A Daughter’s Coming of Age

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Secrets Unveiled: A Daughter’s Coming of Age

I had almost drifted off to that blessed isle of post-coital bliss when I felt my wife running a fingertip over my left nipple. She played with it—making it hard and then tweaked it—pinching it and me wide awake! She then whispered a question into my ear.

“Honey, do you think Scarlett’s too young to start dating?”

“Hmmm, I dunno. Why you ask?” I replied as my eyes fluttered open.

“Well, I’ve noticed how the boys are looking at her now. You’ve noticed haven’t you?”

I peered down at my wife of 15 years. “What do you mean?”

“Oh come on, you know what I mean.”

“No, actually I don’t.”

“Honey,” she smiled up at me. “I know you better than that.”

“No, I don’t think you do.” I said, trying to sound just a little bit indignant.

“Really?” She smiled again. “So, you haven’t noticed how our little girl’s breasts have gotten much bigger and rounder, or how her nipples pucker up hard when she gets the milk from the fridge in the mornings? I know the daily paper is interesting, but you’re saying fatherly eyes have never strayed?” She licked my nipple as she cocked an eyebrow up at me.

“Well, of course, I mean, I’m a man. I would notice those things.”

“That’s what I thought. All men notice those things,” she said with a smirk. Her cheshire cat smile told me she was up to something.

“She’s only 14, honey.” I tried to sound concerned. “Isn’t that a little young to be dating?”

“I know, but how old was I when you came after me—14!”

“Hmmmm, true, but isn’t it different today?” She certainly had me on the age thing, I quickly thought, but maybe I could get her one the innocence thing—“You know, honey, today’s boys and girls are completely over-sexed. They’re saturated with sexual images night and day, and even their cultural icons are nothing but slutty little tramps—Madonna, Brittany, hell, even Kelly Clarkson has started down the trampy road.” Ahhh, I felt vindicated—victory assured. I would squash this little rebellion after all.

“Well,” she added, “I’m not sure today’s girls and boys are any different than we were. I mean, you were anything but innocent, remember?” She cooed into my ear, “you were 18 and I was 14 when you first fucked my tight little virgin cunt, mister.” Her eyes were gleaming, and I could feel the noose tightening.

“Well, honey, things were different back then….weren’t they?” I was beginning to falter. I could see that my stance had no solid ground under it, and all the facts were in her favor. I was applying a supposed standard to my daughter that I hadn’t kept and hadn’t asked my wife to keep way back when I was hot on her trail.

“Yeah, I suppose. I guess some things were different then, in some ways.” She swirled her tongue again over my nipple and nipped it lightly as I felt her hand softly slip over my thigh, “but, dear, some things never change.”

“Oh, jesus fuckhing h. christ, what are you doing?” She was dragging me into another round, I could feel it. Does this lady never get enough, I thought.

“Me? Little ol’ me? Why I’m only doing what comes natural.” Her hand encircled my rapidly re-engorging cock. “Doesn’t this feel good?” She said in her perfect angelic pitch.

“Ummmm, gaaawd yes, it feels fuckin’ great!” She had taken her thumb and ran it over my spongy head to smear my shaft with pre-cum and was now long-stroking me—pulling more and more syrupy liquid from my pee-slit. I kicked the sheet down with my right leg so I could watch my wife jack me off. I loved seeing her hands work over my cock.
“So, don’t you think Scarlett might be just a little bit like us—her parents?”

I didn’t say anything, but a deep guttural moan crept out of the recesses of my being, My head fell back on the pillow, and it was all the confirmation Melanie needed.

“I thought so!” She smiled wickedly. “You’re a bad boy, mister dick!” She slapped my cock making it bounce off my stomach. “You’ve been fantasizing about our little girl, haven’t you?” She feigned a sense of true outrage, but the way her hands cradled my balls and corkscrewed my cock belied her real intent.

“Ohhhhh, honey, don’t stop.” I spread my legs a little while settling my head deeply into the pillow.

“Tell me the truth; you look at her, don’t you?”

I didn’t reply right away. I was afraid of what this might mean. However, when Melanie slipped a finger under my sack and began to probe my nether crack with index finger, I knew I was goner. She had found my puckered hole and began to lightly caress it, smearing a little of my precum over the pinkish star.

