A Daughter’s Journey to Love Ch. 01

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This story is fiction. It is an incest romance that goes through various relationships and experiences. Also this is my first time trying to write so please be nice. This is a learning process though so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Thank-you and I hope you enjoy.


My name and Lindsay and this is my crazy journey to having a life with the love of my life,… I guess we should start at the beginning though.

I was always a shy girl. In my early years I had a bit of a weight issue. With the help of my dad and 6 days a week in the gym I achieved a very sexy figure. My thin waist, flat stomach, long legs, tight booty and developed breasts (32D given to me by my chubby early days) had me very popular at school. And being more confident with my body, I started dressing more confidently. Tight tops exposing my cleavage and tight shorts showing off my ass. I left little to the imagination. My long brown hair and big green eyes had every guy chasing after me however…

I had no attraction to guys my age. It wasn’t until I was 18 that I actually realized I was even into men. Before that all my relationships have been with girls. Then I met him. Writing on the chalkboard in my homeroom class. The man that would open my eyes to what I was really after.

I was immediately stricken by him. I couldn’t put my finger on it but there was something so familiar about him. He was in his mid 30s and tall with dark hair and an extremely athletic body. His name was Mr. Taylor and he was my teacher. And I had to have him. I started dressing sexier and sexier knowing I was getting his attention. Eventually I worked up the courage to ask him to help tutor me. We started meeting in my free periods. Our study sessions became less and less about studying and more just talking and flirting. One day we ended up going to a movie together and the ice was broken. We were all over each other all the time. We started spending more and more time outside of school going on our dates. Sometimes at the movies or dinner or Netflix at his place. It’s wasn’t long before our relationship starting started getting more physical.

As much as I craved him there was something always in the back of my head. Something I couldn’t figure out. It wasn’t until our first time… my first time… Having sex that I realized what that something was. I didn’t even realize at first but it wasn’t his name I was saying during sex. I was calling him daddy and I didn’t even realize. I guess he just thought I was being playful but it was something that kept growing and growing in my head. I realized he seemed familiar because he had a striking resemblance to my father. Needless to say I started paying more attention to my father at home. I kept trying to dismiss it thinking I was just crazy. Trying to just focus on Mr. Taylor buy I would always just end up fantasizing about my father while we were having sex.

(Sorry this part is brief and not very descriptive. I’m trying to focus more on my incestuous journey. If you would like a more detailed version of this story then please let me know in the comments and I will write one)

Our relationship went on for a couple months over the winter. I became more and more confused and curious. I started reading incestuous sex stories online, talking about it in chats and forums. I needed to know what was wrong with me. Someone online suggested that maybe it wasn’t my father that I was craving. That it might possibly be the thrill of the thought of incest. It had me curious to find out. I didn’t really expect what was going to happen next though.

Spring came and the relationship with Mr. Taylor ended rather abruptly. One day he and his wife just left. Nothing said, no goodbye. I was heartbroken but also relieved. It’s hard to explain. I craved sex though. Not being able to get it regularly was eating me up inside. Luckily I had my brother to keep me company.

He had finished high school and was talking a year off to get some work experience with our dad. He was hands down my best friend growing up. We would talk about everything together. Even about Mr. Taylor. Him and I look very alike. People would constantly ask if we are twins. He was only 2 years older but already looked like a man. Very fit and defined features, short brown hair and the same green eyes as me.

My brother Dylan and I always used to pick up girls together. It was kind of our thing. That and things that go fast like cars or motorcycles. There came a day that we were both interested in the same girl. Her name was Ashley and she was a red head stunner. Slim body with perky breasts and a killer smile.

Dylan and I decided güvenilir bahis to approach her together to see what she was into. We all hit it off but it was clear she had eyes for Dylan even though she would flirt with me from time to time. I passed it off as just being friendly. We all hung out together a few times and one day Dylan invited her over to our house to make his move. He was just hoping for some alone time with her but Ashley insisted that I joined them. I was shocked but I wasn’t complaining.

