A Fantasy Come True

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This is entirely fictional, as are most of my stories. I am writing this for a friend of mine, who wants this to one day come true and I hope that I am the one to fulfill that for him. Enjoy!

We have always shared our fantasies with each other, but never did I think that I would really want to fulfill one for you. But when I heard this one, something sparked. Not only was it a fantasy for you but for me as well. That is when I started to make plans.

The day came a few months later when I had invited you over my new apartment for a casual visit, or at least you thought so. I had other things in mind. We watched a movie, relaxed on the back deck, swam in the pool and had a few drinks. I wanted to make you feel at home, comfortable, as if nothing was wrong. Since you had been drinking and it was getting late I invite you to stay the night at my place and drive home in the morning. You agree and decide that since you are staying you’ll have a few more drinks. I pour a few rum and cokes and we sit outside, enjoying the last of the daylight. I start up a conversation about fulfilling that fantasy, but do so in a jokingly manner. “Well, I thought that I would ask since you are staying the night. No harm in a bit of casual fun is there?”

I lean over and gently plant a kiss on your lips. Feeling you respond to it I don’t pull away but rather pull you closer to me. Our kisses become passionate and you pull me to my feet. I break the embrace, and look at you. “So, what about fulfilling that fantasy? I bought a toy or two to help out, just for such an occasion.”

The look on your face shows surprise in my statement but lust for the idea. I pull you towards the door into the house and lead you to my room. I turn towards you and kiss you fully on the lips, our tongues toying with each other, the lust mixing with passion. I pull your shirt over your head, and start on your pants. Your hands reach to do the same and I slap them away. “So you think you have any sort of power here? Think again. What I say goes. Understand?”

A look of shock takes over your face. You open your mouth to answer, but not before I slap your now bare ass. “You need to answer a bit more quickly then that.” You mutter an answer of confusion, your gaze dropping to the floor. “So, what do you say? Do you need to be slapped again?”

This time you quickly reply. “No. I am sorry for trying to take your power.”

“That is better.” I continue to take off your pants, returning to kiss you. Your kisses become gaziantep escort more fervent, filled with a desire I have never felt from you. I take off your boxers, all your clothing now in a pile on my floor. I again break the kiss, feeling your reluctance to do so. I step back from you and slowly start removing my top, revealing a black bra underneath. I toss it to the floor, letting it fall on top of your clothing. I unbutton my shorts, revealing a black thong. I throw the shorts into the pile as well. I step back to you and push my body against yours, feeling your heat. Your erect cock rests against my stomach. I again kiss you, caressing your tongue with mine, the passion between us growing. I pull you towards the bed and together we fall into a heap on the bed, our bodies rubbing against each other’s. You move to undo my bra from the back, wanting to touch my bear breasts with your hands and mouth. I pull back form you, breaking our kiss and slap your ass again. “You think it changes anything now that we are in bed? You really want to touch my breasts? You want to feel them? beg me to see them, to touch them. Tell me how much you really want to feel them in your hands and mouth.”

Again your face goes to shock, but you learned the first time not to mess with me. your eyes turn to pleading, “Please, please let me take off your bra so that I can take your nipple in my mouth, to feel your breast in my hand. Please. I really want to feel them.”

Satisfied with your response, I reach back and undo the bra, letting my breasts fall from their captive state. Your hands immediately cover my breasts and your mouth moves to my nipples. Under your tongue they become hard erasers and I moan with your touch. I pull your face to mine, again kissing you, then moving to nibble on your ears and kiss your neck. Your hands continue to massage my breasts, and I moan in pleasure. I reach down to remove my thong but think better. Instead I whisper in your ear to remove them with your mouth but to never touch my clit with your tongue or mouth. You quickly move down the bed and begin to move them downward over my hips. Not once do you touch my clit but your breath makes me hunger for it. Once the thong is removed you look up at me and smile. In return I pull you to me, laying your body on top of mine. Our mouths meet and you begin to kiss my neck and my breast, every now and again looking up at me for approval.

