A Different Kind of Therapy Ch. 03

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[My sincere thanks to estragon for proof-reading and copyediting this story. -Tricia]

Session III: Group Session

The weekend was one of the best I had had in a while. Dr. Gupta’s prescription to help my sleep was working like a charm. It was a little difficult to get the privacy to masturbate, but I was managing. It was one thing to worry about my husband, Bob, who fell asleep like clockwork, snoring by 10:15. But my teenagers were at the age where they were staying up later than I did. If I went into my bathroom it was okay; but I knew I needed to be quiet.

There was something freeing about masturbating by prescription: no more guilt. I could do it, and enjoy it, and sleep like a baby afterward. And I hadn’t had as many orgasms in ages.

I also found myself standing straighter and eating somewhat less. Certainly I drank less. I don’t think that was the vibrator though. That was the spankings. I started to make a list over the course of the time of things that I needed expiation from. And I knew that the spankings would release me.

Getting the time off from work was a little harder than it had been last Friday. But I rearranged my schedule and got to Dr. Gupta’s waiting room, slightly out of breath, just before two. Just as I sat down to catch my breath, the doctor opened the door to the inner sanctum and said, “Megan, Saguna, Pamela, good you’re all here. Please, come on in.”

We were all similar ages, somewhere in our late thirties or early forties, and all had the harried look of suburban mothers/wives/worker bees. Megan was probably the one of us in the best shape, a tall skinny woman with a tight bun of dirty blonde hair. She wore tiny rimless glasses and a business suit of grey cloth and a royal blue silk blouse. I guessed that she might have been a banker.

Saguna was obviously Indian like Dr. Gupta. I had noticed over the years that a lot of her clientele were also Indian. That made sense. Anyway, Saguna must have been a nurse or dental hygienist. She wore the sort of pink loose-fitting uniform that someone in that business might wear. She was “plus sized” like me. I assumed that like me she’d put the weight on with the kids and never managed to get it off. Her hair was long, thick, and dark and she wore it pulled back and tied with a red ribbon at her neck.

Me, well, I was wearing jeans that day. I had a busy morning moving some new systems and I was in my grubbies. I felt a little bad about that and a little ripe, but it couldn’t be helped. That was my job some days. The worst was when I got dressed up to work in the administrative offices and wound up crawling around in the wiring.

“Stand in a line, ladies,” Dr. Gupta instructed us when we entered her office and she closed the door. The three of us looked nervously at each other and at the doctor. I had maybe seen Saguna in the waiting room once, but Megan was not someone I’d ever run into. We were really all strangers to each other. Dr. Gupta took her seat in front of us. She was wearing a traditional sari, which she did now and again on no particular schedule that I could discern. Usually she wore “regular western” clothing.

“Megan, Pamela and Saguna, listen to me. You’ve all started this new therapy with me in the last week and the first couple of sessions have seemed promising to me. You were each encouraged last session. Is that still the case, Megan?”

“Yes, Dr. Gupta, it is.”

“What about you, Pamela?”

“It’s uşak escort working great. I don’t understand why, but…”

“It’s best if we don’t worry about why just yet. Saguna?”

“It’s helped a lot, Dr. Gupta.”

“Good. Now for the next step, which is to help you reduce your inhibitions even more. I will spank each of you, in turn, while the others watch. And I want you all to make sure you watch. If I catch you looking away or closing your eyes, you’ll have extra spankings. Do you all understand?”

We all nodded.

“Pamela, you’re first. Step forward.” I moved to a space between Dr. Gupta and the other women, fully aware of their eyes on me.

“Pamela, listen to me,” the doctor said, “take off your shoes, then your pants and come here for your spanking.”

I was glad I wasn’t facing Megan and Saguna; I could almost ignore their presence. I slipped off my shoes then unbuttoned my jeans, slid them down off my legs and stepped out of them. I was wearing pink cotton bikini panties that were probably mostly obscured by my shirt tails. I went to Dr. Gupta’s side; she reached up and pulled my panties down and I bent over her knees. She pushed my bikinis down further and off my ankles.

