A Day at the Gym

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I had just join this new gym in town. I am scheduled to meet with on of the personal trainers today. I get dressed, putting on the sexy little workout clothes I just purchased. I pull my hair up and pack my gym bag. I make sure to add some lotions to my bag, for after my shower. It is a very hot day and after a good workout, I’ll need to take a hot shower and relax. I have some errands to run afterwards, so I’ll take a shower at the gym.

I arrive at the gym. I gather my things and head inside. There are a lot of women here today, but it looks like most of them will be leaving soon. I go to the dressing room, to put my things in a locker. I head back towards the office, to find my trainer. I tell the lady behind the desk who I am and that I’m suppose to meet with the fitness trainer today. She picks up the phone and calls back to one of the offices. She hangs up and tells me he will be right out.

A few minutes later, he walks out of the office. He is very cute, with a great body and a very sexy smile. He walks up and introduces himself. We head into the weight room and start talking about all the things we would be doing today. He shows me how to use the different equipment. . I start my workout as he watches. I keep noticing him staring at me. It’s starting to turn me on. His eyes keep wondering down to my ass so, I give him a little wink and continue with my workout, After awhile, he asks if I was tired and would like to go get something to drink and cool down. I tell him I would and we head to the lounge. I sit down and start to drink my water, he sits down beside bursa escort me. We start to talk about our next session and what we would do. I notice him staring at my chest now. I tell him I want to go take a shower. I get up to leave and he stares at my ass again. They way he keeps staring at me is really making me hot. I turn back around and ask him if he’d like to join me. He just kinda laughs and a waves his hand, telling me to go on and take my shower.

I walk off to the shower room, fairly turned on and disappointed. The place is mostly empty now. I get my things out for my shower, look around and decide to take matters into my own hands. I need to cum. I walk into the shower and take off my clothes. I run my hand down between my legs, rubbing and massaging my already wet pussy. I keep rubbing, taking off my bra to play with my tits. I start moaning and rubbing harder. All at once, I feel something rub up against my ass. I turn and there he is, completely naked, cock rock hard. I start to laugh, telling him I knew he was checking me out all along. He starts to kiss me as he turns on the water. The water runs over us as we continue to kiss. I start to move down, running my tongue along his chest and stomach. Moving lower until I am kneeling in front of him. He’s cock is huge and I want to taste it. I take him in my mouth slowly. He moans as I starting sliding his cock in and out of my hot mouth. He taste so good. I keep working his cock in and out of my mouth. Faster and harder each time. I start to massage his balls, gently running my nails across them. I take his bursa escort bayan cock all the way in my mouth as far as I can. I almost gag, but I want him in my mouth as deep as I can get him. I feel his balls start to tighten with each stroke. He starts to moan louder, I go faster and harder. He grabs my hair, telling me he is about to cum. I want to taste his cum. I work his cock harder with my mouth and he explodes. Filling my mouth with his hot cum. I swallow ever drop of him, licking and sucking his cock clean.

I stand up, he starts to kiss me again. His hand sliding down between my legs. He start’s to rub, sliding his fingers inside me as he continues to kiss me deep and hard. I can’t take it anymore, I need him inside me. I start begging for him to put his huge cock inside me. I get down on the floor, bending over and arching my ass in the air, begging him to fuck me. He gets down behind me and rams his dick deep inside my hot, wet pussy. I start moaning, he thrusts harder and faster. I can feel myself about to cum. I start moaning louder, he goes faster and harder. I start to cum all over his cock as he thrust in and out. I can’t stop, he keeps ramming me harder and harder. I am screaming now, thankfully there is no one around. He grabs my hair, pulling my head back and kisses me, deep and hard, muffling my screams. He keeps ramming me hard and I keep cumming all over his rock hard cock. We’ve been going at it for at least twenty minutes. I keep telling I have never had a cock so big, he keeps ramming it in hard. I can’t control my orgasms as he fucks me harder escort bursa and harder. He pulls out and lies back, telling me to ride him. I climb on top of him sliding his hard cock back in. I start to ride him hard. Moving back and forth on his cock. He grabs my ass and squeezes as I slide up and down. I moan louder and louder. I’m wondering now if he will ever cum. He looks up at me and asks if he can fuck my tits. I smile and tell him I would like that. He gets on top of me, placing his still very hard cock between my tit’s. I squeeze them together, making them tight around his cock. He starts working back and forth. Moaning as I lick the tip of his cock with each thrust. He leans down and whispers in my ear, telling me he wants my ass. I shriek. The thought of his huge cock in my ass scares me. He tells me it’s the only way he can cum. I want him to cum so I agree.

He turns me over and grabs some lube. He starts working it in my ass and on his cock. He starts sliding his cock in my ass. I start to growl and moan as he slides his cock deep inside my ass. He starts moving in and out slow at first, then faster and harder. I am really screaming now as he fucks my ass hard. He tells me is about to cum. I tell him to cum in my mouth. He pulls out and starts to jerk off. He cums, shooting his load in my mouth. I swallow his hot cum down a second time We both get up feeling pretty wasted after all the fucking we’ve been doing. He starts kissing me and squeezing my ass and tits. I start to take my shower and he heads back to his office. I get dressed and start to leave. I want to see him again so, I head by his office. I walk in and go over to him. I give him another deep kiss and hand him my card. I tell him anytime he wants to do it again, give me a call. I leave, feeling like I have had the best workout ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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