A Fantasy Fulfilled Pt. 02

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Group Sex

The Fantasy Continues.

This is the second part, and the conclusion to “A Fantasy Fulfilled.”

It is a fictional tale, inspired by watching way too much pornography and wondering why people go to such lengths to explore their sexual limits.


My wife Jill lay asleep at my side as I woke, picking up my phone and cancelling the alarm an hour early.

It was five thirty on a Monday morning, in the middle of a cold dark English winter and I had an hour before I needed to get up, waking early with an erection so hard it could break stone.

Since the first night I spent with my lover Elaine, I had no need for an alarm. Every morning at the same time, I would wake with a raging hard on.

As usual, I started masturbating, trying my hardest not to wake Jill, but inevitably she would sigh, then quietly curse and get out of bed, leaving me alone to jack off for half an hour before finishing into a wad of tissues.

Finally able to think straight, I get up and start the day.

I no longer needed pornography for stimulation, I had a wealth of that churning around in my head. Images constantly fill my mind, images of my beautiful lover Elaine with her pussy full of cock, initially mine but more recently a long list of well hung guys, typically young and enthusiastic, all fucking her brains out.

Images constantly ran through my mind, visions of her laying on her back with her red heels high in the air, or bent over beds, tables, desks, men frantically pounding her. Now she was sitting on a thick hard cock, screaming in ecstasy as her third or fourth orgasm racked her body, grinding her hips, bobbing up and down, getting off and turning round to take him in her mouth, with another guy moving in to fuck her arse.

In this dream, I was that guy fucking her arse, following her up the bed as she released his cock from her mouth, moving slowly up his body, before putting her hand down to grab his cock and force it into her pussy, commanding me to put my cock back in her brown hole, moaning at the feeling of two cocks in her, moving her hips to encourage us to fuck her in turn, me in her arse, then the young well hung guy ramming her pussy. When he stopped I started, feeling her body shake and writhe until she finally screamed in ecstasy, moving her hips to fuck both cocks together, until finally she finished, her hips firmly sitting on him, twitching but exhausted as I rolled away, my job done.

Finally satisfied, she rolled off and fell asleep, not considering the two men, desperate to finish their own orgasms, leaving them to masturbate over her fulsome breasts, or come between the full round cheeks of her arse.

Those were the images that I woke to on most mornings, to accompany my erection.

The last nine months were out of this world, a crazy sex romp which started out as a shopping trip for paint and brushes, meeting the woman who inhabited my dreams, who eventually led us down a road to sex and debauchery, involving an increasing list of the well hung guys in the area.

Meeting Elaine in that hardware store led to months of fantastic sex between us, turning both our lives upside down but we were deliriously happy.

More recently though it had begun to be a problem, as Elaine was getting more than her fair share of good, satisfying but risky sex, whereas I was beginning to become more of a spectator than a participant in our increasingly crazy sex life.

We had shared our fantasies in those early days, fantasies which seemed to dovetail nicely, so we set out to fulfil those fantasies, united in our search for sexual satisfaction.

Now, Elaine had come close to fulfilling her fantasy and I had effectively fulfilled mine, secretly wishing it had stayed a fantasy.

Elaine’s fantasy was to have sex with a guy with a very big cock, preferably a very big black cock, a desire which began during holidays with her parents in St. Lucia.

Only just entering her teenage years and going through puberty, she would be surrounded by virile young black guys working in the hotel and would watch how older women reacted to, and occasionally interacted with them. She didn’t understand why various women of her mum’s age and older were disappearing into their hotel rooms with young black guys, or slipping away from their husbands to meet up with one on a deserted stretch of beach. She even once saw her mother laughing and flirting with the guy cleaning the pool, swimming toward him and laughing as he stared down at her breasts, which her mother had allowed to, accidentally, slip out of her swimsuit.

Elaine would eventually inherit her mothers breasts, realising the power they had over men, but at the time she watched and wondered why the pool guy was so entranced, watching her mother slowly tuck her large breasts back into her costume, looking up and giggling as she watched his eyes pop out of his head. She also didn’t understand what was happening behind those hotel room doors or on that secluded beach, but realised that Ankara Rus Escort those guys were desirable to women.

