A Deal with Day Laborers

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A Deal with Day Laborers

(c) 2022 by SirRender

I can’t believe that I’m writing this down, but I just have to get this off my chest in the hope that my guilt for cheating on my husband goes away.

My name is Melissa. I am 26 and have been married to my husband Trevor for five years. In all that time I never cheated; never even thought about cheating. What happened wasn’t really my fault… at first.

I’m a green eyed, strawberry blonde woman, five feet seven inches tall, with a fit body and fantastic breasts, even if I do say so myself.

Trevor works for money outside the home and I stay at home and work on my body. He likes to joke that I am a trophy wife, but he loves me dearly as I love him. The simple fact is he makes good money, we live comfortably, and there’s no need for both of us to earn an income.

As I say, I stay home and work on my body. Well this was in June and the weather was sunny and warm but with a gentle cooling breeze. I decided to start on a nice overall tan for summer, so first I made myself a tall Long Island iced tea with a straw and cocktail umbrella just for funsies, went upstairs and stripped down naked before adding a wide sun hat and large sunglasses to protect my eyes. I wore flip flops out onto the patio where I dusted off one of our two folding chaise lounges, kicked off the flip flops, and laid out on my back.

A bottle of suntan oil was the only other thing I had brought outside with me, and I spent a few minutes liberally applying it all over my legs, starting from the thighs and working down, then on my belly and over my recently waxed bikini area–smoother than a baby’s bottom–then up over my large, round breasts and down each arm.

Living in the suburbs, houses are close enough together that you can see into your neighbors’ windows if they leave their curtains open, but far enough apart that everyone has their own front and back yards and a few feet of lawn or concrete walkway on each side of their house. Our lot has a cinder block wall maybe seven feet high between us and our rear neighbor, and wooden fences on each side. Also about a third of the houses on our block are two stories with the rest only single story. Ours is two, our neighbor to the East is two, but behind and to the West are both single story.

Even with living where I could be seen, I didn’t have a big problem being naked outdoors. I do not consider myself an exhibitionist–I don’t go around in public purposefully exposed, but in my own back yard I’ll be damned if I’ll be told what to wear. This had gotten me in some trouble once before, but that’s a story for a different time.

Okay, so this is me in the future. I came back and decided to write that part in because it helps to explain what happened that day. This was around two years ago. I was at home alone, drinking a cup of hot tea at our kitchen island while wearing my dressing gown and fuzzy kitty slippers. It was a little bit chilly and foggy that morning but inside our climate controlled house it was pleasantly warm, so I didn’t need bundling up and I even left the ties of my gown undone. So anyway, I saw through the front window that the mail truck had come, and after they left I went outside, not even thinking about my still open gown. Most of our neighbors were away at their jobs so I was unlikly to be seen.

It was just a matter of bad timing, because a police car coming down the street from the other direction had been obscured by the postal truck, and there I was out on the sidewalk with my tits hanging out and showing a landing strip of strawberry blonde pussy hair (at that time I was not waxing completely).

For indecent exposure, I was hauled into the local police station. I had one prior incident–a DUI the previous year–so they held me in a jail cell for over an hour until Trevor could arrive to post bail and drive me home. The ironic thing was that they didn’t give me anything to cover up with in the cell until about ten minutes before they released me, so all I had on that whole time–with real criminals staring without shame–was my gossamer thin dressing gown which really didn’t obscure anything–I mean, you can see the shape of my boobs and the pink of my nipples, as well as my pussy hair, through it–and my fuzzy kitty slippers.

Back to the big incident in June. Oh God, I still can’t believe I’m admitting this happened.

I must have fallen asleep in the warm sun and cool breeze, because I awoke with a start at the sound of hammering. First things first, I looked at and quickly rubbed my hands over my body to be sure I hadn’t burned–nope, everything was fine there. Then I looked up and straight, over the cinder block wall, where I saw two men on the roof of our rear neighbor’s house. A tall ladder leaned against the house and several piles of shingles on the roof told me they must be contractors. Betty-Anne has been bugging her husband Chuong to replace their roof for years, looks like he finally bought into gaziantep eskort it.