The night started off basic enough until the drinks started flowing. Our parents were both out of town so we had free reign of the house. Ashley suggested a game of truth or dare and being the good sister I am I figured this would be a good time to help my brother out. Most of the dares were pretty green. Flashing the empty street or making a prank call… Stupid stuff. I had enough and dared Ashley to give Dylan a lap dance. It’s started off innocent enough but they quickly got lost in each other. I was going to take this as my queue to leave and told them I was going to get a shower.

“Wait!” Ashley said while reaching out to grab my wrist.

“Why are you leaving?”

“Oh I just figured you guys would like some alone time,” I said winking.

“I want you to stay though. I know you want a lap dance as well,” she said with a sly smirk.

I looked at my brother wondering what I should do. He looked confused as well but shrugged and winked at me. I couldn’t believe what this might actually be leading to. I was so confused but also very turned on. Ashley was right. I really did want that lap dance too.

“Ya you don’t need to leave sis,” Dylan said.

My brother patted the space beside him on the couch and so I went and joined them. It was clear that Ashley wanted to kick things up a bit as she began pulling her shirt over her head.

“I guess I get the good lap dance?” I said shivering with excitement.

“Seems so” Dylan said with a slight hint of jealousy in his tone.

Ashley simply nodded with a devious grin.

Ashley then began unbuttoning her shorts and dropped them to the floor. She was looking amazing in her black and white lacy bra and thong. She wasted no time and climbed on top of me, slowly seducing me with her rhythm. She reached for my hands and moved then to her perfect ass. I was getting so wet. Ashley moved her face just a inch from mine. Close enough I could feel her warm breath on my lips. I couldn’t restrain myself anymore and I pressed my lips to hers. She opened her mouth to receive the kiss while I slid my hands from her ass up her back, gripping her tightly. Our tongues teasing each other while she expertly grinded her pussy along my leg.

I got completely lost in the moment that I forgot my brother was even there. Then Ashley broke the kiss reaching for my shirt. I knew what she wanted, however I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Im not wearing anything underneath,” I said blushing.

“So?” Ashley said, “I bet your brother has seen them before.”

We both looked at Dylan and he just looked away like he was trying to hide something.

“Ok I guess,” I said reluctantly.

I lifted my arms giving her permission to remove it… I was so turned on and still temporarily oblivious to the fact my brother was right beside me. She pulled my shirt up over my head, lifting my breasts on the way and letting them fall again. The fabric teasing my already hard nipples.

“Dylan your sisters body is amazing,” Ashley said excitedly while staring me up and down.

I immediately began blushing as I realized I was topless in front of my brother.

“Have you ever seen these before?” she said while leaning in to grab one of my breasts and taking my nipple into her mouth.

“Uhhh…” Dylan murmured.

His face was red and wide eyed. It was clear he was nervous but clearly liked what he was seeing.

Ashley removed her mouth from my breast and began removing her bra. As her bra hit the ground she brought her hands to her breasts squeezing them.

“I wish I had breasts like that,” Ashley said while biting her lip.

Her breasts were smaller than mine but they were perfect, probably a C cup.

“Your breasts are amazing too,” Dylan said while leaning over me, moving Ashley’s hands away, and bringing his mouth to her hard nipple.

While he was leaning over my to enjoy Ashley’s tits, I could feel his arm brushing against my bare breasts. I felt goosebumps spread over my body. Ashley just stared at me with a smirk. I guess she realized at this point just how far we might go.

“I know you guys are siblings but I really want to play türkçe bahis with you both,” Ashley said with a encouraging tone. “I want to be your play thing.”

Dylan almost choked as he gasped with her nipple in his mouth.

Dylan removed his mouth from Ashley’s breast and sat back looking at me.

“Uhhhh…uhhhhhb… me and my sister?” Dylan said looking extremely flustered

He was looking at me trying to get a read on the situation. I was speechless too and just kinda blushed with a little grin.

