A Day with De Ch. 01

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This story is a figment of our imaginations. If this fictional story resembles you in any way it is pure coincidence and nothing more. There is nothing real about this story. No one may copy this story for any reason without or written permission. As you will see we are not professional writers and it that’s what you’re expecting, you just might be in the wrong place looking for your reading material.


Stopping in front of the house on the wrong side of the street she’s standing at the kitchen window, smiling. I backed the van into the driveway, just like before. Exiting with clip board in hand, I walk to the front door and ring the bell. I try to visualize what she is wearing today, something sexy? Work clothes? Nothing, who knows, she was unpredictable. I didn’t get an answer right away, so I knocked again. The deadbolt clicked and she opened the door just two inches or so. Her strawberry blond hair appeared then her beautiful blue eye peaked through the crack.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“You called about a water leak. I’m here to fix it and anything else that needs fixing.”

De looked me up and down with that curious blue eye. I could tell she was smiling. “Teasing bitch”, I thought, “she’ll get hers soon.”

“You’re a very large man you could over power me if you wanted. Do you have an assistant with you, someone who looks a bit more honest?”

“No”. It’s just me. Do you have a leak that needs fixing, lady? Or, should I just get the hell out of here.”

“You don’t have to take that tone with me, Steve”, she said, reading the name on my shirt. “I’m the one paying the bill here and you’ll watch what and how you say things to me.”

“Go through the house and push the garage door button. I’ll get my tools from the van, and fix your leak for you.”

De slowly closed the door without saying a word as I headed for the van. As the garage door opened I closed the van door and headed into the garage with “tool” bag in hand. As I get to the door leading into the main house, I wonder where she is and how she is dressed, if at all. Knocking on the door, I hear a “come in”. Enter, she is not in sight. I call to her, she answers from the basement. Down the stairs, to a dimly lit room with no windows, a large four poster bed with decorative handles on each post (like antique drawer pulls), some exercise equipment. Glancing around the room, I see some pieces that could be interesting. A ballet bar complete with elastic bands, treadmill, an armless upholstered chair, a few hooks in the ceiling holding a clothes line… (Hmmm…but those eye hooks could be used for other things… actually the handles on the bedposts too!), a night stand with two drawers. There is a small bathroom with shower. Guest room, play room, she didn’t show me this the last time, or was it just built?

De asked me on my last service call what I liked my sluts to wear. She was now wearing it. My dick was hard before my eyes got half way up her body. White stiletto pumps with ankle straps, white thigh highs with lace tops. I couldn’t see her panties for the oversize long sleeved blue shirt, braless with one button done at her belly button. Her seductive smile, teased hair and beautiful eyes had pushed every button I had. I made sure she was watching while I adjusted my cock to fit more comfortable in my ever tightening pants. Shifting her gorgeous body weight from one leg to the other I caught a glimpse of her white panties. She hadn’t missed a thing.

“You know some the things I’m going to do to your wonderful body today, but I have some surprises also. Some you’ll like, some you’ll wish I had left at home, but no matter you’ll adjust. You’re available to me today, because you want to serve.”

De, stood up a little straighter, pushing her ample tits out. I watched her nipples grew to hard little nubbins right before my eyes. I was going to play with her body, pushing her limits some; she would accept what I did to her without question. She was mine to do with as I wished.

“Turn around slut, I want to see all of you, I love the front view. Now show me the back view. Bend at the waist when you are turned, I want to see those gorgeous legs. You have gorgeous legs, sexy as hell.

Turning her back to me De bent at the waist, god I love a woman who follows sexual orders. I wanted to get my dick out and fuck her right on the spot, but that would not serve our purpose at all. A little unsteady in those platform heels, but she held her own. Now it was time to push her, make her earn her pleasures. Stepping up right behind her I flipped her shirttail up on her back. That smooth round tight ass of hers filled those white silk panties so nicely. Running my hand up between her legs, just missing her pussy caused her jump a little.

“Spread De, hands flat on the chair. I going to spank you and you’re going to thank me for it, when I’m done. Good slut, present your ass to me. You know how much I like spanking you and how much you like being spanked. Do as you are told.”

