A Haunting Curiosity

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A Haunting Curiosity

I walked up to the rusty iron bar fences. I never thought I would make it here, especially after hearing so much about this place. I looked through the bars and could see why so many thought it to be the place of nightmares, but I thought surely it couldn’t be as bad as what they said. Surely it couldn’t be haunted, I mean it’s the sort of thing you hear about in books or television shows, not the stuff of reality.

But the stories that were told of what happened in this place were so consistently true, it was hard to ignore the possibility that they could be. But by this point my natural curiosity had finally got the better of me. I walked through the half-open gates, creaking as it opened and the metal dragged across the concrete floor, and I approached the dilapidated old mansion.

It had stood here for centuries, in the middle of the forest about 5 miles north of my home town. For as long as I’d lived here, all my life, I had heard about this place, and warned by many to stay away, but I was older now and fully capable of taking care of myself in any normal situation. I was 19 now, standing at a proud 6’2, strong and muscular at 11 stone (approx. 155lbs), and I had short brown hair and green eyes.

It was made of stone all the way around the outside, with all the windows broken and boarded up. I made my way slowly up to the decrepit mansion, occasionally checking my back in case I was being followed. I was clearly nervous despite my skepticism, because it was quite a frightful looking place. I made my way up to the large double doors, pushing it open as it seemed to be quite stiff, and made my way inside.

The door slowly creaked it’s way back closed, as I had assumed it would as it was on a slope. I promptly tried to analyse my surroundings before continuing, but at this stage I wasn’t planning on going back, I was just too curious. I could see the dark, rotting walls and dark wooden floorboards that were consistent throughout the house. The place was dimly lit with the evening light alone, with most of the windows boarded up, light only peering through the gaps in the structure, so it was hard to see anything at all.

I began to make my way through the house, which to my surprise looked somewhat smaller on the inside, going from room to room. With each room I passed I saw a common theme of furniture and chandeliers covered up by white sheets. I had soon covered the entire ground floor after circling back round to the hall, and made my way up the creaking stairs, thinking surely there must be something more interesting going on up here.

The sun was beginning to set and it gradually became darker, so I decided to try the light switch at the top of the stairs. It took a few seconds, but the lights flickered, and to my surprise turned on, though only dimly lighting the place as much as the evening light had earlier. But still I had a lingering thought as to why the lights were still working. Was someone still to this day maintaining the place?

I examined the remaining rooms upstairs to little avail, the same as downstairs with all the furniture covered in dusty white sheets. So with not even so much as a bad vibe, or an unexplained noise I made my way back downstairs with disappointment. I decided to wait there for a little longer, as to let the night sky come over, as I thought all good stories happen at night don’t they? So I sat on a dusty sheet-covered couch and waited.

An hour must have passed by my reckoning, it was visibly night time and the scariest thing thus far far was the not even chilling breeze that passed through the cracks in the house. At that point I decided to cut my losses and call it a night, I knew that it couldn’t be as bad as people said it was. Clearly they just had an overactive imagination, or outright lied about it hearing stories from others. I made my way back down the hall and got to the front doors. I reached for the handle and suddenly, I felt a blow to the head, and I was out cold.

I awoke to some discomfort, with the back of my head still aching from the blow, wondering what could have happened. As I gathered my thoughts, and my vision and feeling returning to me, I opened my eyes to a dark, orange-like room, which became clearer as I looked and saw either side of me were fire-lit torches placed in hooks attached to the walls. At that point I concentrated in what sort of position I had awoken to, and was shocked.

I found myself lying on a flat, stone pillar of sorts, about the height off the ground as a bed would be. It became worse as I resumed getting feeling back to my arms and legs, only to find I was tied to the four corners of the pillar by my aching wrists and ankles, by thick metal chain handcuffs, at the same time finding myself to be completely naked too. I struggled and tried pulling free, but was clearly not going anywhere. I could barely even lift my head, and could only now hoarsely scream cries of help.

After a few screams someone answered, the voice of an old man, out of the darkness from the back of the room, and I struggled to lift my head slightly to see who had responded. He came from out into the view from the dim light, clearly quite aged but not seeming to show it in his motions. After a brief silence, he greeted me, “Hello there visitor,” he said in a croaky deep voice, “I’m sure you have many questions, but let me first introduce myself.”

