A Good Way to Forget

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He tried to forget it, but it just came back to him. Theo had to keep going. He needed to finish the day even if the most recent painful memory almost severed his high spirits. The science teacher started his last lecture for the day. Sixth period would soon end if he didn’t think well enough to keep the separation from his ex-wife as his primary concentration.

For the next forty minutes, he focused his attention on his students, half of them eager to learn and the other half just sitting around and waiting for this class to be over. Nevertheless, he made sure that he didn’t leave anything out from his lecture. Discussing biology kept him strong, even if he still felt irate about the inevitable separation. His enthusiastic students also prevented any misfortunes from brewing within his mind. Most of the teenagers in the room expressed their deep fascination with science by quickly raising their hands whenever Theo asked them a question. It was a pleasure for him to work with the younger generation, seeing as how a good majority appreciated the topic of science entering the mainstream once again.

As soon as the bell rang, the students put everything away in their backpacks. Theo reminded them of their homework for the weekend. The students left the room, leaving the science teacher alone for the rest of the day. By now, students would be leaving the campus and returning home, either to play video games or to watch viral videos on the internet. Theo had a good feeling that half of his students would keep procrastinating, right until the last few hours of Sunday night. Sighing, the forty-two-year-old man cleaned his eyeglasses with his shirt. He grabbed his briefcase and was about to leave, but he didn’t feel like going home just yet. He sat back at his desk and kept silent.

He didn’t want to go back to an empty home. It just felt so silent and lifeless inside. Now that he could no longer see his son again, he had no choice but to accept the big changes that came his way after exiting the family court. He slowly slid his fingers across his short black hair. He needed something to keep his mind off of everything that struck him and placed him in a soulless aftermath of all things.

Theo grabbed his briefcase, but before he could leave the classroom, one of his students had come back and immediately blocked the entrance.

Eighteen-year-old Nathan almost bumped into his teacher and quickly apologized. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

Theo asked, “Do you need help with something?”

“I’m wondering if there is any extra credit that I should know about.”

“I haven’t thought of one. You might have to wait until next month for it.”

“I can wait. I’m a patient person.”

Nathan appeared to be a normal student. The young Korean-American man did well in Theo’s class, despite a few low scores on certain assignments. He didn’t seem like the kind of student who would consider science as something that only old geezers would enjoy. He remained confident and enthusiastic about the daily lectures, and that was something that Theo felt proud of. Nathan turned out to be one of his favorites on campus. He always had a high regard for people who held the same passion as him.

Nathan suddenly had a concerned look on his face. “Are you going to be okay?”

Theo replied, “Of course, I am. Why would you think I’m not?”

Nathan rubbed the side of his neck. “Because I heard from one of my friends about what happened to you.”

Gossip must have spread very quickly in this school. Now, Theo would never dare to lie about something in his life. “It’s true. I got a divorce.”

“I’m really sorry to hear that.”

“I’ll be fine. You shouldn’t worry about me. Worry about finishing your homework during the weekend.”

Nathan took one small step forward. “It sucks that it had to happen to you. I wouldn’t want to live if that sort of thing happened to me when I’m older.”

“It’ll get better when time goes by. Trust me, Nathan. I’ll be okay.”

The high school senior eyed him from top to bottom before giving a little smile. “I feel like you need some company.”

Theo placed his hand on the student’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about me, alright? Just go home and do your homework. Both of us have things to do. We shouldn’t waste our time being stuck in negativity.”

Nathan slowly nodded. “I understand. Well, I’ll see you next week.”

He left the room. Theo took a slow deep breath. It would have been nice to have a little company, to have someone to talk to, now that the house had been completely empty for the past two weeks. But knowing how doing well in science class had grown important for Nathan, Theo no longer desired a friendly conversation with one of his favorite students.

He would have to choose a good alternative. He returned to his desk and plugged in his earphones on his smartphone. He chose the one MP3 audio file that would reawaken his high spirits. He always admired classical music, and Bedrich Smetana’s “The Moldau” (from almanbahis yeni giriş My Country) was no exception. The ethereal melodies played by the entire orchestra sounded like it would come straight out of an impressionist mindset. Theo closed his eyes for a moment as the strings and woodwinds helped relieve his melancholy manner. He stayed seated in the empty classroom while getting lost in the music.

