A Fist For Fun

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Hi people my name is Darlene and I am what you might call a size queen. That’s right I love cock but I love the cock big. And I am not talking just above average either. I am talking nine plus inches and I don’t want to be able to wrap my hand around it when it is fully erect. If you are smaller than that you need not apply to pound this sweet pussy.

Let me tell you a little bit more about me. I am 25, stand 5’6 and weigh around 125-135lbs depending on the day. I am not the skinniest broad out here but I don’t look too bad if I say so myself. I have long jet black hair that touches the top of butt when I wear it down. Piercing blue eyes that have such sultriness they give the impression of being in the midst of constant orgasm. With this average package God did however play one cruel joke on me that I learned to accept with vigor in time. He bestowed upon me a cavernous cunt and a gaping anal cavity. When I started experimenting with sex I soon found it took at least four of my own fingers deep penetration to achieve orgasm. Once I experienced my first earth shaking cum though I was hooked. The next day I went and bought the biggest dildo and butt plug the local smut store had to offer. You should have seen the look on the poor clerk’s face. He couldn’t have been a day over eighteen and when I brought the two monsters up to the counter he almost shit himself!

I quickly became a slave to my desires and went in search of the biggest cocks I could find. I had a “deep” and I mean “deep” need to be filled and that is exactly what I looked for. I had become pretty talented in scouting out potential prospects just by gazing at their crotches. It was always a piss off though if the guy stuffed himself. More than once I have told a guy to go fuck himself because he wasn’t fucking me with the puny piece he was packing.

Boys remember just because you roll a sock up in your pants doesn’t mean the girl is not going to notice your lacking once you get in the sack! If a woman is a size queen like myself and picks you out because of what you have on display the only thing that is going to happen is that you will end up pissing them off when they see your true short coming. And don’t even try to give me the line you can make it up with your tongue, sure I love to have my pussy licked but a size queen can only truly be satisfied with a long, thick, hard cock that can touch her deepest insides.

It was last Friday night and little did I know I was about Çankaya Escort get the fuck of my life. And this romp was going to come from the biggest cock and the smallest cock I have ever had. I was out looking for a good piece of man meat and decided to go to one of my favorite pick up bars. It was one of those crowed joints all lasers and loud rock. The lasers flashing around the place would occasionally pick out a possibility for me and I would play the stare game. On this night however I didn’t have to look long as I spotted a young hunk giving me the eye from a couple of seats down.

He was big and brawny, his long flowing chestnut mane hung down past his shoulders. It had pretty blond highlights that matched his light brown eyes. He was talking to another man and pointing at me. His friend had a short dark hair cut in military style. He was much shorter than the brown hair guy but also looked in very good shape. The clothes they were wearing kind of made me laugh; they had on almost identical outfits, painted on stonewash jeans, and dark silk shirts. When I go out with girlfriends I make sure I am not caught dead in an outfit that appears to be the same as one of the people I am with, I guess guys just don’t care. Maybe it is part of the gang mentality.

I was sipping on my Blue Lagoon when the bartender put another in front of me. Since I hadn’t ordered another I gave him a quizzical gaze. He pointed to the end of the bar where the two gentlemen were sitting and told me it was courtesy of them. I looked over at the two and held my glass up toasting there good nature then waved them over. I watched the two walk over confidently, the taller one whom I would soon find out was named Jason was definite fuck material, his member hung heavy down the right side of his leg. His jeans were so tight I could almost count the veins. His friend however was a bit of a disappointment; he barely sported any bulge whatsoever.

Jason took my hand and kissed the back of it, his hot mouth sent shivers straight down to my cunt. His friend Sylvan did the same but he lingered there for just a little longer sliding his warm wet tongue over the back of my hand. I felt another jolt pass through my legs. We made the typical idle chit chat then Jason whispered in my ear how they wanted to take me back to my place and fuck the ever living shit out of me. I told him I would be game with him but his friend Keçiören Escort lacked what I was looking for. He assured me they had never had a woman complain before when getting laid by the two of them. His confidence made me accept the offer, besides I wanted to feel his monster stretching my pussy and ass and if I had to put up with a tiny dick to get to it then I was all for it.

