A Girls Night In Pt. 01: Lost in a Moment

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.



Katherine Bennett took her divorce hard. Left with a young child and a mountain of debts, Katherine threw herself into her work. Katherine became successful, though at a cost. While in her business life, she became wealthy and much sort after. In her personal life she had never recovered from her divorce. And it was only now, all these years later, with her daughter’s nervous breakdown, she knew she had failed as a mother. Katherine decided that she had to change her life, for the sake of her daughter. Only, Katherine could never have known how what she had planned would change their relationship and lives!

The Thought

Katherine was washing up the breakfast dishes, wondering what sort of day would follow. It had be over 2 weeks since she had received a phone call, from the University in Canterbury, advising her to come and pick up Cassey, her sedated daughter.

Cassey had only lasted 4 months, before she had her breakdown. Though, it wasn’t through the course work, it was because she had to be with other people.

When Katherine tried to talk to Cassey or suggested that she talk to someone about it. But it always ended in a shouting match, with Cassey running from the room, in tears. Worst of all, only a couple of days ago, Katherine had found out what was problem.

Katherine was an independent Accountant. She worked from home and had turned the spare room into her office. She had been working when Cassey walked in and sat next her, as she used to. After about 10 minutes Cassey asked if she could help out. Katherine had no problem with that, her work was one thing she hadn’t had any problems talking to Cassey about. So, she handed Cassey a couple of accounts that needed sorting.

It wasn’t too long before Katherine noticed that Cassey was not crying or sitting silently, staring into the distance. In a state of calm and peacefulness, she was quietly carried on with her work. It suddenly hit Katherine. “I’ve turned her into another me!” Katherine wanted to cry. What had she done?

Though, it wasn’t until Katherine was alone in her bedroom (that night), that she finally succumbed to the tears. All through dinner Cassey and been asking her questions, about her work. Katherine should have been happy that her daughter had finally found something to be enthusiastic about, or that this was one of those “Mother and Daughter” moments. But, all she could feel was guilt.

Thoughts ran through her head “She had to help Cassey, to change her life.” But Cassey didn’t want help. Katherine could hear the world outside stirring. She looked at her alarm clock, it 5:23, she had spent the whole night thinking about Cassey. The words “she has to change” kept echoing in her thoughts. Katherine suddenly thought, “Perhaps, I’m the one who has to change?” Yes! She liked that idea. She could help Cassey, by making Cassey think, that she’s the one, who’s doing the helping!

Katherine’s mind went into overdrive, as she formed a plan…

Setting the Plan

Katherine was already cooking breakfast, by the time Cassey walked into the kitchen. After her excitement from the day before, the evening she spent alone in her bedroom, had started the return of her melancholy mood.

“Why the fry up, it’s only Tuesday?” Cassey inquired.

“Do I need a reason, to do something special?” Her Mother replied, as she started on her own breakfast.

“Yes, you do, Mum. You don’t like breaking your routine.” Cassey replied. It was obvious that she wasn’t going to let up, until she knew what her Mother was up to.

“Well, since you’ll not be finishing your business course.” Cassey looked down and became very still. “Well, why not work with me, while you sort yourself out.”

Cassey looked up, not sure what to make of it.

“I’m serious. You know a bit about accountancy, you enjoy it, don’t you?” Katherine asked.

“I do like it. When I’m working, I just forget all my problems.” Cassey finally answered.

“Cassey, you’re 20 years old and you get excited by accountancy, that’s not natural!” Katherine said in mock concern.

Cassey laughed, but gave her Mother a “whatever” look.

“Though, I’d like you to help me with something.” Katherine held breath, wondering how her daughter would take the news.

“What Mum?” Cassey’s mood darkened.

“Oh, nothing really, I’ve applied for a self help course and I just wonder if you’ll help me do it?” Cassey sat stone still at her Mothers revelation. So Katherine did the only thing she could think of, infantile pleading; “Please, please, please, go on, say you will!”

Finally Cassey gave in and agreed. To which, she was shocked, when she saw her Mother sprang up from her chair and jumped on the spot, clapping her hands excitedly.

“Mum, you’re too enthusiastic, now that’s not natural!” Katherine smiled at her daughters humour. “It may not be her best, but just the thought of change has improved her mood.” güvenilir bahis She thought to herself.

