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                                                  A Diplomatic Affair


                 The Trials and Tribulations of One who Serves The Crown

                                                A tale by Ivor Sukwell


Chapter the Twelfth


`What sort of boy do it be youm wants I to be getting for `ee?” James questioned, but though his words were directed to Carlos, his eyes were elsewhere, fixed on the perfect smoothness of Jarge”s only just fourteen year old body.

That the smoothness was complete, for the few hairs that had previously grown upon it had been most thoroughly removed, there could be no question of, as that boy was uncovered completely, though he stood with seeming unconcern that he was in display of all that he possessed.

“Ones like Jarge,” Carlos replied, “Boys who do be from the very bottom of the midden who do be having no shame of being uncovered for others to look upon.”

“Aye,” James nodded, “There do be plenty such, boys who do be having some notion that they may be climbing from the midden with their cocks, but baint be many that do be having cocks to climb with that baint be having no hairs about them cocks.”

“Then must they be boys that do be having no concerns that what hairs they do have when they be discovered by thee, theym will not be keeping should they be coming to work for I,” Carlos shrugged, “I will be having no boy what baint content to be uncovered and not a hair about him.”

“Tis fine for `ee,” James grinned, “Being as youm do be one what hairs by nature be not growing on, but baint too many of they be found in a Wiltshire midden.”

“Tis a wonder what a razor may be doing for the looks of a boy,” Carlos also grinned, “Do `ee not be thinking how pretty Jarge”s cock do be looking with not a hair about it?”

“”Er did make I be shaving the hairs from gooseberries till I could be doing that proper and not be ever making nick upon the skin, `fore `er would be letting I use it round I”s cock and balls,” Jarge sniggered, “An” I do be much liking it smooth proper cos `ee can”t be keeping `er”s mouth from it now tis so.”

“An” never did `ee much before, I warrant,” James grinned, “Ever was `er having a liking for the taste of a boy”s cock.”

“That `ee do,” Jarge chirruped cheerfully, “And for the keeping of a boy”s balls as empty as may be.”

“Youm should be letting `er take that razor to youm,” Carlos observed to James, “Youm may not be expecting a boy to be finding pleasure in taking girt furry balls in his mouth.”

“But enough that do be finding a liking to be put to the plough by I”s girt cock,” James declared, “An” I do be thinking I be not too happy to be having a sharp blade around I”s balls.”

“I be not cutting they off for thee,” Jarge sniggered, “I do be a hearing of enough that boys do be most happy with the quantity youm do be seeding they with.”

“Aye, an if they do be eating of it they baint be needing no more food that day,” James boasted, “But to thic boys ataköy escort “ee do be wanting I to find for `ee, when do `ee be wanting they?”

“A house do we have made discovery of,” Carlos said, “Tis but a small manor, some dozen rooms in all, and it do have an estate much neglected. A good room there do be for `ee, James, for `ee do be being I”s steward there, and that do be a position of some status, so must youm be having an abode that do be telling of that, and that do be above stairs an” all.”

“Youm see how high a boy may be rising if he do but be putting of his cock to use,” James grinned at uncovered Jarge, “From shovelling the shit of horses to a room above stairs be some girt climb for a boy like I. Do `ee be taking care youm cut not youm”s cock from `ee with thic razor, a boy”s fortune do be in his cock an” no mistake.”

“And from abandoned boy of some small birth to one that do be soon presented at court and do be having a house and estate of his own and be boy mistress to Sir Henry, and his cock not yet set eyes upon by that knight.”

“Tis girt true youm”s used that pretty cock of thine to girt advantage,” James approved, “An” how `ee did be a doing of it and without it ever being uncovered for `ee to see, I baint got no knowing of.”

“Twas cos it were kept always from er”s sight,” Carlos explained, “I did make it so he had some knowing of the dimensions of it, but for `ee could never get sight of it proper `er did be getting more desire for it by the day. I were starting from half-way up the ladder, Jarge,” Carlos turned to his ploughboy, “So what it were that I must do with I”s cock be different from thee; youm has risen some an” will be rising more by letting youm”s cock be seen an” used for sport where `ee can be making profit from such, like what James did do. Already `ee has come from midden to serving boy and now to ploughboy for a boy of parts, an” that `ee do have done by putting youm”s cock to use.”

“An” if youm do be showing youmself to be an honest ploughboy, and do be making all the sport in bed that youm do know be wanted of youm, and do be keeping secrets where secrets must be kept, cos must youm know a ploughboy do get to be knowing many secrets, then more steps up the ladder will youm climb,” James informed young Jarge.

“I do be an honest boy,” that Jarge protested, “Though I do be a girt lewd one indeed also, and do be having girt liking to be ploughboy, and t”weren”t no hardship to I to be putting I”s cock to use, for much do I like use to be mde of it.”

“But to those boys I do be needing soon,” Carlos returned, “I must to court to be presented in but three week”s time. The house be purchased, and must it have boys about it when I do be returning. Some twenty boys I do be thinking I will be having need of for house and for estate, and do I be needing also a man to cook and another to be butler, and both, they, James, do have need to be men who do be having a girt liking for boys, for I do be having none upon my estate that do not so.”

“And for the merter escort boys? How old do `ee be wanting they to be?”

“I do be thinking that Jarge do be a particular nice age,” Carlos grinned, “An if there do be none that do be of age more than he, and they do be of a form and do have cocks that please the eye, what more be there needed?”

