A Cuckquean Story: Ch. 02 The Aftermath

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“What the fucked happened last night…” was the thought that entered my mind as I groggily woke up from my slumber.

My name is Mallory, I am happily married to Michael. We have had an adventurous sex life, we have never been against trying things. Many times we had had threesomes or more usually with women but sometimes with other men or couples as well. Michael and I had even discussed joining the local swingers club. Our favorite activity has been meeting women at a club and bringing them back home for fun. Which is the exact thing we thought we were doing last night.

I had dressed up in my favorite black party dress. Under that I had put on a pair of cute pink panties and bra with black fishnet stockings. I was dressed to kill, or at least to pick up a good looking girl to bring home. Michael who was dressed in nice slacks and v neck tee shirt looked even better. My husband is a very handsome man and very vibrant and charismatic with the kind of smile that makes his eyes light up which makes it even easier for us to pick up women. I am 36 and he is 38 but that has not stopped us from picking up and fooling around with girls and guys much younger than us.

Well, like I said, last night we went to a local dance club with the intention of picking up a hot, sexy girl to play with. And we found one, or more accurately, she found us. Taylor, a hot blonde at the club, seduced Michael right in front of me and without my OK. She took him home and they fucked hard and furious. I was not happy about how things went down and yet at the same time I have never been more turned on or cum harder than I did as I watched and cleaned them up. It was the weirdest night and strangest I have ever felt.

The last thing I remember before falling asleep on her couch was him cumming deep inside her pussy as I came underneath them. Now as I felt the sun on my face, I slowly began to wake up and realize I was on the couch alone. The events of the night before kept replaying over and over in my mind.

Starting with the image of seeing her for the first time at the club. A sexy, hot blonde in a tight red dress standing on the edge of the dance floor as we drank at the bar scoping for women. Even in the memory going through my brain I thought she was one of the best looking women I have ever seen in person. She seemed like she was a few years younger than us, taller than me, and had bigger breasts.

And then all the subsequent times we saw and noticed her on the periphery. Her dancing with Michael ignoring my existence from the get go. The best memory of the night though was when her clothes came off and I laid eyes on the sexiest, tightest little body ever as she fucked my husband right in front of me. Me being mad and horny at the same time, me wanting to stop what was happening but being crippled to do so because the sight of his pleasure was too much for me.

Seeing his face look so satisfied as his long hard cock entered her. But also being pissed off that neither of them cared that I was there, “Fuckkkk…” I thought as my brain finally startled awake. “Shit, where are they?”

I was alone on her couch, I was wide awake now but not ready to move. I looked around. Her house was exquisite and obvious that she was doing great for herself. Michael and I did well too but she seemed to be doing even better. I sat up naked but with a blanket on me. I wondered where it came from. The sun was coming through a skylight above me and it was quiet.

I stood up and tied the blanket around me as I started to explore her house. Finding no one on the ground floor I headed up the stairs. Wandering through her house I couldn’t help but notice she had great taste in decor. I came to a door at the end of the hallway with the door closed. All the other doors had been open revealing two rooms with beds and what was obviously an office. I stood at the closed door and put my ear to it to see if I could hear anything. I couldn’t, like the rest of the house it was silent.

I was reluctant to open the door not knowing or even wanting to know what I would find. I had kind of come to terms with what had happened only a few hours before. The image of her face in ecstasy as she took him in her was still in my head. Part of it was fun but this was the only time it would happen. I was sure of that.

I did not want to find them sleeping in each others arms. That would be the crushing blow I couldn’t handle. Obviously at some point after I fell asleep they had gone somewhere, I assumed on the other side of this door. Did they fuck some more or just sleep together. Fucking I could deal with but not the intimacy of cuddling and sleeping together.

If I opened the door and found her in his arms as they spooned I was sure I would vomit. I took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. Tears forming in my eyes I peeked around the door to see Michael laying on a bed naked and half exposed and half under covers. Just like at home.

“Michael?” I inquired sheepishly.

“Honey” he responded quickly bursa escort but quietly.

Fighting back tears, “I am want to go home.” I gasped, “Please?”