“Honey, tell me the truth, do you look at her?” At this point she quickly stuck the finger that she’d just been massaging my butthole with into my mouth—swirling it like some nasty popsicle over my tongue and lips, and whispering, “you like it, don’t you? Hmmm, good boy, he loves his fucking butt.” and then just as quickly she slipped it knuckle deep into my inviting anus.

“So, you gawk at her, doncha?”

Through clenched teeth and ever-widening legs, I said, “Yesssss.”

“She’s so beautiful, isn’t she?”

“She’s a gorgeous little slut.” I was quickly slipping over the edge. My eyes were closed and the sensation of my wife’s finger probing my rectum sent me into a sensual downward spiral

“And, she’s sexy, too, isn’t she!” She mumured, while now positioning herself between my legs.

I spread my legs wider knowing what was coming—we’d been down this road before—She now inserted her middle fuck finger on her left hand entirely up my ass—fuckin’ knuckle deep—while her right hand jerked my cock. In this position, she could also take long slobbery licks all over my dick. I loved watching my lascivious wife drool all over my bobbing prick while she rammed her fuck-finger up, what she loved to call, my boy-cunt.

“Jezuz Christ, you’re a nasty bitch!” I was gone. I didn’t fucking care anymore. Everyone knew what a little slut Scarlett was going to be—it was escorts in london fuckin’ obvious! She had the body of a goddess and the ‘tude of whore. She was her mother’s daughter, after all. A mother who loved the smell of dried cum on her face, who never wore panties in public, and actually encouraged the stares, hoots, and wolf whistles of a thousand men. If she couldn’t get you up, you were dead as far as she was concerned. So, in my demented mind, I knew it was too late to change a thing now—our dear sweet little Scarlett had our fucking genes. The only thing to do now was sit back and enjoy the ride.

“Mmmmmmmmm, you are fuckin’ perv!.” She said as she popped my cock out of her mouth and began to slap her cheek with it. She then whispered something so softly that all I could make out was the word, “secret.”

“Fuck! Stop talking cunt and lick my balls.” I propped myself up on my elbows and looked down at the tosseled and blonde-streaked hair of my wicked wife—her eyes, just slits of lust as her nose grazed the underside of my rigid pole. She was doing as I said, she had my balls in her mouth—sucking, savoring, running her lusciously soft tongue over them, coating them with her slippery slick saliva. It felt sooo good—nasty fuckin’ good! And, as she let them slowly fall from her mouth, a long line of drool hung from her lips. And she repeated her earlier statement.

“I have a secret to tell you.”

My eyes closed, and I fell back on the bed still swept up in the sensation of her hand now twisting up and down my cock. It looked like a big rubbery staff in her hand, a flesh-pole that she kept popping in and out her mouth.

“Hmmm, what’s your freekin’ secret.” I said, amused at her little game.

“I caught Scarlett masturbating yesterday.”

“Ohhh, yeah?” My mind flashed with images of our little girl’s sweet puss filled her own diddling fingers. “Where?” I asked.

“Right here, in our bed. Where you’re laying right now.” She licked the underside of my glans, tickling the purple knob with her tongue.

“Really?” I was now very curious. I looked up at Melanie and could see her brown eyes glowing—she was turned on, too, by our naughty little daughter!

She let my cock rest beside her face, “I got home early from work—around 2:00 and could hear someone talking in here. As I got closer, I could hear it was Scarlett. She was talking on the phone to her friend, Michelle, and….” Melanie paused, took a swipe of the saliva that was running down my shaft, and smeared it on her puffy lips. I knew this was part of her game—to extend the excitement by creating deferrals and a momentary suspension of these wicked sensations—all for one thing of course—a mind-blowing cum! She loved it when I erupted, and this was her way of getting what she craved. She was always saying that she needed cum, needed lots of it, and again and again. So, she especially liked it when I splattered her pretty face with long hot creamy ropes. She never once turned away when my ejaculate coated her soft lips and cheeks—she wore it all like a badge of honor. So, my dear Melanie was playing the part of the coquette, an impish little temptress by delaying my gratification—and hers—what a wife!

“And…??” I added, getting more than a little anxious to hear more of Scarlett’s transgressions as my nasty wife continued scooping up our fuck sauce and licking it off her fingers.

“So, you are interested, huh?” She smiled demurely, while cocking her eyebrow up at me.

“Oh god, you little bitch, you better tell me this instant or I’m gonna fuck shit out of you!” I leaned up and kissed her hard on the mouth cupping her chin in my hand and savoring the musky aroma of our mingled juices.