Only later in life did she realise why those women were going with them and why they wanted them, but it set a pattern in her mind that black men were desirable, eventually forming the idea that she wanted to experience what those wives had, and what her mother might have experienced.

On those holidays, the one thing she had realised, was that she had been surrounded by men with large bulges in their shorts. She knew what the bulge was, it was their penis, which was what men peed out of, her mum had told her that. At school, she had never seen, or even noticed a boys penis before, but assumed all men would eventually grow a penis that size, like her mum’s breasts had grown big, compared to hers.

She therefore went through puberty, eventually learning about sex and assuming that all men had long cocks. That was until she started experiencing sex in her late teenage years in the Cotswolds in England.

There, when exploring the joys of sex, she learned to lower her expectations, but the idea of what those big black cocks could do to her became her fantasy.

After years in a dull marriage she met me. I was the catalyst that led to the release of her sexual frustrations, freeing her to think of sex as a source of intense pleasure rather than the duty which her dull husband had led her to believe.

This led to her scratching the itch that was her fantasy, not with a black guy, but with a stranger that we had met in a pub, a young builder called Danny, who was exceedingly well endowed. She fucked him twice at the end of a drunken night, drawing as much pleasure as she could out of his cock before leaving him frustrated, spilling his seed into a pool on her backside and leaving a lingering reminder of her presence, a pool of her own ejaculate, on his sofa.

Since that first encounter, Elaine’s confidence in herself had grown immeasurably and she used friends recommendations, dating sites and her own intuition to find well hung guys to fuck..

After Danny, we changed our approach, going to nearby towns for our evenings out rather than small village pubs. We would choose music venues, night clubs, even once a local rugby club.

It was a spectacularly succesful move for Elaine and she would routinely fuck two or three new well hung guys a week, occasionally more, and she showed no sign of wanting to stop.

These guys would only get to see her once, a rule she rigidly stuck to, and she would insist on them wearing a condom, a lesson learned from Danny, who had given her Chlamydia when her overwhelming desire had made her forget to make him rubber up for the second fuck

Elaine always chose something to wear which she could adapt throughout the evening, so that we could get in to the most conservative of venues without question. Whatever clothes she chose to wear, she had to look sexy and available, so any outfit had to be easily adaptable to make herself look more slutty as the night wore on.

She would choose a skirt that could be shortened to show her thighs by rolling the waistband, with a blouse that could be unbuttoned, revealing her breasts bulging from a red silk bra (her favourite colour). In winter, she would wear stretchy woollen dresses over something tempting, a red and black basque for example, hitching her dress up to reveal suspenders and stockings. A flash of white thigh never failed to attract attention from horny young men and when a man saw her breasts, pushed up by the basque, nipples barely hidden, they invariably wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her on the spot.

I was amazed how many men would approach her when my back was turned, when she dressed this way. Men would drift away from wives or girlfriends, approaching her on the way to the bathrooms, or when their girl was at the bar or had gone to pee. This was the reason that Elaine started to dress provocatively, she knew what effect it had on most men, they would regress to their cave man personality.

The only decision Elaine had to make was, were they suitably equipped to fulfil her fantasy?

She once wore a long clingy dress that stretched from her neck to her ankles. As she climbed in the car, I told her that I thought it was too demure, so she pulled open her coat to show me. She had nothing on underneath the dress except a red garter belt and stockings. She wore no panties or bra and every outline of her massive breasts and nipples could be seen, along with the curves of her hips and the crease of her backside. The only other item of clothing was a wide belt, pulled tight at the waist, her favourite method of enhancing her fulsome figure. She looked fantastic.

Nothing was left to the imagination that night and it led to one of our best nights ever, with me trying to fight off an entire rugby club full of drunk horny men, all over six feet and built like the proverbial Yenimahalle Escort brick shit house, as they lined up to leer, or grab a handful of Elaine’s body.

In the end, Elaine quelled a potential riot by befriending a big, slightly older guy. I thought of him as the elder statesman, as everybody in the room, from the bar staff to the more senior club members showed him respect.

