A Lady’s Companion

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A Lady’s Companion (Sequel to Sins of the Father)

‘It’s a funny old world.’ B thought to herself as she ground her crotch hard against Maria’s. A few hours ago she almost stayed in for the evening. The couple she’d arranged to meet had called and cancelled but since B had spent so long getting glammed up she was reluctant to let all that effort go to waste. She’d still been debating with herself when the taxi she’d booked earlier settled it by turning up. So she’d gone out alone and spent a couple of hours radiating ‘don’t even think about it’ vibes to dykes before allowing herself to be chatted up by Maria.

And that’s how she’d found herself frotting away with the darkly beautiful woman in a house that had not surprised B too much, only because she’d already worked out that her seducer was wearing enough jewellery to put B through college and then some.

B stopped rationalizing then. The heat of Maria’s pussy lips sliding over her own was distracting in an oh-so-good way and she was close to coming when Maria gasped and arched off the poolside mats as her own orgasm got a handful of glands and squeezed until she squirted. That didn’t stop her though. She gyrated her pelvis against B’s all the harder and gasped encouragement as B came second. And still they pressed on – pressed flesh to flesh, lubricated by their pleasure and motivated by the prospect of more of the same. B arched her back a little, tipping her pelvis to get her clit just a bit more into the action.

Maria squirted again. This time B thought, ‘That didn’t feel like a climax. That felt like pee.’ Which B was actually ok with but – God damn it – Maria should have asked at least hypothetically, before pissing on her pussy – that was only polite. Being slightly miffed didn’t stop B’s second climax. She squealed, gasped and writhed as it rocked her world. Maria was right behind her, squirming in their slick juices and gasping like an asthmatic in the New York Marathon.

Exhausted, the two women slipped into the pool, shockingly cold for a moment on their hot skin, then pleasantly cooling and, finally, as they grew accustomed to it, comfortably warm. They embraced, they kissed softly, they whispered thanks to one another and they relaxed in the dimly lit pool.

“Would you like a drink?” Maria asked.

“Sure. What’s in the icebox?”

“Well the bar in here only has the basics – scotch, vodka, white rum, bourbon, Michelob, Corona, probably some Buds, OJ and a few sodas, but the main bar is properly stocked and there’s a cellar full of wine. What do you fancy?”

“You know what I fancy…” B shot Maria a predatory look “but OJ sounds good…” then as an afterthought “with a couple of fingers of vodka in it.”

Maria climbed out to get their drinks, returning to sit on the edge of the pool, sucking on the neck of a Michelob bottle as she let her body dry in the warm air. B sipped at her drink before putting it carefully aside, turning and swimming down the pool. She turned with barely a splash and glided back along the bottom of the pool, surfacing right in front of Maria. B’s hands on Maria’s knees eased them apart enough to let her stand between them and kiss Maria rapaciously.

“Mmm…” Maria purred. “Know any other tricks with that tongue?”

“Only one way to find out.” B pushed gently on Maria’s breasts, forcing her to lie back then sank lower in the water until her face was on a level with Maria’s crotch. It was her first real opportunity to look at this woman so she took her time. Maria’s dark complexion wasn’t a tan, but the olive skinned duskiness of the Mediterranean. Even shaving hadn’t been able to hide the darkness of her pubic hair, which left a shadow even though her mons veneris was smooth to the touch. Her labia were dark too, inside and out. B recalled one of her college roommate’s cruder euphemisms for labia – beef curtains – and realized that it was actually a good description of the dark skin and vermilion inner flesh she was looking at. Maria was growing impatient and spread her legs further, revealing the shadowy recess of her anus, also darkly pigmented. B took the hint and bent to lap at Maria’s pussy, flicking her tongue lightly over Maria’s already aroused clitoris for a few seconds before working her way inexorably down to plunge deep into her vagina, probing as far as she could into the woman’s body.

“Oh yes… That’s it… Don’t stop!”

B had stopped. “Are you going to pee again?” B asked with a smile that said ‘I’m ok with that.’

“Probably. But not if you keep stopping.” There was pleading in her tone. B buried her tongue again. It didn’t take long for Maria to cut loose. B’s tongue was probing deep into that dark pussy and her mouth was open wide and pressed hard over Maria’s labia, her incisors just grazing the woman’s clit, when a stream of hot, brackish liquid spurted across B’s taste buds. She let it fill her mouth and boil out of the corners of her lips before swallowing any to make room for the continuing deluge of urine.

