will give us time together, and I will still be able to make it back before Paul gets back from work.”

I kept that charade up to feign Paul’s ignorance, secretly knowing was also behind this.

Little did I know the visit would extend.

Saturday morning, Paul got up early and began to dress. He was so noisy and inconsiderate with my sleep that he woke me up, and I began to prepare myself as soon as he left.

The preparations were actually few; there was little I could do to impress the kid that hadn’t tried already. The only possible impediment I found, was that my bush had grown exuberantly since he left, but I did not bring a trimmer. I could always use one of Paul’s razors, but that tends to leave an immediate rash, which is not a pretty sight, so I dropped the subject.

Armed with little more than my purse and a small bottle of lube (just in case, LOL), I was on my way.

Google maps made the trip easy, and well before eleven, I was parking my vehicle at the curb.

I rang the doorbell, and Mathew opened the door immediately, which led me to believe he was just as eager as me and on the lookout for my arrival.

He looked gorgeous in a pair of tight jeans, an untucked long sleeve shirt, and stockinged feet. I almost felt overdressed but suspected that would change very soon.

My heart was racing, an excited anticipation flowing through my veins. It had seemed so long since his departure, and I couldn’t wait to be in his arms again. I would not need a lot of foreplay; my mind and body were more than ready.

There was an urgency in the way he invited me in, closing the door as soon as I had walked inside. I had to think it was his eagerness for us to be back together, but I guessed there was also an element of getting me inside before anyone saw. I gave him the benefit of the doubt as we never made it beyond the foyer without being all over each other. There we stood, embracing, tongues intertwined in the most passionate of kisses. We had been down this road before. I knew what buttons to press, and he was familiar with mine. A trail of clothing followed us as we walked, disrobing as we went, to what I assumed was his bedroom.

I took a peek around me and saw that instead of the College dorm mess I had expected, he had taken the time to pick up. Very thoughtful of him.

In no time at all we were both naked. I climbed up on top of his bed, positioning myself half on my side, with one leg over the other, one hand playing with my hair, whilst the other lay across my breasts. It was a sort of ‘tell me you like what you see’ pose rather than a ‘fuck me now’ open invitation.

I smiled up at Mathew as he approached the bed, his eyes transfixed on my naked body. My heart pounded in expectation, as I waited for Mathew to make his move. When he did, it was spoken rather than physical.

“I have not taken a good look at you in months. Let me see all of you.”

I took that to mean whatever wasn’t exposed to his gaze so far, so I slid up on the bed and slowly, teasingly, spread myself. The pandemic had taken a toll on my grooming, and my bush was exuberant. Far from being repelled by the sight, Mathew seemed to be enthralled.

“God, you look hotter than ever. I want it, I want it all.”

He dove onto the bed and began to nuzzle, kiss and lick my bare skin. He dwelled on my breasts, kneading them to start with, but soon following up with some serious suckling. I was saving the mommy card for when he needed encouragement, and certainly, at this moment, he didn’t.

“My pussy misses you,” I whispered, suggestively. “My pussy misses your kisses, and that gorgeous cock of yours.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. Sliding down, he showered kisses across my groins then my inner thighs. I spread my legs further and slid myself down the bed until his face was hovering over my aching sex. Placing my hands on his head, I led him towards my sweetest folds, holding his mouth temptingly over my slit.

I held him there for a moment, gasping as he flicked his tongue out and caressed my outer lips. It was all too much, my mind consumed by months of waiting for this very moment. Grabbing his head, I pulled him tight against my pussy. As he worked his tongue against my folds, forcing the tip between my lips, I released my grip, closed my eyes and moaned.

He was so much more confident, so much more direct, than those first times. Then I would have to guide him. Now though it was like Ankara Travesti a firework. I’d lit the match and stood, well actually laid, well back, as the young lad did the rest. I felt his fingers come into play, two digits running the length of my now sodden snatch, down toward my opening. Then I felt him. I gasped as those two fingers eased up into my pussy, filling an emptiness which seemed to have lasted forever.

“Yes, here!” he exclaimed, “it feels like a peach pit.”

“Fuck yes, Mathew,” I moaned out at him as he found the spot.