“That wouldn’t be too weird right?” he said clearly trying to figure out in his head if he is crazy or not. “I mean we are just playing with her right? Not each other so… I guess I’m fine with that.”

“Well… I’m sure Lindsay wouldn’t mind if you touched her a little. Nothing too crazy though,” Ashley said looking at me for my approval.

I was in shock… I couldn’t believe what I was hearing… But… Maybe this was the experiment I needed. I mean maybe I can find out what it is that I have actually been craving. Maybe I can take my mind off of my dad. God I’m so messed up… I wonder how far I will let this go.

“Ya ok what the hell… just… If it gets weird we stop ok?” I said while running my hands along Ashley’s legs.

We all just sat in silence for a min when Ashley finally spoke up.

“Ok! Let’s try this out then,” Ashley said while standing up to remove her panties. “Dylan you are wearing far too much clothing.”

Dylan took the hint and started undressing. Ashley Got on her knees and pushed my legs together grabbing at the waist band of my leggings. She made sure to grab my panties as well and pull them off me is one quick motion. As soon as they were off she pushed my legs back open and began kissing up my thighs. Dylan immediately turned his head to see what was going on. He was staring with such lust. He took off his pants and was now completely naked. His huge cock hard and ready. I couldn’t help but stare at it wondering.

Ashley kept teasing me until she finally ran her tongue over my waiting slit. I was so excited and embarrassed at the same time. Here I am being eaten out completely naked in front of my naked brother. The embarrassment immediately faded away when slit her finger inside me. Her tongue expertly licking my clit and her fingers working in me were just ecstasy. It was clear that this wasn’t her first time with a girl.

Dylan sat down beside me watching us and started stroking his cock. Ashley reached out with her other hand and began helping him out. I couldn’t help but watch as she stroked his cock. He couldn’t take his eyes off us, looking down at her eating my pussy and then up to my tits as I squeezed them with pleasure. Was he really checking me out?

“Here Lindsay hold this for me for a bit,” Ashley said to me gesturing to Dylan’s cock “I need to keep my focus on you for a bit.”

I wasn’t even thinking and just wanted her to keep going so I reached out and grabbed his dick. Stroking it up and down. I guess Dylan took that as permission to touch me as well. He reached over and took one of my breasts in his hand. He began squeezing them and teasing my nipples. Everything was turning me on and iI was getting so close to cumming.

I began pumping my brothers cock faster as Ashley picked up her pace. Now finger fucking me while licking my clit and with Dylan teasing my nipple… “Ohh fuck don’t stop!” I screamed “im almost there”!

Ashley picked up the pace even more and inserted a second finger into me.

“Ohhhh Fu uh uh k… I’m cumming,” I screamed as my body became tense. My orgasm finally released and I began trembling. Ashley made sure to push my orgasm for as long as she could.

I collapsed back onto the couch, Dylan’s cock still in my hand.

Ashley looked up at me smiling with delight looking so proud. Then me moved towards my brother.

“I guess it’s your turn now Dylan,” she said as she leaned in to kiss him. “And maybe you can take care of me Lindsay?”

“Ok but let’s go somewhere more comfortable,” I said as I reached for their hands and pulled them up stairs to my bedroom.

Ashley pushed Dylan onto my bed and crawled on her hands and knees over him until she reached his waiting cock. I was in shock as she somehow took the entire thing into her mouth.

Ashley turned her head to me and smiled “you want to try some?”

I snapped out of my gaze and shook my head. “Not right now. But I will try some of this,” I said staring at her available pussy.

I laid on the bed and slid under her between her legs and began eating that delicious pussy of hers. I could feel her body shaking as güvenilir bahis siteleri she sucked on my brothers cock. I couldn’t help but touch myself. It wasn’t long before I felt her body convulse with please. I’m good with my tongue, what can I say.