I watched the men work for a bit, and heard them conversing but could not make out the words. They looked Mexican so I assume they were talking in Spanish. After a few minutes a third guy climbed the ladder, turned his head and clearly saw me lying there naked because he stopped dead and stared. He called to his buddies who stopped their work and turned to look at me.

I decided that they’d already seen everything so why not give them a little a little wave and a smile. And then a fourth guy climbed the ladder to look at me.

How many of them were over there? Oh well, no harm in a little harmless flirting. I picked up my glass and took a long sip through the straw, then set it aside and picked up the bottle of suntan oil. I gave my entire body another going over until my skin was glistening in the late morning sun.

One by one the guys either climbed down the ladder or hopped off the roof. Chuong and Betty-Anne’s back yard is all grass so that was safe for them. My heart began to race, wondering where they were off to. Then four pairs of hands gripped the top of the cinder block wall followed by four faces peeking over.

One of them called out something which sounded like, “Hola, chica. ¿Podemos venir a jugar?” I was able to figure out the hola part, and the chica. The rest, I had no clue. I politely smiled and waved again. They evidently took that as an invitation and were soon scrambling over the wall and into our yard!

I tensed up. Something in my head told me to get up and hurry inside. What were they doing coming into my yard? And while I was lying there completely naked? Well, naked except for the floppy sun hat and big brown sunglasses.

They came around our swimming pool, two on each side. The four of them continued speaking in Spanish but I had no idea what they were saying. Okay so probably not contractors as I had thought, but rather day laborers.

They were soon forming a square around me, just a few feet away. I sat up straight and my arms instinctively crossed over my breasts to hide them. “Do–do any of you speak English?” I stammered.

“Si, I speak a little,” one of the men replied.

“Okay, why are you in my yard?”

“You invited.”

“No. No, I would remember doing that.”

He pointed to the one who had called out first from over the wall and told me, “He asked if we could come and play with you. You say yes.”

Stupid, stupid Melissa. Why didn’t you learn Spanish in high school? No, you had to go and learn French because it was soooo romantic. And now you’ve flirted with and inadvertently invited over four strange, sweaty men because you were trying to be polite when they spoke to you in Spanish. I’ve often been criticized for being too sensitive to other peoples’ feelings and too accommodating, and this day was the ultimate example of that. It got me in well over my head.

With one arm still across my chest, with the other I waved them back. “Well, shoo. Go away now. I’ll let you watch, but only from a distance.”


I tried to motion going over the wall with one hand outstretched. “Over there. Go back over there and I will let you watch.”

“No lo entiendo.” On seeing my frustration he added, “I not understand. We play or no?”

His three compadres now decided to press their luck and closed in around me, placing their hands on me. One took my hips and pulled my crotch against his, with only his bluejeans and maybe underpants between us. I could tell he was already hard. Another pushed his fingers through my hair and gripped the back of my head while his other hand closed over one of my breasts. He began firmly but slowly squeezing my tit while turning my face toward him and kissing my trembling lips. The third also took hold of a breast and with his other hand slapped my ass lightly but making a sharp sound which rang in my ears over the pumping of blood from my increased heart rate.

When the one guy stopped kissing me, I gasped for air and then said, “Okay, new deal. You can touch, but your clothes stay on. You got that?”

So much for that, as I heard at least two zippers being taken down. A different guy started kissing me, and he pushed his tongue against my lips with such determination that I lost the will to keep my mouth closed. His tongue invaded my mouth, licked over my front teeth and began a dance with my own tongue. I heard another zipper go down, then the fourth. Each of my wrists was taken firmly in a hand and lowered to my sides where my fingers found waiting, hard penises. Out of some deep rooted fantasy or primal instinct, I closed my fingers around them and began to gently stroke.

I started to feel strangely aroused; more than I have ever been. I admit that I get aroused pretty easily anyway, but I had often fantasized about being manhandled by a macho man, so being groped and fondled eskort gaziantep by four of them at once was both a turn on and terrifying. I had only ever had one partner at a time before that day, and I had not had any lover other than my husband since we had started dating six years ago. That is when it also struck me that my experience going to jail for indecent exposure, and being held there still in a state of exposure while surrounded by criminals and police officers alike, had also sparked fantasies of losing control.