The morning went smoothly, with Cassey concentrating on the work, before her, only stopping to ask her mother the odd question, here and there. While her mother studied her daughter as her worked. Ready to answer any question, whilst checking for any signs of her daughter’s dark mood. All the while, thinking through her plan. Hoping that her plan could help change her daughter’s life, for the better, forever.

By lunch time, Katherine excused herself, as she had to go and meet a new client. Half an hour later, Katherine returned to say her good bye. Though, she was surprised that her daughter looked at her in shock. In front of Cassey was not her mother, dressed in the normal baggy jeans and baggy jumper. But, a beautiful women, dressed (dare she think it) sexily in a blouse and skirt.

“Mum…” It was as if Cassey was trying to find the words to fit her thoughts. “You are sure that this Client knows you’re only after his account?”

Katherine left the house beaming, at her daughter’s reactions perhaps this was a change she could use to her benefit. But first, she had to visit her client, after her visit to the post office.

The Plan Week 1

Thursday morning started with a fry up. Katherine had started to ask Cassey what breakfast she wanted. Then made sure it was there for her.

Butterflies were flying fluting around Katherine stomach. Would it come today? What would it mean? She heard the mail being delivered. She froze. As calmly as she could, she asked Cassey to get the mail.

Cassey returned with the envelope that Katherine had only posted the day before (paying the extra for next day delivery). She took the envelope, with trembling hands and opened it.

Reading it out aloud, Katherine found herself impressed with how genuine it sounded and if it wasn’t for the fact that she had written it (herself), she would have taken it for a real course. She repeated the part about “small and gradual changes being introduced into their daily lives.”

Katherine looked up and saw Cassey was in deep thought, over what her mother had read.

“You’ll still help me, Cassey?” To which, her daughter gave a noncommittal “yes.”

“Good!” Katherine almost shouted out, not prepared to have her daughter damped her enthusiasm. “Let’s take up jogging!”

“What! No! Mum, people will see us!”

“We’ll start first thing, tomorrow morning. It’ll still be dark enough; there will be few people about.”

Katherine could see the internal struggle her daughter was battling, clearly showed on her face.

Katherine stood up and grabbed Cassey by the hand and dragged her to the much under used dining room. They made their way pass boxes filled with remnants of a long ago life, to large mirror, hidden away in a corner.

They stood before it, staring at their reflections, in silence.

Katherine Bennett was 43 years old, 5 foot 5, a bit plump around the waist; she had lost her curves years ago and had done nothing to regain them. Luckily her breasts were more than a handful. Not too big to receive unwanted attention, but big enough to get notice. Her auburn hair had a hint of grey appearing. Though, her Hazel eyes were striking as they ever were. And as for looks, she was still as beautiful as she ever was, though had never thought so.

Cassey would be 21 in June, but that was 5 months away. She was 5 foot 2 and the mirror image of her mother, minus the grey and still with all her curves. Katherine was in awe of her daughter’s beauty (even though she couldn’t see it in herself). And it broke her heart to see her daughter trying to hide herself away.

They were both dressed in their normal style of baggy jeans and baggy jumpers, hiding their sensuality to all, including themselves. Katherine trembled as wave upon wave of emotions swept over her, filling her with the guilt of years. Katherine wrapped her arm around her daughters shoulder, as if to support herself, as much as her daughter. Taking deep breaths, as Katherine did her best to regain her composure.

“Things are going to change! I am going to change! But, I need your help to do so. We deserve to find happiness and love… From now on I will be there for you. I’m not going to let you down. I will be there for you.” Katherine croaked out. But with those words, tears flowed from her eyes.

“Yes.” Cassey whispered in responds, as she rested her head on her mother’s shoulder.

They both stood there, looking into the eyes of each other’s reflection, in silent commitment.

Friday morning started with Katherine bursting into Cassey’s bedroom, filled to the brim with bubbly enthusiasm.

“Come on, sleepy head.”

“But mum, it’s only 6:30.” Cassey complained.

“Exactly, there’ll be hardly anyone in the park!”

Grumbling, Cassey got up and started to get dress in the matching track suit and trainers her mother and brought them, the day before.

To both güvenilir bahis siteleri their surprise, they discovered that Cassey had strong competitive streak, as the slow quiet jog, turned into a heated race. With mother and daughter, grabbing hold of one another, each time one of them looked to be taking the lead.

