A Day and Night with My Girl

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It’s a cool raining night outside, the rain is hitting the roof making a calming noise, we sit on the couch watching some slow movie, there is a dim light in the room, as we sit there for the first time.

I slowly move my hand to hers and play my fingers against hers flirting with her, I take her hand in mine holding it softly, I run my hand slowly up her arm, over her shoulders and neck, then I move my arm up to over her shoulders pulling her to me. I feel the heart of my girl beat faster against me and her breathing warm and close to my ear.

We sit like that for a while both of us feeling the tension that is slowly rising, I am wearing boxers and a tee shirt, I start to feel warm as she can notice by the bulge that’s starting to show through my boxers, she is wearing a skirt and top.

I softly move my hand onto her leg & stroke her leg slowly, I feel the goose bumps rise as my fingers play on her bare skin, I love the smooth sensation of her bare soft skin sliding slowly under my fingertips, I feel her warm breath against my neck getting faster.

We kiss softly, our lips meet and then softly we play with each others tongues in a soft teasing way, now it clearly showing that I am getting excited through my boxers, there is some wetness showing through the material, the material clings to the head showing the outline and the rim below the head is showing through.

My hand slowly strokes up and down along her leg, the side of my hand touches against her underwear, I feel the silky smooth material of her underwear, when I move my hand upwards, my fingertips just slightly pushing under the elastic around the leg of her panties, I slowly tease as my fingers softly stroke over her bare legs, my finger tips playing softly over the front of her underwear, I feel her gasp as my fingers move over the damp material.

I move my finger to just under the elastic and teasingly touch the outer lips slowly playing through the hair, as we sit like this I can feel her getting wetter, I can feel the familiar so nice feeling of the wet lips parting, knowing my finger would slip inside her so easily as my fingertip just slips between her lips making her gasp.

I stand and take her hand and walk her to the bedroom, I ask if she would like a back rub, she says yes, as I stand behind her I remove her top and slip her skirt off, I move behind her I put my arms around her cuddling her, she can feel my warm chest up against her back, she moves so she lays on the bed face down, in her underwear only.

I kneel over her lower back moving my hands softly up and down her back in little circles, from her shoulders down her back slowly so my hands just brush against the waist band of her underwear, I love to look down & see her bare back in the dim light only hearing the sounds of her breathing & the rain still falling on the roof.

I move my hands over her hips and slowly up her sides, my fingers tickle up her sides and move playfully over the sides of her bare breasts, this makes her shiver with anticipation, she feels some wetness drip on her lower back and then realize it is my precum dripping down, as I lean forward my hard cock slides slightly up her back in the wet spot, I move my fingers so they again lightly tease the side of her breasts, she lift up a little so my fingers can gently play with her nipples.

I roll her over so she is laying flat on her back, as she roll over she sees I have removed my boxers and top and I am nude in front of her, I kneel over her tummy and place my hands on her shoulders and slowly move my hands up and down her chest, teasing her breasts and nipples, I feel her nipples get hard as I tease them with my fingers, then also moving my hands over her firm breasts and cupping them gently.

I move both hands slowly downwards from her shoulders using my fingertips and slowly slide both hands down around the sides of her breasts and then teasing them down over her tummy trying not to tickle too much, my hands move so they just push down slightly on the waist band on her underwear again, this time moving the material down a little until some hair is showing.

I place my hands on her knees and slowly massage her legs, as I move my hands up her legs then go higher each time, until my fingertips just push under the elastic around her leg and touch just so softly against the side of her outer lips, I lean forward and kiss her long and soft, our toungs playing together, as I lean over she again feels some pre cum dribble over her, I move down slowly kissing slowly down her chest, moving my tongue in little circles around her nipples, and sucking the nipples soft & then harder as I feel them get hard in my mouth.

I move lower again until my chin is pushing down the waist band on her underwear, I take the waist band in my teeth and tug playfully until she lifts her hips and the underwear slides down over her hips and off her legs, I kiss her knees and then slowly start to kiss up the inside of her legs slowly teasing her, I feel her hips moving almanbahis slowly up and down as I move so slowly higher up the inside of her leg, her breathing getting faster with anticipation, until she feels my warm breath tickle the hair between her legs, she lets out a sigh.