“Well, if you put like that, mister!” Eyes gleaming, she licked her lips, and flipped her hair over her shoulder and continued. “As I was saying, I stood outside our bedroom door yesterday and heard our daughter say a lot of very dirty things.”

“Our little girl is only 14!” I laid back down, beginning to entertain again my initial qualms, wondering how she could have gotten so out of control so quickly.

“Yes, but she’s much, much nastier than you think.” With one hand Melanie began to caress my ball sack as with the other she rolled the nipple on her right breast between her thumb and forefinger.

“You listened?” I said, enjoying the sensation of her soft hand running lightly over my scrotum.

“Oh yes, I heard it all.” Melanie’s eyes were lit up like little dark suns during an eclipse, her pupils large and engorged but back-lit with a ring of yellow light as with a sense of her own upcoming revelation. She was enjoying this, immensely.

“Like what?” I said, but Melanie was quiet—she didn’t say anything for several seconds. Instead, she leaned forward and took my still rigid cock and rubbed its slipperiness all over her nipples.

“She licks pussy, did you know that?”

“Mmmm, she does?” My dick throbbed. I loved the thought of Scarlett’s snaky little tongue darting around the folds of some other teens’ juicy cunt—I could easily visualize Scarlett’s cheeks being coated in the girl’s sweet savory dew, “that’s nasty” I said with a certain relish.

“Yes, yes it is. But, she got even nastier. She was telling Michelle that she couldn’t wait till she could get her tongue in Michelle’s back-crack again, and that when she comes over this Saturday, she is going assfuck her with her mommie’s big purple dildo.”

“Shit-all-over-me! She said that?” I sat up, disbelieving what I was hearing, but at the same time, reveling in the nastiness of it. My hand casually reached over to caress Melanie’s ripe tits. Her nipples were fully engorged and she loved it when I twisted them roughly. They were the classical pencil erasers—spongy brownish-pink tips that stood up tall and strong, and Melanie liked nothing more than to have someone lavish them with attention.

“So, she knows about your purple dildo?” I asked while gently lifting and cradling Melanie’ boobs and running my thumbs Escort in dubai over her puckered nubs.

“She’s obviously been snoopin’ around, hasn’t she?” Melanie stated with a smile. She was obviously less worried than I thought she should have been.

“I wonder what else she’s found?” I said in an off-hand and casual manner.

My wife laughed at this, and turned her lust-filled eyes to mine and said, “Everything, my dear, everything.” My mind reeled at the thought.

“What else did she say?” I was beginning to get worried. I, at least, still had a shred of a reptutation to uphold.

“Oh, honey, it gets worse, much, much worse.” She leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek, pushed me back down and then slid over on top of me. Her slim butt and bald cunt now straddling my mid-section, she was rubbing her sloppy wet pussy all over my abdomen. She slowly slid up and down, letting her puss feel the ripples of friction on her extended clit.

“Are you sure you want to hear the rest?” She said as her hair tumbled over both of us in a kind of brownish-gold canopy.

“Uh huh, all.” My hands held her boobs, squeezing them, making the distended nipples point outward like blossoming buds, “Tell me everything.”

“She’s a slut! It’s true. Our cute, button-nosed, brown eyed little girl has a scalding hot little pussy!” the words echoed loudly through the room, “she’s a nasty, young, tight-assed, freckle-faced, fucking slut!” Melanie yelled for the world to hear it, and then she reached around and took my cock that had been nestled in her ass-crack and pointed it up at her snatch, she then looked me deeply in the eyes and said, in barely a whisper, “Just like her mother” while she slid her own scalding hot pussy onto my rigid pole.

“Ohhhhhh shit, fuckin’ shit!” The quick sensation of being encased in her hot velvet glove was overwhelming. I began to buck. My hips were pumping up and down trying to get as much of my cock into her tight pussy as I could. With each thrust Melanie rode me hard, her hands were massaging her breasts, and her pussy was spasming all over my rigid tool. It was a sloppy wet ride as each of us thrusted hard into the other.

As we calmed down, and got into a more rhythmic up and down, Melanie lifted a breast to her lips and was lightly flicking the nipple with her tongue when she added, “And, uhhh-huuh, you do know she fucks around, a lot, don’t you?”

“Who?” My eyes were closed, and my dick massively erect as my imagination ran in lewd circles with the vision of my sashaying little bitch-girl spreading her teen cunt around. I needed to hear more!