Halfway through the composition, he opened his eyes again. And all of a sudden, he caught something from the corner of his eye. A black-colored notebook lay right underneath the one desk that Nathan had sat at. Theo picked it up from the carpet and examined it to make sure that it really did belong to Nathan. There was no name on the front, and neither on the front page. He checked the last page on the notebook, and found the first and last name of whoever it belonged to. If Nathan stayed a little longer in the classroom, he would have realized that he had left something behind. Fortunately, he left his home address on the last page. Seeing as how he had nothing else to do for the rest of the day, Theo decided to do the right thing. He left the classroom and made his way into the staff parking lot.

But before he could drive away in search of Nathan’s home in the suburbs, he used his smartphone to call his ex-wife. When she didn’t answer, he called her again. It would take him four tries before he gave up. He wanted to hear his son’s voice again, but his attempts to contact the woman he once knew and loved proved to be useless. Instead, he sent her a text message at the last minute.

“He still has a father. Let him see his father.”

He sent it and turned on the engine. It didn’t matter to him that she would actually read it. He just felt glad that he took the time to show her that he had the right to see their son again.

* * *

Everything in the city of Anaheim appeared to be normal. There were no clouds in the sky, and there were no angry drivers on the street. Southern California remained impervious to unwelcome burdens. Theo opened the windows to let the cool spring breeze infiltrate the small space. The gentle air helped in reminding the man of his love for his place of origin. He had lived in the Golden State for all of his life. He loved everything about it, from the Sierra Nevada to the Mojave Desert. He only wished that his separation from his ex-wife happened elsewhere besides here.

He turned on the radio and switched to the classical station, where he could listen to the first few minutes of Johannes Brahms’s world-famous Violin Concerto. It didn’t take long for him to find Nathan’s house, which was located just four blocks away from school. He parked on the curb and got out of the car. Nathan’s two-story house looked ordinary. White walls, a green lawn, and a black metal fence kept it from being different from the rest of the house in the suburbs.

A car had been parked on the driveway, giving fifty percent to the probability of someone staying in the house. Theo brought the notebook along with him and rang the doorbell. He stood still on the front porch, waiting for a response. The door didn’t open, so he rang the doorbell a second time. When twenty seconds had passed, Theo called out Nathan’s name. Still no response.

Theo was about to leave and wait until tomorrow to give the notebook back. But then, he noticed the door wasn’t closed entirely. The lock wasn’t entirely put into place. When he pulled the knob without even turning it, the door had automatically opened. Theo would have ignored his natural curious behavior and left the neighborhood without investigating the house. His current instincts, however, could only exclude ignorance as a way to end the day.

Theo opened the front door and led himself inside. The exterior of the house looked clean, free from dirty stains and dusty floors. The living room seemed immaculate. Nathan’s parents had certainly chosen some luxurious leather furniture for their guests to see and believe. It was also rather quiet on the first floor. No one would suspect that there would be any activity erupting in either the living room or the kitchen.

Theo closed the front door and looked up at the staircase. He could hear a faint noise originating from the second floor.

“Nathan? Are you up there?”

The lack of a response made the science teacher walk up the stairs and see where the upbeat techno music came from. He stood in front of a long hallway where he could see four doors on the walls. Three of them remained closed. The one on the farthest right had been only partially open. Rays of light flooded the gray carpet and made it just a little brighter. The faint techno music must have come from that room, since it sounded like it started to echo across the narrow corridor.

“Nathan, are you in there?”

Theo could hear a faint voice that lasted for only a few seconds. He couldn’t decipher the words, though the voice sounded intimate, almost sensuous for a specific almanbahis giriş purpose. Cautious, Theo snuck across the hallway and brought himself closer to the partially open entryway. He took a look inside, and he could see everything. And it looked like he wasn’t supposed to see anything.

The curtains had been closed, giving the lamps in Nathan’s bedroom their turn to shine. For a high school senior, he didn’t do much to capitalize on his immature manners. Not a single shirt or sock had rested on the floor, and everything on the desk in the corner had been organized in perfect formations. The tidiness turned out to be something that benefitted his character. The same couldn’t be said for Nathan’s way of protecting his privacy from unwanted eyes.