He and a group of others each bought us a drink, then invited us into their function room, away from the randy younger guys, where we had a great evening.

Although some of the guys had their wives with them, Elaine was the centre of all the men’s attention. She revelled in the bawdy male company, having flirtatious and downright filthy conversations, alienating every woman in the club, with growing numbers grabbing their partners and leaving. Eventually the room had shrunk to around twenty rugby buggers, Elaine, me and the one wife who wasn’t offended.

Decidedly drunk and getting more reckless, Elaine went up a gear in her flirting as the wives gradually left, endearing herself to every one of the men, who seemed entranced, as well as extremely randy. You could smell the testosterone in the room as Elaine fell victim to their suggestions and exposed herself to the elder statesman. She stood close to him, staring seductively into his eyes and backing him into a corner, before pulling down her dress, allowing her naked breasts to be kissed by him. He then grabbed her by the shoulders, turning her toward the room to a chorus of cheers, before they all took turns kissing and fondling her breasts, much to Elaine’s delight and great pleasure.

That night was the first time that Elaine took more than one strange guy, eventually getting fucked by five of them in the club’s executive bar upstairs.

She had to get tested after that night though as, unusually, I left her alone and she ran out of condoms, unable to stop three of the guys from taking her again, bareback.

The remaining wife was distancing herself, but watching the increasing debauchery with a wry smile, as if she had seen all this before and knew what was to come.

Elaine was entertaining the men, her dress round her waist, kissing several of them while they felt her pussy as she was passed from one lap to another.

Feeling left out of all this, I made friends with the wife who, surprisingly, did not seem to be offended by Elaine’s behaviour.

Sabina was the very posh wife of one of the guys groping Elaine, the elder statesman, whose name she told me was Tim. Unusually, she seemed very comfortable with the knowledge that her husband was cavorting with a barely dressed woman that he had just met, with a rather obvious view to fucking her brains out.

At this stage, I looked over to see Elaine, having restored her dress to cover herself again, commanding all of the men to show their cocks to her.

“OK, you’ve all had a good look at me and copped a feel of these.”

At that point, she pulled her dress down again, wobbling her breasts at them all, inviting another massive cheer, before continuing.

“So now it’s your turn. Show me what you’ve got!”

She made them line up against a wall, then walked along the line, like a queen inspecting her troops, as they unzipped themselves and showed her their equipment.

The elder statesman was first in line and, rather than unzipping himself, pulled his pants down to his ankles in one sharp movement, revealing a large thick cock, half erect. Elaine smiled and grabbed it.

“You sir, are well qualified to accompany me for the inspection.”

She then went along the line, Tim the elder statesman leading the way. Elaine lifting each cock in turn with a breadstick, assessing their length and girth, smiling at those men with hefty cocks, giving them a long slow french kiss and pulling them out of the line, guiding them to line up behind her.

Eventually, the five biggest cocks were picked out and Elaine came over to me, whispering in my ear.

“We’re going upstairs to their executive suite. My bag is in my coat, go and get it for me will you.

Sorry, but I am so turned on by this, I just have to do it.”

I fetched her coat and bag from the cloakroom and watched her count the condoms in her bag. There were five, which made me wonder how long she had been planning something like this.

Tim bellowed to her from the door and she ran across excitedly, turning nervously to make sure I came with her. Unsure that I wanted to do this, I looked at her disappearing out of the door, shouting to her.

“I need to pee Elaine, I’ll be up in a minute.”

I watched the five selected men disappear up the stairs, following Elaine, her bare plump backside wobbling at eye level before them, with the others following at a distance, presumably to provide support and encouragement to the chosen ones.

Sabina was a rather hot looking woman in her late fifties and mentioned that she getting very horny watching Elaine’s behaviour. Despite this, she seemed a little pissed off as she watched her husband disappear upstairs with Elaine.

I stood alone at the urinal, six pints of Guinness slowly draining from me as Sabina quietly crept into the toilet.

I sensed somebody behind me and peered over my shoulder, just as I was finishing. She grabbed my shoulders, turned me round and french kissed me, something I found very arousing.