He got out of the bed and walked toward me naked his cock dangling back and forth as he walked over and then held me in his arms. I loved this man but he fucked another woman last night. It was not the first time he had had sex with another girl but none of the others was like this. This time was very demeaning and humiliating to me. The other times I was an active and willing participant. I was sad and angry. But all that was forgotten as he held me tightly in his arms. I cried gently.

“I love you,” Michael said to me and I felt it from the warmth of his naked body. “Are you ready then?”

“Yes, let’s go,” I said as I looked up at him with my wet puppy dog eyes. He leaned down and kissed me. Not a romantic kiss but an I love you kiss. We headed downstairs to our clothes and dressed quietly. Taylor was no where to be found. Michael called us a cab since her car was gone.

“Do you know where she is?” I couldn’t say her name. Not yet anyway. I knew we would have to talk about it but not now.

“Honestly I have no idea Mal. When I woke up she was gone”

“When did you guys go to the bed? Did you…?” I started to ask if they had done more after I fell asleep. I thought it was important, but too important to discuss now. “No,no don’t tell me. Not yet.”

He wrapped his arms around me again. His hugs always made me feel better even when I was mad at him. I wasn’t mad at him though. I am not sure how I felt. With his arms around me the image of her big but perky tits popping out of her bra as she removed it replayed in mind. My pussy tingled at the thought. I could not have been more confused.

The taxi arrived and we left Taylor’s house for what I assumed was the first and last time. The cab ride back to the club for our car was very quiet. The car ride home was not as quiet but was mostly filled with Tom Petty, our favorite, playing from the stereo and meaningless chit chat.

Looking at Michael as he had his hand on my bare thigh and knowing that he truly did love me was making me feel better and more confident again. So instead of trepidation thinking about last nights events I was remembering the sexy hot stuff. Like how pretty Taylor was and how pleased Michael got.

When I had dressed at Taylor’s I didn’t put on my undergarments. They were quite soiled from my wetness so there was no point. So now as I sat in the car as he drove us home my bare pussy’s juice started flowing. Picturing his cock going in and out of her tight little pussy. Her tits bouncing as she mounted and fucked him. “Mmmm,” I was thinking. If I could have I would have mounted Michael as he drove.

As soon as we opened the door I could not hold back my lust any longer. I had to have him. And I did. I opened the door and walked in, him behind me closing the door. I turned around and attacked him. My hands reaching for his belt to undo it, then his button and zipper, and I pulled down his pants going to my knees. His cock was as hard as I remember seeing it the night before.

I grabbed the base of his 9 inch cock and put the tip of it in my mouth. My hand moved and then both were on his hips as I engulfed the length of his cock. He moaned with pleasure which made me grip him harder as my head bobbed back and forth for a minute or two.

He pulled me up put me on the couch, but not gently. He was primal. I laid on my back and opened my legs for him. He took no time in entering me. He fucked me hard and good. He slid in and out of my sloppy wet pussy. I came almost instantly.

He was going at me furiously as I came again and again. “Fuck me Michael,” I moaned as he pounded me. “Yes, yes yes…FUCK.”

His movement slowed down briefly as he gathered himself. He slowly pulled his cock almost all the way out of me. I wrapped my legs around his back wanting his cock in me again. He held that position a second as he looked at me and smiled. Michael pushed his cock back in slow then back out again before shoving it in deep and hard.

I felt his body shudder and tighten. My pussy also tightened around his cock as his sperm filled up the spaces inside me. My final orgasm was the most intense I remember ever having. Michael kept pushing his cock into me. I could feel it pulsating in rhythm with me.

My body was spent already. His too as he laid on me. I could feel him softening as his now flaccid cock slipped out of me. We laid there in each others arms for a few moments before I had to get up.

“I need a shower honey…”

When I got out of the shower refreshed I dried off and did the things women do in the bathroom after a shower. I then put on my robe and walked to the kitchen. I was famished and could smell that Michael had been making breakfast. I walked passed my daughters empty bedroom. Glad that she was at her Dad’s this week.

She was 16 and I had raised her alone for quite awhile after bursa escort bayan her dad left us and before he matured and came back to be a Dad. She was a free spirited girl not unlike her mother but still I was glad she wasn’t home to hear what her step dad and I had just done in the living room. Or more importantly to hear the conversation Michael and I would soon be having.

