A Familiar Affair Pt. 01

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The Unexpected Visit

The loud knock at the front door sounded like the trumpet of judgement as it woke him from his sleep. He struggled to get out of bed as the late night of drinking had caught up with him. As the room spun, he closed his eyes and walked towards the living room, feeling the way with his hands, luckily he managed to grab a bottle of water on the way there. His head thumped louder as another knock echoed throughout the small living room- finally arriving, he peeked into the peephole.

He opened the door as his overbearing sibling walked in. “What can I do for you Jasmine?” He asked as he was closing the door only to be stopped as someone put their hand on the door.

“Jesse, when was the last time you cleaned?” Jasmine said as she sat down and patted the cushion. “Come, sit with me.”

Jesse watched as his niece walked in and just like her mother sat down. He stared at them for a few moments. It always surprised him whenever he saw them together, you’d think they were sisters, the way they looked almost identical. Both had long straight brown hair, beautiful faces adorned with mesmerising smiles and deep brown eyes. All of that plus they sported nice slim toned bodies (Jasmine is what you would call a fitness enthusiast and well Ashley was a young vibrant teen).

Beauty, however, was just skin deep. Jasmine is what you’d call, model gorgeous, she always had the boys after her all throughout their school years and because of that Jesse found himself a lot of times in awkward situations. But her undeniable beauty made her into a very conceited person thinking everything belonged to her.

“Jasmine… It’s Saturday, I had a long night and I don’t really feel like doing this today.” he said, hoping she would take the hint and leave.

“Actually, it was my idea to come, uncle Jesse.” Ashley said.

“Oh, I see, and what may I do for you Ash?” he said, finally closing the door and taking a deep chug from that much needed water bottle.

Ashley looked around before finally looking back at him.

“I am here to see if you’d allow me to spend part of my summer here. I have finals in a few days, mom and dad are going to get the house renovated. They’ll be gone for a month and I don’t want to go where they are going, please!” Ashley said, batting her eyes.

He took a deep breath.

“Ashley, that’s an awfully long time. I may not even be here this entire summer, my work takes me on the road at times.” he told her, hoping she’ll change her mind.

Jasmine gave her brother a stern look. “Jess, it’s that or she spends the summer with Bill and I, at moms.”

The image of a teenage girl stuck at her very strict grandmothers made him slightly cringe. Ashley wasn’t like her mother at all, physically speaking perhaps, but she was a nice, even tempered young woman. He took a long look at them both before finally acquiescing.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Ashley said as she ran and hugged him deeply.

“You’re welcome.” Jesse said looking right at her mother. He knew very well that Jasmine put this idea in her head so she could go off somewhere with her husband.

Jesse sighed as he gave his twin sister a smile. She always knew just how to get what she wanted and now he was stuck babysitting his eighteen year old niece Ashley.

Two weeks passed by very quickly and the big day was finally here. Ashley was on her way upstairs while Jesse brought up the suitcase. After he closed the front door, it suddenly hit him like a ton of bricks, he was going to be spending the next three weeks with a teenager. He figured that Ashley would be fun to talk to- funny and quirky- but it would still be awkward to have someone else in the apartment for any prolonged period of time. In the last year he had to endure hearing his wife ask for a divorce and that led to the loss of his house; she kept it, it was inevitable.

Afterwards, he lost his job and then his teenage daughter Madelyn decided to go and study abroad. As any father would’ve done, he dipped into his savings and worked two jobs so he could give his angel whatever she needed.

As you’d guess, long sleepless nights and months living alone, so much so, that he became accustomed to being alone. But being alone all the time really sucked and he did try to change this. Unfortunately, none of his attempts at relationships has worked out.

Ashley joined her uncle in the kitchen after stowing away her stuff. They stared at each other for a few seconds and he could tell that she was trying to find something to talk about.

“Listen, I don’t want you to feel weird or anything. I am not like your mom, but I will set up some rules while you’re here.” He said, taking a sip from his favourite mug.

“Hey uncle Jess, when’s Maddie coming to visit?” Ashley asked her uncle.

“She’ll be here in two months, just in time to celebrate her eighteenth birthday.” he replied.

“Aw man, I just celebrated mine. I was hoping that we could’ve hung out together since she couldn’t make it for Avrupa Yakası Escort my birthday, oh well. So, uncle Jess… are you dating anyone?” Ashley asked.