I break the embrace and look you straight in the eyes. “I want you to fuck me hard.” escort bayan You don’t think twice and quickly move to enter me. I pull my long legs up to my chest and you sink your hard cock deep inside me. I rest my ankles on your shoulders and continue to yell at you to fuck me faster and harder. With very thrust my orgasm builds and I beg for you to pound harder. As I hit my peak I feel your body stiffen and feel you shoot you cum deep inside me. The sensation makes my orgasm hit a higher peak and I moan loudly with the pleasure. Your orgasm subsides and you pull from within me.

We kiss passionately, my hands roaming over your back and butt. I gently slap it for no reason other than to make you flinch. You never complain, so my slaps becomes gradually harder, just enough to make your butt a deep red. I push you on your back on the bed and take your softened cock in mouth, slowly bringing it back to life. When satisfied I tell you to turn on all fours. You look at me with horror, not realizing that I was serious earlier about fulfilling your fantasy. With this defiance I slap the side of your ass and you quickly turn over and get on you hands and knees. I give you now exposed ass a friendly slap to show my approval.

I get off the bed and go to my dresser and remove from the top drawer the toy I have been saving for you. You turn to look at what I have brought to the bed and your face shows a mix of lust, pleasure and shock. I fasten the strap-on around my waist and begin to feel the power that comes along with having a good-sized dick. It is no larger then your own but you still look at it with awe. I remove the drape that is in front of you to reveal a mirror mounted on the wall in front of you. “Thought that you might want to watch yourself get fucked in the ass by a woman.”

I first lean down and rim your virgin ass with my tongue, smelling your strong musk and feeling the heat that radiates from your body. You sigh under my touch. I slowly use my tongue as a small dick and push it into your ass. From the small noises I hear you make I can tell you are enjoying the feeling of my tongue in your ass. I replace my tongue with the tip of my finger, gently running it along the outside of your puckered hole. I sit up grab a tube of KY from the nightstand my bed. I put some on my finger and start to rub it into your tight back door, pushing it deeper and deeper inside you. I remove it and put more on my fingers, but this time slowly pushing two inside you. You have begun to relax and it is easier for me to slide in and out of you. I decide that you are ready and remove my fingers from your ass. I lube up my face cock, watching your eyes watch me in the mirror. Once set, move closer to you and push the head to your back door. “You know, you could ask for me to stop now. I might not listen but you could ask me to. Do you want me to stop or do you want me to fuck your ass like you told me you wanted me to?”

Your eyes meet mine n the mirror and I can sense your response without you saying a word. But I want to hear you ask, to beg, to want to have me deep inside you. “Please, don’t stop. I want to fuck me like I told you so long ago. Please, take my virgin ass”

That is all the encouragement I need. I slowly push the fake cock into you. I go slow, not wanting to hurt you. I stop after every inch or so, waiting for your encouragement before going on. Once halfway in I gently pull out and push back in to the same point in one quick motion. You freeze and your eyes shut with the sensation. I again start pushing further into you, not giving you any time to recover. I finally reach the bottom of my fake dick and stop. I look at your face in the mirror, your eyes shut. I ask you to open your eyes and look at me. You do and I ask you if you are ready to be royally fucked by a woman. You nod your head and close your eyes.

I pull back till I am almost all the way out and sink it into you in one quick motion. I wait a few seconds to let you savor the feeling and quickly do it again. I shorten the strokes but quicken the pace. “I want you to come for me. I want you to moan and scream. And if I catch you touching yourself, I’ll stop. I want you to come for me without you ever touching yourself.”

With that said I begin to pound away at you. Your moans fill the air and I join with you in the excitement, for there is a small ball on the inside of the fake dick that rubs against my clit with every move. Though the idea of me pounding away at you, of fucking you, of having that kind of power over you excites me enough as it is. I continue to pound away at you. Over our moans I hear you cry out saying that you are getting close. I feel our bodies stiffen, I continue to pump into you, riding my orgasm to it’s peak, and feeling you hit yours as well. I look in the mirror to see cum all over it and know you have found your release.

I slowly pull out of your ass and remove the strap-on. I throw back the cum and sweat soaked sheets and lay down next to you. Together we catch our breaths and curl up together. Your hands lovingly caress my body as does mine. We eventually fall asleep in each other’s arms, enjoying the bliss of the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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