“Introduce yourself?!” I replied in a harsh tone, “Just get me out of here old man.”

“Now, now.” He continued, “That’s no way to treat your host.” Host? I thought to myself, before realising he may be the reason I got that blow to the head, and why I now find myself here.

He went on to say, “Now, as I was saying, My name is Jameson, and I’m the caretaker of this mansion.”

“Caretaker? Well by the looks of the place you clearly haven’t done a very good job of ‘taking care’ of it.” I replied with attitude, trying to hide my now very apparent fear.

He ignored my remarks and continued, “I have been the caretaker here for the past 150 years.” Now I was shocked. 150 years? I thought, impossible. Though at this stage I wasn’t in position to question.

“Let me continue by telling you a story. The year was 1878, the family that had been living here had just moved away, and left me in charge. One night I was outside in the enjoying the warm night, looking to the sky, and I saw a shooting star, or what I thought was one. But it was getting bigger, and then closer, and before I could react it came down with a crash and landed in the mansion’s garden.”

I found it hard to believe the old guys story, but still I listened, as he for the moment seemed like the only one who could possibly help me here.

He continued, “I went over to inspect the crash, not knowing what I would find. Inside was a pod-like object, that when I got close to it opened, and before I knew it something had jumped at me, and covered my face. Before I could struggle, I heard it talk to me, telepathically, telling me it needed my help. It said it was from another planet, which at the time I didn’t know could be possible, but it was convincing.”

“It told me how it needed human energy in order to survive. It said it’s species had been dying out, so he fled his home to try and find somewhere he could live on. It told me it would make me immortal, if I helped him to live on. I was almost at the end of my road, so I gladly agreed to help it. So to this day I have been enticing people to come here of their own accord, so that my partner could use there energy to live on.”

I was suddenly very afraid. If this was true, would it be draining the life out of me? I began to struggle violently and screamed to attempt to break free, ever increasing the strain on my tied down limbs. But the old man pinned me down and carried on speaking.

“Don’t worry, you will live on, and after it is over you will forget this ever happened. We only need to borrow you for a while. My partner comes from a peaceful species, and even he knows wrong from right, and he respects and is quite fond of our species, and does not wish to harm us, in fact quite the opposite is true.”

I was quite intrigued at the proposal, wondering quite what he meant by this. “What are you going to do to me?” I enquired somewhat worryingly.

“We only require your time, the rest we will take care of. My partner needs certain supplements from the human body to maintain its survival, and has the means to retrieve them. However, their species are hermaphrodites, so he will need to make some… Modifications before we are quite done. But we will need your acceptance before we continue, as in his culture it is only polite. We can assure you though should you accept, you will be unharmed bar the modifications, and you will be allowed to leave. If you refuse however, I’m afraid we will need to convince you.”

Not liking the way he said convince, and not too keen on finding out either, I begrudgingly accepted the proposal, still in some disbelief as to what was happening, and became increasingly worried about quite what he meant by modifications.

“Excellent”, he said, “I’m glad you saw the sensible way. Then without further ado may I introduce you to my partner.” He pointed to the dark area from whence he had came, and out into the light came something I could not quite believe.

Out crawled this creature unlike anything I had seen before. It was a dark green colour, that seemed to be covered in a slimy ooze and was only as tall as the pillar I was laying on, and must have been just 4 feet or so in length. It made it’s way over to me, moving along on it’s array of tentacles of varying shapes and sizes, climbed up on top of the pillar and positioned itself over me, dripping residue from it’s body onto mine.

All of a sudden I could see the legitimacy of the old man’s story, which is when I started to get a little worried, and started to panic and scream again. This caused the creature to grab hold of my face and like the old man had said in his story, it spoke to me telepathically.

“Relax,” it began speaking, in a soothing human voice, “I do not wish to harm you. I realise this is a lot to take in, but I come from a peaceful species, and would not wish harm on any others. I apologise if I scared you in any way, I meant it not, I only do what I must to survive, and I try to do it in such a way that has proved satisfying and pleasurable to your kind. If you relax I assure you you will actually quite enjoy it.”

