A Day at the Beach

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Anthony and I were 18 when his sister, Angela, invited us to go to the beach. She was 22, and had a driver’s license. Just to get away from the city heat was enough of a reason, but looking at Angela’s body was a bonus.

She wasn’t particularly pretty: curly, dirty-blond hair, glasses, freckles, but from seeing her in jeans and tight tops, I knew she had all the right curves.

All her friends had summer jobs, so it was me and Anthony or nobody! We jumped at the chance.

I made sure to bring shades, so my stares wouldn’t be too blatant, for Angela and the other lovelies I hoped to see, baking in the hot sun. and I wasn’t disappointed. As she shimmied out of her tight cut-offs, then bent to untie her sneakers, I knew I was gonna have plenty of Jerk-Off fodder for the next week. She peeled off her tank top, and her breasts seemed to spring to life, perfectly topping those hips and shapely legs.

Naturally, Anthony didn’t notice, and they both were ready to take a dip. I instantly had an erection and needed more time before I could stroll down to the shore without embarrassment. They both cooled off, as I sat thinking about Angela.

When she came back and stretched out next to me, I felt feverish, knowing I had to get cooled off before I got hard again. As I got up, she said “Hey, I came back because I felt bad you were up here alone, and now you’re leaving me?”

I tried to smile, said “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking.” She reached, and I took her hand and pulled her up.

“Good, I was beginning to think you didn’t like me,” she said, in a matter-of-fact way, “I could have just come by myself, for all the conversation I’ll get from Anthony.”

“Oh no! I like talking to you. You’re not stuck up like most girls your age,” I stammered.

“Oh? Do you have much experience with girls my age?” She was clearly enjoying my nervousness, and smiled, a sexy smile that made her seem so much more attractive to me.

I blushed. “No, I wish, I can’t even talk to girls my age. I always say something stupid, then they laugh.

“Well, I don’t think you’re stupid, so let’s just have fun, okay?” and she ankara eve gelen escort ran to the water, with me close behind, thoroughly enjoying myself while Anthony roamed the beach looking for topless babes.

The waves were pretty strong and we splashed around. Twice she had to hold on to her top, so she wouldn’t lose it. I was disappointed each time, but got to see more flesh. She saw another couple, the girl on the guy’s shoulders, I offered to lift her too, but she said “Oh no, I’m way to big for you, I’d crush you!”

“No, I’m stronger than I look, believe me,” I replied, sort of hurt.

She touched my arm. “I didn’t mean that, I meant I’m fat!”

“Fat? What fat? You’re perfect.” I blurted.

“Perfect? Me? Harry I knew I liked you.” With that, she hugged me, we were about the same size, 5’7″, and she kissed me on the cheek just as a wave hit us and sent us sprawling. We helped each other up, laughing and choking, and I knew this girl was special and that she really liked me, as a person, even if I was a goof-off.

The day flew by, Anthony meeting some friends from school while she and I chatted, about music, school, parents, typical teen things. When we got to her house, she said that for using the car, her Dad expected her to wash it. Anthony said “Hey, that wasn’t part of our deal, you didn’t tell us that!”

I, of course, saw it as an opportunity to spend more time with Angela, and quickly volunteered, telling Anthony not to worry about it. And Angela seemed just as thrilled. We pulled the car into her backyard as Anthony went to see who was around the neighborhood.

We both still had our swim clothes under our shorts, so we stripped down and went to work, her with the hose and me with the bucket. In no time, we were soaked. she enjoyed hosing me, laughing until I wrestled it away from her and we were tangled, laughing, our bodies, brushing each other, me trying to hide my rising excitement. I fell against the car and she moved into me, pressing against me, and her pelvis was pressed against my semi-hard cock. Her eyes were glazed as she whispered, gaziosmanpaşa escort “Harry, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.”

Confused. Did she mean hosing me? Or causing my erection? Or bumping into me? I went with the bump. “Oh, that’s okay. You didn’t hurt me.”