I know I was blushing with being half-naked in front of these strangers, and the shame sharper because she’d positioned herself sideways to the other women. Naked and over her knee, my ass and sex were exposed to the others. The feeling of indignity disappeared though as soon as she started spanking me. I was transported into a totally different space. My worries vanished and my thoughts hyper-focused down to just the pain in my ass. She spanked me with her bare hand for only a couple of slaps, and then switched to the ruler.

I knew my thighs were drifting apart. I knew I should stop it, but I didn’t. I told myself I couldn’t. I don’t really know if I could or not. But Dr. Gupta didn’t let me get away with it. “Do you think these women want to see your nasty cunny, Pamela?” she said before her ruler hit home right there between my legs.

I managed to keep them sort of closed for a few more moments, but they must have drifted apart because suddenly the doctor stopped and said, “I think you do want them to see your cunny, Pamela. Okay, spread your legs.” I moved them apart a little more than they were. “Oh no. All the way, Pamela. Spread your slutty legs wide for Megan and Saguna.” She pushed one leg, then the other to open me. I was totally exposed to these women I’d never met before. The next five blows landed right on my sex. Then she went back to my ass. I never was good at counting, so I don’t know how many times she hit me. I was shuddering with pleasure when she stopped. I was surprised that I didn’t shed a single tear. That was strange.

“Okay, Pamela. You’re done. You were a good girl. Now get up and get back in line.” I stood up and made a move to reach my panties on the floor, but the doctor simply waved me toward the other two and I left them where they were.

“Step forward Saguna,” Dr. Gupta said. The Indian woman stood forward. “Saguna,” the doctor continued, “listen to me. Strip down to your panties and come stand in front of me.” I wasn’t sure why she was being asked to take off more clothes than I. I was happy to have my shirt still on, the more so as I watched the plump woman in front of me shed her top and bra, her pants and her shoes. She stepped uşak escort bayan in front of the doctor wearing large white cotton panties.

Her skin was the color of coffee with cream, her breasts were heavy and sagged more than mine did. But I was glad I still had my top on and the comparison was only mine to make. I was surprised when Dr. Gupta’s ruler snaked out and quickly slapped one of Saguna’s breasts and then the other. Saguna’s hands immediately reached up and covered her breasts with her hands. “Move your hands, Saguna.” She complied, her hands returning to her side. The doctor’s ruler flashed out again and smacked the nearly nude woman’s breasts four or five more times each. I was fascinated to see her nipples getting hard during the abuse.

“Turn to your side, Saguna,” the doctor said. “No the other way, face away from the others. Bend over and put your hands on your knees.” The position exposed the crotch of Saguna’s panties to us and I was surprised to see how wet the cotton was. Dr. Gupta stood up and stood between us as she pushed down Saguana’s panties. Then she stood on the side and began to whale on the woman’s bottom with her ruler.

Saguna was crying. Actually she was crying and whimpering and I think she was asking the doctor to stop, but there was no respite. The blows landed repeatedly and mercilessly for I don’t know how long. It was embarrassing to watch. And stimulating at the same time. I felt every blow. I wondered why I was folded over the doctor’s knees while Saguna was told to stand. I secretly wished for the doctor to strike Saguna between her legs like she did me. But then I remembered the swats to Saguna’s breasts and shuddered in thankfulness. I realized that I was soaking wet between my thighs.

Dr. Gupta stopped. “Stand up and turn around, Saguna,” she said quietly. “Put your hands behind your neck.” She hit Saguna’s breasts five more times each before she said, “Okay, put your hands down and go back to your place. You were a good girl.”

“Step forward, Megan.” The third woman did so. “Are you dressed like you usually are, Megan?”

“Yes, doctor.”

“I expected as much. Listen to me, Megan, take off your suit and blouse and then face your session mates.” As Megan slipped out of her pumps and then took off her suit jacket, blouse and skirt, Dr. Gupta walked behind her desk and opened her drawer. She pulled out something and then came back to stand by Megan. Meanwhile, we learned what Dr. Gupta meant by Megan’s normal clothing. Underneath her suit she wore only a camisole, a garter belt and stockings. No bra. No panties. Her pubes were shaved.

