A Family Affair Ch. 08

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“Yeah, it’s a different sound, but then again, their last album was a complete departure from their first three albums. Her vocals are fantastic, but the composition is tighter, and the lyrics are much better. Their third album was tighter, the first two were a bit of a mess,” she said.

“Plus she’s gorgeous,” Mark stated.

She nudged him with her shoulder. “Swear that’s the only reason you listen to metal bands with female singers.”

“Not my fault most of them are rather attractive plus have a fantastic voice.”

“Who is your favourite?”

“Looks or voice?”

“Looks.” Mark flipped through YouTube until he arrived at one of his favourite songs. She couldn’t help laugh. “Knew you’d choose her. And I bet you’ll say both looks and voice.”

“Music is obviously a matter of personal opinion. But compare how she is now to the earlier albums. There’s no doubt better production values, but her singing is getting better and better through each album as they are definitely showcasing her vocal range nowadays. Plus, you can hear her talent during a live show. Hits the same high notes live as on the album. No auto-tune nonsense.”

“Well, the new album rocks anyway. As you said, it’s different but I like the fact they’re willing to take risks.”

“Shame they’re not better known as there’s a good chance they’ll never head this way unless they do a festival. Though we could always head overseas for a gig?”

“You serious?” she asked, surprised by the idea.

“Shit, I’d love to head to Europe and catch one of the big metal festivals. Something like Wacken Open Air in Germany, Bloodstock or Download in the UK.”

“Or we just go to Finland.”

“That could work too.”

He pulled up a playlist on YouTube, turning up the volume a little, as she snuggled against him. Her room while growing up had been covered in band posters, and everything was black, including nearly all her clothes, her hair, her lipstick and eyeshadow. While she’d given the room a little colour, and she wore other colours than black, her music tastes remained the same. And she knew the one influence she’d had on her cousin was in music.

Turning towards her, she met his eyes. They’d kissed before plenty of times, generally just messing around. The moment their lips met this time, she ended up straddling his lap rather quickly, his tongue in her mouth, and she had to agree with her sister and cousins. He was a fucking good kisser. She removed her shirt rather quickly revealing her generous breasts in a black lacy bra. She knew she was the curviest of all the woman in the household, but she knew Mark loved it whenever she wore a low-cut top. Cleavage everywhere, and he couldn’t help himself. He never stared or gawped, but he definitely showed an interest.

“Why haven’t we fucked yet?” she whispered as his mouth found her neck, sending shivers up and down her spine.

“Because while we both want to, we get along well already. Sex will come naturally, Simone.”

That made her smile, because if there was one person she didn’t want to rush into bed with, it was him. She didn’t mind waiting. She’d spoken with Katie about why she wanted to wait. What she learned rather quickly was that Katie was deeply in love with him, and it scared her how much she was. Deborah knew, which is why she’d relented in her teasing lately. Mark obviously didn’t know. He knew Katie loved him, but perhaps not to the depths she had admitted to others.

As for herself, she loved and adored him. He’d always been a sweetheart, but now he was something else entirely. Shit, most of the women probably had to pinch themselves that Auntie Caroline had raised such a good man. And little wonder she loved taking him to bed herself. Seeing her walk out of her bedroom after a night with him… There’s no doubt the mother was deeply in love with her son.

He kissed her again, feeling his cock tent in his shorts, and she couldn’t help pressing herself against it, whimpering into his mouth. She loved all the teasing they did with each other. Poor guy probably gave himself a massive case of blue balls each time they did fool around, but they had fun together. Eventually breaking the kiss, he met her eyes. “We should check out our favourite venue this Saturday night. Wouldn’t mind a good night out. Drinks, heavy music, gorgeous woman on my arm.”

“You mean a date?”

“Of course. I’ve taken Amy and Mum out. Why not my curvy cousin?”

“You love my curves, Mark?”


“I sometimes wonder… You know, if I need to lose a little…”

He put a finger to her lips. “Stop right there. Girls can be cunts, Simone, just like guys. And when you’re at school, sometimes both can be beyond cruel. You are no bigger than Amy. Do you think Amy is too big?” She shook her head. “So you’re obviously not. I think you’re fucking gorgeous and, maybe, that should be the one opinion that matters, apart from your own.”

“Saturday night,” she whispered, “We go out Saturday night, and for the love of god, fuck me afterwards.”