“Aye, there do be some of they about, but what do it be that `ee do be wanting? Do `ee be after boys for theym cocks an” do be thinking boys what do be in the midden do be most like to be free with theym cocks if that do get they from that midden? Or do it be t”other way around, an” tis to be giving they some hope youm”s thinking of and not the sucking of theym”s cocks?”

“That do be girt deep, James, girt deep indeed,” Carlos was surprised, “It do be true I do be wanting boys for their cocks, I do be having a girt liking for the cocks of boys, an” that be true; but all boys do be having cocks, an” not just they from the very bottom. Perhaps it be that it be cos Sir Henry do be taking his boys from there, an” I do have seen how a boy may rise an” not from “ee”s cock alone but cos he do be an honest boy and do work as an honest boy must, though tis best if he keep not his cock to hisself.”

“Then I do be telling `ee that the boys in the deepest part of the midden, they do be in do be boys with no cock grown enough to please `ee. They do be the ones the Parish do be most like to catch, an” then they do be to the Workhouse, an” there theym furrows do be straight ploughed, and be not ploughed by boys, but by men with cocks full growed who give no care if theym”s furrows do be destroyed by thic ploughing. Some few of they I do be begging `ee to take.”

“Youm do be I”s steward, James, an `tis you what must be finding boys for I, but I do be begging you also, that some of they do be having cocks to look at. I mind not if thee be wanting boys younger, be that for their welfare or their furrows, but boys with cocks that seed be the boys I have desire for.”

“And one duty I must be doing for `ee be to be getting thee to know how soft a young boy”s lips do be,” James grinned, “His furrow thee my have no wish to be ploughing, though such furrows do be most wondrous tight, but the mouths of such do be a delight `ee will be finding `ee will take much pleasure in.”


“I Swear, Sir, that I will prove most Demure and Innocent, and no Sign of Lewdness will I Display,” Carlos said to Sir Henry as he presented his clothed body for Inspection by the Knight, “But I will have None make Doubt but that I am your Mistress, Sir, if their Thoughts do that way Lean, for I find it no Shame to be so.”

That None could Doubt that Carlos were a Boy was most Evident, his Black Breeches being tight upon him, and Proclaiming most Clearly that he were indeed a Boy.

“A woman at Court may Display her Bosom almost to the Nipples, and they not always Concealed,” Carlos observed when mention was made by Sir Henry of the Tightness of his Breeches, it being most Plain that the Boy, as now bahçeşehir escort was his Wont, eschewed all manner of Garment beneath them, “A Boy, I think, would not be Considered Mannered should he so Display his Cock, but that I am in Possession of Such I have no Wish to Deny.”

“And I Would not Have you Make Denial of it,” Sir Henry was Obliged to Smile, “And, Truly, when you wear your Innocent Face and Exhibit your Demure Manner, I can but say that Possession does have some Great Effect on me.”

“And Perhap it will be that also it will Inform your King that his Wish I should be more than Ward to you is soon to be Granted,” Carlos Fluttered his Eyelids in a most Delicate Fashion, an Artifice he had been at some Pains to Perfect.

“That I have Great Hope of,” Sir Henry said most Fervently.

“Nay, Sir,” Carlos said, “You have no Need of Hope in that Matter. It is our Agreement, Sir, and when once we are Returned to Wiltshire, I Swear you will Find me to be the most Lewd and Lascivious Boy that ever you have Bedded.”

The Eyes of Many Fastened on the Face and Form of Carlos when he were Presented to Society, and not alone the Eyes of Men, but of Women also, for it is a Fact, though rarely acknowledged, that Women oft do have Desire near as Great as Men for the Cock of a Pretty Boy, and upon his Presentation to the King, that Monarch Remarked to Sir Henry that he was most Pleased, and that, had he not been at this Time Content with Sir Henry”s Wife as his Mistress, he may have made some Assay to Steal his Ward.

Upon Return to Wiltshire and at Sir Henry”s House, Alluring Carlos did indeed Become Available Carlos, and made Offer then he be also Mistress Carlos.

“Most Honourably have you Behaved to me, Sir,” Carlos announced, “And I have Tried your Patience much. Should it be your Wish, Sir, no Longer will I be Virgin to you, but will Come to your Bed this Night most Willingly, and Attempt some Satisfaction of your Desires.”

“Not so,” Sir Henry said, Conscious of Propriety, “It must be in your House that you become my Mistress.”

“Then for this Night, Sir, I have no Wish to be your Mistress, but to be your Ward, the Boy you have so long Desired,” Carlos could not help but Grin, “I do be having some girt desire to be lewd as may be for `ee, and it do be in my mind tis as that boy `ee do be having some wish to be taking I, and to be sucking of thic cock of I”s and to be a ploughing I as deep as `ee may be able.”

“Carlos, you are a Wonder,” the Delighted Sir Henry Enthused, “But One Request I would Make of you, that though we may Indulge Freely in all Manner of Sport, there shall be no Ploughing this Night, so that be Saved till you Welcome me in your own House and Bed.”

“And when you do be putting I to the plough then do I be youm”s mistress proper,” Carlos laughed. “To Bed, Sir, and I will Present my Unclothed Self to you there that you Shall Know I go there most Willingly and Eagerly. My Cock, Sir, has some Great Longing to Learn of how you have Wish to Treat it, for so long Have you Looked upon it with Desire and yet have not Set Eyes upon it. And, Sir,” Carlos Grinned most Lewdly, “I will not Come to you as a Country Boy, but as a Boy of Some Birth who you would Teach some Country Ways. That, I Think, will be of a most Pleasing Lewdness for you.”


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