A Fucked Up Modern Family

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Haley brushed her short skirt and flicked her long brown hair nervously as she approached her grandfather’s plush, expensive house. She was preparing herself for the pitch of her young, 18 year old life. Getting this right would score her a car and she wouldn’t have had to work for it at all. All she had to do was convince Jay Eldritch that she was worth spending the cash on.

Her heart sunk a little as she reached the front door and heard her grandfather’s wife’s voice screech out. That was Gloria, a Colombian model, who was only twenty years older than Haley and had a figure to die for and boy, didn’t she know it. She had married Jay just over a year ago and shaken the whole family up. That she was a gold digging, trophy wife there was little doubt but Jay didn’t seem to know or care. All of a sudden Gloria was the most important person in his life much to the chagrin of most of the rest of the family.

“Jay! Baby! Where are you?”

The Colombian heavily accented voice shrilly rang through the house as she stomped up the stairs.

“In here honey, just coming out of the shower.”

Jay was in his sixties now and although he couldn’t measure up to the man he was thirty years ago he was still in pretty good shape. Had to be to keep up with his whip smart wife. He stood looking at his reflection in the full-length mirror just outside their en suite bathroom and rubbed his naked body dry. He turned as Gloria entered the room and once more smiled to himself that he was with such a fucking hot woman. Gloria was five foot eight, had the perfect brown, tanned skin colour, huge red lips, big dark eyes, beautiful dark brown hair and the single most amazing cleavage known to man. She was in high heels and a stunning short red dress as she answered and as always gave her older husband and immediate erection. With a chuckle Jay let his towel drop to his feet and smirked at his wife.

She returned the smirk but quickly moved past him to rake through her dresser table. He didn’t read the snub or chose to ignore it and came up behind her and threw his arms around her waist and hugged her.

“How’s about you get naked too baby? As you can see Little Jay down here’s aching to see you.”

“Oh Jay! Get off! I don’t have the time! Where are they/ Where are my earrings?”

“Gloria? Honey? They are in your ears.”

“Not those ones! Get off! I don’t have time! I am meeting Salma in twenty minutes and I am late already.”

Salma was a fellow Latin beauty and she and Gloria met up every week for a coffee and a shop and a gossip. Jay knew that but still he persisted, he was horny as fuck and needed a release.

“Oh come on Gloria! We haven’t had sex in a week! How about a quickie, or even a blow job? How about that? You haven’t given me one for ages, since we married!”

His voice was whiny and needy and Gloria shot him a look that left no doubt that Jay had no chance. Then she found the jewellery she was looking for and stormed out of the bedroom and seconds later was in her sports car zooming out of the drive. She never noticed their step-grandaughter Haley hiding behind a cupboard in the hall outside the bedroom. Suddenly Haley knew how she would get that car.

Haley was a vain, go ahead girl that would do pretty much anything to get what she wanted. She had a lithe, sexy, elfin figure and always dressed to accentuate that, much to her mum and Dad’s concerns. But she was at college now and could dress and act how she liked. Licking her lips she stepped into the bedroom and saw her grandfather still towelling himself off and muttering about his young wife. Haley didn’t waste time getting to her point.

“I’ll give you a blow job. Give you anything you want if you buy me a car.”

Jay turned and looked shocked and surprised at his eldest granddaughter. He knew this was all kinds of wrong but with his dick still stiff he wasn’t thinking straight.

“Haley! What are you doing here? What? What did you say?”

Haley was a confident young woman, knowledgeable already of how simple controlling men was and she just assumed her Grandad was the same. She stepped nearer him, moving sexily, her tongue extended out of her mouth and licked seductively along her lips. Keeping her eyes wide and innocent she stared at him as she slowly dropped to her knees beside the bed Jay sat on and in a smooth motion she reached out to stroke his dick as she repeated.

“I said I’ll give you a blow job, güvenilir bahis if that’s what you want. If you’ll buy me a car.”

Jay’s thick dick twitched in Haley’s hand and she smiled. He stared at her as if looking at her for the first time. Clearly his mind was working overtime and weighing up all the rights and wrongs of this and just as he seemed ready to reason with her she leaned forward and carefully licked along the slick length of his cock.

“No one needs to know. It’ll just be our little secret.”

“Haley, I …”

She did not allow him to get any further, her finger moving up to tweak his lips closed as her own pert, eager lips opened and engulfed his stiff, raging hard on. Her head bobbed forward and suddenly his whole shaft was buried in Haley’s mouth, it’s tip pressing against the back of her throat, she was deep throating him!

Her eyes opened even wider and stared up at him, enticing, seducing and with that all argument left him and he lay back on the bed and allowed his grand daughter to blow him in this heavenly fashion. She did all the work, her hungry mouth working overtime to draw his cum out. Her tongue licked the length of his shaft time after time, sometime inside her mouth other times outside. She took each of his big, hairy, heavy balls in her mouth and nibbled on them then started biting them before engulfing his dick again. Jay moaned out loud, mostly in pleasure but also partly in regret at not being strong enough to prevent it and as he felt his cum boil up inside his balls he started losing all control of his body.