Wiggling her ass back isveçbahis and forth she lowered her back while pushing her round ass up asking for a spanking. Whap, I smacked her right cheek causing her to lurch forward. Not a sound, whap, her left cheek, steadier this time. Running my finger down her panty covered ass crack, over her pussy, her wet spot was expanding. Whap, whap one on each cheek again. I checked her panties; her juices were seeping through them now. I laid one more one each cheek, De barely moved on the last two. Pulling her upright by the hair, her eyes were wet, but no tears run, I kissed her passionately, she needed that. We kissed several times while I played with her tits, teasing those hard nipples. My dick was hard and felt good as she rubbed the front of my pants. De wanted fucked and I wanted to fuck her, but not yet, not for a good while.

“What do you say pet?”

“Thank you, Sir. I needed that.”

“I know you needed that, you’ve been neglected a little too long. Both of us know you get to be a real bitch if you don’t get your proper release, today that happens. Now, open the bag pet and take out the silk covered rope, your day has just started your pleasure will be as intense as your pain.”

I have De display the bags contents on her night stand and have her show me the contents of the drawers. Various toys, anal lube, towel’s and cleaning items. De seemed to be intrigued by the pinwheel the most. Moving her to the bed, I tie her wrists to the post above her head with the rope. Sit in the chair, releasing the only button that held her shirt together exposing her ample tits and hard nipples. I plan on making her get those perfect nipples pierced someday, I thought to myself. I start by kissing each nipple gently, suckling it a bit, teasing her. The rougher I get with them the more she moans, offering them to my mouth to abuse. I love her tits and nipples. Her nipples are now red and hard. Going to the nightstand, I retrieve the Chinese nipple clamps. Attaching a clamp to each nipple firmly, leaving them hanging downward. Pulling upwards gently on the connecting chain to be sure it would twist her nipples rather hard as well as stretch them. Placing the chain in her mouth, I make her to grasp it with her teeth. Gripping a handful of her beautiful blond hair, I pull her head back, watching as the clamps tighten and twist her nipples, torturing them. Her deep moans tell me the bitch loves it.

Standing, I kiss her smooth neck, she moves her head back to give me better access. Pulling the chain tighter as is twists and pulls her nipples even harder. The desire in her eyes is priceless.

Releasing her ties, I make her sit on the corner of the bed. I push her back and slide a thick pillow under ass. Raising her legs up exposing her panty covered crotch to me. The silk panties have become transparent. Seeing her pussy lips opened wide through them, her sweet cunt juices are everywhere. With leather straps I got from the nightstand. I circle each of her leg at the knee. I make her take loose ends and pull her legs up and open. De is now spread wide for my viewing pleasure and holding the chain still attached to her nipples. The only thing between me and Des wet leaking pussy and little pink asshole are those silky white wet panties. It is time for the fun to begin.

“De, pull your head back, I want your nipples stretched and twisted like before. I’m going to pleasure this end of your body while your torture that end. It’ll be fun you’ll see. Pull my dear.

Leaning forward I run my tongue over her panties teasing her swollen pussy lips. At my touch, De throws her head back, pulling on the chain, twisting her nipples. Her deep-rooted moans tell me she is, loving this. I lick and suck at her pretty pussy lips, sucking her cunt juices out through the thin transparent fabric. With a pair of scissors, I cut her soaked panties from her body. Totally exposed she is shaved smooth, wet… and HOT. I lick her pussy from just above her little pink asshole up through and deep into her wet cunt and over her clit. She trembled when I licked her clit with the rough part of my tongue. Again and again asshole to clit, her pussy is flowing juices now. I could eat her sweet cunt for hours. I start kissing her protruding clit, before suckling it with my lips. Loving what I’m doing to her juicy cunt, De arches her back, pulling her nipples she spreading her legs even wider, begging me to do more. I stopped touching her and just watch her wither.

“OH fucking no you didn’t! You bastard, why’d you stop!? Please, please, I’ll do what you want. Please for god’s sake I need to cum, I’m close, so fucking close, don’t stop now, please.”

“My, such a mouth on you, just for that I’m going to make you suffer for a good while. I control your body functions today, and there will be no orgasms for your body until I say so.”

“You can’t do that! Steve, it’s not fair, damn you! I need release. If I don’t get it, I’m going to hurt someone.”

“Put that chain back in your mouth and do as you are told, isveçbahis giriş or I walk, and you won’t get shit as far as orgasms go. Do it De. I’m not playing. Do it now!”

