A Late Night Pounding

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I looked her up and down, admiring her beauty. Her long hair glistened as the moonlight shined through the gap on the blinds which covered the living room window. Her pretty brown eyes, turned green by her contact lenses had her attention directed at the TV. She wore nothing but a black crop top and a thong. Her sexy legs were stretched forward with her feet resting on a stool. She was without a doubt the most beautiful girl my eyes had ever been graced by.

We had been dating for over a year and she was my definition of perfect. We fucked at least once a day. She had an amazing body including big firm round tits, a nice ass and a perfect tight little pussy that she loved getting pounded by my hard cock. Her nipples were big and juicy and she loved getting them sucked, I would always pinch and pull them after leaving her neck covered in love bites before I took her nipples into my mouth.

I continued to admire her as I sat bored, waiting for her to acknowledge me. We had been out all day shopping and I knew she was horny from the way she was rubbing my lap in the car on the way home to tease me. She glanced over at me with a cute heartwarming smile and bit her lip as she turned to face me directly. She looked down at my lap and then lifted her head to look back into my eye, letting isveçbahis me know she wants my cock.

She complained that it was hot and took off her tank top, revealing her perfect tits and hard nipples. She’d make any excuse to take them out. I felt my penis begin to harden in my jeans. She signalled me to come over towards her. I stood and walked awkwardly, trying to push my erection to the side as I moved. Upon getting close, she didn’t hesitate to unzip my jeans and pull out my throbbing hard cock.

She took it in her hand and stroked it up and down whilst looking into my eye. She continued to stroke and moan as she rubbed her pussy over her thong. She moved her head downwards and began to lick the tip and roll her tongue around it. She was quick to take it into the mouth, I could tell she was desperate to have my cock in her pussy. I wrapped her hair around my hand and pulled it and she looked up at me. I began to slowly grind my cock back and forth in her mouth, fucking her pretty face. I slapped her face with my other hand as I fucked her face faster, leaving her drool running down her chin as she gagged like a good slut. I kept fucking her face to show her who owns her holes.

I took out my cock and dragged her by her hair and pushed her onto her back before smacking isveçbahis giriş her tits hard and pinching her erect nipples. I moved my head down to kiss between her thighs and lick close to her pussy to tease her. She spread her pussy using two fingers as she waited to feel more of my tongue. I moved my tongue towards her pussy and licked it across gently, focusing on her clit as I licked and sucked it. She squeezed her tits as I tasted her pussy. I continued to lick her clit as I thrusted two fingers inside her, feeling her pussy juices on my fingers. I heard her moans get louder as she got closer to cumming and then I stopped. I moved my hand and slapped her across the face and pressed my fingers against her lips. She quickly took them in her mouth like a good slut and sucked and swirled her tongue around them so she could taste her yummy pussy.

As she lay on her back, I pushed my cock against her pussy, rubbing the tip against her clit to tease her. I shoved it deep inside her so she could feel every inch. As my cock entered I put my fingers in her mouth which she passionately sucked. I began to thrust, hard and deep so she could feel my balls smash against her as my hard cock stretched out her tight little pussy. I fucked her harder and harder and moved my hand to hold her isveçbahis yeni giriş down by her throat as I choked her, preventing her from moving whilst she was fucked hard and deep.

I pulled my cock out and told her to get on her knees like a good whore. She got on her hands and knees and raised her ass. I got behind her and pulled her hair and smacked her ass hard multiple times, turning it red and leaving a handprint. I mounted her and stuck my cock deep inside her pussy from behind, making her scream. I pounded into her as I pulled back her hair. She begged me to let her cum and told me how much of a whore she is and how good my cock feels inside her little pussy. I granted her permission and felt her pussy tighten around my cock as her body began to shake and her back arched further and she rested her head on the floor. She screamed in pleasure and begged me to cum, begging for her pussy to be filled with my hot cum. I fucked her harder as I began to feel my cock throb as I pumped her full of cum as she groaned as it shot inside her. I pulled out my cock to see it leak out and she instantaneously got on her knees to suck my dick clean, ensuring that no cum was wasted.

She wiped her mouth with her arm and smiled before looking up. “Thank you daddy” she said with a smirk as she picked up her clothes and got dressed. She lay down on the sofa and asked me to cuddle with her and that she was sleepy. I got dressed and wrapped my hands around her, pulling over a blanket ensuring that she was warm as we both closed our eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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