A Girl-Girl Photo Session

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When I finally screw up the courage to enter the bedroom Tina is waiting for me. Her camera is ready on a tripod. A couple of lamps bounced off the walls provide soft, even light. My eyes go to the bed.

“So what am I supposed to do?”

“Relax, for a start.”

“I am relaxed.”

“Oh yeah?” She grins at me as though she knows me better than I think. And of course she does. I pull the towelling bathrobe I’m wearing around me more securely.

“Just feels a bit weird, you know…”

“Sure it does. But it’s okay, it’s just the two of us. No-one else’ll be looking.”

“Other people will see the photos. You said so.”

“It’s a class exercise for school, that’s all. I only have to show the lecturer. As far as she’s concerned you’re just another body.” I’m not mollified. Why did I allow her to talk me into this? Meanwhile she pours a glass of wine and presses it into my hand. I take a large swallow. She takes it back and does the same, then hands it back again, leaving a lipstick smear on the rim. I drain the glass, feeling the alcohol go to my head immediately. Then I try one last time to back out …

“I haven’t even done my bikini line.”

“I don’t care about your bikini line. This is art, not a Playboy shoot. Now, how about losing the robe.” What the hell, I think, taking a deep breath – we used to take baths together when we were little kids, after all. I untie the robe and shrug it off.

“The idea is you’re supposed to be naked.” Because I’m wearing a white bra and panties underneath. I cross my arms defiantly.

“I am – nearly.”

“Okay,” says Tina, humouring me, “we’ll start like this then. God, you look like a virgin ready for sacrifice. How about lying on the bed?” I do as I’m told while she fiddles with focus and aperture and peers through the lens.

“Lift your left arm … put it behind your head.” I obey. Tina snaps.

“Good … another one with the other arm …” She moves the tripod slightly, refocuses and takes another shot. This is how it goes for several minutes, Tina giving me curt orders, me doing what I’m told, she snapping and muttering to herself. I begin to relax – it’s not so hard after all.

Then Tina removes the camera from the tripod and crouches, looking for another angle. I notice her short dress riding up her tanned thighs, exposing her red knickers. I didn’t know she wore red underpants. Surprised at myself for looking I glance away and think about something else.

*** Fifteen minutes later. I take a break and sip more wine while Tina reloads the camera yet again.

“Let’s get rid of the bra, huh?” I hesitate for a moment – I was hoping she’d given up on that idea. But I did promise her, so I get up, turn my back and unclip the bra, tossing it on top of the discarded robe. Then I turn back to Tina, arms crossed.

“Come on, let me see.” Self-consciously I lower my arms, resting my hands on my hips.

“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? You’re beautiful, you know. Let me get this down on film … Just stand like that …” She crouches, moves in and photographs me, head and shoulders, following up with several different angles.

“Hands on head.” I hook my hands behind my head, making my heavy breasts jut.

“Good. Okay, back on the bed please.” She takes the camera from the tripod once more and I recline on the bed again in a mermaid pose.

“How’s this?” Feeling like a pro now.

Tina takes a couple of full shots.

“Relax your legs. You look like you’re trying to crack walnuts between your knees.” It takes a conscious effort but I do so, opening my legs a few centimetres.

“More.” I ease my knees apart a couple of centimetres further.

Impatiently Tina leans forward and grabs my knees, bending one up and the other at right angles, effectively spreading my legs wide apart.

“Tina, that’s obscene!” I close my legs firmly, like a Venus fly trap.

“Let me be the judge. Open wide.” Reluctantly I open up again.

As Tina looks through the viewfinder I glance down; the shadow of my dark pubic hair is plainly visible through the panties.

“God, yalova escort bayan you can see my pubes -” Indeed, a spray of dark curls is visible on my inner thighs, either side of the panty gusset.

“It’s cute. I like it.” She takes a series of photographs, moving closer each time. Until she is virtually crouching between my legs.

“Close your eyes.” I don’t know why but I do so. Tina takes my limp right hand and places it over my pubic mound.

“There, now you’re decent.” She concentrates on taking a few more shots.

“How are you feeling?” I know what’s coming: “Okay, I guess …”

“Ready to lose the knickers?”

“Must I?”

“The exercise is called The Nude. You want me to fail it?” No I don’t want her to fail. So I stand and walk away from her. With an almost violent gesture I shove my pants down to my ankles and step out of them. But I remain facing away.


“Nice. Hold it -” On her knees she moves closer and frames a shot of my bottom.

“You’re not photographing my big bum. Tina!”

“Voluptuous is what you are. Turn around. Let’s see your map of Tasmania. Don’t be shy.” No doubt addled by the wine I do a pirouette and adopt a Venus-like pose, facing her.

“Great …. beautiful.” I can tell she’s training her lens on the luxuriant, untrimmed triangle of black hair beneath my tummy.

“Come on, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”

“That’s what I call a real bush. All I’ve got are a few wisps of blonde fluff.”