“Okay, okay,” I said at last, following another gasp for air. “I’ll jerk you off, but no insertion. No one puts his cock inside me, okay?”

One of the guys slapped the backs of my knees, causing my legs to bend involuntarily, and two other guys put their hands on my shoulders and–gently but with steely determination–convinced me to sink to my knees. I then found four sweaty Mexican dicks around my head.

“We play now,” said the only one who seemed to speak some English.

Well running to the house was now out of the question. I was on my knees and literally surrounded by them. All that I could say came out as a whimper. “Please, just don’t hurt me.” Then my mouth was stuffed full of cock.

I don’t know how long I was there on my knees, servicing one man after another with my mouth and my hands. I know that my jaw was getting sore and my own saliva was running down my chin, my neck and my chest as if my mouth was a water faucet. My knees were also getting sore from scraping on the cement around the swimming pool. I licked cock head, I licked shaft, I sucked cock, I sucked on hairy balls, and my arousal was still increasing even though I knew that this was very, very wrong.

One guy couldn’t hold out any longer and blew three hot wads of semen on my face. The first spurt hit my nose and splattered over my cheeks and into my left eye. As my head instinctively jerked backward, his second spurt hit me on the chin and neck, then his third sprayed all over my left cheek. He grabbed both sides of my head and guided my mouth back to his cock where I slurped him clean, and his hot semen slid down my throat.

The guys helped me to stand and then began to fondle and slap different parts of my anatomy. Within seconds I lost my orientation as the guys turned me around, groping my breasts and ass, bending me forward and back with hands in my hair turning my head every which way for one kiss after another. They spread my legs, and hands got into virtually every crevice, crease and fold of my body. I had hands on my tits, ass and thighs as well as fingers inside my pussy and rubbing my clit. There were hands on my back, hands on my legs and hands on my belly. My mouth would be invaded by a forceful tongue from one guy and then tender, lusty kisses on the lips from another. My breasts were jiggled, squished, bounced and pulled and my ass was smacked more than a few times.

My arousal was building to a fever pitch, but I was starting to get dizzy and it wasn’t only because of raging hormones.

Soon mouths were sucking on my stiff nipples, and each guy had one or two goes at sucking my tits while either groping and slapping my butt or fingering my pussy. Then I truly lost any remaining control when the guys took hold of my legs, spread them apart and hoisted me into the air. They lifted me up–I mean all the way–and held me face up about waist high, with my wrists held together above my head and my legs held wide. My dripping pussy was there now for all to see, and smell. My loss of control was made all the more clear when one of the guys stooped between my spread thighs and gave my pussy a strong lick from base to clitoris. It sent shivers up my spine and I squealed in delight. He gave another lick and I squealed again. Thus began a new round of the guys passing me around, still held in the air, for each guy to eat me out. Meanwhile my tits were being pawed and sucked.

I couldn’t help it; I began to quiver and convulse. The situation, the sensations in my pussy, and my already heightened arousal made my pussy gush.

I had never truly squirted before,but I drenched one guy’s face. I was groaning–loudly–and shuddering as he continued to lick and slurp.

I truly have no idea how long this lasted. The sky was spinning above me as they took turns making me cum over and over, outdoors in what should have been my own private back yard; my protected space. If any of our neighbors were home at the time, they would surely have heard my shameful grunting, squealing and begging for more. They would have heard the guys continuing to talk excitedly in Spanish. They would have seen me losing all sense of propriety. God I hope none of my neighbors were home at the time!

At some point the guys carried me into the house where they took me upstairs to Trevor’s and my bedroom. This, even more than before, should have been my sanctuary. They laid me on the bed and gaziantep bayan eskort I gave no resistance at all as each man spread my legs apart and fucked me.