As we kissed, my cock got erect and involuntarily spurted one last stream of piss over the floor.

She was unfazed and grabbed my cock, giving that a kiss too.

“Ooh, a squirter, I’m glad I’m not the only one. Come with me young man, I have a use for this.”

She then pulled me into the changing rooms, kissing me deeply and passionately whilst her hand gripped my cock and balls.

The sounds of Elaine and her well hung lovers drifted down to us. It was almost as if we were in the same room.

Sabina’s husband Tim had a distinctive deep voice and it sounded like he was the first to fuck Elaine, his voice rumbling through the ancient floorboards of the old building as he stripped her naked, his friends cheering in unison as he plunged his cock into her with a deep moan of appreciation.

I clearly made out his words as the cheering died down.

“Oh Elaine, that feels fucking good. I could fuck you all night.”

He very nearly did, as Elaine told me later how good it felt as his balls slapped against her backside, making her come two or three times before emptying his seed into the condom, slapping her backside hard and passing her to the next in line. When the five guys had finished with her, he was the first to come back and penetrate her again, this time bareback and Elaine said that the second time he fucked her felt amazing, the risk that she knew she was taking adding to the thrill. She told me that she tried to stop him, as she had run out of condoms, but he took her anyway, Elaine giving in to him and eventually enjoying it more than his first time, saying that she didn’t want him to stop, something she often said about well hung guys.

As Tim’s voice echoed through the changing rooms, Sabina pushed me down onto a bench against the wall, dragging off my pants and staring at my erect cock with a smile before hitching up her skirt, turning her back to me and pulling a very small thong to one side.

She hovered there for a moment, giving me a wonderful view of her perfectly formed, albeit slightly aged, puckered backside and a tempting glimpse of her bald pussy. She reached under, pulled back my foreskin and wet her fingers from me, transferring it to the lips of her vagina before grabbing my cock, aiming it at her hole and dropping on me with a loud groan, moving her hips round, cursing and moaning as her first orgasm wracked her within seconds. She sat still, pulling my cock out of her and sitting back in my lap, shaking slightly.

“Don’t move, it’s extremely sensitive right now, I haven’t done this for a while, a bit out of practice.”

As we sat in silence, my cock hard against her backside and aching to slide further into her, we listened to her husband and four others fucking Elaine above our heads.

I could hear the rhythmic thumping of Elaine’s backside against the wall and her familiar screams as each orgasm came and went, before another guy took over, inducing more wet and screaming orgasms. I gave up counting when the third or fourth guy groaned loudly, followed quickly by Elaine’s noisy response.

After resting for a while, Sabina started moving again, thankfully allowing my engorged cock to slide past her butt hole, resting there for a second, teasing me, before moving to let it press back into her pussy.

It had been the sound of her husband taking Elaine for the first time, his grunting and the noise of Elaine’s backside banging away, that made Sabina break off her kissing and fondling and mount me, almost in revenge for what her husband was doing.

After her first orgasm, she rode my cock slowly at first, her vagina still sensitive, but quickly picked up the pace, fucking me senseless, accompanied by the sound of Elaine’s orgasms and the muffled cheers of the crowd of guys upstairs.

Sabina stood up after coming for the second time and sat next to me, breathing heavily.

All of the condoms were in Elaine’s purse and I apologised for that, but as Sabina recovered, she said she loved the feeling of being fucked bareback by a stranger and, at her age, was no longer worried about pregnancy, hugging me tight as I came inside her, kissing me hard as she felt my semen flooding her vagina.

“Oh yes, that feels good, I love that feeling.” She had said.

Now she returned my look and said.

“Could you manage it again?”

The sounds of a gang bang above us had quietened for now, so I looked back at Sabina, my eyes signalling my desire to go again.

The sounds started again, the rhythmic thumping of Elaine’s backside on the floor above us as somebody fucked her wildly, These sounds and the sight of Sabina undressing to show her slim naked body, spurring me on to grab some towels, lay Sabina on the floor and take her missionary style, making her come twice more before I filled her with my load.

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