A Latex Crossdresser’s Dream Pt. 02

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Please read A Crossdressers Dream part 1 before moving on to this story.


I was glued to the big screen as my wife helped the 11 inches of strippers cock ease into Karen’s well lubed ass. Karen was enjoying every inch.

“That’s it big boy fuck that sweet latex ass, fuck it hard, fuck it deep,” yelped Karen.

My wife was also very vocal with encouragement to the stripper whose name apparently was Aron.

“Give it to her Aron, give her that slippy cock right in her ass,” she ordered.

Aron was only too happy to oblige and as he pounded his weapon deep into Karen my wife changed places, she presented her dripping stretched pussy right in front of Karen’s eager mouth. No instructions were necessary and Karen immediately went to work. Parting the two straps of latex to reveal a sopping shaven cunt I immediately diving in with her mouth and tongue. Flicking my wife’s clitoris and ramming fingers into her pussy soon had her on the verge of orgasm. A long low moan as my wife started to come and then the video stopped. What the fuck? I was enjoying that. My cock flickered back to life.

“Sorry babe,” said my wife. “The battery went as we had used it so much,” she laughed.

Although I can see it had the desired effect as she glanced towards my cock. Now standing proud and naked as the blue sheath pants were still in Karen’s hand as she continued to lap the remaining spunk from them.

“I just love the taste of cum mixed with the scent of rubber. “I think I may have a replacement for you John.”

She left the room and returned with a pair of transparent latex briefs with attached sheath, and a thick black erection ring around the base. She squeezed a generous amount of lube into the sheath then asked me to stand in front of her.

My wife massaged an equally generous amount onto my now rock hard cock and explained that the ring would keep me harder for longer, and also delay my cumming. Wow I thought, I wished I had some of these in the past as I sometimes shot my load way too soon. Karen slipped the rubber panties over my latex stockings and eased them up to my cock. The sensation was amazing as she eased my well lubed cock into the well lubed rubber sheath, it was like entering a tight wet pussy and aroused me even more.

“Now turn round lover boy and let’s make sure that they are in place at the back.”

I did as asked and Karen began adjusting the latex at the back, she slipped a latex finger inside the rubber panties and let it glide over my ass and between my ass and balls, it felt amazing as she cupped my balls in the latex fingers.

She retraced her finger back to my ass which was well lubed with the spunk that had dripped from my blue panties, this helped Karen to ease a finger into my man pussy as she called it.

A slight intake of breath as my wife stared at my latex covered face and saw my smile. I had always enjoyed prostate play as it made me harder, and the orgasm was also more intense.

“Your sexy wife told me you might enjoy a bit of attention there,” voiced Karen. “So tell me John would you like me to carry on?”

“Yes please Karen.” I said, almost panting and begging for more in the tone of my voice.

“Just kneel down then so I can focus on your sweet little man pussy.”

My wife sat in front of me so I could revel in the latex she was wearing, and give me access to her pussy like she had done with Karen in the video. I began eating the delicious latex cunt, the smell of pussy and rubber was intoxicating. The shine on her latex panties more intense now as it was covered in slippy juices from her pussy and the generous amounts of lube being used everywhere.

This now included my ass as Karen squeezed even more onto her sticky latex fingers and began to ease first one, then two fingers into my ass. She reached around and took a very firm hold of my cock.

“Wow John you are a very hard boy, it looks like the panties are working, I’ll just go get my bag. With that she stood up and left the room. I continued pleasuring my very sexy rubber slut wife as she asked me to. Lapping at her wet hole like a very thirsty cat, flicking her throbbing clit with my tongue. Her eyes semi closed and soft moans coming from beneath the rubber clad face of my sexy wife.

“Remember you said you would like to try pegging when you are dressed in latex baby?”

“Yes baby that would be nice sometime.”

“No time like the present,” she said as she looked over to the door and Karen was stood hands on hips looking every inch the kinky dominatrix. She had made an addition to her outfit, a tight black leather harness with a black jelly type dildo strapped to the crotch, not massive but a good 8 inches.

My heart began to beat faster and I looked straight into the sexy eyes of my wife.

“Don’t worry baby we will be gentle,” she laughed.