B was really into water sports, not because she particularly liked the taste of piss but because it turned her lover’s on to do it in her yozgat escort mouth and, if it turned her lover on – Hey! That’s what it was all about. Besides, she’d swallowed more than a little jism in the last couple of years too, and she didn’t particularly like the taste of that either. It was ok, but she definitely preferred the taste of pussy. That’s why she was bi. Nothing topped the taste of pussy and Maria’s was an excellent vintage: Tangy, sweet and musky with a bouquet that reminded B of something she couldn’t quite place.

Maria’s bladder ran dry. B swallowed what little was left in her mouth and lapped at Maria’s labia, cleaning away the last traces. When all she could taste was pussy again she decided that if her new lover was so into pushing their boundaries, she, B, would push back. Her tongue wiggled down past Maria’s vulva and, with no warning, pressed persistently into her anus.

Maria squirmed at the unfamiliar caress, tensing against B’s intrusive probing. But B persisted and Maria, with a moan of lust, relaxed, feeling the girl’s tongue ease her open.

“Oh God!” Maria sighed as she experienced her first proper rimming. It tingled, tickled, felt … different, filthy but in a good way. It was all good. She’d been close to coming anyway and this new trick tipped her over the edge of another climax. Her pussy was pulsing and throbbing as she writhed on the poolside, wailing in ecstasy.

B kept working Maria’s sphincter until the woman collapsed, exhausted and limp on the floor. Only then did she withdraw her tongue, gently kissing Maria’s anus, then her pussy, then her smooth pubic mound and her navel.

B climbed out of the water to lie beside Maria and hold her close. They lay in each other’s arms, caressing, kissing and nuzzling until Maria suggested bed.

A shared shower, washing each other, inevitably led to more intimate games.

“It’s a little late to be washing there.” Maria chided gently as B’s soapy fingers squeezed between her buttocks.

“So? It’s a little late for you to be getting coy.” B kept on working slick fingers around Maria’s bottom. “Especially as you peed on me without asking.”

“I did, didn’t I?” Maria grinned impishly. “That was very rude of me, don’t you think?”

“Very.” B moved closer, pressing her belly against Maria and pinning the woman to the wall of the shower. “You deserve to be spanked.”

“Sorry Sweetie. Not into that.” Maria said, matter-of-factly.

“Well, I you could give you a taste of your own medicine.”

“I know this is really mean, but… No.”

“Meaning that’s not your thing?”

“Like I said, it’s really mean but I don’t like being on the receiving end.”

“Hey, relax: Its all about what you do like. Some people are vanilla, some Chunky Monkey. Personally, I’m not that into vanilla, but you can always add sprinkles, hot fudge, crushed nuts…” B smiled at the recollection of that guy who nearly got his scrotum pierced by one of her stilettos. He’d been weird: A great ride but weird.

“Chocolate sauce?” Maria asked, picking up where B’s metaphor had left off.

B made a ‘yuk’ face. “Not yet. Not ever, I hope. You’re not into…?”

“God no! Just asking.”

“Because of the rim job?”

“Well, yes.”

“Rimming’s fun, if a girl – or a guy for that matter – is clean, but that’s almost always the limit.”

“Almost always?” Maria was curious what might be beyond that limit. She really did need to know B’s limits.

“A couple I date – the ones who stood me up tonight – he really wanted to try a little ATM action.” B could see Maria’s lack of comprehension and explained. “Ass to mouth.” Her hand was still between Maria’s butt cheeks, though the soap had long since been rinsed away. To illustrate her point, B took her hand away and clamped her lips around the finger that had so recently been probing her lover’s sphincter, Slowly, she drew it out of her mouth, making a show of sucking on it.

Maria felt her pussy churning as she watched. As the tip of B’s finger returned to the light, Maria threw herself against B, cramming her tongue between still pursed lips and dragging them both to the floor of the shower.

* * * * *

B woke to daylight and hushed conversation. Opening her eyes – squinting at the too bright light – she saw Maria, still in bed beside her, sitting up and talking to a man in a dark grey business suit who was sat beside her on the bedspread. As soon as B stirred, their conversation stopped.

“Sorry Sweetie.” Maria said, reaching over to casually stroke B’s hair. “Did we wake you?”

“What time is it?” B asked.

“Just after ten.” The man glanced at his watch to confirm it. “Allow me to introduce myself. Dominic.”

“B” said B, who’d already worked out that he was Maria’s husband. There were pictures of them together on the dresser. He managed to remind her of both Brad Pitt and Richard Gere without looking like either of them.

“Maria’s been telling me all about last night.