The young Korean man didn’t wear anything on his body. He sat naked on the edge of the bed. Theo’s thorough examination had been completed once he spotted something in Nathan’s hands. It looked long and thick. Its blue-colored surface gave Theo the answer that he wanted the least. Nathan held the blue dildo firmly in his hands. Furthermore, he crammed the top half of it deep into his mouth. Thankfully, Nathan looked away from the open doorway as he sucked on the dildo with a salivating mouth. It looked like he enjoyed it. He constantly whenever he pushed the imitation deeper into his mouth. He finally pulled it out of him and gave it a long slow lick.

He whispered, “Oh, Theo. I could give you anything you want. This would be one of them. You know you want it.”

Nathan continued to push it into his mouth while stuck in his candid manner. Theo didn’t know how to react to this situation. As soon as he heard his student articulate his most cherished secret, the science teacher didn’t know what to do next. He wanted to leave the house and never give the hint that he had paid this residence a little visit. At the same time, however, he was amazed at how Nathan felt this way about one of his teachers.

Nathan closed his eyes for a moment as he held the dildo in his arms and pressed it against his bare chest. His tone of voice stayed as lighthearted as it could. “I can be your little bitch for as much as you want. Let me be the one who will end your suffering. Let me be your precious little toy.”

Theo took a slow deep breath. He became so fixated by what he witnessed in the bedroom that he suddenly dropped the notebook on the floor. Its collision on the carpet caused Nathan to snap out of his reverie and see who was at the door. He almost gasped as soon as he caught sight of Theo standing right at the doorway. The young man froze, his look of concern being instantaneous.

Theo didn’t know what to say. One look at Nathan’s naked body, and he couldn’t look away. It was a beautiful body when uncovered by any apparel. Being slim, bright-skinned, and hairless seemed to be the right choice for someone like Nathan.

Theo had to break the awkward silence between him and his student. “This is what you do in your spare time?”

Nathan pushed the blue dildo aside. “This is something new for me, really.”

He stood up from his bed. The cock, fully erect in a horizontal formation even after his daydream, may have placed Theo in a state of hypnosis, because he still couldn’t keep his eyes off of the young man.

“I don’t know what to say about this. This is something that I would never expect from you.”

As before, Nathan eyed him from top to bottom. He slowly stepped closer to his teacher with a pair of keen eyes. Theo could see him licking his lip for just a split second. The student no longer looked surprised. His secret pastime being revealed in an accidental manner affected his demeanor for only several seconds. Now, a little smile had returned on his face.

“Maybe it’s good that you found out.”

Theo took one step back. “It’s time for me to leave. I shouldn’t have come here.”

Nathan reached out with his hand. “Don’t go. Don’t feel so alone. I can make it better.”

Theo couldn’t take any further steps in the hallway. Hypnosis in the form of Nathan’s nude body didn’t reach an effective conclusion.

“What’s on your mind, Nathan?”

“I want to see your dick.”

Theo shook his head. “It shouldn’t be like this. I’d get in serious trouble for it.”

“I’m not the kind of guy that likes to brag about what I just did with someone who’s old enough to be my dad. Come inside, Theo. I’ll show you how you can forget your troubles for the rest of the day.”

This sort of dilemma kept Theo in a precarious position. He wanted to go home and forget about what he had just witnessed in this house. On the other hand, Nathan’s fresh bright skin couldn’t have been more perfect. As a victim of an unstoppable fascination, Theo’s pair of eyes couldn’t ward off the hunger that grew in his heart and soul. And when Nathan drew closer and grabbed his hand, Theo had no other choice but to follow him into his bedroom.

They left the door open. Nathan brought him closer to the bed. almanbahis güvenilirmi His enigmatic stare didn’t cease.

“I can give you what your ex-wife can no longer give you.”

Theo could feel Nathan’s hands loosening his belt. “And what would that be?”

“My complete obedience to you.”

