A Family Secrete

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“I sure hope Connie doesn’t mind us coming early!” Mom said as we turned into my aunt’s neighborhood.

“It will be good to see her again! I miss her so much since her and Uncle Bill divorced and she moved away!” I said.

“She will be shocked at how you have turned into such a young lady since she moved away! It is amazing what a difference two years can make, I still can’t believe that you are eighteen!” Mom laughed.

We turned on her street and we saw her garage door was open and the car was inside. We got out and since we are family we just walked on into the house.

“We’re here Connie!” Mom said as we entered.

“Oh Shit!” I heard my aunt say but it came out as a panicked groan.

We walked into the living room to see my aunt with her legs over the shoulders of a large black man who was grunting as he pounded her. Even though I am a virgin there was no doubt that my aunt was getting fucked hard. My mom stood there with her mouth open but my eyes watched as the black man groaned and finished cumming.

He pulled out and my eyes widened as I saw his long thick cock. It was all shiny and I could see a thick white substance streaked on it.

“Oh God! We should have knocked!” Mom said but as I looked at her I saw she was staring at the big man’s cock just like I was as Connie tried to cover her dripping pussy with one hand and boobs with the other.

“You’re early…oh shit could you give me a minute…” Connie said as her face turned red.

Mom grabbed my hand and we went back in garage. I looked at her and she seemed really uncomfortable. In a few minutes the door opened and the black man who was now dressed came out. He just smiled and nodded at us as he walked out of the garage and to the house next door.

As we lost sight of him the door to house opened again and Connie stood there wearing a robe. Her face was still flushed as she smiled weakly.

“Ah…sorry about that. I guess I should have locked the door. Come on in.” She said but I could tell she was still uncomfortable

My mom and Connie seemed anxious to talk about anything else and they quickly started to chat about the weather or other people but the entire conversation seemed strained. I mostly watched as they carefully avoided the obvious subject. Maybe I am too young but I could not help that I have a lot of questions.

“Is he your boyfriend Aunt Connie?” I asked as I watched both her and my mom snap their heads in my direction like I had fired a cannon.

“Becky! That is none of your business!” My mom said as my aunt turned red again.

“Well you were doing him!” I said as only a teen girl would.

Mom looked like she wanted to kill me but my aunt seemed to finally make up her mind about something.

“Yes I was fucking him. I fuck him a lot but he is not my boyfriend. We just like to have sex.” Connie said as she looked at me and then her sister.

“Connie!” My mom practically screamed.

“She might as well know the family secret.” Connie said while my mom seemed near panic.

“What family secret?” I asked excitedly and watched my mom cringe.

“I love to fuck black men. Isn’t that right, Lisa?” She said as she looked at my mom.

“Connie…please!” Mom said.

“Lisa, she might as well know about the truth! You see Becky, your mom and I grew up in a house where black people were called niggers and we were taught to be racist. We were told to never associate with black people. If your granddaddy ever caught a black guy around us he would have killed him and beat us. Well that was how we were raised until your granddaddy dropped dead from a heart attack. After that we had to move to a poor section of town.” Connie said as she looked at me in the eye.

“Well we were new to high school and most of the students were black. In fact we were just about the only white kids there. We eventually started betsobet yeni giriş to fit in and your mom and I tried out for cheerleading. We made it and more and more we were around lots of strong black guys. One night after the game we went to a party and I started dancing with some of the guys. One of them kissed me and I liked it! Well one thing led to another and that night I lost my virginity. Ever since then I love to fuck black guys. In fact that is why I got divorced and moved away. Bill caught me with a black stud sort of like you and your mom did today. After the divorce I moved here so that I could go black whenever I want too!” Connie said finishing her tale.

“Wow, so you like to date black guys!” I said.

“I do not date them. I fuck them! I would never marry one or even seriously date one. I just like a big thick black cock for fucking…well I like to suck them too!” She said with a laugh.

I just sat there with my mouth open.

“I’m not the only one that feels that way! Right Lisa?” She said looking at my mom.

My mom just looked at Connie in total terror.

“Come on Lisa, tell Becky the truth! You went black that same night as me and you still love a good fuck from a black cock!” She said with a laugh.

I looked at my mom who first turned red but then looked at me and nodded her head.

“Wow!” I said.

“Please Becky, you must never tell your daddy what you just heard!” Mom said.