Scrambled eggs and fried potatoes. My favorite, especially after a long night of drinking and kinkiness. Michael had already eaten his portion as he pulled out the chair for me to sit, “What a gentleman you are.”

“Enjoy honey, I need a shower now,” He kissed me on the forehead as he rubbed my shoulders. Another of my favorite gestures. Michael really knew how to make me feel loved.

I ate. Being a man he didn’t take nearly as long as I did in the bathroom and shortly he had returned to the kitchen still a bit damp. He was wearing sweats and tight t shirt and looked damn good as he sat down.

“So…” I said knowing now was the time. “So about last night… That was not even remotely what I thought was going to happen when we left here.”

He sighed, “Mallory, I have no idea. I mean I know what happened but I have no idea how or why exactly it happened the way it did.”

There was something that had been in the back of my mind since he had so casually called her by her name last night, “Had you ever met Taylor before last night?” Somehow I knew the answer to that question was the most important. His answer would shape what happened next.

“No Mal, I have never met her before last night. I saw her at the same time you did.”

I was relieved. “Then how did you know her name?”

“Do you remember when she whispered to me right before we left the club?”


“Well that is one of the things she whispered, she said, ‘My name is Taylor and I want you right now. Come home with me. She can come but I don’t care either way,'” He was very solemn. “I know I should have stopped her right then but I was so mesmerized I couldn’t. It was like she put a spell on me and even you to be honest.”

I hated it but I understood exactly what he was saying. “Did you fuck her again after I fell asleep? Did you sleep together after?”

“Well, first of all, you weren’t the only one to fall asleep. I did too and I am sure she did as well. It had been pretty intense don’t you think?” I nodded, “Probably around an hour later she woke me and took me to the room you found me in and we fucked again.”


“And then she left the room and that was the last I saw of her.”

“No cuddling?”

“No…no cuddling.”

I had been holding my breath but now started again, “Did you enjoy last night?”

“I know I shouldn’t have but yes I did. It was so hot. She was so hot, I know you thought so too.”

He was right of course I certainly did find her very attractive.

“Watching you pleasure yourself watching us was such a turn on Mal. You looked so, so desperate and slutty,” He was sitting across from me at the kitchen table but I could tell he was becoming aroused again. So was I. My robe was opening on it’s own but I wasn’t tying it back up any longer. My breasts were definitely showing my arousal so no way I could hide it.

“I am not going to lie Michael I was very turned on. Hell I am getting turned on again just thinking about it. But at the same time it was the worst I have felt in a long time. I love you Michael but I am not sure I can go through that again.” I was breathless again as I stood up and left the room.

I was sitting on our bed deciding what to put on for the day when he walked in shortly after leaving the kitchen. He sat next to me and pulled me close with his arm around me and again kissed my forehead, “I love you,” he said.

“I know you love me but you guys actually treated me like I wasn’t even there,” tears may have been forming again. “I don’t care that she did but I kept thinking you would pay some attention to me but you never did”

“I don’t know what to say Mal”

“I mean she was sucking your dick in the car. Do you have any idea how that made me feel…and then you said nothing as she made me lick the cum off your cock in her driveway,” And spanked me I thought, damn that was felt good too. His hand was on my bare exposed thigh and my pussy was wet and swollen again. His pants were rising as he too got excited. I put my hand on top of his cock. “I have never felt so humiliated. I am so confused Michael because I was so turned on seeing her mouth on your cock. I was turned on when she told me to sit back down as she got naked. I was so turned on when she called me a slut. Why was I so turned on? Why did I cum so hard?”

Michael was on his knees in front of me spreading my legs and kissing my thighs. Sucking on them, the puckering sound sounding so sexy. Kissing up my thighs and then finally kissing my labia. His tongue split my lips. His hand on either side of my pussy, his nose right above my clit as his tongue escort bursa licked up till it touched it too. He licked and flicked it with his tongue. He even bit it enough to make me moan.