I move my tounge to lick up and down around the outer lips playfully, I can feel she is getting warm as she moves her hips up and down, I can tell she is getting wetter, I move my tounge to lick between her inner lips, I feel her push her hips forward and push her pussy into my face as she moans, the lips spreading as my tounge licks up and down between the lips, I love how she is getting hot and wet and I can feel my cock throbbing, I lick little circles around her clit slowly and sucking on it, I feel her body move each time my tounge flicks over her clit, I love the feeling of her moving underneath me as I play with her pussy with my mouth and tounge.

I move up on her body until I am kneeling over her chest, My throbbing cock in front of her face all hard and hot, as she looks up at me with a smile on her face she can see a drip forming on the head and slowly it strings down and falls against the side of her cheek.

I touch the head against her lips and slide in into her mouth slowly, the head slipping between her lips and down her throat making me moan with anticipation, I hold in her mouth not moving so she can suck and play with it in her mouth as she feels it throbbing and dripping down her throat, after a while I slide my hard cock from her mouth, it is wet from precum and her saliva as some wetness dribbles over her chin.

I turn and move down her body, I place my head between her legs again and then we roll over so I lay on my back and she is kneeling over my face in a 69 position, I tease the lips with my tounge slowly up and down, I feel her pussy warm and wet against my face as her wetness dribbles down over my mouth.

I feel her warm wet mouth sliding up and down over my hard throbbing cock, I know I wont be able to hold off too long by the way her mouth feels on me, I playfully push her off me and lay her on her back again, this time I touch the head of my cock against the lips of her pussy and pushing in slowly she feels the lips spread as the head of my cock goes inside her.

Then I pull it out & hold it against her lips playfully, I look down and smile at her, moving so the head is slowly sliding over her clit, I push the hear inside again this time a little further, I feel her flinch and gasp as it spreads her a bit further apart, I move in so she can feel the head and the rim inside her and then pull out again, she moans as it slides out, I feel the cool air over the wet head and some of her wetness dribbles out of her, I tease her like this for a while, just sliding only the head in and then taking it out, she gets frustrated as I do this and I can tell she wants it bad as she tried to push her hips forward each time I move in to her, she lets out long slow moan each time it slides in her followed by a disappointed sigh each time I pull out.

Her pussy lips are parted wide with anticipation and I can see the light shining off her wet lips and my wet cock, Then when she least expects it I slide in again, this time all the way in it feels big as it stretches her and feels so hot as it pushes inside in one long stroke her until its deep in her, she throws her head back and lets out a satisfied moan, already I feel her pussy pulsing around my hard cock.

Kissing her softly I hold my hard cock inside her, making it throb deep inside her, we fuck soft and slow feeling the heat of each other until we both start to build towards orgasm, I feel her warm sweaty body under me both of us breathing hard and fast as she starts to build toward climax, then I feel her start to cum.

Her pussy clenches around my cock tightly as I feel her cum under me, I kiss her hard as she cums until I cant hold off anymore and I pull out of her pussy just as I start to cum splashing my hot cum all over her tummy and chest, we lay together in each others arms, as we feel all hot and sticky against each other kissing softly, the cum slowly dribbling down off us as we hold each other looking into each others eyes our breathing slowing and still the rain falling peacefully outside.

I move my hands slowly up & down her back as we roll onto out sides out hot wet bodies holding so close to each other as a nice cool breeze cools our spent bodies we fall asleep in each others arms.

Until the morning

Then the next morning I awake to the dim light coming through the window and the sound of birds chirping in the trees outside, there is no rain now the faint sound of the breeze outside, it’s the weekend & there is no work, I feel my girl next to me sleeping soundly, she is laying on her side, her back to me, she looks peaceful as she sleeps, her hair all messed from the night before.