“I won’t! Mom do you still fuck black guys?” I asked fascinated.

Before she could answer Connie showed me picture of my mom nude holding a large black cock. I could tell the picture was new since mom had her new hairstyle. Then Connie scrolled the picture which showed my mom bent over in front of a mirror and a black man behind her. It was obvious that they were fucking. Then I looked closer and recognized the black guy as a man who worked with my mom at the hospital.

“That is Damon!” I said as I recognized him.

“That is your mom’s fuck buddy! Although he is not the only black guy is he sis?” Connie said.

“No he is not but he is good in bed!” My mom laughed.

I listened to my mom and aunt talk about the men they each were fucking and where they did it. Frankly all the hot sex stories were making me horny as any teen girl can get.

“So now that this all out in the open, should I invite a few friends over?” Connie said with a wink at my mom.

“Well that would be fun but with Becky here maybe that would not be such a good idea.” Mom said.

“Lisa…she is the same age I was when I lost my cherry. I know a real nice young guy who would be perfect for her and his daddy would love a shot at you again!” She said as she laughed

“Really!” I said excitedly

My mom looked at me and then Connie. Connie reached for her phone and then showed a picture of a teen black man with light skin. He looked like he was probably mixed and not just black. He was thin but muscular. Then she flipped the picture and showed his 12 inch cock standing proud. I heard my mom moan.

“OMG! He is cute!” I said.

“And hung!” Said my aunt.

“Connie, I’m not sure this such a good idea! Becky should not be with him!” My mom said and I was somewhat confused by her sudden resistance.

My mom and Aunt looked intently at each other for a few minutes.

“He is a great fuck. I have been with him several times. A little young but he has a lot of energy!” Connie laughed.

“Please mom! He is cute and I am really horny!” I said.

“Are you sure you really want to do this? He will be your first and I do not want you to have any regrets.” Mom said but she looked at my aunt with a questioning look.

“Oh yes!” I said.

Connie started making calls and in few minutes she proudly said that we all had dates for the night.

In thirty minutes two black men had betsobet güvenilirmi arrived and they were talking to my mom in the kitchen. I then heard a groan and when I looked in again my mom was kneeling and sucking first one black cock and then another. My aunt walked over and put her arm around me.

“It looks like your mom has made new friends but I may have to make another call since she is sucking my guy’s cock as well as her own date! She has always been the biggest slut!” Connie laughed but then the doorbell rang.

I continued to watch my mom sucking cock and hardly noticed my aunt walk a young black man in the room. Suddenly I looked up to see him looking at me and then my mom.

“Becky, this is Jason. He is your date for the evening. Why don’t you two young people go use my bed? Jason she is a virgin so you may have teach her few things.” She laughed as Jason took my hand and pulled me toward the bedroom.

“Time to share some of that cock, sis!” I heard her say we shut the door.

Jason kissed me on the lips but then just looked me on the eyes.

“Get on your knees bitch and suck my cock!” He ordered.

I fell to my knees and my shaking hands opened his pants. I felt around and then for first time ever I felt a hard cock. I pulled it free and it stood there in front of my face. I felt his hand grip my head and I understood he wanted me to get started. My mouth opened and his cock pushed into young inexperienced mouth. My mind flashed back on watching mom suck the other men.

My mouth began to pump the long black cock. I could feel my lips riding up and down the shaft. His taste began to fill my mouth and I liked it. I opened my eyes to look up at him and he was standing there in ecstasy. I released his cock and started to lick and kiss it. As I did this I looked into his face and for some reason he looked familiar to me. Suddenly he pulled his cock and slapped my face with it. He stroked it and looked at me. It was clear that he was the man and I was to be his bitch. I was to do what he wanted and so what if I didn’t want the same thing.

“Open your fucking mouth!” He said and I did.

He pushed cock until I gagged on it. He kept going and I tried desperately to please him. The constant gagging was causing my mouth to water and my spit was now soaking my t-top. I could feel his balls slapping against my chin as he used my mouth. Then I heard him moan and the head of his cock got even bigger. My mouth felt his sperm blast into my throat. He was cumming in my mouth. It made me so happy that he would be that turned on. I desperately tried to swallow his cum but it was running down my face.

“Not bad for fucking virgin white bitch but your auntie sucks better than you!” He said as he lay down on the bed.