“Open,” Dr. Gupta said and when Megan opened her mouth the doctor held a small rubber stick-like thing to her mouth that Megan bit down on.

“Megan is a bit of a nymphomaniac, a bit of an exhibitionist,” Dr. Gupta said to Saguna and me. “She needs a slightly more intense therapy.” She looked at Megan, “You’d like to be touching yourself right now wouldn’t you?” The blonde woman nodded. “Go ahead.”

I watched with fascinated disgust as Megan reached her hand between her legs and ran her fingers along the length of her opening. She shuddered as she did so. She was looking right at me.

Dr. Gupta’s ruler flashed out. It struck Megan’s hand, then quickly whacked her exposed labia. Megan jerked her hand away. “No, touch yourself again,” the doctor ordered. Megan complied and escort uşak once again the doctor swatted her hand and labia. “Again.” Five or six more times, the doctor made Megan repeat her movement, each time she was swatted.

“Turn around. Hands on the back of my chair, Megan. Legs spread wide, bend way over.”

The position was frankly lewd. Megan’s sex was wide open, spread for all of us to see. Dr. Gupta seemed unconcerned. She put the ruler back on her desk and picked up a sort of paddle. Then she moved behind Megan and without any prelude started slapping her patient repeatedly between her legs. Megan shuddered with each blow, though with pleasure or pain I couldn’t tell. And the bit between her teeth prevented her from making any noise.

The doctor continued for some minutes. After the initial volley of spanks between Megan’s legs, she started alternating between her sex and her bottom. Then it was predominantly about her bottom. But the last six or seven were viciously hard and all aimed between Megan’s legs, right on her exposed clitoris.

Finally it was done. “You’ve done well Megan. Stand up. Turn around.” She held her hand before Megan’s mouth. “Open,” then she took the bit out and put it on her desk. “Go stand in line.”

She sat back down in her chair, primly adjusting her sari around her. “You’ve all done exceptionally well. I noted that none of you were looking away every when you were supposed to be watching. And you all took your spankings as well as I expected you to. How are you feeling? Saguna?”

“Tingly all over. Like I just completed a race and won.”

“Good, and you, Pamela, how do you feel?”

“Um, like I’ve been through a mill and reborn on the other side. I’m sort of floating.”

“Good. Finally, Megan, what about you?”

“I hurt. But it’s a good hurt. It was good for me.”

“Very good all of you. Now, get out your phones and start up that app you installed for me.”

Still half-naked or naked we each went to our purses and got out the phones, and pushed the buttons to bring up the app. Dr. Gupta was typing on her computer. She pushed a key and turned to us. “In a second,” Megan’s phone rang a tone, followed by mine and Saguna’s. “There. You’re all tuned in. Are your screens showing green lights?” We all nodded.

“Now, you’re under the computer’s control from here on out. We’ll still have our regular sessions, but the therapy will largely be controlled by the central computer. It will track you and correlate you with women who have agreed to perform the therapy.

“At times that are carefully calculated,” she continued, “but you won’t be able to predict, your phone will ring. The app will pop up. When that happens, you’ll be given a name and an address. The phone will guide you to the location. When you get there, the person named will be there. They have a similar app indicating that you’ll be coming. They will continue your therapy.”

“What does that mean, exactly?” Saguna asked.

“They will spank you. You will follow their instructions. You will not question them. They may ask you about what you’ve been doing. They may decide that you are being punished. Or rewarded. Or simply treated. It doesn’t matter. You will take your therapy.”

Addressing me, she said, “Pamela, listen to me, when you are told by the computer to do this you will do it. Agreed?”

“Yes, Dr. Gupta,” I said obediently, unbelieving I had agreed to this.

She asked Megan and Saguna in turn the same question. Each answered the same.

The doctor told us to get dressed and made sure we all had follow-up appointments and shooed us out of her office.

For my part I needed to get home quickly. I needed a bath and I needed my vibrator.

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