“Does it matter?” Melanie said somewhat sarcastically as she continued to impale her juiced up gash on my now oh-so-sticky pole.

“I need to know.”

“I know you do, honey, so that’s why I’m telling you.” She said with a smirk, as she took a dollop of her girl juices and smeared them on my lips. “She and Michelle fucked Brandon, the school lacrosse stud, last weekend in the center of the school football field at midnight.” She stuffed her pussy hard as she relayed this juicy tid-bit.

“Fuckin’ A? At midnight? Shit, that’s fuckin’ cool! I hope he pummeled her skanky ass hard,” I said I thrust deep into Melanie’s drippy snatch.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, ohhhh-gawd, yesss, our little lady is a very nasty girl.” Melanie said as he felt the first stirrings of the beast in her loins re-awaken. She then leaned over and stuck her tongue in my mouth and we shared a sloppy, wet kiss. As we broke apart, she whispered, “And, you know what?” Her eyes were glowing, “he even fucked her in the ass!” She smiled, and we both leaned in for another sloppy kiss, our tongues tangling like two wicked serpents.

“Did he really?” I said, as we broke apart. “Hmmm, so, he took my little girl’s cherry ass, did he, he’s a good boy!” I couldn’t believe that my little sandy-haired soccer star was already getting analized. She was so small. How would she be able to take it, but I didn’t care, not really, all I could think about as my head the pillow was her bouncing her pert bottom up and down on some big pink fleshy pole.

Melanie continued, “She was telling Michelle on the phone that she’s ready to try it again!” And, as she said this, Melanie reached forward and began pinching both my nipples.

“Ohhh my god! That feels so fuckin’ great” It all felt great. Her pussy sliding effortlessly up and down my rigid shaft, her fingertips pulling and pinching my nasty nips, and all the while, I had visions of my perverted little girl doing the nasty with various boys, “It’s hard to believe,” I said, “I mean,…she’s so young, only 14 my god, and already such a mutha-fucking slut.” I said as I thrust hard up into my wife’s sopping cunt.

“The same age I was when you busted my cherry, mister conscience!”

“But she’s our daughter!”

“So? Isnt’ that exactly the truth? She’s OUR daughter—yours and mine! Whaddya expect, a fucking nun?” She and I both cackled loudly as we imagined Scarlett in a nun’s habit. Lucky for us, Scarlett was out for the day, or I’m sure she would’ve heared her mother’s raunchy comments about her own sweet, but lascivious daughter.

“Mmmm, she’s just like US!” I moaned deeply. I felt a sense of glad acceptance course all through me—like liquid lightening prickling each of my pore. It was true, I loved this, it was clearly what I loved about Melanie—no lines, no “rights” and “wrongs,” just the joy of our deprarvity—a glorious, cum-soaked, fantasy-infested fuck-a-thon! What could be better, and if our daughter had found it as well, more power to her.

Melanie got up on her feet and squatted above me, so she could control the pace of our fucking. She looked at me and said, “Whores and Sluts—the world was made for them. Now shoot that creamy load in my hot fuckin’ hole!” She began to bounce up and down on my rigid prick—engulfing it in her hot pink sheath.

“Shit yeah! Fuck me you whore—you lovely blonde bitch!” I said as I felt her jackhammer my cock.

“Just like Dubai Escorts Scarlett fucks!” Melanie grabbed her ass cheeks and held them wide open.

“Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!!” I could feel my nuts boiling, the little snakes squirming around inside wanting to shoot out!

“Cum you fucker, cum!” Melanie was manic now, her nails clawing at my chest, grooving my flesh in long red whelps.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, I’m cummin’, I’m cummin’…I’m ughhh, aahhhhhh.” Melanie screamed as her body went rigid in a paroxysm of carnal bliss. I raised up and grabbed Melanie and pulled her down into my arms as I shoved my loaded gun right up into her cervix and shot load after hot load into her accepting pink snatch.

“Oh god, honey, that felt soooo good.” She whispered, looking up into my eyes while kissing my lips and licking the sweat off my face. She really loved being filled…a truly natural cum-whore.

I, of course, was also exhausted, as much by the intensity of the revelations as the fucking, and lay there limp and ragged and rung out.