I stayed on my knees since I did not know what else to do. He looked at me and then we both noticed the sounds from the living room. There was the sound of fucking while I could hear both my mom and aunt moaning. Several men were laughing or making comments.

“Get naked for me! Listen to dat shit gonna make my cock hard!” He said.

I stood up and removed my now ruined top. I was suddenly aware of how small my B cup tits would look in comparison to my mom and Connie. I unhooked my bra and my tits were revealed to him. He just looked at me. I pulled down my panties and revealed my body totally to him. My stomach churned as I wondered what was going through his head. I felt so inadequate as I listened to my aunt begging to be fucked while my mom was wailing as she was having an orgasm.

“Show me dat pussy!” He said.

I crawled on the bed and laid back. I spread my legs and opened my pussy for him. I felt his finger run up and down my inner lips. He pulled on my clit causing my hips to jerk. I listened to him chuckle as his black finger pushed into my excited virgin pussy. betsobet giriş He then pulled me over so that I was straddling his face.

“Suck my cock hard. I gonna bust this pussy open!” He said.

I lowered my mouth on his cock and started sucking. I felt his tongue begin to lick my pussy. The feeling of pleasure was overwhelming. My mouth pumped harder as he licked and sucked my clit and tender pussy. I have fingered myself to many orgasms but the one I had as he ate me was beyond anything I had ever managed. Now I was the screaming female voice and in the back of my mind I could hear both men and women laughing as I lost control of my body.

I have no idea what happened but when I woke up Jason was between my legs and rubbing his black cock head against my virgin opening. I could only look in his eyes as I felt that big head push into me. His dark eyes looked deep into me as more and more black cock entered my virgin pussy. The feeling of his hard shaft spreading me open was incredibly erotic and my pussy was creaming on his manhood.

Suddenly I felt him bump up against an obstruction. He grinned at me and pulled back. Then I felt him slam hard into me. There was a flash of pain and I screamed but at the same time I felt pleasure as his cock slid deep into me.

He looked in my eyes as he started to fuck me. At first it was easy but then he would push harder and faster. I could see my feet bouncing as he fucked me. At first I continued to feel some pain but slowly I began to feel pleasure as the long shaft slid in and out of me.

“Fuck me! Please fuck me!” I screamed as my pussy gripped at his cock.

Suddenly my vision blurred and it became hard to breathe as my body seemed to explode.

“Cum on that black cock you little slut!” He groaned as I orgasmed and he fucked me.

My orgasm had just ended and I was listening to him breathe in my ear when he inhaled sharply. My hands gripped his firm ass as I realized I was getting my first ever load of cum. Suddenly he pumped madly as he worked hard to fill my pussy.

“Oh fuck yeah that was good fuckin!” He moaned as rolled off of me

I closed my eyes but I felt the bed move. When I looked up there was the guy that been with my mom between my legs. I reached down and guided his cock to my opening. Then a thick cock pushed into me. There was no talk just fucking. I looked to the side and Jason was being sucked by Connie and another black man was being sucked by mom.

The man fucking me pulled back and looked at me for a second and I felt his cock jerk.

“Oh fuck me! Give it to me!” I groaned as he pumped rapidly into my pussy.

He rolled off of me and I watched as the third guy moved between my legs. I reached to guide him into me. My mom and aunt were smiling as I took my third fucking. This time I never knew when he came because I was having a mind shattering orgasm.

When I came to I wandered out into the living room where mom and Connie were talking. They both looked at me and smiled.

“Look at who woke up! How does your pussy feel now you had some black cock?” My aunt asked.

“I feel good” I said with a smile.

“So was Jason a good lover for your first fuck?” Mom asked.

“Mom it was the best! I liked fucking the other guys but Jason was special. He is also really good looking. The funny thing is he kind of looks a little familiar.” I said as I cuddled with mom.

Connie giggled and I looked at her to see what was funny.

“So are you going to tell her the rest of the family secret or should I?” Connie asked my mom.

“Honey, you know that I had sex with black guys in High School but what you don’t know is I got pregnant.” She said as she looked at me.

“So what does that have to do with Jason?” I asked as I looked her in the eyes and then I saw why Jason looked so familiar.

My eyes grew wide and Connie laughed while mom grinned.

“OMG he’s my brother!”


A word from the author: secrets can be fun and I hope this story of family secrets has entertained you! If you enjoyed please show your support which is appreciated. As always I love reading your comments and messages.

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