A Friend Ass Fucked by Daddy

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A Friend Ass Fucked by Daddy
Dad was always providing guidance and support for my friends and me as we grew up. Many were from broken homes where the father figure was missing in their lives and he fulfilled many dreams that they would not have had otherwise. Seldom did a night go by that I had not managed to invite some wayward teen home. Most were my age but that varied, some older and some younger, but always the same premise, they had nowhere to go and no one to turn to for help.

This evening was no exception. I had seen Sophie many times before and spoken to her at school as well. Her mother was an alcoholic did not seem to notice that her daughter had not been home for several days. She was dirty; her clothing was ragged and barely covered her budding body when I invited her home with me. Mom immediately began fussing over her and hauled her off to the bathroom for a shower hollering for me to get some clothing for her to wear. I was amazing how different she looked in clean clothing that actually accentuated her figure. Dad was quick to note how lovely Sophie looked and began fawning all over her.

Bedtime came for us, we were packed off to bed and a set of sheets, and blankets were spread on the couch. Dad was sitting in his easy chair watching TV as Sophie made her way to the couch. He started to turn the volume down and she told him it was OK the sound would help lull her to sleep. She stood by the couch with her back to Daddy, and pulled her jeans off standing in only panties and her top. She pulled the blanket around herself and sat on the couch watching TV telling him she was not sleepy just yet.

Dad did his best to keep his eyes on the TV screen, but the sight of her little panties and her shapely bottom had definitely caught his attention. Out of the corner of his eyes, he watched her pull her top and bra off in one motion, letting the blanket fall down around her waist. Dad’s eyes widened as she started running her hands over her breasts openly with him watching. His robe was tented up at his crotch as his cock stiffened hard from glancing over at the girl.

Dad’s chair sits right alongside the couch and Sophie’s hand reached under his robe and started rubbing his cock. She smiled and licked her lips, turning and leaning across the end of the couch; giggling she parted his robe.

“Umm…. Mr. Wonder,” Sophie murmured as her face lowered to his now erect cock. Her lips opened slightly and she grasped his cock tightly in her little hands began licking and kissing it lightly up one side and down the other. He squirmed but she onto his cock tightly looking at it closely.

She reached for his hand and put it on her breasts and slowly opened her mouth wider and enveloped his cock with her tongue licking at his sensitive underside. He started moaning as he took his other hand began running it thru her hair gently. He fondled her small almost unnoticed breasts feeling the pert nipples standing straight up. She bobbed up and down on his cock, slurping and drooling heavily for several minutes without stopping.

Sophie’s ass was high in the air on the couch and looked so inviting wiggling as she blew Dad. I crept behind the couch peeking at her little hairless slit and tiny brown button as my fingers went to my pussy rubbing it. I was already wet from watching her perform on Dad and seeing how I knew he enjoyed blowjobs. As I got alongside Sophie’s body, he spied me crawling with my titties hanging down under my nighty.

He smiled and gave me a thumbs-up; I do not know if it was because I had brought Sophie home with me or because she was blowing him. Either way, he was enjoying it. He nodded at me and with his eyes invited me to get behind the little girl’s ass.

I could see Sophie’s pussy glistening with her own juices and there were tiny droplets just barely hanging onto her labia lips. I slipped carefully behind her and my tongue licked the droplets of her nectar touching her labia as I did.

She was startled and almost jerked her head up to look but Dad’s hand pushed her deep down on his cock holding her as she gagged on him. My tongue traced her labia along the outside as I kissed her sweetness the whole time. She managed to turn some even with Dad holding her and looked toward me. She could not see anything beyond my legs and ass bent over the edge of the couch and my head was buried between her legs.

The more I licked her, the wetter she became and soon her buttocks were bouncing up and down, pushing back on my face more and more. She was also enjoying my tongue just as she appeared to be enjoying my Dad’s cock buried in her throat. I felt her quiver slightly and a gush of her cum flowed out into my mouth, which I lapped and swallowed tasting its sweetness.

Spreading Sophie’s ass cheeks open, kissing her soft moons, dipping my fingers into her pussy, I bathed her anus with her own juices. Running my fingers around the brown starry hole watching it clutch closed tightly, I slipped a finger into its darkness.