Darling,” Dominic turned his attention to his wife. “Would you make us all some coffee?” Dominic yozgat escort bayan stood to let his wife get up. B watched with unabashed interest as Maria stood naked, and stretched, her arms high over her head, fingers twined, palms up, back arched. B noticed that Dominic was just watching his wife too. As she put on a robe, the spell broke and Dominic returned his attention to B, though he didn’t speak to her until they were alone.

“Now then, Miss…?”

“Kennedy. Bernadette Kennedy. But B to everyone who matters.”

“Ok, B. Maria tells me you’re taking a year off from college.”

“Yes.” Where was this going? The gap year hadn’t been planned. She’d taken to the idea when her best friend, lover and college roomie was offered an internship with her father’s company, in their Washington DC office. B’s gap year was so she and Helen would have their last college year together, though she’d sort of planned to do some research for her dissertation while she was at it.

“Do you have firm plans for this year?”

“Not really. Why?” B had been expecting a conversation along the lines of ‘So you fucked my wife? Can I have some too?’

“Because I have a job offer for you.”

“You’ve only known me five minutes.” This sounded too odd.

“But Maria’s known you all night.”

“What job offer?” B changed tack. She doubted she’d get any more sensible answer though.

“I’m away a lot. I’d like to hire you as a companion for Maria. She gets so lonely on her own.”

“She must have lots of friends.”

“Surely. But it’s not the same. Companion is – in this case – a euphemism. Last night was an audition. An interview if you prefer.”

“Oh.” B realized what he was suggesting.

“And you’ll find the job very rewarding, financially.”

“You’re really offering me money to fuck your wife?” B was incredulous.

“That’s not how I’d have put it.”

“But you are. Aren’t you?”

“Let’s say I’m offering you $2000 a week to be Maria’s-“

“Whore?” It was another of her roommate’s earthy expressions.

“Toy would be more apt. Yes, it is technically prostitution, but only because you’d be getting paid for what you clearly enjoyed last night. You would not be asked to provide services for anyone but Maria.”

“Not you?”

“Not me: At least not directly. I do like to be present occasionally. Your duties would include foreplay and some participation when I’m with Maria, but you’d be her toy, not mine.”

“You’ve said toy twice.”

“That’s the best description. Maria is bisexual. I can’t expect her to give up girls and I don’t think of it as infidelity. You must have noticed we’re not poor. This isn’t our only house. Why should Maria have to make do with silly plastic toys when I can afford to buy her the real thing?”

“Good point.” B was intrigued by the idea that someone could be bought as a sort of living sex toy. It wasn’t an unattractive idea.

“There’d be a lot of travelling too. Business requires me to visit Europe several times a year. We have a house in London because I spend about a quarter of my time there. You do have a passport?”

B nodded. “So what is your business?”

“I’m a banker, but we provide a lot of sponsorship for motor racing. I generally have to follow the Formula One circuit through the year.”

“Formula One?” B knew nothing about motor sport.

“Like Indy Car racing, but it goes around the world. Eighteen different countries this year.”

“Indy Car?” B said, looking perplexed.

“You’ll see… if you take the job. It’s very glamorous, very fast and very expensive. Maria doesn’t care about the races either, but she loves the parties and the glamour. B, I’m afraid I do have to go. I have a flight to catch. Will you take the job?”

“Can I have some time to think about it?”

“Not long. If you turn it down, Maria will have to go out… recruiting again, but she really wants you. You are – in her words – pretty, pervy and perfect.”


“You’ll take it?”

“Yes. I must be mad, but yes.”

“Good. Maria will be so pleased.” Dominic stood up to leave. “Before I go…” He paused.

B flipped back the sheets and lay naked in front of him. She let her hand gently stroke her mons veneris just once. She knew she looked good.

“Maria has always had excellent taste.” Dominic observed. “Thank you, B. I’ll tell Maria the good news.” And he left.

B looked down at her body. “Pretty, pervy and perfect?” She said to herself. “I like that.” She got out of bed and went for a shower. Coffee and warm rolls were waiting on the kitchen counter when she went looking for Maria. There was also the smell of sex. Had they been fucking while she was in the shower? It certainly smelt like it. B tore a piece off one of the rolls and sipped her coffee. Where was Maria?

Maria walked back into the kitchen, sans robe. B looked at the naked woman and decided she’d been right about them having sex. Maria was positively glowing.

“Ready to start work?” Maria asked, buzzing B forcefully.

“Absolutely.” B grinned and dropped escort yozgat to her knees. Maria’s labia were dark and engorged. They looked slick with juices. “Clean-up this mess?” She asked, glancing up at her new boss?