I lay behind her so my chest is touching against her back, spooning her, I place my arm almanbahis giriş around her and rest my hand on her tummy, I feel her move slightly as she wakes a little, still half asleep saying “good morning baby” as she lays there, I return the good morning by softly kissing the back of her neck and moving my hand slowly over her tummy, I feel her try to move and I whisper in her ear,, “lay there baby, don’t move, just relax” and she complies, my hand plays over her tummy slowly in soft movements, occasionally the side of my hand brushes against the lower part of her breast.

I love the feeling as my girl lays there letting me slowly explore her body, she is starting to feel less sleepy now and is letting out the softest faintest little sigh noise that she makes as she is starting to get excited, I move my hand so it cups her breast, squeezing softly and moving her breast in my hand, I take 1 finger and move it over her nipple and make little circles around her nipple, I feel the nipple harden as I play.

I move my hand slowly up her chest & place my finger against her lips, she opens her mouth and sucks on my finger playfully, then I move my hand down again and place my wet finger on her other nipple making little wet circles around it, I can tell she loves the feeling of my wet finger on her nipples, she moves a little as she re positions her legs, I am starting to get excited as she can feel I am getting hard behind her.

My growing cock starting to throb against her, she moves her hand to behind her to touch me, I say, “no baby” as I take her hand and position her arm back to her side of the bed, she knows I am going to tease her as I love doing this to her, making her build up slowly, I move my hand playfully down her tummy until my fingertips just play through her trimmed hair between her legs, playfully tugging on her hair, I feel her start to move her hips a little inviting me to place my hand between her legs, I resist this invitation for now.

I move my hand over her hips and down the side of her leg softly rubbing her leg softly, I move my hand down the outside of her upper leg and then move it slowly up the inside of her lower leg, slowly higher & higher making her moan in anticipation of my fingers rubbing over her pussy,

As my hand slides up her leg I start moving slower, and using just one finger I tickle it up high on the inside of her leg, then I move my finger along the side of her outer lips making her gasp, I tease one finger over her sensitive pussy playing with the outer lips and hair, then I move so my finger touches against the inner lips, and I move my finger tip back & forth along her inner lips, I feel them slowly start to part, & feel the familiar wetness starting to wet my finger, as I play with her pussy she starts to move her hips back & forth a little trying to make my finger part her lips & slip inside. I don’t let my finger go inside her, I play with the now very wet slippery lips, she is open with anticipation, as I play with her she can feel my cock throbbing against her bum and feel my precum making a slippery spot, I love the feel of my girl moving against me, her warm smooth back pushing against my chest, I can feel she is really worked up now she whispers “please baby, don’t tease me,, I need you,, fuck me please”.

She moves her hand down between her legs and tries to guide my fingers inside her, again I resist, she grunts, then I slowly slide two fingers into her slippery wet pussy, I can tell she loves this as she moves her head back pressing into me, I slowly move my fingers in and out of her slippery pussy. Feeling the wet lips parting around my fingers, the sounds of my girl moaning turning me on more making me throb hard, she moves her hand down over mine so she can feel my fingers going in and out of her and she loves that she can feel what I am doing to her.

I remove my hand and ask her to roll onto her back, as she does this I see she still has her hand pressed tightly between her legs, she looks up at me and gives a cheeky grin and she starts to play with herself, I see her fingers slip inside her and then she pulls them out and start to rub her clit and arch her back,, I let her work her self for a little then I take her hand and say “no baby, you cant do that” grinning back at her, she gives a disappointed moan, I take both of her hands and put them over her head and tell her she cant move, I kiss her softly on the lips our tongue play together, then I slowly kiss down her neck and chest slowly sucking her nipples until they are hard.

I move so I kneel over her chest, she can see my cock all hard in front of her, I take my cock in my hand and touch the head on her nipple, the precum making the nipple very slippery, I then move so my cock is between her breasts she can feel it hard and hot between her breasts as she pushes her breasts together to make it tighter.

I love the feel of her breasts around my throbbing cock, I move out from between her breasts and slide down her body, slowly almanbahis yeni giriş sliding my cock down over her, I place my face between her legs & give her 1 playful lick along her now dripping pussy lips, this causes her to arch her back and let out a squeal of delight.