He Çanakkale Escort hugged her tightly, chuckling away. “Okay, I think I can agree to that. It won’t change anything, will it?”

“I know I’ll just want your dick a whole lot more afterwards. But no, we’ll still just sit here and rock on for an afternoon. Though maybe we could add rocking on to getting your dick sucked, or you eating my pussy.”

“Definitely like that idea. Planning on any new artwork?”

“Yeah, sign above my arse saying ‘Property of Mark’.” That made him laugh out loud again. “I’d put it above my pussy, but considering I have a few women there nowadays…”

He raised an eyebrow, definitely curious. “You suggesting something there?”

“I think it’s obvious I’m rather open-minded about a lot of things. I would like to think Deborah and I would like to test how far you’re willing to go. Thing is, I’m still not sure if she’s one or the other, or switch. Me? I’d totally sub for you, Mark. I’d happily do whatever you wanted.”

His fingers caressed her back as she enjoyed the shock on his face. “You’re serious,” he stated. Didn’t question her at all.

She leaned forward, leaving a soft kiss on his lips. “The most important matter for me with this thing between us is that we have fun. I know with Heidi, it might get serious, with talk of marriage and kids, that sort of thing, but you’ll still be with us anyway. All I want is to have fun, a hell of a lot of fun with you. I know one thing, Mark. Soon as I get your dick inside me, that’s it. No more guys except you. Though I’ll still hunt for pussy from time to time. You mind?”

“Simone, I know what you’re like. You’re a young woman, unashamed of her sexuality nor the fact she wants and enjoys sex. Don’t let the narrow-minded fuckwits ruin it for you. Trust me, it’s not a problem.”

She rested her hands on his chest, feeling heat in her cheeks. “All I know is that I do love you, Mark. But I know those feelings will get deeper the longer this goes on. Just like the rest of them, it seems. But you’ve always been one of my best friends since we started living together. Always looked out for me at school, just like Heidi. Sorting out anyone who bothered us.”

“Yeah, I think I earned a reputation.”

“No-one dared fuck with Heidi lest you come charging in, red rag to a bull. I was a couple of years ahead but even girls and guys in my age group knew not to mess with me. You didn’t care how big and ugly they were.”

“I do what I can to protect my family. The only who fucks with my family is me.”

She kissed him again, eventually ending up on her back underneath him. Her body was almost screaming at her to just give in and fuck him, but her brain was saying wait just a bit longer. They’d agreed there was no rush. Plus, ending the night being intimate with him after a date did sound rather nice. She would admit that she didn’t really do romance. Any flings she had were purely about sex, but with her cousin, she liked the idea of being old school courted. She did almost feel sorry for him, though, as she could feel his erection pressing against her.

“Need to stop?” she had to ask, feeling her entire body on fire.

“What? Because I’m hard? Nah, I’ll either crack one out after or… er… um… You know…”

“Someone else will take care of it?”


“I’m sure Heidi would like her pussy filled like always. Or maybe your mother?”

“Was thinking I might spend a night with Amy. Trying to show her more love and attention. Seemed we went quite a while not doing anything.

He lay beside her as she cuddled into him. “See, that’s what we all mean, Mark. I’m sure Amy didn’t even realise herself, but you did, so you’ve made sure she feels just as loved as the rest.”

“I’m juggling nine of you. It’s not easy. What does help is the fact you all have fun nowadays too.”

“Still trying to convince Kelly to lick my pussy. She obviously didn’t get involved the other week with our mother, and while she’s open-minded… Speaking of the other week, how are you dealing with everything?”

He shrugged. “It’s admittedly weird knowing the truth. Honestly, all I’ve been trying to do is show Mum even more love than usual, and I’m sure Sandra and Becca have noticed the attention I’ve been giving them. I mean, they lost their husbands, but to know the truth of what went on beforehand. I did have a beer with the boys the other week and let them know the truth about my father. Left them rather speechless. Obviously asked if I’m going to track down the donor. I said it would be pointless because he wasn’t really my father. I probably look a little like him, but I’m the product of my mother and father, definitely more of the former. I look back now and realise Mum was ultra-supportive of me all the time. I think all the love she would have given my father was put onto me.”

“Your mother is still your mum, and Amy, Debbie and Katie are still your sisters. That hasn’t changed.”