Karen lubed up the phallus and before getting into position behind me she ordered me to lift my head and suck the black cock presented to my mouth.

Wow I didn’t expect this. I allowed the tip to slowly enter between my lips and enjoyed the güvenilir bahis slippy sensation as it further invaded my mouth.

“Go on baby suck Karen’s cock for me, you’re dressed like a rubber slut so you may as well behave like one,” she added with a look of anticipation and excitement and a slight trembling in her voice as this was a new one for both of us.

In for a penny in for a pound I thought so I took the dildo in my mouth and began to suck its length. It felt strangely horny to be sucking a cock shaped dildo and obviously my wife thought so too.

“Good boy John you suck Karen’s big black cock for your dirty little wifey.”

Aware that my wife was enjoying the show I made more of an effort and started to suck and slurp for all I was worth. Taking the strap on deep into my mouth, gagging on the smooth jelly feel cock was a first for me, but definitely not a last judging by my wife’s reaction.

My wife frantically starting thrusting 3 latex clad fingers deep into her cunt, each time they came out they glistened with the juice from inside her. Karen pulled the dildo from my mouth and it was replaced by the 3 rubber fingers full of pussy juice that had just left my wife’s wet hole. My wife forced the juice covered rubber into my throat and I licked and sucked each latex finger eagerly. Each time I cleaned them she provided me with more, ramming her fist into her pussy then offering it to my mouth. I duly obliged and licked them clean every time. The taste of latex mixed with pussy juice was even better that the aroma.

Karen squatted behind me and eased two lubed fingers into my ass.

“Just preparing your slutty little ass you horny rubber pervert.” She said.

Her dirty talk was making me hotter than ever. Karen found just the right depth and as she hit my g spot with her rubber fingers she gripped my cock very firmly. If it was even possible my cock seemed to get harder and more rigid the more she massaged my ass and prostate.

“Here it is baby, your first taste of pegging,” whispered my wife, as Karen eased the tip of the dildo into my very wet ass. Slowly pushing deeper until it also hit my g spot and I just had to push back and allow the strap on to penetrate my well lubed ass even deeper. It felt quite comfortable as it was made of soft jelly like material and the well lubed latex fingering had certainly made the penetration easier. Karen began to build up a slow gentle fucking rhythm as she invaded my rubber ass as my wife voiced her thoughts out loud.

“Yes Karen fuck the rubber slut, give him that cock deep in his virgin ass. Are you enjoying being fucked like a slut babe?”

“Oh yes baby it feels good inside me,” I replied enjoying each thrust.

I”I bet you didn’t think this was going to happen tonight did you John?” asked Karen still fucking my ass. My wife continued to muffle my reply with her rubber gloved hand forced into my mouth. But I can assure you it was a resounding “YES YES YES!”

“Do you want to fuck my ass while Karen fucks your ass baby?” Asked Karen, the sexy latex mask framing her encouraging smile and eyes.

We shuffled back and my wife took up a position kneeling over the couch as Karen kept up the fucking motion, going deeper and faster now.

“Go ahead baby fuck your wife’s sweet little latex ass, get your latex cock and sheath deep in my rubber asshole,” demanded my wife as she slowly removed the glistening butt plug from her ass and licked it clean.

My cock was ready for this and looking at my wife’s ass sheathed in shiny rubber, still gaping slightly from the butt plug and so wet that it didn’t require any further lubrication. I put the tip of my latex sheathed cock, which by the way looked and felt incredible in the transparent rubber sheath pants, and the erection ring was certainly doing its job.

I pushed against her in time with the thrusts of Karen and bit by bit my cock disappeared into my wife’s tight little rubber clad asshole. Three inches in and it was like a vacuum, all of a sudden Karen gave a big thrust which in turn forced me balls deep into my wife’s ass. My wife let out a sudden gasp then moaned with deep pleasure and thanked me for fucking her ass deep and hard.

“The three of us fucking in rubber would surely have made and excellent porn movie!” I commented.

“Don’t worry babe, “said my wife in-between my well timed thrusts “It’s all on film, but you probably didn’t notice the little lens near the TV did you?” She laughed.

