A Day at WJM-TV

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It was a cold, blustery day in Minneapolis as Mary Richards hurried to her job in the WJM-TV newsroom. Snow flurries melted on her rosy cheeks. Each breath she exhaled turned to white mist. She longed to be at her warm, cozy desk with her little heater warming her feet. In spite of the weather, she was happy because she knew she was going to make it after all, and she threw her little knit cap high in the air in a spontaneous expression of joy. She arrived at the office and exchanged greetings with Murray, her friend and co-worker. “Hi, Mare, cold enough for you?” Murray quipped. She and Murray had become such close friends that they addressed each other by the first syllables of their names.

“It’s colder than a witch’s tit, Mur,” Mary said. Then she blushed because she had said “tit” without thinking. As she turned to her desk, she saw the terse, unsigned note waiting there for her. It said, “DON’T FORGET WHAT DAY IT IS!” Distracted by the weather, she had forgotten it was Friday, and every Friday was Mr. Grant’s blowjob day. Mr. Grant had given her her nice job on the condition that every Friday she had to give him his choice of a handjob or blowjob. Most of the time, he insisted on a blowjob. He only had a handjob when he was in a hurry and wanted it over with quickly.

Mary tapped on his door and heard his gruff voice say, “Come in!” She cracked the door and peeked in. He had started without her. His huge, club-like cock was in his hand and he was slowly stroking it up and down. “You’re five minutes late!” he said.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Grant. The blizzard slowed me down. It won’t happen again.”

Mr. Grant scowled. “Well, get your ass over here and get started. I’ve done most of your work for you already.” Mr. Grant pulled his chair back so Mary could get in the well under his desk. “Pull your sweater up. I want to play with your titties.” Mary pulled her sweater up and unhooked her bra, releasing her perky tits. The cold had made her nipples as hard as inch-long bullets. Mr. Grant took hold of them and rolled them between his thumbs and fingers. “I’ll warm these nips up for you,” he said.

“Do you want a blowjob or a handjob, Mr. Grant?” Mr. Grant pushed his pants all the way down around his ankles so he could feel Mary’s soft, warm body and long, black hair against his legs.

“Blowjob, Mary, and don’t suck it too hard. I don’t want to cum too quick.” Mary had gotten used to sucking Mr. Grant’s cock and actually enjoyed it. He was usually the one with the power over her, but when his cum shot into her mouth and he groaned and shook, it was Mary who had the power. She didn’t even mind drinking the creamy fluid that fountained from his cock after her lips and tongue had worked on him for awhile. The first few times she sucked him off, he had complained that her blowjobs were “too toothy”, but she had been inexperienced. He didn’t complain now that she had become an expert cocksucker. Most of her experience had been gained right there under his desk, because Mary was a good girl who didn’t even go down on her dates. She opened her mouth wide and lowered it onto Mr. Grant’s cock.

“This is just the ticket on a cold day like this,” Mr. Grant thought, as he watched his cockhead disappear into Mary’s soft, warm mouth.

Meanwhile, down in the studio, Murray was having one of his many spats with the inept, arrogant anchorman, Ted Baxter. “Ted, you fucked up the lines I wrote for you again. You know what I’ve got to do.” Ted sighed and accepted his punishment. He dropped his tailored pants and bent over the news desk. Murray’s long, thick cock slid smoothly through Ted’s asshole. Ted always pretended to hate it, but he had come to love the feel of Murray’s cock stretching his tight anus, and sometimes he even mispronounced Murray’s copy on purpose just to get a fucking. “It’s really appropriate to be fucking such an asshole in the asshole,” Murray thought. His thought made him chuckle.

Speaking of chuckles, Chuckles the Clown, wearing his clown make-up and dressed in his costume, was churning butter in Sue Ann Niven’s Happy Homemaker kitchen. Actually, he was churning her butter. A completely naked Sue Ann was on the kitchen table with her ass at the edge and her ankles in the firm grip of the clown’s hands. Chuckles’ baggy clown-pants were around his ankles. It was a very comical sight, but there was nothing funny about the way he was pumping his fat dick in and out of Sue Ann’s immaculately groomed cunt. Sue Ann squeezed her round tits and tugged on her nipples. “Chuckles isn’t much to look at, but he can fuck with the best of them,” she thought. Just when Sue Ann thought she was going to cum, the door swung open and in walked Mary’s neighbor Phyllis. Phyllis had come by to pick up some recipes that Sue Ann had promised her. “You stupid bozo, I thought you locked the door!” Sue Ann scolded.

“I thought you did,” Chuckles said as he withdrew his dripping cock from her.