“I’ll photograph you for comparison if you like.”

“Why not?” Which I wasn’t expecting. She lowers her camera and grins at me.

“Strike a few poses for me, sweetie.” It’s a funny thing, but standing there with no clothes on I suddenly realise I feel liberated. I like it that she’s looking at me, scowling through her camera. So I adopt a series of extravagant poses, peeking over my shoulder at her, cupping my breasts provocatively, coyly covering my crotch then exposing myself again mischievously ….

And then a thought intrudes on my muzzy brain. What does Tina look like without her clothes?

“My turn, Tina. Let me do some nudes of you.” She lowers the camera, apparently giving it serious thought. “I’m not as pretty as you …”

“Don’t backchat me,” I bully her, “get your gear off.” *** Wrapped in my robe (but otherwise naked), Tina gives me a crash course in using her Pentax. When she’s satisfied I’m competent she turns around and asks me to unzip her dress. She slips it off her shoulders and steps out of it, leaving only her red G string.

“I didn’t know you wore G strings.”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me. Sexy, isn’t it?” She shows off the bare cheeks of her bottom, then thumbs the skimpy thing to the carpet and steps out of them.

“You’ve got a lovely body, Tina.”

“I wish I had more up top, like you.”

“Wait until they sag.”

“So, where do you want me?” I have no firm ideas. “How about lying on the bed.” Tina crawls onto the bed, rolls over, leans back and relaxes.

“How’s this?” I kneel at the foot of the bed, lining up the camera.

“Okay …. this is nice, I can get all of you in shot.” I press the shutter release and wind on. Easy. “I’ll go a bit closer, okay?” I move in, squatting at Tina’s feet. Through the lens I see her eyes drop below frame. I realise my robe and thighs are open; she’s looking at my exposed crotch. I modestly adjust myself, bringing my knees together.

“What’s in frame?” asks Tina.

“Ahh … your head down to mid thighs. Lovely. Hold it -” But instead of holding the pose she idly runs a hand over her breast. I look up from the viewfinder, waiting for her to stop moving.

“It’s okay. Take one of me doing this.” I realise she has teased her nipple to full erection. She moves her hand to her other breast and plays with the nipple. She looks at me through the camera with a small, open-mouthed smile. I don’t know how to respond so I just take the shot.

“Good?” I don’t know how to reply. “Mmmn. Great.”

“Can you see my yalova escort pubes?”

“Uhuh. Just. In the bottom of frame.

Tina places her free hand on her belly, her fingers just touching her honey-coloured curls.

“How’s this?”

“Great.” I wind on and take another shot.

She lets her legs sag open a little, and her hand steals between them, covering her pubis.

I say nothing – can’t say anything. I become aware my head is throbbing and I feel flushed. Too much wine, I guess.

“What’s the matter? We out of film?” We’re not; I stir myself and take another photograph.

Now Tina draws her knees up and opens them wide. If not for her masking hand she would be exposing herself shamelessly to the camera. And me.

“That’s not very graceful, Tina.”

“Is it sexy?” I try a casual laugh. “Actually it looks like you’re playing with yourself.” Then, “I can’t photograph you doing that.”

“Why not? I’m paying for the film stock.” I keep my eyes fixed to the viewfinder. Licking my dry lips I take another full shot.

“Take some close-ups of me? Please?”

“Sure. Head and shoulders, okay? Smile …” She licks her lips too, and gives me an imploring look.

“How about crotch instead? I put the camera on the bed. “You want me to photograph … your crotch? In close-up?” Tina nods.


“I just do. Please?” I try another laugh, embarrassed.

“Sounds a bit kinky for me, Tina.” She pulls her knees together and sinks her chin on them, suddenly a picture of dejection. “I’m sorry.” For some unfathomable reason I immediately regret disappointing her.

“Well … like you said, it’s your film.” God, what am I saying?

“You mean you will? Fantastic!” She grins, I grin back. What’s the matter with me? Tina leans back again, spreading her knees wide apart. Her vaginal lips are revealed for the world to see. I swallow hard and bend my eye to the camera once more.

“How close is close-up?”

“Close enough to count hairs.” I think What The Hell again and move right in, leaning on the end of the bed, virtually between her legs. When I sharpen the focus and zoom in I realise I could count the honey blonde hairs covering her mound if I wanted. Her pussy lips look pink and moist. My God, I can even see the nub of her clitoris peeking out from its hood!

“What does it look like?”

“You’re not showing these to your lecturer, I hope.” I take the shot, wind on and take another.

Tina’s pelvis moves involuntarily, in a coital motion.

“Hey,” I object, ” stop wriggling or you’ll be all blurred.”

“Sorry … this is turning me on.”

“Being photographed?”

“Uhuh. But only ‘cos it’s you.” I don’t how to reply. Is she saying what I think she’s saying? To cover my confusion I move to the side to get another angle.