Nathan took off Theo’s belt and dropped it on the floor. “Don’t worry. My parents won’t be home until eight. Just have a seat. It’ll be fun for both of us.”

Theo sat down on the edge of the bed and watched as Nathan dropped down to his knees and stroked the teacher’s hidden talent with his fingers. He looked up at Theo and complimented him on what lurked underneath his pants.

“I’ve been waiting for this adventure for a long time.”

His smile began to become a pleasing sight for Theo, who didn’t object to a new temptation added to his code of conduct. Nathan unzipped his teacher’s pants and pulled out the prick that he was looking for. He almost gasped at the sight of it.

“It looks better than what I’ve imagined in the past.”

Theo needed to know a little more about this student of his. “How long have you wanted this?”

Nathan whispered, “Long enough.”

He lowered his head and gave the erect prick a little kiss. The brief warm touch made Theo remember when his own wife did the same thing many years ago. He closed his eyes and let his student do the work. Nathan grabbed the cock and made his constant kisses longer and harder. His movements were slow, but subtle. It felt as if he had plenty of experience in the past.

“Nothing is as beautiful as this.”

Theo looked down to see Nathan using his moist tongue and giving the cock a nice long lick. The slow wet caress on the skin felt so invigorating to Theo. Going back home without finishing the confidential course of action would have been the worst feeling for both of them. Theo made sure that he gave the right signal by sitting absolutely still and letting Nathan provide a little reprieve after a hard day’s work.

The eighteen-year-old student continued to lick the cock in all directions. He didn’t stop for a little break. A thorough rinse with fresh saliva would be too good to ignore. Theo let out a soft moan. Nathan did a good job so far. It didn’t matter if he had become an expert since the start of the semester. Nathan demonstrated his ability to please his master with very little setbacks.

Theo remarked, “You’re good, but you can be better.”

Nathan chuckled. “I sure can. Watch me.”

He grabbed hold of Theo’s cock and moved his fingers up and down in slow movements. It made Theo realize the outcome of this situation.

“Don’t stop. I want you to show me how it’s done.”

Nathan’s little smile didn’t disappear. He kept his fingers in a slow pace.

“I can’t wait for it to come out of you.”

Theo understood what he meant. He let Nathan take control of the long hard cock and observed the mechanism required for such a long-awaited eruption. It had taken a long time for Theo to feel this way again. But a woman was the one who took the method and gave him a reason to feel so good. Seeing as how another man took his ex-wife’s place for now, he should have felt surprised. But he didn’t. This was something that he yearned for, and he felt grateful to anyone who gave him what he wanted.

“Yes, Nathan. Make it work.”

The man from down below quickened his pace and directed the bulbous tip directly at his naked chest. “I want it to come out of you, and I want to feel it.”

Theo whispered, “It’ll be amazing. Go for it.”

A tingling sensation became the mainstay in his cock and legs. He could feel it approaching ever so closer. He stayed immobile and awaited the final stage of their unexpected encounter. Knowing how this could alleviate a certain distress from his mind, he watched Nathan encourage his external apparatus with only his hands and his determination. The young man’s smile provided the appropriate image as Theo tried to let go of his troubles that he had experienced ever since he separated from his wife and son.

And it appeared to be working. Using Nathan’s hands as his primary concentration didn’t hinder from the current revitalization required for his frame of mind. The smooth acceleration prompted Theo to approve of the new status to their relationship.

“Come and get it, Nathan!”

The eruption took effect in the bedroom. Long bursts of warm cum ejected from his shaft and landed on Nathan’s hairless chest. The collision was worth it for Theo. He watched as his creamy projectiles smacked onto Nathan’s skin in random parts of his chest and abdomen. Nathan didn’t retaliate as he kept pointing the shaft right at himself.

He moaned, “Oh, it’s so warm. I want it all on me.”

The ejections lasted for several seconds before the exhilaration finally died off. Theo took a deep breath as soon as he started to relax his entire body.

Nathan looked like someone completely different. Before this, he used to be an ordinary high school senior in regular attendance and expressing a moderate interest for science. Now, he sat naked in front of his teacher with warm slimy secretion dripping down his body. He touched them with his fingers and spread them all around his chest and abdomen.

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