Haley popped her Granddad’s dick from between her lips and smiled sweetly as it pulsed and throbbed then jerked into action spraying shot after shot of thick, creamy cum all over her beautiful, young features. When Jay found the courage to open his eyes it was to look at Haley’s face almost obliterated in his cum, line after line up and down her face, over her nose, eyes and mouth and even in her shiny brown hair. He couldn’t believe what he had just done.

Though on reflection as he looked down at his granddaughter wasn’t that exactly how her mother, Claire, had gotten her first car too?


“Come on Phil, give it to me hard!”

Demanded Gloria in her high pitched, annoying pidgin English accent as her step-son-in-law ploughed into her from behind on his family bed.

“Oh yes, that’s it Phil! That’s it! That’s so much better than Jay! You’re so much bigger than him!”

Phil grinned. He had never got along with his father in law and hearing his sexy new wife squealing as he fucked her doggy style gave him untold pleasure, not just because she was a hell of a lay but because it was Jay’s trophy wife too. Gloria knew that too and laid it on thick.

“Oh Yessss! Fuck me hard Phil!”

Of course Gloria was not shopping with her Latino friend, rather she was nude and kneeling on Phil and Claire’s bed getting a much needed seeing to. Being a nymphomaniac married to a guy in his sixties was not the easiest scenario for Gloria to deal with.

Phil pushed in further and did not hear the front door opening and closing as his wife (and Jay’s daughter) Claire arrived home after a PTA meeting.

“You would not believe the day I’ve had Phil” she called out as she hung up her coat and ascended the stairs.

Phil and Gloria did not hear Claire’s words so caught up were they in their dirty, nasty sex. So it was that Claire flung the bedroom door open and walked in on the two of them fucking like rabbits.

For a moment the fucking halted as they registered the new entrant and Phil’s face held fear at his wife’s return before she started shouting at him.

“Jesus Phil, couldn’t the two of you have waited for me? You know I like doing her from behind as well!”

“Sorry honey.”

Phil looked genuinely sorry that he had not waited for his nagging wife but damn Gloria’s ass was just too fine. Gloria glared with ill disguised hatred at Jay’s daughter (her step- daughter!), the ice cool blonde and the flirty Latino had exact opposite temperaments and open disliked each other but that didn’t stop them indulging in some of the hottest sex imaginable. Claire hauled off her clothing and rustled in her drawer until she came out with her large, black strap on dildo.

“Just let me get this on Phil then how about you move around and stick your dick in her mouth – the bitch will probably scream the house down once türkçe bahis I get this thing going.”

Gloria glared up at the blonde and spat at her, her saliva fortunately landing on the tip of the plastic dick. The atmosphere was thick and Phil could barely contain himself as he plucked his dick from Gloria’s sopping pussy and hurried around the bed to offer it up to the hot blooded Colombian’s amazing bee stung red lips. She sucked him all the way into her mouth and swirled her tongue around his piss hole. But her wide eyes never left Claire’s daring her all the time. Claire stared at the saliva dripping off her fake cock and exploded once her husband was in Gloria’s gob.

“You filthy South American cunt! How dare you spit in my house! Tell you what bitch, that’s going to be the only lubrication this fucking things going to get!”

And with that Claire got on the bed and mounted herself behind the shapely bum of her step mother (who was the same fucking age!) then she stabbed down and shoved her plastic dildo as far as she could into Gloria’s unsuspecting, tight asshole.

Gloria’s lips tightened hard around Phil’s shaft and his balls slapped on her chin and she let out an animalistic shout that was muffled by his manhood as Claire began to ass fuck her with relish. Her thin hands reached forward and hauled back on Gloria’s beautifully coiffured hair and forced herself deeper.

“Yeah How about that you Columbian skank! How’d you fucking like that?”

The truth was Gloria liked it just fine. She lived for treatment like this, being double fucked from both ends roughly was exactly what she needed. She squealed and writhed between husband and wife like the perfect piece of hot ass fuck meat.

And it was this scene that Haley spied though the crack at her parents bedroom door. She was just returned from Jay and Gloria’s house and securing her new car deal and still had the taste of her Granddad’s cum in her mouth as she watched her parents and step grandmother fucking like insane rabbits.

She kept herself nicely hidden and watched the sex filled spectacle from the relative safety of the door. She watched as her blonde mother hammered into Gloria from behind, fucking her with an unhealthy vigour. She watched as Gloria took each thrust like a champ and cursed back at her erstwhile daughter-in-law, goading her to go harder and faster, ramping up the stakes and very obviously loving this rough fucking. She watched as her father fed his hard dick (god he was pretty well hung!) straight from Gloria’s soaking wet cunt into her mouth and smiled as he struggled to keep it in there as her mother drilled the Colombian babe from behind.

They kept at it long enough until finally Phil came all over Gloria’s face and both women had come in screaming, raging eruptions of climaxes. Once they were down they quickly got dressed and acted like nothing had happened. By then Haley had crept downstairs and hidden herself away in the back seat of Gloria’s car. A new idea working it’s way through her scheming little mind.