We arrived at my apartment and before I could even get the door closed and locked their hands were all over me tearing away my clothes. Both their mouths each went to my already hard nipples and sucked them in. I let out a little moan and told them to follow me to the bedroom. We were all already naked by the time we made it into the room, and my assumptions from the bar were correct. Jason was gigantic, at least eleven thick inches and his friend was half his size.

I instantly pushed him on the bed and crawled to his king sized cock to see how much I would be able to stuff in my mouth. As my mouth began it’s decent I felt a pleasurable warmness on my snatch. Sylvan had buried his head in there and was chewing on my clit while he inserted two then three fingers deep inside. I was able to get almost nine inches of his thickness inside my throat before I had to back my mouth off. I kept my pace up and down his magnificent pole as I felt the fourth finger break my pussy folds. His deep finger fucking sent me into an earth spinning orgasm.

“Shit yes! Finger fuck that cunt! Yes jam your fingers deep inside!” I yelled as my orgasm tore through my body, my release covered Sylvan’s hand coating him to his elbow. As my shaking decreased Jason pulled me off his cock and put me up on my knees.

His cock was so thick and filling I could count the inches as he fed them in me. It felt as if he just kept pushing forward, like his shaft was never ending. With one final thrust he finally based his cock to the hilt sending me into another intense orgasm. I would swear my neighbors could hear my sopping box as it sucked at his cock with his increasing thrusts. The suction sounds filled the air as he pounded deep inside me.

Sylvan didn’t want to be left out so he placed himself in front of me and offered his cock to my mouth which I eagerly swallowed. It was an easy feat after having Jason’s monster tickling my tonsils. I worked faster and faster on Sylvan’s prick keeping perfect time with Jason’s fucking. My expert Etimesgut Escort mouth was no match for the smaller dicked man and it wasn’t long before I felt the hot cum shooting down my throat.

“Oh God your mouth is fantastic!” Sylvan whined. “I am gonna shot…Yes! Right down your hot throat!” I felt him thrust his cock forward and the warm stickiness splash against my tonsils. While Sylvan backed up to recover from his orgasm Jason pulled his cock out of my wet snatch leaving me feeling totally empty.

“Here, let me get on my back and hover that sweet ass over my cock.” He told me as he turned me around facing away from him in the reverse cowgirl position. He took hold of his cock and aimed it at my needy ass. As he split my sphincter I started to cum again. I intensified the orgasm by rubbing my clit hard as I sat down on his cock. His cock felt awesome in my cunt but the filling feeling I was experiencing in my ass was spectacular. I started to rock my hips as I became lost in the wonderful feeling.

Sylvan worn out from probably the best blow job he had ever had decided to join us back on the bed. He lowered his head and took my throbbing clit in his mouth. He then put two fingers deep in my pussy. I thought I found Shangri-La but little did I know I hadn’t even reached Buffalo yet. My cums came fast and strong as Sylvan inserted two more fingers. It was if they were reaching for a prize deep inside me, heck if I didn’t know better he could’ve been actually jerking his friend through the thin membrane separating my ass and cunt holes.

Next Sylvan did something to me I had never experienced before in my life. As Jason kept thrusting his monster in my now well worked ass, Sylvan inserted his entire fist up my cunt. He pushed it back and forth in my deep hole. Since Jason couldn’t see his buddy Sylvan gave him the play by play verbally.

“Holy fuck man, I have my whole hand up her snatch. I am fist fucking her man!” He yelled. This talk only spurred Jason on more and he drove his cock faster in my hot asshole. The double filling put me completely over the edge sending me into the most intense orgasm of my life.

“SHIT YES, KEEP FISTING ME! OH GOD! OH GOD! A COCK IN MY ASS AND A FIST UP MY CUNT! YES I’M CUUUMMMMMIIINGGGG!!!!!” I howled as I erupted sending a fountain of love juice sailing through the air and into Sylvan’s face.

My screaming drove Jason to his end and his monster cock erupted sending rope after rope of hot cum deep in my bowels. Feeling his sizzling seed blasting my rectum sent me on my final orgasmic trip.

The three of us exhausted lay in a heap on my bed, panting from the workout. A few minutes later the men got up and got dressed and thanked me for the wonderful night. I was so satisfied I could barely tell them, “Anytime!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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