I felt her hand come between us and cup my crotch through my trunks. “I meant this.”

I gulped. “I had one all day because of you,” I breathed.

“I know, and I’m sorry…, Harry, have you ever…you know.”


“Do you want to?”


She smiled, stepped back, “Let’s rinse off.”

Five minutes later, she led me by the hand to her bedroom. It was pink, frilly, typical teen girl stuff, and a huge mattress!

She stood before me and reached behind her, unhooking her bikini top. I had never seen tits live before, I could barely breathe, my eyes wide and she took my hand, held it to her nipple. It protruded, pointy, hard, and she moaned as I tweaked it, her eyes looking me over, then her hands were on my trunks, sliding them down as she went to her knees. My cock had never been so hard before, every spare drop of blood was crammed into my 6 inches, as she blew onto the tip and gently wrapped her hand around the shaft.

“Harry! It’s so smooth and hard,” she whispered as she slowly began stroking the length of it, cooing, “Did I cause all this?” and I just nodded. Her eyes flashed up at me, a fire in them, as she opened her mouth and flicked her tongue across my slit. I had never felt anything like this! Then she wrapped her lips around the head, and let her tongue tease the tip, then, still looking up at me, she slowly began taking more of me inside, deeper, then out, then deeper again. I had to hold the bedpost to keep from collapsing! My whole being was in the tip of my cock, inside her wet, warm, mouth.

“Angela….I can’t help it,” I got out before my hips arched and back thrust forward and I exploded deep into her mouth!

She choked, coughed, her eyes never leaving me, my cock out of her mouth, shooting onto her cheeks and hair.

“I’m ankara grup escort so…sorry! I couldn’t…I mean, it….It just felt so good!”

She stood up, those perfect tits dangling, and smiled that smile. “You’re cute, Harry, I knew you’d cum quick. You’ve been holding it in all day!”

“You’re not mad?”

“No, how could I be? I’ve been told I give great head. And it’s your first time.”

She wiped my cum from her breast, licked her fingers and gave me a wicked smile. “Wanna taste?”

Trying to act cool, I said “I’d really rather taste you.”

That wound up being the perfect answer. “Really, most boys don’t like that.”

“It sure looks like girls enjoy it in porn flicks.”

“Hmmm, we sure do.” Our bodies slid together and she shimmied out of her panties, her bush was so hairy! But she was a hairy girl, so I should have expected it!. We started by probing, touching, finding her wet spot, it glistened in the light she was so wet, and I climbed over her, in the 69 position I had seen and spread her apart, lowering my head and blowing cool air into her, as she whispered, “Oh Harry!”

My first taste was tentative, unsure, but I found it salty, gooey, quite enjoyable and just began letting my tongue probe. “She urged me on, “Harder, Harry, harder,” and she squeezed her thighs around my head. I sucked and bit, felt her arousal peak! What a great learning experience!

By now, I was hard again, and dangling right by her face, she began, sucking again. Once I was full sized she stopped. “Now Harry, now you put it in me.”

Nervous beyond belief, I rose, turned to her, and she spread wide. “Yes, now, Harry, put it in me, make me cum.”

I climbed between her legs, she held the tip and guided me in, after a few quick stabs, and I was amazed at how warm it was inside her. My cock was on fire! Now I knew! Now I understood all the interest in sex! It was awesome!

At first, just the head, but she took me deeper, finally my full 6 inches were buried in that vat of hot lava.

She coaxed me in and out, slow, then faster, she was squirming and screaming, “Oh Harry! I’m cummming, I’m cumminggggg”

I felt my own cum ready to burst. “Me too!” I shouted, and she flipped me over on my back just as I shot, she was on me, her mouth covering my spasms.

“I’m sorry, Harry, but I haven’t renewed my pills. I couldn’t let you cum in me.”

I was more than happy to shoot down her throat, and told her so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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