They raced up the garden path, Cassey pushing past her mother (once she had opened the front door) and proclaimed that she had “won the race” and then collapsed at the foot of the stairs.

Cassey held up an accusing finger towards her mother. “Personal fitness is unnatural.”

Katherine moved to help her daughter up. “Come on Cassey, I’ll run you a bath.”

“Now I know how a bath feels.” Cassey quickly replied, as she stood up. They looked at each other and burst into a fit of laughter. Katherine hugged her daughter, out of sheer happiness and Cassey hugged her back. Then, without thinking about it, Katherine gave a long and meaningful kiss, on Cassey neck.

“Mum? What was that for? Cassey stammered, slightly confused about what had just happened.

“Hush, now. I’ve kissed sweatier and worse places.”

“Mum! That’s disgusting!” Cassey was now laughing hysterically and had to have her mother help her up the stairs.

Katherine waited patiently, until Cassey had finished her bath and walked out with a towel wrapped around her.

“It’s all yours mum. I’ll be ready to the fire brigade, if you get stuck in the bath.”

Katherine didn’t say a word. Though, when she walked pass Cassey, she grabbed the towel and gave sharp pull.

“What the hell, mum?” Cassey shouted out in shocked anger as she covered herself. Horrified, that her mother almost saw her naked.

“Get use to it. I’m your mother, parents are supposed to be embarrassing.” Katherine gave her daughter a smug smile, as she disappeared into the bathroom.

After finishing her bath, Katherine called out for Cassey. There came no reply. She leaned over the stair rail and called down for Cassey to put on the kettle. She jumped as felt arms grabbing her, from behind. Her body jerked, as the towel was being ripped from around her body. She heard Cassey laughing, as she ran into her room, leaving her mother naked.

Without thinking, Katherine ran after her daughter, bursting into her room. Cassey was standing the middle of the room (fully dressed), clutching the towel, laughing uncontrollably. Katherine grabbed Cassey around the waist and dug her fingers in. Cassey collapsed, screaming in laughter dragging her mother down with her.

Realising that her daughter was still ticklish, Katherine straddled her and continued to tickle her. Through the laughter Cassey was begging for her to stop. Thrashing about, trying to escape her mother’s tickles. Katherine felt as if a bolt of lightning was shooting through her body, each time her daughter’s hip bashed into her pussy or the way her jumper was rubbing her nipples.

She had to stop! She knew this wrong. But, she found herself grinding her pussy into her daughter’s hip. It was as if her bodies’ needs had taken over. It wasn’t until she thought “I’m going to cum over my daughter!” That Katherine finally stopped. Panting heavily, she lay on her daughter recovering her composure. While Cassey lay underneath her recovering from the tickling.

Slowly Katherine pulled herself of her daughter, conflicted between her thoughts and how it made her feel. She grabbed the towel and threw it over her shoulder.

Cassey sat up, holding her stomach. Her body ached from too much laughing. “Mum, don’t you think you should get dress, now? You know, you’ve only started to get in shape today.”

“Cheek!” Katherine said, trying to make light of the situation, even though the anger towards herself was boiling over. “You’ll be lucky to have a body like mine, in 20 years time!”

“If I had to wait 20 years to get your body, you’ll be a little old lady!” Cassey quipped back.

Katherine didn’t know how take what her daughter just said to her. So, she decided to change the subject. “Cassey, I want you change what you’re wearing. We’re going to start dressing for work.”

“Mum, I don’t have any dresses.” Cassey started to whine.

“Just have a look. You might surprise yourself.” And with that Katherine walked from the room.

Katherine sat in her office. She had changed into a simple skirt and blouse. She felt different. Gone were the jeans and jumper. She felt good about herself.

There was a knock on the door, which surprised Katherine. She told Cassey to come. Cassey walked in, with a look that said “I told you so!” Katherine burst out laughing, as her daughter stood in front of her, in her old school uniform. Cassey hadn’t worn it for about 4 years and it showed. The skirt which once was above her knees was now half way up her thighs. But it was her blouse that she couldn’t help but notice. Katherine never realised that her daughter’s breasts were so much bigger than hers. She could see the blouse buttons straining iddaa siteleri to contain them.

“Cassey, if it’s that uncomfortable, undo a couple of buttons.”

Moodily, Cassey flicked her tie out of the way proceeded to undo a couple of buttons. With each button undone, her cleavage erupted into view, as if it was trying to escape her top.