She cuddled with him until the short playlist Çanakkale Escort Bayan stopped, and it was only when she woke up that they both realised they’d fallen asleep. Checking the time, they’d only napped for an hour or so. He got up, one last kiss that lasted quite a long time, gazing into her eyes and she felt those butterflies that she’d been feeling lately. She was enjoying time with him more and more.

The rest of the week passed as it normally did. Studying at university. Times spent with her friends. Boys still showed an interest but she no longer returned it as she didn’t want to lead them on at all. Even teasing and harmlessly flirting with them had lost its appeal. Her friends noticed and asked what was different. She admitted to meeting someone who she really liked, and was willing to try and make it work with him, though he knew she enjoyed the company of women. When they suggested he probably liked the idea of a threesome, she chuckled, agreeing with that sentiment.

After drinks on Friday afternoon with her friends, she walked in the front door of their home to see Mark and his mother snuggled up on her favourite chair, and it was obvious they’d already made love. Aunt Caroline has this certain look on her face after she’d been intimate with her son.

“Good afternoon?” she asked after greeting them.

“Mark treated his mother very well, Simone,” Caroline replied, cuddling against him. It was so adorable, she couldn’t help smile at them both.

“Simone, will you come watch my game tomorrow? That way we can head straight into the city after the match, check into the hotel, then go out and have a blast.”

“I haven’t been to one of your games in ages so, yeah, I’d love to.”

Wandering down the other end other house, Heidi was home, so after dumping her bag in her room, she spent some time hanging around with her cousin. She had to ask, “So, when you got home…”

Heidi chuckled. “She was riding him on the couch. I sat next to them and watched, Honestly, Simone, it’s beautiful to watch them make love.”

“I’m amazed at how weird it doesn’t feel. I’ve gone down on my mother a few times recently and, if anything, it’s brought us closer.”

“She gone down on you yet?”

“To be honest, I prefer doing it to her. I love eating pussy, Heidi.”

“Ever thought…”

“Heidi, I’ll stop you right there. I’d eat your pussy in a fucking heartbeat. You’re hot as fuck and I bet your pussy is delicious.”

She smiled as Heidi blushed. She probably didn’t expect the compliment. “The word I’d use for you is unique, Simone. You do your own thing and don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks.” She paused before asking, “Except Mark, right?”

“He knows I get into my head about certain things, so he just helps put me straight.”

“I’m guessing the night away is the big night?”

She couldn’t help the heat in her cheeks. She knew there were only two women in the house who hadn’t been intimate with him. Everyone knew why Katie hadn’t yet. “Yeah,” she replied softly, “I’m looking forward to it. And it’ll be nice to head out and just act like we’re on a real date.”

“We’ve managed to do that a few times. We generally head north, as far away from here as possible. Just strolling along, holding his hand, then just being pulled in by him to kiss me… It’s often the little things we do that mean the most.”

“Ever thought about when it gets serious?”

“It already is, as far as we’re concerned. We were each other’s first and that’s what mattered. I barely consider what we’re doing an open relationship. You’re family. He fucks his mother, I’m intimate with mine. Shit, I’d love to be intimate with yours.”

“We should swap mothers.” Heidi’s eyes lit up, causing her to chuckle. “Guess we could always ask them.”

“That day where we were all fucking and making love in the living room, where Mark fucked your sister then your mother… That was so much fun. We should really do that again!”

“Family group sex. Maybe once Mark has fucked all of us, we just all bend over the couch or something and take his dick for a few minutes.”

She took a deep breath, then turned and kissed her cousin. Heidi kissed her back immediately, waiting a few seconds before slowly sliding her tongue into her mouth. Very quickly, Heidi ended up on her back, feeling her fingers running up and down hers as she slid a hand under her shirt to get a good feel of her breasts. “About fucking time,” Heidi murmured.

“Really?” she asked, unable to hide the surprise in her voice.

“I’m going to put it bluntly, Simone. I’m hoping to be intimate with all the women in this household too, just like my boyfriend.”

She raised her head back slightly further as she had to laugh. She knew Heidi was being completely serious, but it appeared she had her cousin picked wrong. She would never have claimed that Heidi was innocent, far from it. But it seemed Heidi had a side to her personality that she would admit to be alluring. She loved open-minded women.

“So I’m Escort Çanakkale assuming I’m one of them then?” she asked softly, moving her hand from her breast to slide into her shorts instead. She smiled when realising Heidi was definitely keeping herself shaved as she felt no hair before her fingers found a very warm, wet pussy. Heidi gasped as she dipped a finger inside her. “Should I get up, shut the door, and return to this bed naked, Heidi?”