“Got it in one.” Maria leant back against the counter and parted her legs enough for B’s tongue to go to work.

B didn’t hesitate. She pressed her face between Maria’s thighs, lapping at her plump lips and tasting Dominic’s seed mingled with Maria’s own juices. She pushed Maria’s legs further apart and got her mouth right under her vagina. Maria clenched her pelvic floor and pushed Dominic’s cum back out into B’s waiting mouth.

When B was sure she’d got all of it, she moved slightly, turning her attention to Maria’s clit, sucking on the swollen bud until Maria’s legs gave way and she sagged to the floor. B really went to work then, lashing the morsel of flesh and nerve endings until Maria was writhing and groaning incoherently on the tiles. B slipped a couple of fingers into Maria’s hole too, twirling and pumping as she tormented the woman’s clitoris. B’s ring finger stretched down to just touch Maria’s anus, and rub across it as her fingers drove in and out of her pussy. Maria wailed as she came, squirting cum over B’s face as she thrashed Maria’s clit with the tip of her tongue, pressing the sensitive spot against her teeth.

B refused to let Maria relax, upping the tempo to keep Maria’s climax going as long as possible. When Maria went quiet, B stopped teasing her clit and contented herself with lapping up all the juices while Maria lay panting, apparently unconscious. B chased the last trickle of cum down between Maria’s buttocks and lingered around her anus again.

“Mmm. That was wonderful.” Maria purred. “You’ll certainly earn your money.”

Yes, thought B, I’m officially a whore now.

* * * * *

They showered, B taking it upon herself to wash her new employer. “It’s only fair.” She’d insisted, taking the soap out of Maria’s hand. “I’m the one who’ll have to lick it later.” And she ran soapy fingers between Maria’s buttocks and thighs. Maria didn’t mind. Her previous toys had been requested to bathe her occasionally but if B wanted to volunteer, Maria would make it one of her daily duties. She noticed that B had moved on from her crotch and was kneeling now, working soapy hands down first one leg then the other. B didn’t stop until she’d even washed between Maria’s toes, lifting each foot gently into her lap to work on. Then she stood again, motioned for Maria to turn around and did her back. The whole thing was arousing but, to Maria’s surprise, the most intimate seeming moment was when B’s fingertips touched lightly under her arms, checking for stubble. Finding just a hint, B reached for the razor and carefully smoothed Maria’s underarms, finishing off by brushing her lips against that sensitive skin. Maria couldn’t believe how naked that made her feel before this other woman: It was just so … intimate. Yes, there was no other word for it.

B was determined to be good at her new job. Besides, any excuse to touch Maria’s body was a good excuse. She was a little miffed at not getting to wash Maria’s hair, but she’d been lingering over Maria’s breasts when a vacuum cleaner starting up downstairs announced the presence of the domestic staff. Maria had pulled away from her and said “One of us had better get out. They’ll be coming up in a minute.”

So B had left Maria to wash her own hair and ducked through the adjoining door from the master bedroom to the small suite she’d been told was hers. She showered quickly in her own bathroom, dressed and went downstairs to introduce herself as Maria’s new P.A.

Introductions made, and before Maria came downstairs, B called a cab to take her home. She had packing to do. Maria caught up with her just as the cab pulled up outside.

“This is for you.” She handed B a mobile phone. “It has all the numbers you’ll need in it.” Her hand lingered on B’s a moment longer than necessary. “And you’ll need these.” Maria held up a set of keys. “I’m meeting some pals for lunch, then going shopping. Call me when you get back and I’ll tell you where to meet me.”

“Sure. Thank you.” B took the keys with a smile that led to one of those uncomfortable silences. “I’d better go. My cab’s waiting.” B broke the silence.

“Get a receipt.” Maria said as B opened the front door.

* * * * *

In the back of the cab, B looked through the mobile phone’s memory. Maria’s number was there, obviously, but so were a dozen other numbers, some in different countries. Were all those Maria’s houses? B guessed so. Dominic had clearly not been exaggerating. She smiled to herself. She just knew she was going to enjoy this job.

Packing presented a few problems: She only wanted to take the essentials, at least until she knew what else she’d need. The problem was, what are the essentials when your work uniform is skin? B settled on one pair of jeans, half a dozen frocks – Tight jeans look sexy but frocks don’t make your crotch sweaty and B just knew that keeping her pussy sweet and fresh was going to be part of her job description – one business suit – short skirt not long pants – a couple of evening outfits and a week’s supply of undies, though she fully expected to go commando most of the time. A second bag soon filled up with toiletries and other small essentials then she called a cab to take her back to Maria’s house.

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