Phyllis was shocked speechless at first. She gave everyone taksim escort the impression that she was somewhat prudish, but she was really very open-minded. The sight of Sue Ann’s beautiful body inflamed her lust. She suspected her husband Lars of having an affair with Sue Ann and now she understood why he would want her. But, what impressed her more than Sue Ann’s lovely body was the size of Chuckles’ cock. It was as thick as her wrist and at least nine inches long. Her husband Lars had only four inches. She had to take it up her ass to get any feeling out of it at all. She hadn’t even been getting much of that lately and, as a result, she was constantly horny. “Don’t stop on my account,” she said. “It’s not as though I’ve never seen anyone fucking before.” Her shock had passed and now she had trouble suppressing her laughter.

“Well, okay,” Sue Ann said.

“Stick it back in, Chuckles.” She glared at Phyllis.

“You spoiled my orgasm. I was almost there.” Chuckles shoved his cock back in and started pumping.

“I’m sorry I ruined it for you,” Phyllis said. “Maybe if I help out a little I can make up for it.” She began caressing Sue Ann’s beautiful breasts, and before long, she had a nipple in her mouth.

Meanwhile, back in Mr. Grant’s office, Mary was making good progress on Lou’s cock. She usually had to work on him for thirty minutes to make him shoot, but judging by the amount of pre-cum she was swallowing, she would get him there a little quicker this time. Just then Mary’s best friend Rhoda stuck her head in the door. “Mary, I just wanted to see if you…OH, MY GOD…YOU ARE SUCKING LOU’S COCK! I’ve never seen a dick that big before.” Mary’s pretty face turned beet-red and she stammered as she tried to think of something to say.

“Come and get a closer look, Rhoda,” Lou invited.

“Closer look, hell! I want to help out. Is there room under there for two?” Lou opened his legs wider to make room for Rhoda. He had had a hard-on for the little prick-teaser for a long time, and now he was finally going to get some from her.

Interruptions seemed to be the order of the day. First Phyllis had interrupted Chuckles and Sue Ann. Then Rhoda interrupted Lou and Mary. Now it was Murray’s turn. He was pumping away in Ted’s tight ass and spanking him at the same time. Every so often, he brought his hand down good and hard on Ted’s round ass so he could enjoy the feel of Ted’s buns squeezing his cock. Just as he was landing another smack, in walked Ted’s cute, shy fiancee Georgette. “Oh, my God, Ted, what are you doing?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

“It’s not what you think, Georgette.” Murray pulled his cock out of Ted’s ass. For once, he was at a loss for words.

“Well, it seems clear to me that Murray is fucking you in the heiny,” Georgette said. “I’ve always wanted to watch a man get fucked.” Georgette moved closer. “Put it back in him, Murray.”

Murray’s cock slid back into Ted as Georgette bent down to get a good look at the penetration. “That must hurt terribly. His penis is so big.”

Ted giggled. “Actually it feels kind of nice, Georgette”. After watching Murray fuck her boyfriend for a few minutes, Georgette became very aroused and her pussy got soppy wet. She tore off all of her clothing and went around by Ted’s head.

“Watching you get fucked has made me horny, so you know what I need,” she said, as she pulled Ted’s mouth up against her blond cunt. Ted stuck his tongue into his girl’s slippery slot and started licking. Murray couldn’t resist Georgette’s very nice titties and soon had both hands full.

Just a short distance away in Sue Ann’s kitchen, things were really heating up. Phyllis was naked astride Sue Ann’s head while Chuckles continued to fuck Sue Ann’s twat. Phyllis rubbed Sue Ann’s soft pussy. When her fingers found and massaged the hard clit, Sue Ann’s legs jerked and she begged her friend not to stop. “UH…UH…UH…I’M CUMMING!” she shrieked. When Sue Ann finally stopped moaning and shaking, Phyllis reached for the big cock that was relentlessly pumping Sue Ann. Chuckles pulled it all the way out so she could get a good feel. Phyllis stroked Chuckles’ cock for awhile then guided the plum-sized head back into Sue Ann and reached lower to feel his big balls. “It’s my lucky day,” Chuckles thought. “I’m going to nail both of these bitches.”

Phyllis had lost all sense of decorum. She tore off her top and offered her ample tits to Chuckles. “Come and get them clown, but take off that ridiculous red nose first.” Chuckles bent forward and sucked hard on Phyllis’s nipples. He was fucking Sue Ann like his life depended on it, and in a way it did; Sue Ann could be a dangerous woman if she hadn’t been properly serviced. Sue Ann’s shout that she was cumming again was muffled by Phyllis’s cunt.

“I’M CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING! Phyllis shrieked. Chuckles pulled his cock out of Sue Ann and jacked it hard. Thick ropes of cum shot all over the beşiktaş escort writhing women’s tits and bellies. “Oh, no, now you won’t be able to fuck me,” Phyllis whined.