While the first guy fucked me kneeling at the foot of the bed, one of his buddies was beside my head feeding me his cock. A third was at my other side with his hand on my hand stroking his cock. I don’t know where the fourth one was, and I didn’t give a damn. I was too sexually charged, too disoriented from being treated like a pinball for half an hour or an hour or two hours or however damn long it had been, and frankly too tired to keep track of how many guys there were. Hell, for all I know two more guys might have joined the party–I wouldn’t have been able to count that high in the state I was in at that point.

The first guy went balls deep in me as he unloaded his sperm into my unprotected womb. I always make Trevor wear a condom as I don’t feel right using female protection. He stumbled off somewhere and was replaced between my legs by the one whom I had just been sucking. He rolled me onto my side and then onto my stomach before wrapping his arms around my waist and hoisting me onto my hands and knees. He then fucked me hard and deep like a dog in my own bed. The one whom I had been stroking off got in front of me and filled my face with his meaty dick. I think he actually came soon after, getting off a couple of shots into the back of my throat before sliding out of my mouth and blasting twice more on my face. A moment later his friend groaned loudly and filled my pussy with more sperm.

They both wandered off, and I lay there with my face in a pool of slobber and semen on my comforter, my ass still in the air as I had no strength even to change my position. But at some point the fourth guy returned to the room. I think I saw he had some of my gemstone rings and gold and silver necklaces on. He may have also had some other items bulging his pockets, but my vision was still blurred and again I was too tired to give a fuck.

But fuck we did. He fucked me hard, he fucked me deep, and he fucked me until my eyes rolled back in my head. All I could do the whole time was whimper like a helpless child each time he thrust into me. He also came inside my unprotected womb.

I had a hard time that afternoon getting my wits about me enough to clean up the mess on and around the bed and put the comforter into the wash, then to clean myself up in the shower before Trevor got home from work. I served him a simple dinner, telling him I had a headache and didn’t feel well, and I went to bed.

* * *

The next morning after Trevor left for work, I cleaned myself up and kept myself indoors with the curtains and blinds closed. I could hear the sounds of hammering and the occasional shouting in Spanish from the direction of Chuong and Betty-Anne’s house.

In my mind I played over the events of the prior day–the ones I could recall–and confronted my unspoken fantasies and turn-ons. I never would have asked for a situation like that, and yet it had played into all of my deepest, darkest desires; public nudity, younger lovers, group sex, the loss of control. I rubbed my pussy and pinched my nipples and gave myself a solid orgasm, though it was nothing like I had felt the day before.

Around one in the afternoon I went to the back door wearing my highest, spikiest heels and that same see through dressing gown I had been wearing when I got arrested for indecent exposure. This time it was tied, but after opening the door and whistling at the guys, I let the tie fall and the gown fell open to expose my nudity.

The guys stopped at the wall and looked over, anxiously.

“Would you boys like some lunch?” I called, miming holding a plate and bringing food to my mouth. The guys scampered over the wall and, more cautiously than the day before, made their way around our pool and toward the door where I was standing baring everything.

“Is you husband at home?” asked the one guy who spoke any English.

“No,” I replied, and then stretched with one hand up as high as I could reach on the doorjamb.

“Can we play?” he asked.

“Sure, come on in.” I turned and strode on my high heels into the dining room, leaving the door wide open for them. They soon followed.

I got them all something to drink and fed them what I could find in the fridge which was easy to make. As they sat and ate, cooling down from their hot, manual labor up on the roof, they began to ease up and get more chatty with each other.

I sat with them at the table, drinking another Long Island iced tea and pretending I had any idea what they were saying. Again I smiled politely and joined in when any of them would laugh. Then, the orgasmic fog having lifted from the day before, I noticed one of them was indeed wearing one of my rings on his pinkie!

“Hey, that’s mine!” I suddenly shouted, pointing at the ring. “Give that back.” I leaned across the table, momentarily forgetting that my heavy breasts were exposed, and tried to take it from him. Another man, thankfully the English speaker, took hold of both of my arms from behind.

“Relax chica,” he said in a soothing, low tone near my left ear. I could feel his warm breath on my neck. “Pablo didn’t mean anything by it. Just a souvenir, to remember a hot chica.”

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