“You know I love to feel your cock shoot in me, don’t’ you?” She continued cooing into my ear. “but, honey, I’m sooooo wet now. I’ve got this sloppy, messy pussy—with so much juicy thick cum oozing out of it, see.” She sat up and pulled her blood red folds apart and gave me a good long look at her sticky hole. It was beauty. She then took two fingers and stuck them up inside her mess, swirled them around, and then brought them out—a lewd glistening spectacle of thick goo coating both fingers. She waved them in front of me, wafted them under my nose, and then began smearing this musky fuck sauce all over my lips. My eyes were wide open, and even though I had just come, my cock bobbed up—again! The little johnson-beast just wouldn’t stay down!

Melanie began inching forward. Her titties jigglin’ ever so exotically, as she slowly slid her dripping gash over my torso and up toward my face. She smiled down at me,her beautiful curvaceous body glistened with beads of sweat. She was a throwback, this wife of mine, a queen of seduction and a woman who reveled in her sexual power, and she had it; everyone knew she had it! She gently placed her knees on both sides of my head. All I could see now was a beautiful wet bald cunt that I couldn’t wait to feel all over my face. She held off for a moment, letting me drink in the view of her gorgeously distended labia—still thick and engorged with hot blood. Nothing better, I thought, as I looked up at her perfect pussy and pert little ass. Even her boatman was standing tall and proud, and I knew my tongue would soon be dancing all over her little girl-cock. She looked down at me, as she slowly pulled her ass-cheeks apart—as if to make more room for my face, and then, every so slowly, she sank towards me as my tongue snaked greedily out to lick at her swollen lips. I could taste the musky tang of our fuck—a most delicious sauce. She was literally leaking clear fuck juice from between her puffy lips, you could see it coating her slit and oozing out, and my tongue gladly lapped it up like a hungry puppy. Melanie comfortably settled her open clam on my face. It felt so good to be so depraved—I loved eating her cunt—even more so when it was filled with tasty sauce. It wasn’t the first time I had enjoyed eating my own cream our of Melanie’s gash—not by a long shot—and, to tell the truth, I had, over the years, even enjoyed a few pies others had made. Melanie’s pussy was insatiable. It needed filling—there was no other option—she needed to fuck, to fuck a lot, and I had accepted that, a bit reluctantly at first, but, over the years, I had come to relish her wanton ways. I guess it had something to do with both of us getting started so early—especially for her; she was barely in her teens when I first slid my dick into her girl-gash. All of these thoughts were running in wild circles in my head as my tongue searched through every fold of her soppy cunt for each and every rivulet of liquid gold still coating Melanie’s beautiful pussy. Hmmm, nothing better, I thought, as I cradled her ass in my hands, and felt the slow undulation of her cunt as she smeared it in great circles all over my face.

The quiet was broken when Melanie stated, “Honey, I almost forgot to tell you. Scarlett was reading your journal to Michelle on the phone.”

I immediately stopped my ministrations—my heart skipped a beat. “What journal?” I managed to croak out between Melanie’s thighs.

“You know, your journal. I think you only have one, right?” Melanie grabbed my head and forced my face back into her wet pussy. My tongue couldn’t help itself—I extended it as far as it could go up into Melanie’s beautiful cunt trying to extract each and every dollop of sweet sexy nectar, but my mind was racing wildly with the revelation that my little girl now knew all my secrets—my sex secrets, my nasty old perversions, oh my god, oh my, ohhhh, was all I could think as I surrendered to the pussy on my face.

Melanie groaned loudly, her hand now flicking in little circles her pink bulbous clit. She continued, “Darling, Scarlett was telling Michelle how she loves to fill her little cunt with lots of boy-sperm—thick, juicy, high school boy-sperm, and … oh honey, oh, oh, I’m so close…again!”

I kept my tongue dancing through her folds. My nose was bumping up against her clitoral hood and was sending just the right vibrations—it wouldn’t be long now, I thought before she sprayed more juice into my waiting mouth.

“Ahhhhh, oh jesus, jesiisss,” she hissed. “Scarlett,…she, ugh, ugh, wants to give to you….she, ah, wants to share…to come in your FUCKIN” mouth—-just like mommy does!” Melanie’s head rocked from side to side as she furiously diddled her hard nubbin and wickedly pulled at her nipples. She was at the cliff now. Ecstatically, her hips gyrated forward and back, she was fucking my face, and then she stopped, she groaned, grabbed the back of my head and ground her cunt onto my open mouth. Seconds later she went over the edge, and great streams of hot fluid spewed into my waiting mouth. All the while, she kept mumbling, “Scarlett, oh my god, Scarlett—–you’re so beautiful, sooo beautiful!”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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