That question was met with an eager nod. Getting up, she started to strip on her way to the door, and finished stripping on her way back to the bed, smiling to see Heidi was already naked. Being naked was always the moment of truth for Simone. She wasn’t as slim as Heidi but she never thought herself as big. She had a generous bust, curvy hips, but she exercised and ate right. But girls could be mean, and even after a couple of years since leaving high school, the scars inside remained. It’s why hearing Mark call her beautiful all the time did help her.

“Damn, no wonder you get so many women,” Heidi said, offering her hand, dragging her onto the bed, “So you’ve got your nipples done, stud in your tongue. Mark will love that when you suck his dick. Piercing in your navel. Going to get one in your clit?”

“No, though having a woman lick me out with a stud of her own is fucking intense at times.”

“So I’m going to have a good orgasm then?”

“Fucking hope so, Heidi.”

Simone didn’t want to waste much time. She was horny, and there was no doubt her cousin was too, spinning around and feeling Heidi’s hands wrap around her thighs, moaning softly as she felt her tongue immediately probe her pussy. Lowering her face to Heidi’s pussy, she inhaled her scent first, immediately turned on even further before she ran her tongue along her slit a few times.

Being eaten out at the same time was always distracting, but Simone loved a good sixty-nine. If she met the right woman, she’d enjoy one for hours, both enjoying one orgasm after the other, only stopping when they were both just completely worn out. Occasionally she met a woman who enjoyed using a sex toy or two. Others preferred being eaten out more than doing it. Helped Simone loved giving. She’d eaten plenty of pussy.

Being intimate with Heidi was something she had thought about from time to time. If she was honest, she’d thought about being intimate with all her cousins. She was fortunate to come from a family blessed with good genes that made all them rather attractive, at least in her eyes. She would admit to even finding her sister beautiful, but still didn’t know if Kelly would ever be willing to make that leap. Part of her hoped she would.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned. Heidi was talented. In fact, far more talented than she would have given her credit for. Helped that she was eager, enthusiastic and likely desperate to please her. So she buried her face and used all the skills picked over the years, eager to make her cousin cum hard herself.

“Oh god,” Heidi whimpered after only a couple of minutes, “Simone…”

She smiled to herself. There was a way a woman could breathe your name that suggested they were so utterly turned on by what you were doing. “Loving your pussy, Heidi,” she breathed, running her tongue everywhere except her clit for now. That’s how turned on her cousin was.

Feeling Heidi practically clamp her mouth, she had to release a loud moan of her own. She was fairly sure people were walking by the bedroom door and would hear them. Someone might open the door just to check, but they’d be given privacy otherwise. An unspoken rule was that an open door was an invitation to watch, but not to join in unless invited verbally.

Time to make her cum, she thought. The first gentle flick of Heidi’s clit almost made her jolt, as it must have taken her by surprise. “Fuck, now I know what you mean,” Heidi moaned, and she stopped pleasuring her, “Make me cum.”

She spun around to completely focus on her while fondling herself at the same time. Watching Heidi squirmed at what she did with her tongue was rather exciting, and once completely focused on her clit, Heidi enjoyed an orgasm rather quickly. Hearing her cousin beg her to keep going, she couldn’t help smile to herself, wrapping hands around each thigh, and she went to town on her.

No idea how long she eventually ate her out, but Heidi certainly loved every minute, and she savoured every minute herself. Her taste. Her scent. The way she reacted, whether through the way her body moved, the noises she made, the way she gazed down at her as her tongue never ceased pleasing her. She would have liked an orgasm of her own, but she’d been honest, she preferred eating pussy. She could cum a little later.

Heidi eventually had to cry enough, Simone lifting her mouth from her pussy to kiss up the body of her cousin before resting above her. Though not quite with it, she grabbed one of her hands. “Just slide a couple of fingers into me,” she whispered, “Barely take a couple of minutes.”

She knew her body well, and Heidi knew how to finger her properly, at least. She kissed her hard as she enjoyed her own orgasm, and since she’d been turned on for so long, it was a good one. Collapsing next to her cousin, they shared a glance and started to giggle. “As I said, about damned time, Simone,” Heidi whispered, the pair sharing a soft kiss.

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