I simply lay there, letting his fingers set my body on fire. He pressed upward, running the tips across that rugose patch of sensitive wall. The more he drew against that very spot, the more the heat built deep inside. I knew it, and I guessed he did too, as he didn’t stop his torment. On and on, he caressed that very spot, rubbing his fingers firmly across my upper wall. My entire body tensed as I felt the first ripples of orgasm pulse through me. I was nearing my summit.

By now, all I could think about was cumming, and cumming hard. Eyes closed tight, I writhed slowly on the bed as he worked his fingers deep inside. When his mouth returned, his tongue caressing my clit as his fingers continued to work magic up inside, I was a panting wreck. Somewhere in the distance there was a creak, then a slam. It was like… like a door had opened and closed again. I heard it, but in my pre-orgasmic state all I could focus on was climbing that wave, riding the crest and…

Mathew continued to work his fingers in and out of my sodden pussy, a squish going with his every thrust. He was lapping at my juices as I writhed on the bed. Those fires were now an inferno, and I knew it was only a matter of… knew it… knew…

I screamed, a piercing passionate scream as the big one hit. Back arched, I gripped at the sheets as I rode it. At first it was pure pleasure, euphoria flooding every inch of my body, setting every nerve ending alight. Still he worked me, faster and faster as he plunged his fingers in and out of my pussy. And then it happened, my body seeming to lose control as I screamed once more, love juices squirting out like a fountain, soaking both Mathew and the bed.

I lay there, eyes still closed, my pussy now a dripping mess. I was still in a daze, my panted breaths the last remaining sign of such a hard orgasm. It was Mathew’s outburst which broke me out of my post-coital bliss.

“What the fuck Matt, you weren’t supposed to come back till later.”

I opened my eyes to see a young man standing at the bedroom door, watching, mesmerized. I scampered up in bed, flustered, bewildered, looking unsuccessfully for something to cover myself with, when Mathew hugged me and began to apologize.

“Sorry, Miss Anabelle. I am sorry. I am so sorry.”

Half hidden from the stranger by Mathew’s body, he tried to explain,

“This is Matt, my roommate. I swear to you he was not supposed to be here this early. He was expected at his parents for the weekend, but they phoned to say they couldn’t come. We don’t have a vehicle, so Matt promised to stay out of the way.”

While Mathew was being profusely apologetic, I just stared at the other young man as he stood there in the doorway. His expression was far from contrite. The way he stood there, staring, had an air of naughtiness about him.

“This is unacceptable,” I hollered, getting out of bed to dress.

I was all set to dump him there and then, to get out of this place, to get as far away from this scheming young lad as I could. Oh, if he thought I was going to buy that lame excuse of an explanation, then he had another thing coming. I bent down and grabbed at my panties, the only item of clothing which had made it to the bedroom, picking them up off the floor.

I’d driven half a day yesterday and an hour today, and all for this! As I rose again, my eyes hit Mathew. I was so sure that he had set this up, to have his roommate burst in on us. Was it an element of macho bravado, showing off just how easily he could get me in bed? Then I saw Mathew’s now limp cock—no, it was more a shrunken cock than a limp cock—and thought, hell, he is worse off than I am. At least I had an orgasm, and a damn good one to boot.

I was furious as I stood there. I didn’t want any excuse, just an honest explanation. Mathew stood, turned me to him, and continued to make amends. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched the kid, still standing in the doorway, not expressing any regret nor trying to hide the bulge in his pants. Even from a distance, that bulge was remarkable.

As I watched him staring at me, or more to the point as I stared at him, my indignation morphed into a feeling that I had been set up and a need for retribution. I shook myself out of Mathew’s grip and took a step away from him. I sat back down on the bed, Mathew staring down at me, wondering what was coming next.

Slowly, intentionally, I turned my attention towards the kid in the doorway. If Mathew istanbul Travesti felt it was acceptable to have his mate watch me in bed, without any thought for my feelings, then how would he feel to watch me in bed with his buddy? Is that what he wanted, to share me like a trophy?

“Come here,” I told the young man, wiggling my finger as in, here!