“Not at the moment kiddo, truth be told, I guess… I just haven’t found someone as great as your Aunt Tessa was.” Jesse looked around, now he was at a loss of words. “Maybe one day, well see.” he said with a smile.

“That’s such a grown-up answer.” she said smiling. “So, what are your rules?”

“Okay, let’s see. First off there will be no parties, no exceptions. Second, no boys over… ever! And lastly, you need to be home by eleven or I’ll ship you back with your mother. If you follow those rules, you’ll be fine.”

“So, what can I do? I mean, all my friends are gone for the summer and I do like a boy at school, we were supposed to spend this summer together. Mom never cares if he comes over.”

“No boys Ash, I’m serious.”

Ashley nodded quietly with a brief sigh, took a cup from the cupboard and poured herself some coffee. That surprised him a little, he kept forgetting that Ashley was no longer a child. After a few minutes of talking he realised that maybe he shouldn’t really put so many restrictions on her. In fact, by all definitions, she was an adult.

“Listen Ash, I may have been too gung-ho with the rules. Okay, I am not too comfortable with having your boyfriend over here when I’m not around, but he can definitely come over and spend time with you when I’m here.”

Ashley’s face lit up, she jumped up and down and gave him a huge hug. “Yay! ima tell him right now!” Ashley said as she ran towards her room, almost knocking herself into the coffee table. This made him chuckle as memories of his own youth came rushing back.

A Few Days Later

The drudgery of work kept his sanity always on a razor’s edge, a few clicks here and there and finally his long arduous project was finished. He stood up and stretched before walking towards the living room. The bedroom door was closed, Ashley must’ve gone out, he thought to himself and decided to sit down and turn on his PlayStation, a few quick matches of Call of Duty before cooking.

Just as the match began his phone beeped. It was a text message from Ashley asking if he could pick her up at the mall. Jesse responded quickly and turned off his game system. I need to go shopping anyway, he thought to himself as he got up, grabbed his keys and left the apartment.

Once Jesse was in his car he turned the key and started pulling out of the parking lot. He took a quick look through his rear view mirror, it was barely a second but he caught a glimpse of Ashley leaving the apartment complex with a boy in tow. She had a boy in his apartment, inside the bedroom, with the door closed. He reversed and pulled into a random parking spot and waited for Ashley to come back. After a few minutes he saw her, this time she was alone. His phone beeped again with another text message from Ashley, this time it said that she decided to walk home instead; clever girl, he thought.

He sat in his car and wondered how he would bring this up in casual conversation before walking upstairs. As he entered the apartment his train of thought was interrupted by the sound of running water. He looked around and realised that it was coming from the bathroom. He sighed, but somehow, almost without realising it, his hand turned the handle and the door slightly opened. It wasn’t locked.

He started to open the bathroom door quietly after standing but a brief moment contemplating on whether or not it would be immoral to do so, a voice echoing in his mind, quoted Robert Heinlein: “Yield to temptation. It may not pass your way again.” He swallowed slightly, his pulse raced. This was wrong, this was very wrong, he thought to himself as he continued to open the door. Ashley is my niece, she’s family, but the wrestling of that thought was quickly assuaged by the fact that this was a sexy teen who was naked in his bathroom and a quick peek wouldn’t hurt anyone. It was simply giving in to his more baser desires.

The water continued to hit her bare skin as she softly lathered her body. Once Jesse had finally overcome his conscience enough to pop his head into the bathroom, he was finally able to see his fit and beautifully sexy niece in all her glory and thanked the sex gods for allowing him a shower with see through glass. He looked at her tight slim stomach which slowly curved as she turned, giving him a clear look at her nicely heart-shaped ass. Watching this teen goddess was getting him extremely aroused, the idea of this being family completely left his reasoning. Suddenly, all he could think about was taking her then and there.

Ashley turned again, this time showing her uncle her amazing b cups, he delighted in watching the soap lather slowly descend and allowing him a clear view at her rosy nipples. His gaze dropped again, he watched as a landing strip directed his eyes to her pink pussy lips. It was just as he Bahçelievler Escort had imagined.

After what seemed like forever, he somehow managed to regain enough of his sanity and pulled his head away, walked backwards and very slowly closed the door.