Gloria emerged from her step daughter’s home minutes later looking as if she was just returning from a tea party. She waved goodbye to Claire and Phil and got into her car, reversed out of their drive and started to head home in the late afternoon sunshine. When she was stopped at the lights just down the road Haley popped up in the back seat and coughed making Gloria nearly jump right out of her skin.

“You know I bet Grandad doesn’t know he’s married to such an unfaithful, dirty bitch, does he?”

Haley’s voice was harsh and aggressive and Gloria was completely surprised by it.

“H-Haley! Darling, what are you doing back there? And why would you say such a thing?”

“Because I saw you, you unfaithful cunt! And with Mum and Dad too, eeeew! Man that is going to break Jay’s heart. And bang goes your lifestyle eh? I know Grandad had you sign a pre-nup.”

Gloria flicked her fringe nervously and slowed her car and pulled in beside a deserted kids play park.

“Listen Haley. I know what you think you saw but…”

“Shut it you cheating spic!”

Gloria had never cared for her snotty step-grand daughter and did so even less now but knew that she needed to make the teenager see sense.

“OK! OK! What do you want? I know you, you never do anything without a reason, eh? Always conniving and scheming. So what is it, eh?”

“It’s simple. Which is good news for güvenilir bahis siteleri a dumb bimbo like you. I want two things in return for not telling Jay what a cheating, dirty, filthy skank whore he is married to. First, he has this afternoon agreed to buy me a car, you will insist that he gets me an even better model than he has agreed to. At least another $10,000 better. Secondly, you are going drive up to Hellion’s Point and get back here and let me show you why I am the dominant woman in this fucking family bitch!”


Less than fifteen minutes later the car was parked in a deserted spot on the hill that overlooked the city. In the back, hidden my the dark tinted windows, Haley was laying on the back seat with her short skirt rolled up around her waist and no sign of her knickers.

“Oh! That’s it you old cunt, that’s the spot! Yes! Keep licking!”

Haley demanded of her step-Gradmother as she held onto her dark hair and forced Gloria’s face deep into the soaking wet folds of her teenage pussy. The worst thing for Gloria was being called “old” by Haley, the word stung her and hurt her more than anything else. And yet Gloria could not deny that she was getting off on this too. Despite the fact Haley was a stuck up little bitch with an ill disguised hared for Gloria, the older Latino woman was wet now herself purely from being blackmailed and having to service this dirty little tart.

Unseen by Haley, Gloria’s right hand reached down and began to stroke her sore (from her fucking at the hands of Haley’s parents!) pussy and began to tease it towards yet another climax.

“Come on you old dog, work your tongue harder, make me cum all over your ugly fucking face!”

Gloria snarled and for all the world wanted to open her mouth and bite down on the cheeky bitch’s cunt and see what she thought of that. But instead she doubled the efforts of her tongue, doing just what young Haley was demanding.

Despite the size of the car it was a little cramped back there and the windows were steaming up quickly. But with both females’ pussies getting some frantic action neither noticed nor cared. Increasing the rate her right hand rubbed at her own cunt Gloria also lifted her left hand and began to probe away at Haley’s tight teenage asshole while she licked it hard also.

“Oh yes!” squealed the horny teenager.

Then with a pushed Gloria pushed her forefinger up and into her anus while her thumb also pushed in a small way at the bottom of Haley’s pussy, that combined with the effects of her tongue was enough to send the young woman over the edge and with her arms thrashing, her legs shaking and unable to hold in a deep, animalistic cry Haley exploded from her cunt covering Gloria’s face with her hot juices.

Gloria blinked and coughed at her fluis that had just coated her face and shot down her throat and seeing her condition made Haley laugh out loud, then she noticed Gloria had been playing with herself.

“Hey! Stop that you old cow! I didn’t say you could enjoy it did I?”

Gloria was furious but somehow managed to tear her hand away from her cunt, knowing that Haley still held the power of information over her, she could tell Jay all about her afternoon liaisons and Gloria knew there would be only one loser in that argument – her. She ended up kneeling on the floor of the back seat pouting. Haley smirked and patted her like a pet.

“You want to finish yourself off? Well you can do it outside!”

Gloria glared at Haley but knew that would not change her mind and damn she did feel the need for one last orgasm that day. Gritting her teeth she spat out a ‘fine’ and got out of the car and knelt on the grass beside the vehicle and resumed her masturbation at a frantic rate, aroused by the though tht she was doing this in the outdoors and could be discovered at any point. It didn’t take her long before she was climaxing herself, grunting and panting as she came all over a flower. She had her eyes screwed shut in intense concentration until she heard a click and looked up to discover Haley was out of the car too and recorded it on her mobile.

“Heh. Wait ’til I post this one.”

“Haley! You better not, I can’t…”

“Well you’d better make sure I get my fucking car then hadn’t you, you dumb slut. Now drive me home you spic bitch.”

And with that Haley smiled to herself at another great day for her. Gloria meanwhile got dressed, got into the car and took off. All the time she drove she was imagining doing all sorts of things to her step-granddaughter and knowing that she was determined enough and crazy enough that she would eventually get to do them. Payback would be a bitch for Haley all right…

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