He strolled in, a nonchalant cockiness about his gait. He wasn’t as tall as Mathew, but a lot more buffed and certainly looked confident. The situation was unreal. Here I sat, my young lover standing on one side of me with a most apologetic look on his face, while standing at my feet was an eager young stranger.

A flash went through my mind and took me to a time when a friend of mine had confessed, or bragged perhaps, of being with two guys. Her descriptions were so vivid that they remained etched in my mind. There was a silent pause, a hesitation as I thought carefully about my next move. Then I turned to Mathew.

“I don’t know if you set me up or not. Either way, this might not be what you hoped for.”

I turned away, my attention moving to the young roommate. I beckoned him closer then pointed my fingers towards the young man’s zipper. A hesitation, as I went for his shirt buttons instead, opening them one by one from top to bottom. His pecs were well defined, as was his six-pack. I ran my fingers down his chest, my arousal building as I felt those chiseled muscles. Whereas Mathew had a hard body, a runners kind of body, this kid’s was more like one of a body-builder

“What is that in your pants? Did you like what you saw?” I teased him in a half encouraging, half chastising manner.

Still though he just stood there, confident in his own presence. I reached out once more, grabbing the metal tab of his zipper. Slowly, purposefully, I pulled it down. As I unlatched his belt and reached for the button in the waistband of his slacks, he stood there motionless, transfixed. Even as I took the elastic of his shorts between my hands, he made no move. I looked him in the eye, smiled, and then peeled his shorts and slacks down.

What came into view was a dream. I was pleasantly surprised. His cock was not as long as Mathew’s but way thicker. I wrapped a hand around his girth, barely surrounding it, gripping firmly on his young manhood. It was time to find out.

“Mathew ran his mouth, didn’t he?”

It was Mathew who began to object. A quick, and very direct, hush shut him up. I was bent on finding out the truth.

“Was he bragging?”

The young kid nodded.

“What did he brag about? Tell me.”

The kid just stood there, unable or unwilling to say a word.

“You are busted, you are both busted, and your walking in on us was no accident. Did Mathew set me up?”

“No,” he answered, his voice so broken that it was like a croak. “It was my idea”

Still gripping him, I turned my face towards Mathew. If the purpose was to hurt Mathew, I had achieved it. He looked like a puppy that had just been reprimanded.

“You are about to find out first-hand if he was telling the truth.”

“Did he tell you I was unshaven?”


“Have you seen someone like me?”

He shook his head from side to side.

“Do you like the idea?”

I was a moot question, the look on his face told me all I needed to know.

“On the bed, Matt,” I ordered as I pulled his cock towards the now rather untidy mess of covers.

Awkwardly, he positioned himself on the bed, his head propped up against the headboard, arms down to his sides and legs splayed slightly. What stood out most though was that thick cock, a stiff rod in his lap. It was such a manly pose, but somehow I wondered if he had the man inside him. I was about to find out.

I knelt between Matt’s thighs, nudging them wider apart with a push of my knee. Oh yes, his cock was rock hard. I glanced back at Mathew, noticing his still flaccid cock, as I held Matt’s hard-on in my hand. With my free hand I pointed him towards the bed and Mathew sat himself down.

I released my grip on Matt’s cock and leaned forward. I kissed Matt on the lips briefly, before directing my attention downwards. I began to nibble down his chest, across his abdomen all the way to end at his shaft, and his circumcised crown. Salty, yes, yummy, he must have seen more than I thought, or Mathew’s bragging had led to this. I was going to torture, not only him, but the sullen man that sat on the bed with us. Very much on purpose, and with the idea of retaliation, I became very verbal.

“You taste so good, your cock is so thick, you should be proud,” and I felt his cock twitch.

I knelt above him, my eyes wandering from Matt to Mathew and back again. Slowly, teasingly, I spread my lips and gave him a full view of my shiny bush and swollen pussy.

“Sorry about the sheets,” I said. “Mathew was doing such a good job, and I do hope you can finish it off.”

I held his cock upwards, pointing him directly towards my entrance, still wet from what had transpired earlier. I made myself accessible, making sure both could see, then lowered myself down onto him. I gasped a little, trying as best to hide it, as I felt that heavenly sensation of being opened, stretched, and taken.

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