It was a very soothing tone it spoke to me with, almost hypnotic, but whatever it was instantly made me feel at ease and trusting, and with that I then stopped my panic and struggling, and submitted to what it wished to do to me. It hovered over me for a while, waiting for me relax my muscles, when it lifted two of it’s long, thicker looking tentacles and held one at the entrance to my ass, and one at my mouth.

“There are three types of fluid I will need to extract from you, which I will do in a gentle manner. The first of which is from your mouth, and as such I will need to ask for your entry. I will then follow with the second, in which I will extract from your reproductive fluid, which you have others of your kind do not, and as such when with a female human I need to grow the organ myself. The third these others have but you do not, a nurturing fluid you use for your spawn, and I will need you to allow me to grow these on your body too.”

I normally wouldn’t even allow anything vaguely phallic shaped near either of these, but I was under the effects of it’s intoxicating telepathic reassurance, and relaxed the muscles at my orifices, opened my mouth and spread my legs as much as the restraints would let me, ready for the creature to enter at both ends. I then prepared my chest for it as it had somewhat cryptically requested, as it moved two more of it’s tentacles up either side of my torso, ones that almost looked like large suction cups, and hovered over my chest. I was ready for the creature to start it’s process.

It went at these in the order it had said it would, where the first to gain entry was the one at my open, willing mouth. It began to pump deep into my mouth, almost at my throat, when I closed my mouths around it. I could taste the slimy ooze from the tentacle, a sort of salty, warm taste, one which I quite enjoyed and was causing me to salivate quite a lot, which was obviously what the creature had intended because as soon as I created, it was absorbed by the invading creature.

I actually quite enjoyed the sensation of having the tasty, thick tentacle in my mouth, and as I salivated more and more around it, it began to pump in and out of my mouth as to ease absorption of my oral fluids. I didn’t imagine myself enjoying it so much, but maybe it just took the little persuasion that it gave me. Once it steadied into a rhythm we were both satisfied with, it was time for the next stage of it’s process.

I had readied my anus for the invasion, as a tentacle as thick and long as the one that now gaziantep escort filled my mouth was lingering around it, waiting for it’s moment, and I knew this one would be quite a bit more painful. As soon as I started to wonder why this was necessary, as this did not meet the creatures specified requirements from me, as if to read my mind the creature spoke to me again telepathically, “This may not seem necessary, but I assure you it is in order to get the full potential of your second fluid, so I will provide satisfactory stimulation from this side.”

Reassured, I was able to ready myself again, and the creature appeared to be too. It started first prodding at my rim and I could feel just how thick it was. I thought there was no way it could get in there without doing some damage, but it seemed that the ooze the tentacle was covered in, the very same one I was tasting in my mouth at this very moment, also acted as a very effective lubricant. It then slowly slipped it’s way in, only the tip for the moment, clearly conscious of my threshold for pain.

The muscles in my ass were able to relax more, as the fact it was well lubricated had somewhat reassured me that I would not be hurt too much. With this knowledge the creature was able to slip inside of me more, up to reaching what became apparent was my prostate. At the first sign of this feeling, I soon became very aware that I was becoming increasingly turned on by the invasions at either end of my body, as my penis started to grow and rise.

When the creature became aware of it’s success at arousing me, it was given the green light to continue doing so, as it began pumping in and out of my anus rhythmically, just as it had been at my salivating mouth for some time now, and soon synchronised thrusts with it, rubbing against and now past my prostate. My cock stiffened further to it’s now fully erect state at 5 inches, not too impressive by any means but it got the job done when I needed it too.

The creature however thought otherwise, and telepathically expressed to me it’s dissatisfaction at it’s size, and asked my permission to change it for it to fully collect all it needed to, a proposition which came at no disapproval, as I all to gladly accepted. It then drew out another tentacle from it’s body, one which it had intended to anyway as soon as I was erect, but now had a dual purpose in mind.