But it wasn’t until Cassey sat down, that Katherine was distracted from her daughter’s blouse.

“Well, I’m glad you’re not wearing your old knickers, or I wouldn’t know what to think.”

“Mum! This isn’t fun”

To Katherine, it was. “It’s a good thing you’re not going to meet a client, or he’ll defiantly get the wrong idea!” Katherine replied, do her best to stifle a giggle.

“Right that does it!” Red in the face stormed from the room.

Katherine pushed open Cassey’s bedroom door, after receiving no reply to her knock. She found Cassey lying on her bed, face buried in her pillows. Katherine could hear her crying and hushed to her side. Now, holding back her own tears, she cradled her daughter in her arms.

It was about 10 minutes before Cassey had calmed down enough, to talk. And then, for the first time Katherine heard how her daughter truly felt about herself. Katherine was almost crushed with her daughter’s pain and her own guilt. But something within her told her that she had to take control. She had to be harsh. But she had to take control.

“Cassey, Cassey! This is what is going to happen. I’m going to buy you some clothes, nothing special, if you want anything else, you’ll have to go out and buy it yourself.” She could see her daughter was about to protest and cut her off, before she could do so. “I mean it! In the mean time, I’m going downstairs and make us a pot of tea. Now you’re going to get out of these clothes and go through my clothes and find something you feel comfortable wearing. Then, when you’re ready, come down stairs.

Katherine was waiting in her office, trying to come to terms with what her daughter had said. “How can she think she is ugly?” She thought to herself. “She’s a beautiful young. She has a sexy body.” Katherine had no problem admitting that she had finding her daughter

sexier and sexier by the day. “Hell, if I was a man and I saw her in her old school uniform, that, I’d of fucked her, there and then!” Katherine decided that if that was how her daughter made her feel. Then it was her job to ensure that her daughter felt the same way.

A quiet knock on the door broke her thoughts.

“Come in, Cassey.”

Cassey walked timidly. She stood uncomfortably, awaiting her mother’s judgement. Katherine mouth dropped open in awe. Her daughter looked even more beautiful in her clothes. She wore a pale skirt, though she had to wear a belt, due to her smaller waist. Cassey also wore a dark blue polo top, which while being a larger size, clung perfectly around her breast.

Katherine got up and walked over and hugged her daughter.

“You look beautiful, Cassey.” She kissed her on the cheek. “Come with me.”

Katherine led her daughter back to the mirror, in the dining room.

There they stood, looking at Cassey’s reflection. It was as if Cassey was seeing herself for the first time. Katherine moved behind her. She draped her arms around Cassey’s waist.

“You are a beautiful young woman, Cassey.” Katherine said, not breaking eye contact with her daughter’s reflection. Gently she moved her hands so she was caressing Cassey’s hips then waist. “You have a beautiful Body.” Her hands slowly moved up her stomach, until they were cupping a breast each. “I wished I had tits like theses, they’re gorgeous.”

Cassey laughed, nervously.

Katherine moved her hands back down to her waist. “I love you Cassey.”

Cassey whirled round and hugged her mother tightly. “I love you mum!”

They both burst into tears. Katherine held her daughter, gently kissing her daughters neck.

The First Night

As following the course instructions (which Katherine had written, herself), they were going to celebrate, that night. Katherine had decided that they should note every change by doing something special.

So, that night, they dressed figure hugging track suits and fluffy bathrobes (that Katherine had brought specially). And they sat down with “Vodka mixes” and strawberries, for a night in watching telly.

By 9 o’clock, the heating automatically turned off. Katherine hadn’t expected Cassey back home, so she never changed the timer. And soon Cassey was complaining of the cold.

“Why don’t you start the fire?” Cassey moaned, in a half drunken drawl.

Katherine had logs in the fire place, but decided that it was too late to start a fire. But Cassey continued to complain. So finally Katherine told Cassey to wait there and disappeared into the dining room.

5 minutes later, Katherine returned, dragging an unused 2 person sleeping bag. Laying it on the sofa, she then help Cassey (who was now unsteadying on her feet), into the sleeping and climbed in after her.

Lying on their left side, Katherine had her right arm wrapped around Cassey’s rib cage. She could feel every breath Cassey took. She started to press her fingers into Cassey side, in time with every breath.

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