“Oh, yes, I will, baby, but you had better bend down here and suck this thing to keep it from going soft.” Phyllis lay down on Sue Ann’s wet body and worked the head of Chuckles’ cock into her mouth.

A short distance away, Murray pulled his cock out of Ted’s ass and shot a massive load all over the anchorman’s back. Seeing such an impressive cum-shot while having her husband’s talented tongue swirling around her clit caused Georgette to climax so intensely that she fainted and slumped to the floor. “She’ll be alright,” Ted said. “She’s done that before.” Then he pulled up his pants and hurried away without any explanation.

Murray ogled the unconscious blond. “That body is to die for,” he thought. “I gotta have me some of that.” He mounted the unconscious woman and shoved his greasy cock into her blond bush.

Back in Mr. Grant’s office, Rhoda and Mary were still blowing Lou. They took turns sucking, and while one sucked the other licked. “HERE IT COMES!” he snarled.

“I LOVE SPUNK.” His cock erupted in Mary’s mouth with more force than usual, causing her to gag. Mary took three or four spurts before Rhoda grabbed the pulsating cock.

“Give me some of that dick juice, Mare,” she said. In between mouths, Lou’s cock spurted right in Mary’s eye. Rhoda loved the taste of cum and thought Mr. Grant’s tasted pretty good. There was so much of it that she decided that she wouldn’t even need to eat lunch that day.

When Lou had finished cumming, he grinned down at them, winked, and said, “Why don’t you two kiss, now? I bet you are a lot more than just best friends, aren’t you?” Mary and Rhoda kissed passionately and their tongues were soon sliding between each other’s cum-slick lips. They had been attracted to each other from the beginning, but neither had been able to work up the nerve to make the first move. Lou had done them a big favor by getting them started. Now the ice was broken, and under Lou’s guidance they soon found themselves on top of his desk locked in a passionate sixty-nine. Lou eyed Rhoda’s black bush and thought, “If I can just get Big Boy up again, I’m going to have some of that.” He buried his face in Rhoda’s ass and licked her asshole.

Mary and Rhoda weren’t the only ones enjoying a sixty-nine. Back in the kitchen, Sue Ann and Phyllis were also going at it, and in between licks on Sue Ann’s snatch, Phyllis sucked Chuckles’ cock to keep it hard. “Okay, baby, come and get it,” Chuckles said. He helped Phyllis off of the table and bent her over Sue Ann, then he stuffed his cock into her from the rear and began to thrust so hard that her butt cheeks jiggled like Jello. Sue Ann and Phyllis kissed passionately and ground their pussies together. Chuckles pulled back on Phyllis’s hips until her face was above Sue Ann’s cunt, then he pushed her head down. Sue Ann moaned as Phyllis sucked her clit. Chuckles always had to work hard to satisfy Sue Ann, but Phyllis, who hadn’t had any good sex in quite some time, was much quicker on the trigger. She lost interest in Chuckles after he had given her three quick orgasms. She was much more interested in getting it on with Sue Ann. She had never done anything with a woman before and there was so much to learn. Sue Ann, who had been bisexual for many years, was the perfect teacher. Chuckles pulled out of Phyllis and jacked off in her face, but Phyllis was so focused on eating Sue Ann’s pussy that she hardly noticed his cum running down her cheek. The two blonds had no further need for Chuckles.

The dejected clown headed back to his dressing room to prepare for his show. He stopped off at the studio and caught Murray fucking Georgette on the floor. “What’s wrong with her, Murray?” Murray grinned sheepishly.

“She fainted when Ted sucked her off, so I thought I might as well get a piece of her.” The clown squeezed his cock, which was once again hardening.

“Can I have her when you’re done with her?” he asked. “Sure. I don’t care. She’s not my girlfriend.” Just then, Georgette regained consciousness.

“Oh, my, what is happening? I dreamt that someone was fucking me.” Murray decided that he had better get off of her. But as he dismounted, Georgette said, “No, get back on. It feels wonderful. I’ve never been fucked so good.” Chuckles and Murray hoisted her up onto all fours so Chuckles could use her mouth while Murray fucked her. They didn’t know that Ted was in the darkened control room jacking off while watching them.

Back in Mr. Grant’s office, Lou was trying to get his cock hard by spanking Rhoda’s ass with it. He swung it like a club against her beautiful, round ass again and again until the tender skin turned a rosy red. The spanking trick always worked for him and he was soon able to bring his hard dick to Rhoda’s black bush and slip it in just above Mary’s etiler escort hard-working tongue. At that instant, his wife Edie walked in. They were separated at the time and she was pissed off because her support check was late. “Still fucking bimboes, huh?” she said with a sneer.