My right hand was gently on his head as he replaced his tongue with his left thumb on my clit. His tongue was now exploring the depths of my wetness. My chest was heaving, my nipples hardening, as his tongue and face pushed deeper into me. Finally I was getting the attention I wanted and needed. I was already so close to orgasm, I lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders entrapping his head squeezing him as he made me cum.

Michael pushed me further up onto the bed. Both of us now on it I pulled him up to me and kissed him. We embraced for a moment and he was gone again his face between my legs. I positioned his body in a way that i could I get my mouth to his cock as he went down on me again. My hand gripped the base as my mouth licked around and around the head of it, his tongue was doing similar things to my clit.

We faced in each other in the 69 for a few minutes. His head buried between my legs his cock in my mouth humping each others faces. Even with his cock in my mouth and his tongue penetrating me I was still thinking about Taylor’s body and how tight and smooth it was. The look of complete ecstasy on her face as Michael satisfied her. And the similar expression on him as he fucked her. I wondered if he was thinking about her too.

As I reached yet another climax I let his cock slip out of my mouth as my head leaned back and my eyes closed in euphoria. I was trying to push my hips into his face, attempting to take all of him into my pussy. And then he nothing.

I looked down and Michael was moving up toward me. Now his lips were kissing my smooth bald mound above my wet dirty slit. His hands on my hips making their way up my sides, “Mmmmm, that tickles…” Goosebumps forming. His mouth going up my body with his hand, now kissing my belly button. Caressing my tits and licking up my chest. My nipples poking out of my boobs. Almost an inch long showing my state of arousal.

Michael’s mouth gave my tits some attention. First kissing them and sucking on my nipples with a slight bite on the right one. Then his tongue started making circles around and around my right nipple the circle getting bigger each time. I love when he does this, my mind concentrating on the feelings his tongue is evoking in me.

Laying on my back intoxicated, I felt his hand cupping my labia and rubbing up and down it. “Are you thinking about last night?” I asked him as his finger entered my body via my pussy. He looked up at me and nodded. “Me too”

With his finger still penetrating in and out of me he moved his body so he was laying next to me so we could kiss. As we kissed he mumbled, “Mmmm, you are so hot like this.” Our tongues intertwined. I searched for his cock and found it ragingly hard; I needed it, I wanted it, I had to have it in me. I put my leg over him and his saliva covered cock slid into my well lubricated cunt. “Uuuuhhhh mmmm,” I again wondered who he was thinking of.

I felt his hardness fill me making me feel so much in love. I placed my hands on his chest with my knees on the bed. Moving my ass up and down gently to feel his rod against the wet walls of my vagina. His head touching my cervix as I pushed down on him and just barely staying in as I pulled my ass up. I did this over and over needing to feel the slow sensuousness of it.

With my hands on his chest, my ass humping up and down, and hips slowly gyrating around and around I leaned in close enough to kiss him and whispered, “Tell me how good she was.” Then I put my tongue down his throat.

“She was magnificent,” he said when my tongue departed. I lowered my body and pushed his cock in deeper.

I lifted up again, “Tell me about her tits, were they magnificent too?”

“Yesss…,” he moaned as I lowered down again harder and deeper. His hands squeezed my breasts. “They were perfect. Big and perky and smooth and sensitive”

I lifted up, his cock sliding out again this time all the way out. Teasing him and myself before I impaled myself with it again and again. We fucked like this for minutes. I pushed my chest toward his mouth his lips met my tits on the way. His hands groped them as his mouth kissed and licked them. I imagined myself as a weaker copy of her, as I was sure he was doing too.

His mouth sucking my right boob hard, his tongue flicking my hard nipple and my head near his ear I whispered, “Bite it…”

He did, I lowered hard onto his body, his cock in me as deep as it could go. I gushed and came all over him. The most intense cum ever as the walls of my pussy tightened and squeezed him. I felt his cock burst and his cum explode in me. He pushed in deeper as burst of cum followed burst of cum into me. I could already feel it oozing out as his cock became flaccid.

I collapsed next to him. Feeling his manliness slowly flowing out of me I became curious of something. I looked at Michael smiling and he smiled back. I placed my hand between my legs I felt how wet and sticky it was. There was so much of his cum mixed with my juices. I gathered some and brought to my mouth and licked it.

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