With the chain in place again, I retrieve some lube, a towel, a small vibrator and the pinwheel from the dresser night stand. Her eyes again were fixed on the pinwheel. De had settled down, just watching me with renewed interest. First I have De raise her ass to put another pillow down. She is like a waterfall. Putting a little lube on my finger, I started gently massaging it on her little pink butthole. I went around slow a few seconds before she tried following my finger with her hole, she wanted penetration. De loves anal play. Eventually I penetrated her anal ring up to the first knuckle of my index finger. Her ass was trying to draw my finger in.

I put the pinwheel against her inner thigh below her knee, all her motion stopped. Those little prickly points got her attention, big time. Watching me wide eyed as I slowly rolled it down her inner thigh towards her wet pussy. Slowly, teasing her smooth skin. This sensation was new to her no doubt. As I got to her pussy lips I stopped, made a tight turn and started back up her leg. Removing the pinwheel from her leg after I got up to almost her knee; I wiggle the finger I had in her butthole. De moaned even deeper, squirming around some, trying to get me to push more of my finger into her little pink hole. Applying the pinwheel to her other inner thigh, I started down towards her pussy again. Knowing what to expect this time, De pulled her nipples hard by tilting her head back, at the same time her little pink asshole seemed to pull at my finger. By the time I reached her pussy and started back up her thigh, her girls cum was leaking out of her pussy down onto the finger in her ass. Des moans and movement told me she was close to orgasm.

Being the bastard I am, I remove my finger and sat back to watch her. I was asking myself leave her in such an aroused state or finish what I had come for, decision, decisions.

I decided she would just have to suffer some today. Sitting between her wide spread legs watching her stew from neglect, it was time to alarm her.

Standing, I picked up the chair and sat it back in its place. I leaned over the bed and kissed her forehead. De had spit the chain out expecting a kiss on the mouth. I put the chain back, pushed her head back down on the bed, pulling her tits and nipples tight.

“Me being the bastard that you called me, it’s time you learned a little lesson, my sweet submissive slut. I am going to leave for a while. If dare move one inch from this position while I am gone, well let’s just say it won’t be pleasant. I’m going to leave you here to think about your outburst. While I am away, I will think about whether I should continue with you. I might just pack my toys up and get out of here.”

Turning I left the room leaving the door open on purpose. I wanted to hear her, and I wanted her to hear me. Upstairs, I turned on the TV raising the volume loud enough for her to hear it. Slipping off my shoes, I tiptoed back down the stairs, sneaking a peak. De had not moved in the two minutes I was gone. Quietly back upstairs, I switch channels and watched TV for fifteen minutes or so. I already had a plan for her, but she didn’t need to know that, not for a while anyway. I remove all my clothes except my boxers before going back down to the room very quietly. De was red faced and squirming around, but she had barely moved from the original position. Her eyes told the truth, she was in need and was ready for whatever.

“You learn your lesson pet?”

Mumbling against the chain, I’m sure she said yes, but the asshole part didn’t sit well. Pulling her legs together, I took the leather straps off and tossed them up on the bed. Bending her double, her knees reached her tits. Fishing my cock out and pressing it against the entrance of her wet cunt. No doubt her thoughts were that I was going to fuck her real hard. Pushing about an inch of cock in her pussy, I waited several second just looking into her pleading eyes. Pushing again I didn’t stop until there was no more to push. I was in her completely, god she was wet, her juices oozed out of her hot cunt all around my cock. Rolling her head back, pulling her own nipples mumbling against the chain, De wanted fucked, but not yet, I needed to push her further. Pulling almost out of her I plunged back in hard. She was talking, but I couldn’t understand her. Twice more I plunged into her hard, and then I pulled out completely, stepping back. Raising her head up off the bed, eyes open, she spit the chain out again, as her heels hit the floor hard.

“Steve, please, I’m doing as you say, you’re making a fucking basket case out of me. Sex, I need sex, fucked, I need fucked, I’m going to start screaming if you don’t do something to make cum, please. For god’s sake please.”

“In due time my pet. We have all day to get you where you want to be, patients, young lady patients.”

De rolled her isveçbahis yeni giriş head back and forth, pounding the bed with her fist. I pulled her up off the bed and kissed her while squeezing and slapping her ass cheeks. After a few kisses and removing the nipple clamps, she whimpered as blood filled her flattened nipples. God I love that sound. Spinning her around, shoving her face down on the bed. Whap, whap, slapped her smooth ass cheeks, they needed some extra color.