“Oh God,” immediately a deep, low groan escaped from her mouth and she began vigorously sucking his cock with abandon as I pushed my finger deeper into her asshole. She pushed back against my finger hard and my finger was suddenly buried completely inside her.

“Daddy, I think Sophie likes me fingering her asshole. Did you hear her groan with pleasure when I stuffed it into her?” Dad nodded ‘Yes’ and continued matching her down strokes with his cock. “I bet she wants your cock in her ass Daddy,” smiling as I said it.

Sophie’s head went all the way down on his cock, and as she pulled back, she clearly whispered, “Yes, Fuck my ass Daddy, please.” Dad’s face cracked with a smile so wide hearing Sophie begging ‘Daddy’ to fuck her ass. He caressed her head and hair gently lifted her mouth off his cock.

I got up and sat atop the back of the couch, spreading my legs wide and exposed my pussy to Sophie as she straightened up to finally see that it was me that had been fingering her ass. Her eyes locked on my pussy and in an instant, she had her head between my legs, kissing and licking my pussy. I ran my fingers thru her hair and tickled her ears and neck, smiling and enjoying her tongue on my already wet pussy.

“Sophie, I was jealous seeing you suck my Daddy’s cock and I wanted to spank your ass and pull you off of him, but he was enjoying what you were doing so much, I could not do it,” I spoke quietly and slow. “Seeing him smile like that when you called him ‘Daddy’ was truly wonderful. Did you mean it when you begged for him to fuck your ass?”

“Yes, I want to feel his big cock going into my ass. I want him to shoot his cum deep inside. I know I cannot get pregnant if he fucks my ass,” she looked seductively over at Daddy licking her lips and reaching back spreading her ass cheeks wide for him to see.

Dad moved behind her and slipped his cock in her wet pussy. It slid in easily and he pumped it deep a few times. He pulled it out and her sticky wet cum was dripping off his cock, and I watched him position his cock at her brownie, pressing the tip against it. She eagerly started lapping at my pussy again while holding her ass wide open for him.

“Daddy, this must be a dream for you. You know I do not let you fuck my ass, but now we have Sophie, and she WANTS you to fuck her ass. Fuck her Daddy! Fuck her hard and fast like you wanted to do to me all this time.”

The smile on his face was priceless as he slowly let the tip of his cock slide into her ass. He paused with only the tip inside as she grimaced slightly at the insertion, but in just a few seconds, she was pushing back on his cock, burying it inch by inch deeper inside her. She pulled back almost letting it come completely out of her ass, then pushed again, until finally his pubic hairs were flat against her buns.

Sophie was moaning against my pussy as Dad started to pump her ass, in and out, slowly at first, enjoying the tightness of her little hole. I watched and clearly saw his cock disappear and reappear as he slowly started to hump her ass. The sight of his cock going in her caused me to orgasm on her tongue and my knees clamped her head tightly against my pussy.

I could feel her face rock into my pussy as Dad’s cock rammed in and out of her asshole. Soon there was a flurry of strokes of the cock and Dad’s balls began slapping against her pussy as he pounded her. I knew my Dad well, and recognized that he was squirting his cum loads deep inside Sophie, as she wanted.

Dad slumped over onto Sophie’s back when his cock stopped spurting. Sophie lapped at my cum soaked pussy with her tongue, licking all my nectar into her mouth and swallowed it all before she raised her head and spoke.

“God Frolic, Daddy’s cum felt like a torch was burning inside me, I felt it, hot and wonderful. If I keep calling him ‘Daddy’, do you think he will fuck me in the ass again,” she whispered to me.

“Even when he slipped his cock in my pussy, that was pure ecstasy, but my asshole, I cannot tell you how great it was.” She was still rocking slowly with his cock still inside her ass as she spoke until it plopped out and semen streamed down her legs onto the leather couch.

“Sophie, he will fuck your ass anytime you want it. You will only have to bend over in front of him and he will take you. That is what he does to me, fucks me all the time. I’m so glad you were here to give him what I would not.”

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