He was shaking, it had been a grueling six months since he last had sex and suddenly he was hornier than he had ever been. He darted to the kitchen, opened the cupboards, pulled out a bottle of Jack and took a deep chug, his body was full of adrenaline.

“Hey uncle Jess.” Ashley said catching him completely off guard. How long had she been standing there?, he wondered. He turned to her, still holding the bottle. “Umm, uncle Jess, are you okay? Your face is totally flushed.” she added.

Jesse’s eyes completely betrayed him by gazing at her toweled body with a lustful, hungry desire. It took all the strength he had to finally push his gaze up and at her almond shaped eyes, the caramel-like brown colour slowly melting him. He found himself stammering before finally being able to cohesively put together words.

“Yeah, I’m fine. So, whaddup?” he finally said, emphasizing on the whaddup. It took him all but one second to realise how corny he sounded.

“Nothing much, I’m headed out. I’ll be back later tonight.” Ashley said to him walking to her room, giving her now horny uncle a nice look at her slim feminine figure as it was being hugged by her white towel.

“Do you need me to drive you or pick you up?” he asked.

“Nah, I’ll uber it.” her voice responded through the now closed bedroom door.

Once Ashley left, Jesse found himself alone with his thoughts a lot longer than he expected. He felt guilty yet exhilarated at the same time, but also knew that nothing would ever come from this. And so, he did whatever he needed to do to get her out of his mind. He poured himself a tall drink, turned on his music system and started listening to Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

After the grunge anthem finally ended, the entire apartment became suddenly surrounded with deafening silence. No way he would stand for that, so he plugged in his phone and put on his 2000’s mix. The apartment was now as loud as he could possibly make it- without worrying about noise complaints- and started singing songs he heard while in his twenties.

A few drinks and quite a few songs later, Ashley walked into the apartment, completely devastated that her boyfriend had just broken up with her. She expected to sit in her room and cry quietly for a while, but what she saw completely shocked her. Her uncle was jumping on the couch and singing. She had to laugh, it was such an adorable thing to see and not to.

He sang to Jimmy Eat World’s Pain as he continued to jump on the couch and pretended to be using a guitar with extreme vigor.

Ashley simply laughed as her uncle pretended to be a guitarist, her parents were the exact opposite of what she was seeing, they were stern and quiet, definitely not party people. It was nice to see someone older than her actually have fun. In fact, as she watched this remarkable feat of air guitarism, her feelings of sadness dissipated and all she wanted to do now was to sing and dance, just like her uncle. And with that thought, she joined him and helped him finish the song: “I can’t let it bother me, takes my pain! takes my pain! takes my pain away!”

The song ended and they both looked at each other and started laughing. “How do you know that song?” Jesse asked as he lowered the volume, surprised that she knew the lyrics.

“Are you kidding me? I love that song!” Ashley responded with enthusiasm. After they sat down, she wiped the tears she had and decided to simply sit and talk with him. “So, uncle Jess, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a programmer, I create codes and such, codes that make things like your phone work the way they do.” He replied while he downed his drink, his play mix still sounded in the background.

“Sounds kinda boring.” she said smiling.

“You have no idea. It does, however, have its moments.” He said smiling back at her, the liquor now beginning to take some of the edge off, making him feeling more confident. “Hey, weren’t you supposed to be out till late?”

“Yea… I have to level with you uncle Jess. I invited my boyfriend over today. You weren’t here, you went to get coffee at around noon and I sneaked him in. I… well, we started to make out in my room and he wanted to get into my pants. I didn’t want to, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not virgin. I just wanted to take it slow since we’ve only been going out a couple of months. Since I didn’t sleep with him, he decided to break up with me.” Ashley said.

“I’m sorry Ash, that sucks.” Jesse said, moving seats and sitting next to her. “Listen, not all guys are like that. I promise that quite a few of us are actually okay.”

“Wow, you’re nothing like what my mother pictured you as.” Ashley said brushing her hair behind her Bahçeşehir Escort ear.

“Oh?” Jesse asked curiously.

“Yeah, she said you’re kinda a stick in the mud. I always imagined that you were a lot like her. Anyway, I liked seeing you having fun.”