“Yeah, come on over and watch what you’re missing,” he growled.

“Hey, lady, I’m no bimbo!” Rhoda said.

Edie sat in Lou’s chair and stared at her husband’s huge dick plunging in and out of the beautiful young woman. “He was impossible to live with, but I did love that pussy-pleaser of his,” she reminisced.

“I guess you’ll be wanting a tune-up, too,” Lou said to her.

“Yeah, right after you give me some money to live on,” she said. “You can have one or the other but not both,” Lou snapped.

Lou really was enjoying the warmth of Rhoda’s tight cunt. “Damn, this is some fine pussy,” he said to Edie. With each thrust his big bollocks bounced off Mary’s forehead. Every so often, Mary’s tongue slashed back and forth across his cock. The crotch of Edie’s panties was getting wet as she watched the spectacle. She had become something of a slut since she had broken up with Lou. Menopause was just around the corner and she wanted to get in as much sport-fucking as possible before her juices dried up. She didn’t even bother to wear underwear anymore so she could get naked faster. She wasn’t a spring chicken and her looks had faded, so she usually had to settle for hard-up guys who weren’t much to look at. As long as they had a big cock and fucked her doggy-style, she didn’t care. As she watched Lou’s cock plunge into Rhoda’s cunt, she decided that she needed that big cock more than she needed his money. “Okay, Lou, forget the check. I’ll settle for a fucking instead.” She was going to have to wait for her fucking, because Lou had tensed up and was starting to cum. He didn’t want to take a chance on knocking Rhoda up, so he pulled out and shot his load right in Mary’s big, brown eyes with so much force that he dislodged her false eyelashes.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Sue Ann and Phyllis had found a big sausage in the refrigerator and were using it as a dildo. Sue Ann was astride Phyllis’s hips with half of the sausage in her and the other half deep in Phyllis. The sausage had been cold when they started, but soon warmed up in their hot pussies. “This feels just as good as a cock,” Phyllis said between moans of ecstasy.

Sue Ann agreed. “We have to be careful not to break it because I’m going to cook it on my show today.” Phyllis moaned loudly.

“Hell, I think we’re cooking it now!” Then she screamed in ecstasy. Sue Ann posted up and down on the sausage until she and Phyllis were exhausted from countless orgasms. Later that day, when Sue Ann brought the newsroom staff samples of her home-cooked meal, everyone commented on how delicious the sausage was. No one seemed to notice that there were a few blond pussy hairs on it.

Back in the studio, Murray was treating Georgette to a mind-numbing orgasm. When she calmed down a little, he decided that he deserved a reward for showing her such a good time. He removed his cock from her pussy and took aim an inch higher. Even though his cock was slick with her pussy juices, Murray had to push hard to get his cockhead to pop through the ring of muscle. She was so tight that Murray knew he was in virgin territory. “Owwwww, that hurts, I’ve never done it before,” Georgette whispered, but she didn’t tell him to stop. Soon Murray was sliding all eight inches up into her rectum. Ted, who was still spying on the threesome from the darkness of the control room, was thrilled that Murray was breaking in his girlfriend’s ass. Now maybe he could get some tail from her himself. Murray tried to cum in Georgette’s ass, but it was way too tight for the juices to flow. He pulled out and squirted so hard that the load sailed over her blond head and landed on Chuckles’ fat belly. Chuckles flooded Georgette’s mouth with so much clown-cum that she couldn’t hold it all. Ted was jacking his cock furiously while watching his girlfriend get sodomized at both ends. When he saw a big gob of cum dangle from her chin, he shot his wad all over the control panel, shorting out switches and knocking WJM-TV off the air for an hour.

Back in Mr. Grant’s office, Edie was sitting in Lou’s lap, impaled on his cock. Even though he didn’t have the best of hard-ons after cumming so recently in Mary’s face, his dick was usable and she was making the most of it. She was facing away from him so she could watch the ongoing lesbian encounter between Mary and Rhoda. She extended both of her arms and stuffed three fingers into each juicy cunt. Both girls howled into each other’s pussies as Edie’s fingering triggered their orgasms. With the shrieks of the women ringing in his ears, Lou shot a load into Edie’s clenching pussy. She came so hard that she lost control of her bladder and ruined Lou’s chair. “Damn, I have still got what it takes,” he said with a smirk.

“Well, let’s get back to work,” Lou said, pulling on his pants. Mary and Rhoda’s orgasms were winding down and Rhoda lay heavily on top of Mary.

“Mr. Grant, could I please have the rest of the day off?” Mary asked. “I had so many orgasms that I am exhausted.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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