A Favor Ch. 02

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I licked my lips, and stood up. I took a step to the couch, and realized that the panties were still looped around my knees I hiked them up, and stepped forward.

“Scoot over,” I said. “I want to lay next to you.”

Lee wordlessly scooted all the way over to the left side of the couch. I watched his cock jerk and bounce as he did so. His cock did not waver an inch. Even after dropping a huge load, it was still rigid. I knew then that we were going to be in for a marathon of a night.

“Looks like that thing likes me,” I said.

“That, he does,” Lee replied, still breathing hard. “That, he does.”

“I want you to lean back, and relax,” I said. “Turn on the TV if you want. I want to make out with your good friend for a while.”

“My good friend?” Lee asked.

I shook my head, and leaned across his body. I grabbed his cock, and angled it toward my face. “This good friend,” I replied, wrapping my lips around his cock.

His cock instantly twitched in my mouth, and I could taste a fresh run of precum. I began to wonder how many times I could get this guy off in the course of the night. I guessed that it had been a while since his last sexual experience. He seemed instantly ready for round two, though I had wanted to pace things out. I didn’t want to spend him too quick, and have the guy pass out on me early. I pulled off of his cock, and started licking its head.

“Mmm,” Lee said. “That feels good.”

“I like having your cock in my mouth,” I said. “Any time you want this thing sucked, just give me a call.”

I bobbed a couple of times, going balls deep on my second time around. I felt Lee’s thighs tense up. I squeezed his right thigh softly with my left hand.

“Just relax,” I said, deepthroating him again. “Let me do all the work here. I want to spend some time with your friend. If you want to shoot, go ahead. But just relax.”

Lee exhaled deeply, and I returned to my duty of slowly making out with his cock.

Three minutes later, I heard a vibrating sound. Lee reached over to the end table, and picked up his cell phone.

“It’s ultrabet yeni giriş Alan,” Lee said. “He’s asking me if we’re having any fun yet.”

“What are you going to tell him?” I asked, again sliding my mouth slowly to the base of his cock.

Lee hissed. “Oh, that we’re having fun all right.”

I pulled up, and slurped up some spit that was around the head of his cock. “Good. I’m glad that you’re having fun.”

“Of course I’m having fun,” Lee replied. “Why wouldn’t I be? You’re totally awesome. I can’t believe Alan has never said anything about you. I was out here a year and a half ago.”

“Yeah,” I said. “Me and Alan have a weird thing going on. We can go months with nothing.”

Lee scoffed. “I don’t know why. I’d be around every day, if I lived here.”

“You barely even know me though.”

Lee ran his hand gently through my hair. “You’ve made quite an impression.”

I licked a glob of precum from the slit of his penis. I guessed he had a point. I had just sucked his dick, let him fuck me, and swallowed his cum from a condom. And now, I was sucking his dick again. I thought that I was doubtful that he had ever received such attention. I told myself that I probably should have taken things slower, but with that big, hard cock inches from my mouth, I only deepthroated him again. Besides, I did not have too much to be afraid of. In nine days, Lee would be back on a plane, heading to some bank in Cincinnati. If Lee became too clingy, I figured that the distance would keep him tame to some degree.

“Quite an impression,” I repeated. A part of me liked receiving compliments.

“Yeah,” Lee said. “Let me tell you, I’ve had a shortage of awesome people in my life.”

While I knew that I had to be careful—that this guy was a stage or two away from telling me that he loved me—hearing him call me awesome enticed me. I wanted to show him awesome. I wanted to wholly and completely define the word for him. I wanted to be that meaning.

I stood up, and slid my panties to the floor. The room had started to get hot, so I took ultrabet giriş off the XXL tee shirt I was wearing. I was now totally naked before him.

“Stay there,” I said. “I want to sit on your cock.”

I turned, and bent over, slowly dropping my ass toward his cock. Lee picked up a fresh condom from the nightstand. I grabbed his dick, and stroked it a couple of times. I looked at him and shook my head.

“I want the real thing this time,” I said. “You think you can give me the real thing?”

Lee dropped the condom, and it fell somewhere in the margin between the couch and the nightstand. I lowered another couple of inches, and could feel the tip of his cock against my ass. I angled his cock an inch to the left, and could feel it press against my hole.

Still, his cock was larger than I was used to, and it was quite a stretch to get him in. My ass did not slide freely down it, until it was more than halfway down. I still took it slow—so slow that it felt as though I was sitting—sinking on a 24-inch cock. When Lee was balls deep, I sat there in place, and exclaimed a quiet: whew. While I had just been pounded by that thing some minutes before, it still felt like quiet a feat taking the whole thing in.

“Damn,” I said, reaching below to massage Lee’s balls with my fingertips. “I feel that. I love having your cock in my ass.”

I started gyrating my hips, and grinding my ass into his crotch.

“Does that feel good?” I asked.

“Mmmm-hmmm,” Lee replied. “You have no idea just how good that feels.”

I put my palms on his thighs, and pushed myself up a couple inches, and slid back down. Lee thrust his hips as I bottomed out on him, and sent a huge chill up my spine. There really is no way for me to be sure, but I don’t think that I have been more deeply penetrated before or since.

“I like when you go deep,” I said, lifting myself up again. “See if you can do that again.”

I slid back down, and again Lee thrust into me. It was not as deep as before, but I still felt chills, and goosebumps along my arms and legs.

“Keep ultrabet güvenilirmi doing that,” I said. “That feels good. Your cock is making me feel good.”

Lee seemed to become excited by the encouragement. He was no longer the timid man, worried about hurting me. Now, he was thrusting in me as though trying to hurt me. But with every thrust, I felt a wave of chills roll through my body. We quickened our rhythm until wave over wave started rolling through me; just as one ebbed another started to climb and radiate through me.

It was no more than three minutes of this that something unexpected happened. I felt an orgasm buildup from somewhere far away. Every chill down my spine brought me closer to this. I continued to rise, and fall, and let Lee crash into me for another minute.

“Oh, Lee,” I said. “Don’t stop. I’m going to cum.”

Lee, ever responding to encouragement, started to thrust violently in me.

My orgasm rushed through me, and I shuddered against Lee’s touch. I came hard, shooting all across Alan’s carpet. The orgasm was long. The orgasm was intense as it pulsed its way through me. For a second there, I had a legitimate concern that Lee had just fucked me into a seizure. Once the orgasm began to subside, I leaned back into Lee—both our bodies slick with sweat—and I started to laugh quietly. I gripped onto Lee’s knee in fears that gravity was going to get the best of me.

“What’s so funny?” Lee asked, panting between his words.

“Nothing’s funny,” I replied. “Just that that was pretty good. See? You’re not the only one having fun.”

A few seconds later, once I thought that I had my wits about me, I slid off Lee and stood up. His erect penis bounced a few times, as though beckoning me to come back. It did not need to. I was coming back, beckoning or no.

“It’s hot in here,” I said. “Come on, Lee. Why don’t we take a shower, and cool down a second before I finish you off. I think that I need to adjust Alan’s thermostat. He’s one of the weirdos from Phoenix. He thinks that anything under 86 degrees is cold. No kidding, the guy wears sweaters and jackets until May.”

Lee stood up, and followed me into the restroom. “I thought so, too. But thought it was only me.”

Once Lee was close enough behind me, I reached back and grabbed his cock—still erect—and led him to the restroom like that.

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