It was shaped somewhere between the previous two types I had seen from it, long and thick, but with room for entry in it’s shaft of sorts like the cupping ones, as where it was to be placed became clear. It positioned itself at the tip of my cock, adjusting to sufficiently accommodate me, and gradually pulled itself over my tip and pushed tightly around all the way to the base of my pubic bone, as if to be a perfect fit.

I then felt a strange sensation from inside the creatures newly revealed shaft-like tentacle, which could be felt all the way at the tip of my cock. It felt almost tongue-like as it seemed to lap away at my tip, but it then pushed against it, opening the end of my urethra. This allowed the new tongue-like tentacle itself to actually enter through the tip of it, and slowly pushed it’s way further into the tube. It was a strange feeling, but one I quickly warmed to as it was gentle and strangely somewhat arousing.

It found it’s way to what seemed to be the entire length of my shaft before it stopped, and began pumping something fairly warm and fluid-like, a feeling which soon ran through my pubic area and into my testicles, to give it a tingly feeling which was steadily increased my level of arousal. It was a level of arousal I had never experienced before, and it caused my penis to start throbbing at the increase of pressure, pushing against the walls of the tentacles shaft.

My cock began to expand, further and deeper inside the tentacle. It was doing as it had said it would, increasing it’s size until the creature thought would be at a suitable one for it to get all it would need. It stopped after what seemed like some time, as I glanced up briefly around the tentacle that continued to invade my mouth, and saw that it had nearly doubled in size, 9 inches easily.

It was a sight that I very much enjoyed, almost as much as the feeling of being able to fill it will my essence, so that it remained as stiff as it had ever felt, if not more so. This feeling was combined with the then continued tingly feeling in my balls, all the more making for the continual uprising of my arousal levels. The tentacles at my mouth and ass continued to pump away at me with ease, again making for an incredibly satisfying experience.

I was now thoroughly enjoying the experience, just as the creature had assured me I would, even so much as to begin thrusting myself first back onto the thick tentacle that was exploring my anus, and back forwards further into the tight shaft of the one firmly wrapped around the outside of my cock, as it to continued searching it’s way through the full length of my urethra. It then was time for the final stage of the creatures extraction process, while these ones worked away at my erogenous zones.

The creatures began lowering the two large cup-shaped strands of it’s body, that had been waiting patiently for it’s turn, and placed them on my fairly muscular pecks on my chest, comfortably enveloping them. I could then see as I lifted my head slightly once more for a better view, two more tongue-like tentacles came from the middle of the cup, just like it had at my cock, and lowered to my chest.

These two newly revealed tentacles seemed to concentrate on my now hardening nipples, lapping away at them again as if acting like a tongue. It then pressed down and surrounding my nipples and just like it had shown in my urethra, began pumping the same sort of warm fluid into my chest, as I got the same warm tingling feeling all across and through my chest area.

I then thought back to what the creature had said to me about this stage, and became aroused at the prospect of having these on me now. My chest began pumping outwards, harder and harder as it began to expand from the nipple region pushing outwards. I now had two clearly forming bumps where my chest muscles were, ever expanding.

Bigger and bigger they grew, to a size greater than I thought they would go to. I now had two clearly formed breasts, as natural as any woman’s, up to a B cup and then C, finally stopping at a size of around about a large 34c. I lifted my head once more to see the creatures handy-work, becoming more and more aroused at the thought and sight of having my very own pair of tits now.

I could see the huge bumps with soft skin through the see-through-skinned tentacle that enveloped them, and could clearly see at the top of each two puffy, fully erect nipples, with the two tongue-like tentacles fitted inside each of them, still seeming to pump my chest full of the fluid that gave me the tingly sensation.

This all happening while the other tentacles continued to work all at once rhythmically at my mouth, anus, erect cock and urethra, the thought of which sent me to new heights of pleasure, that I once thought impossible to reach, and somehow the arousal had yet to make me orgasm, like it would have before.

Perhaps the fluid the creature was pumping through my urethra into my tingling testicles was preventing me from doing so, until I was at the point of ultimate pleasure where it could fully collect the essences from all orifices of my body. That thought came from the creature itself, still communicating with me telepathically, sending me the message as if I had thought it myself.