I then lay on her and as we hold each other we roll over so I am laying on my back, She says, “Now its your turn to not move” I do as she says as I lay there, my now hard cock standing up rudely, she proceeds to kiss my chest and tummy and tease me until she moves so I can feel my cock rub against the side of her face, then she softly licks her tongue over the head of my cock teasingly, she doesn’t suck, just lick, I am dripping precum out allot as she does this, she licks up my precum looking up at me with her eyes as I look down and see my girl give a quick cheeky grin as she then places her lips over the head of my cock, still looking at me eye to eye, she starts to suck the head of my cock soft and then harder, all the time looking at me, I see saliva dribble out of her mouth as she makes it so wet, then I feel the familiar feel of her mouth moving down and my cock sliding in between her lips until she has half my shaft in her mouth, she holds there for a bit and then starts to move down more.

I have the familiar feeling of the head of my cock deep down her throat as I can feel her going further down, I know she cant take it all, but she gets close then I feel her just give a little gag as she moves her mouth back up she re positions herself for another go, she nearly takes it all this time until she starts to gag again, I know she loves doing this, it makes her mouth so wet and she always tries to see if she can take it all in her mouth, in the last attempt she gets is so close until she has to lift her face.

I look down and see saliva strings from her mouth to the head of my cock, she has made my cock so wet, then with out warning she moves so fast before I can react she straddled me, sliding down on my cock before I know what is happening, (the cheeky girl) as she faces me and looks at me,, a cheeky grin on her face she says ” See baby I got your cock now ” and gives a little giggle, she moves her hips slowly in little circles so she can feel my cock moving deep inside her all the time she is breathing faster and I feel her pussy start to clench around me, we both look down to between her legs, I love how it looks to see her lips spread around my cock the slick wetness of her pussy dripping slowly down over my balls, she moves up slowly so my cock starts to slide out of her, it is slick with my precum and her wetness, then she slides back down again, then up and down,, the whole time looking down between her legs so she can see her pussy taking my cock.

She stops, looks at me with glazed eyes and starts to grind into me hard, she places her hand between her legs & plays with her clit, I can tell she is so close to cumming, I push her off me and say not yet baby. I tell her its time to be fucked now, she says “Baby take me from behind please” then she kneels hands and knees on the bed, wiggling her bum at me as I look down at her I see her hair hanging down over her shoulders, her smooth back and firm bum, her pussy, showing through the trimmed hair and her parted open slick lips just wanting to be fucked so bad.

I position myself behind her,, no teasing this time I slide my cock between her slick lips in one long stroke making her buck with delight, I slide in and out of her, one hand holding her shoulder the other on her hips, pulling her to me, my cock going so deep in her making her grunt with each stroke, we can both hear the familiar wet sticky noises of wet sex as we fuck together, I move my hand to squeeze her nipples then slide my hand between her legs to play with her clit as I fuck her, I move my fingers faster on her clit, making her start to cum, I feel her pussy clench around my cock as she pushes herself hard against me, her bum pressed firm up to me, she lets out a squeal as she cums, the feel of her pussy sends me over the edge and I cant help it, I start to cum to I feel my cock start to throb and then the feeling of hot cum squirting deep inside her, she feels it to & again she bucks with the feel of my hot cum squirting deep inside her, exhausted we both collapse on the bed holding each other, I lean over to her and whisper in her ear, “Good morning Baby, its time to shower”.

I slowly pull myself out of bed and walk towards the bathroom, grateful that its such a nice day outside and being the weekend there is no work, as I step into the shower I turn the water on feeling it running down my body as I slowly wake up after feeling sleepy, I close my eyes as I put my head under the water wetting my hair, ah it feels so good.

I hear the shower door open and know my girl is about to stand beside me in the shower, as my eyes are still closed because of the water, I feel her move and bump against me, her warm body brush against my bum, I then feel her stand behind me her arms slowly wrap around my body as I feel her cuddle up to my back, her bare breasts feeling firm pressed into my back, I feel her take the soap as she stands there, then I feel her hands slowly moving over my chest and tummy as she slowly soaps me up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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