Meanwhile Tina’s right hand moves to her crotch. She begins kneading herself. I freeze – there’s no doubt now what she’s doing.

“It’s okay. Keep snapping. Please …” I look at her face; her mouth is open, her eyes half shut, her left hand is stroking her breasts.

I put my eye to the viewfinder again and photograph the hand pressing and stroking the golden pubic mound filling the frame.

“Can’t wait to see them developed,” she pants, “How about you?” I murmur something unintelligible. Then she slips her middle finger between her labia. I forget to press the shutter and just watch, dry-mouthed. The probing finger emerges wetly, then lubricates the clitoris.

Tina moans softly. “Can you see my clit?”

“Um, yes ….,” I clear my constricted throat, “Yes I can.” Now Tina’s left hand joins her right. Spreading her lips, she reveals her vaginal opening to the camera.

“Don’t you ever fantasize about doing this for the camera?”

“No … I don’t know …”

“Sometimes when I masturbate I imagine there’s a whole film crew watching.” Her fingers are working busily on her clitoris now.

It’s so warm in the bedroom I have to stand and shuck off the heavy towelling robe. Suddenly my own nakedness seems of escort yalova no account. I pick up the camera again, squat by the bedside and take more close-ups.

“Tina, slow down. Can you slip a finger inside? That’s good. Hold it.” She does as I say. But her attention is plainly on her clit and returns to it immediately. The rolling and bucking of her hips becomes increasingly vigorous. I realise she’s having an orgasm in front of my eyes about the same time I discover I’m all out of film.

So I put the camera down and, from a distance of less than a metre, just watch my friend bring herself off. As the last wave of her orgasm subsides and she lies back, panting, I discover my right hand is wedged between my thighs, my thumb pressing against my crotch.

“I ran out of film. Sorry.” She laughs, panting, “We’ll reload … then it’s your turn.”

“For what?”

“I’m going to shoot you doing the same thing.” She rolls off the bed and looks for a fresh roll of film.

“No, Tina, I couldn’t -” She turns back to me, grabs my shoulders and pushes me backwards onto the bed. For a split second our breasts touch – I have a fleeting sense of her hard little nipple brushing mine …

What can I do? I lie back on the bed and watch her change rolls. Without being consciously aware of what I’m doing (that’s my excuse) I touch the nipple that brushed hers. Larger and darker than Tina’s, it stiffens as I stroke it.

“Don’t start without me, hon.”

“You better hurry then,” I reply. With a rush of guilty pleasure I realise I want to masturbate in front of her. For her. I have never even told another living soul I masturbate never mind let them watch me, and now I want to do it for my girlfriend!

“Okay, hon. Ready when you are.” Tina climbs onto the end of the bed and positions herself at my feet.

“Tina, what are we going to do with these pictures?”

“Whatever you want – keep them in your bedside drawer, post them on the internet …”

“And let strangers download them?”

“Why not?” Tina replies, “Let the whole world see how beautiful we are.” I think on that for a few moments … I find I like the idea. Then I let my knees fall open, keeping my feet together. “How’s that?” Tina adjusts herself and leans even closer.

“Oh wow. Stroke this gorgeous pussy for me. Please ….” I move my bottom slightly, open my thighs a little further, then trail the fingers of my right hand between the pink folds of my labia. My lips part like a hermetic seal. Inside I’m as wet and warm and I knew I would be …

***** The covers fall off my bed, disturbed by my writhing legs, causing me to wake up. With a keen sense of disappointment I realise the photo session was nothing but a dream.

Wearing a sweat-soaked singlet and moist panties I lie there, breathing deeply, trying to remember the juicy details.

I become aware my right hand is wedged between my thighs. I remove it, resting it on the pillow near my face. The scent on my fingers drifts into my nostrils … I sniff them, as always appreciating the smell of my aroused pussy.

I roll onto my back and stare at the ceiling, imagining my friend Tina’s body, naked, sexually aroused … I haven’t seen her in many years but I still have a crazy, adolescent crush on her.

Glancing at the bedside clock I discover I’ve got fifteen minutes before I have to get up. I lift my hips and shove my damp knickers off with a swift gesture. Legs part, my right hand returns to its snug home between my thighs, caressing the flesh hidden by the dark nest of curls.

I lift my knees and opens my legs even wider, losing myself in erotic fantasy. Soon the wet, squishy noises I’m making and my accelerated breathing drown out the sounds of the house.

Which explains why I fail to hear the footsteps approaching my door and the soft knock until it’s too late.

My 18-year-old daughter walks in with a mug of tea and a smile on her sweet face. Oh-oh! Mortified and embarrassed by the sight of me in the throes of solo passion she about-faces and marches out without a word. I don’t get a chance to say anything.

I feel I should throw something on and go after her to explain myself. To somehow put it right. But my need is too great. So I lie back instead and resume playing with my pussy and imagining what it would be like to kneel in front of Tina, part her tanned thighs and lick her delectable cunt.

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