My brother got up and so I crawled my way under her until our faces met. I kissed her deeply as she just collapsed on top of me. I could taste my brothers cock as our tongues danced. I looked back as I saw him position himself behind her.

“You must have quite the view back there?” I chuckled. “Just make sure you end up in the right vag.”

“I think I can figure it out but no promises,” Dylan responded as he began rubbing his cock on Ashley’s opening.

“no promises?” Ashley said “that would be kind of hoo. Ugh…”

Her sentence was interrupted as Dylan pushed his cock inside her. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and the biggest grin of pleasure came over her face. She started kissing me intensely. I could feel each thrust and he pussy was pushed into mine. Dylan’s balls slapping against my sex, teasing me. He fell out of her a couple times. Each time his cock would fall onto my slit and slip between my labia.

Was he doing that on purpose? I didn’t know.

Ashely moved her arm down between us and began rubbing my clit. Whenever Dylan’s cock popped out she would push it back in. And then…

Dylan’s cock fell out again and landed on my incredibly wet pussy. Ashley didn’t put it back in her though. She began rubbing it on me. She broke our kiss and then looked at me with a grin. I just stared at her in shock.

“What are you doing?” I mouthed to her.

“Tell me you don’t want it and I will stop,” Ashley whispered to me.

I couldn’t say anything. I did want to get fucked but with my brother??? The teasing was getting to much and I just closed my eyes and kissed her again. I could feel Dylan begin pushing into me. Did he even know? I gasped as his cock filled every inch of my tight pussy. He just started fucking me with the same pace he was with Ashley.

“I guess it’s a good thing you didn’t promise eh Dylan?” Ashley said.

“What do you mean?”

I guess at this point he finally looked down and realized what he was doing because he just froze.

“Don’t stop!” Ashley shouted. “She clearly likes it.”

Dylan and I finally made eye contact. I was frozen but I didn’t want it to stop.

“Only if you want to,” I said timidly.

Dylan pressed into me once again… I guess that was his answer. He began fucking me harder and harder. I couldn’t help but moan. I would bet out neighbors could have heard my screams of pleasure. I couldn’t believe I was being fucked by own brother. It was weird but I didn’t care. I just wanted more.

Ashley kissed me again before climbing off me. She laid back on the bed watching us and started masturbating. Dylan lowered himself down to me and kissed me passionately. His cock ramming deep into me. I was so close but I wanted to be on top. I pushed him onto his back and mounted him. Guiding his beautiful penis back inside me. I placed my hands on his chest at began riding him. I could hear Ashley reach orgasm, but I was too close to pay attention.

“I’m close sis!” Dylan said.

I wasn’t about to stop. I was on the pill so it didn’t matter. I looked at him and smiled and just kept going. His legs started trembling and I could feel his cock begin to twitch inside me, filling me with his seed. It was enough to erupt my own orgasm. My whole body trembling. My pussy squeezing every last drop out of him.

Finally my body relaxed and I collapsed down onto his chest. Both of us completely spent. His cock still inside me.

“I think you two need some time to relax so I’m going to go” Ashley said as she headed for the door of my room “I think my clothes are still downstairs “she said chuckling as she left the room.

“Ok,” I said breathlessly before passing out on top of my brother.

The next morning I woke up in his arms. He was already awake and just staring at me.

“So that happened,” Dylan said softly.

“Mmhm it sure did,” I replied.

I reached down for his cock that was already hard.

“Well there is no going back now so we might as well enjoy it” I said as I climbed on top of him.

We spent the whole morning fucking.

We still had threesomes now and then with Ashley and once in a while have a little fun on our own. Eventually though Ashley started getting weird and we stopped talking. Next thing you know we hear rumours that Dylan and I were fucking… Luckily nobody really believed it.

Regardless though it was enough to not only halt our sex life together, but we stopped talking as well. He moved off to college early. Him and his friends got a house together… it’s for the best I suppose.

The next chapter is the beginning of my dad obsession.

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