Suddenly I had hit my peak of arousal, thrusting wildly in every place where the creature had sought to invade me, and I was on the verge of a clearly explosive orgasm. The creature upon noticing this, began preparing all it’s tentacles to absorb each of my essences as they would arrive for him.

I had already provided the saliva, and next up would be my reproductive fluid, as I reached new heights of arousal, I could feel the semen rushing through my balls, and into my urethra past the invading tongue, and I shot it out of my writhing cock in explosive bursts, thrusting upwards as each one came through, the walls of my cock expanding and pressing against the tentacle that was around my cock.

The orgasm lasted for several minutes, as with each burst of hot cum that came pouring through my genitals, each as arousing as the rest. With the sheer amount of it must have been due to whatever the creature was pumping into me, clearly giving him more than enough of what it needed in that regard.

As I finally finished, my cock beginning to soften inside the tentacles shaft, the tongue withdrawn to get the last of my essence out of it, I now felt completely and utterly satisfied. But I was not quite finished as the creature soon began to let me know, as it started pumping at my breasts harder and harder, up and down, the two alternating between being pushed down closer to my chest, and pulled up and squeezed as far away from it as they would allow.

I soon felt a rush of similarly warm liquid as that in my balls, but this time rushing through my chest and newly formed boobs, and began being squeezed and pumped out the milk from through my nipples, filling up the air tight seal the two cupped tentacles had around my breasts. As it began to fill, as if to start drinking it the tongues that were exploring the inner tubes of my nipples began swimming through it, absorbing it as it went while I continued to spurt the milk out of my breasts.

The pumping of my breasts continued until they felt empty, and eventually the creature had felt it had gathered enough of it to last, as it sucked up a drank the rest of the milk from the cup. I then appeared to be finished with, as the creature had collected all the supplements from my worn out body that it had needed to, and as I began to rest and relax for the first time in a long while, it began to remove itself from the orifices of my body, each coming out with a satisfying pop sound.

The creature then pulled away from my body, and appeared to gesture to me me gratefully, before making it’s way back to the corner of the room shrouded by darkness. Immediately after it had disappeared from sight, the four restraints that had held me in place for so long and actually began to hurt, all released at once, and suddenly it appeared I was free.

After having seemingly waited for so long for this moment of being released, I was left feeling so completely satisfied all round, I was almost reluctant to leave. I did however get up, my body shaking and weak from the pleasure, I made it to my feet, and made my way to the newly revealed exit once behind my head.

I went through the opening, which led into a familiar room, realising that I had came through the fireplace of a room I had at one time explored. It was clearly daytime, and by the looks of it had been for some time, putting into perspective how long I had been down there with the creature for. I found standing near the front door was Jameson, there with my clothes.

“I hope you had a pleasant stay with us, that it met your standards of satisfaction.” It clearly had, that and beyond, as I nodded to him.

As I took my clothes back from him and began to put them back on, I asked him curiously, “So now that it’s done, the process… do I get to keep the modifications you made or what?” As I asked this, realising my clothes had actually been resized to accommodate my now larger package and newly formed, large breasts, I could have gathered the answer from there.

“Of course,” he replied, me getting somewhat excited about the new permanent additions to my body, he continued to say, “But your experience with us does not have to finish there. You are welcome to come back and ‘donate’ if you would like on a weekly basis. Of course it is optional at this point as I did promise you your freedom, but you can still come back of your own accord, and we are ye to see anyone refuse the offer of another go around.”

At this point I began to get really excited again at the prospect of having this experience more, so much so I nearly became erect again from just the thought. I gladly accepted the offer, and agreed with the old man to come back on a weekly basis to, as he put it, ‘donate’ to my new found friend, the alien creature.

I left the mansion through the front gates and made my way back home, with the only thoughts running through my head about what had just happened, and what was yet to come, and I was left with so many questions. I couldn’t help but wonder…

Would next time be just as good, if not maybe better? Would I be able to do it next time without the restraints, and be able to freely move if I was there of my own accord? Who knows, maybe I would be able to meet the other visitors that Jameson had mentioned, and maybe I would be able to play with them too?

All these thoughts and more left me with one, over-riding conclusion. I couldn’t wait for my next adventure there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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