“Up, on your hands and knees bitch, time for daddy to work that beautiful fucking ass over, before I fuck it. You want that ass worked on don’t you, because you’re a slut, a butthole slut, and you’re all mine. I own this ass and I’ll do with it as I please. Face down on the bed, back arched, ass in the air, you know what daddy wants. That’s a good, young lady. Now a little less lady like, reach back here and pull these sweet ass cheeks apart and show daddy how much you want your butthole played with and used.”

De followed my orders obediently, getting the chair I sat down behind her. De pulled her ass cheeks apart, her little pink rose bud opened just slightly. I laid the lube and butt plug between her wide spread legs. I love seeing her so open, so vulnerable, so provocative. Getting the pinwheel, I placed it at the top of her ass crack. Rolling it downward, those sharp steel spikes poking at her sensitive skin. Rolling it right across her little asshole and down over her cunt lips. Passing over clit she shuddered all over. Repeating the procedure again only doing the other cunt lip, I thought she was going to cum right then.

Sitting back I admired my work as she moaned and waved her ass around, begging for more. Time to move on, I laid the pinwheel down. Applying lube to Des butthole, I inserted my pinky finger in just to the first knuckle and wiggled it a bit. This brought a moan up from deep inside her. Inserting my other pinky I got an even deeper moan, she loves her little butthole worked on. I spit in her little butthole for the hell of it. I started pulling, she opened up so nicely.

“OOHH God, Sir, yes stretch me my little butthole open, make me feel it, as you open me up for whatever it is you want to do to it. OOOHHH, yes, yes pull my asshole open. Am I gaping for you sir, is my pink hole, opening like you want sir.”

After stretching her out a little, I pull my fingers from her ass, watching it close back up. Then I inserted both my index fingers at the same time up to the second knuckle this time. Grunting like a wounded animal and ripping at the bed spread. Like a true anal slut she pushed her ass up higher, probably trying to get my fingers deeper. Pulling harder this time, she opened her right up. The butt plug I had would fit nicely. Again I released her little hole. Picking up the butt plug and lubing it, I gently pushed it against its target. De relaxed her asshole and the plug went halfway in, no resistance whatsoever, the widest part, met with some resistance. I pushed; she pushed out and in it slid. For good measure I twisted it around a couple of times, while she raised her ass even more and pounded the bed with her fist.

“OOOOHHHH god yes, yes you son-on-a-bitch, stretch my asshole out like you want it. Fuck me Steve, fuck my ass, tear, me up, like the anal whore I am. Yes, please fucking yes, use my asshole. I can take it, god, it feels so good in me.”

“Push it out slut, open your pretty little asshole and push that plug out, do it, NOW.”

Grunting and undulating her ass around in a circle. Whap, whap I smacked her tightly stretched ass cheeks hard a couple of times. Grunting like bitch in heat again she pushed, opening her little butthole wide and the plug fell out into my hand. Before her ass closed back up, I pushed it back into her. With my thumb in the center of it, I pushed hard. De rolled her creamy hand printed ass around, as she begged for more.

“Please Steve, please, god I need to cum, please, do anything to me, just fuck me with something somewhere so I can cum. I’m begging, for it, you wanted me to beg, I’m begging you. I don’t care what you use, just something, anything, any hole, PLEASE, PLEASE, god damn it, PLEASE fuck me.”

Picking up the seven inch vibrator off the dresser, I turned it on and just touched her protruding clit. De yelped. I touched it again and her hands come between her legs grabbing for it. We fought over for a few seconds before I let her have it. Like a possessed woman, De shamelessly worked that vibrating toy into her wet gooey cunt. Setting back in my chair, I watched her literally abuse herself with the thing. Wanting to help I slapped her ass hard, one cheek then the other, over and over several times. Done with spanking her, I gripped the butt plug base and tried to pull it out. She wouldn’t give it up, her asshole clamped down on it like a vise.

De fucked and vibrated her body for several minutes, hard, fast and deep. I watched as her hand become covered with her juices and dripped down on the bed. Once her orgasm started she couldn’t stay in her current position. Heaving forward onto the bed De rolled over on her back spread her legs and fucked herself right through to the end. Experience told me to let her go; it’s dangerous to intervene when a woman is in this much need.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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