“Believe it or not, your mom was actually more of a party person than I ever was. She was very popular in school.” Jesse said as he stood up.

“I can’t imagine that.” Ashley said looking up at him. “Mom, was actually fun?”

“I could tell you stories. Listen, your mom may have changed a lot since her younger years, but I can see why she did. She wanted to set a good example for you.”

“But, she didn’t have to stop living because of me.”

“I don’t see it that way Ash, I see it more as your mom starting a new chapter in her life, she chose to change certain aspects, tweak certain affinities and make more informed decisions. I am sure she didn’t stop living and it definitely wasn’t because of you. People just change as they get older.”

Ashley smiled at her uncle before getting up herself. “Thanks.” she said to him as she gave him a hug. As she did, Jesse reciprocated by squeezing slightly, he could feel her breasts and get a good look down at her nicely shaped ass.

As he let go of his niece, he turned to the kitchen, now feeling a bit more sober as he grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and again sat down across from her. “It’s his loss, hands down.” he said. Ashley smiled and Jesse’s eyes focused on her soft lips, he wanted to taste them more than anything he’s ever wanted in his life.

While they sat there, Thanks For The Memories by Fall Out Boy came on the stereo and just as quickly Ashley jumped up and started singing, Jesse joined her and the both of them danced and laughed and sang.

After a few more songs, Jesse excused himself and went to the bathroom to throw some cold water on his face. He was caught off guard when he exited the bathroom and caught Ashley taking a shot.

“Ashley!” he said with a stern voice.

“It’s okay uncle Jess, this isn’t my first time taking a shot.” she responded as she quickly downed another shot.

Jesse quickly grabbed the bottle and decided to put it away. “There, no more temptation.” he said as Ashley winked at him. “Seriously, no more.” Ashley nodded in agreement. “So, wanna watch a movie?” he asked her, hoping she would say yes.

“That would be awesome, let me change.” she quickly replied as she got up and headed to the bedroom.

Movie Night

Once she was gone, Jesse quickly thought of movies that had very realistic sex scenes and picked one out. He looked around his living room, a white three seater which has been his bed for two weeks now and a one seater separated by a coffee table. This wasn’t going to work, so he removed the one seater, spun the couch and moved it closer to the large TV he had mounted on the wall.

Perfect, now all he needed was to make sure she sat closer to him, but how? He gazed around before finally feeling the cold whip of air hitting the back of his neck, he turned and looked up. It was the air conditioner. He went and lowered the temperature, took a blanket from the closet and sat in the middle of the couch with the blanket on his left side and waited.

When Ashley had left her room, she looked around and noticed there was only one spot to sit. “Hope this is okay.” Jesse said as he turned on the movie. As his niece sat, he knew it would only be a matter of time before she started to get cold and they would have to share the blanket, with that thought he pulled the blanket over himself, letting her know it was there for her to use as well. Less than twenty minutes later, Ashley got under the covers with him.

Halfway through the movie Jesse moved his hands and put it behind Ashley’s head, he knew there was a heavy sex scene coming up. As the scene began he traced his fingers across her right shoulder. Ashley slowly felt herself getting turned on as she felt her uncles fingers on her shoulder. Despite not having had sex with her now ex-boyfriend, they still had made out heavily and it had left her a bit turned on, that was now mixed with the slight intoxication. He observed his niece secretly as the sex scene got intense, he watched her bite her lip and noticed her breathing slightly heavier.

Jesse moved his hand down her arm until he was at her waist and slowly put his fingers under her shirt and unto her slim stomach. This caused Ashley to suddenly realise what her uncle was doing. She sat there as a battle started to rage inside her. Was she going to allow this to continue? This was her uncle! But as she felt his fingers slowly get inside her shorts, reality snapped her back and she moved in a way that forced his hands off her.

Jesse got the hint and stopped. He decided to not press it and went back to watching the movie. But what he had started could no longer be undone. Ashley now knew that her uncle saw her in a different way.

As the movie continued, Ashley would sneak peeks at him. Why had he done that?, she continued to ask herself. Her mind raced with thoughts of her uncle as how she had always seen him, always smiling, always being funny and how she now saw him as, a sexual being. He wanted her and she knew it. Even though he was her uncle, his hands on her slim body had deeply aroused her and she wanted to suddenly feel it again.

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