I looked towards the TV and sure enough a small lens and recorder were visible, just slightly hidden behind a photo frame.

“Don’t worry we’ve tested it out and it captures all the action.” Said Karen, “I’m sure your dirty little rubberslut wife will show you some of the footage we made when you were out on the town with your mates later.”

Fucking hell I couldn’t wait. Pumping my latex cock and pleasuring my wife whilst getting a great fucking up my own ass from the very sexy, and very very dirty latex clad Karen was bringing me to my third orgasm of the night, although they had been well spread out and I türkçe bahis did have stamina I knew this would be massive as my prostate was getting stimulated by the large black dildo, and my cock was getting squeezed by the walls of my wife’s rubber clad ass.

“I think I’m gonna come girls.”

“Ok rubber boy shoot your hot thick cum into that nice tight sheath in your wife’s ass.”

“Yes baby, shoot your spunk in my ass baby, shoot that come in me, fill me up with that fat rubber cock you rubber slut cunt fucker.” My wife talking filth now as she knew that would tip me over the edge and get me to explode.

“Take that cock in your ass while you fill mine baby, you dirty latex slut, getting your latex man pussy fucked while your balls deep in your dirty stripper fucking wife’s ass. Your naughty, dirty, slutty wife and her friend, out all night in latex panties getting fucked by a massive cock. Sucking on that huge dick. Getting our cunts filled with hard cock meat and sending you pictures to make you wank you horny tranny latex cunt.”

Wow that was it, I felt the shudder from the back of my head right down my spine and into my ass and balls as my cock began to shoot hot thick cum into the tight sheath. Pumping as hard as I could to fill the latex panties with cum, hoping for a repeat of the dirty girls cum eating from before.

As sure as eggs were eggs I was instructed by Karen to remove the panties carefully. I eased my now subsiding hard on from the latex panties, I was surprised I had managed to produce a good load of cum once again. Karen took the panties of me and rolled them up into a tight ball.

She took the rolled up cum soaked latex pants and stuffed them into her mouth. God that was hot, watching my cum soaked rubber sheath pants disappearing in-between a pair of lush red lips in a shiny latex mask. Karen licked and swallowed everything she could while playing with her clit underneath the black dildo which hung loosely down towards her wet cunt. I sensed her coming so went over and even though my cock was now flaccid I helped her to come hard using my tongue all over her latex clad pussy. I parted her lips, which didn’t need much parting to be honest, and plunged my tongue as deep as I could into her wet hole. As I ate Karen’s throbbing wet rubber pussy, my wife took my flaccid cock into her mouth and lapped the remaining cum from it, licking it clean. Karen began to buck her hips towards my mouth and I went straight for her clitoris, tonguing it as hard as I could, it was plump and erect as I flicked it with my tongue and sucked it into my mouth. She started to breathe heavily and began to gush all over my latex face, the juice making my own rubber mask slippier and shinier. I continued till she exploded wildly all over me, wow what a gusher she was. She shrieked and moaned talked dirty as she came hard all over me.

“Oh yes John eat my dirty rubber cunt you pervert, make me squirt my juice all over your hot rubber face. Oh yes John I’m coming now, coming all over you for your birthday. I hope you liked your surprise baby.”

Unable to speak with my mouth full of very wet latex pussy I demonstrated my thanks by plunging my whole rubber fist into her hole. I thought this would go in quite well considering it was pounded by 11 inches of stripper cock only a few hours ago. It did and she screamed as I brought her to orgasm with the hard latex hand pumping in and out of her cunt. It was an amazing sight and one I would be repeating with my wife.

By now I was a little spent so suggested that I go shower and try to recover. I left the girls panting and relaxing, actually opening another bottle of wine. What the fuck? I thought, where they get the stamina. But hey I wasn’t complaining. On my way to the wet room I decided to pop another Viagra. It wasn’t unusual for me to have sex four times in twelve hours but three of those were in three hours so I needed a chance to recuperate even if the girls didn’t.

Peeling my latex off it was soaking underneath so rather than clean it when I took it off I took it off in the shower to kill two birds with one stone. The removal of the latex was sometimes just as erotic as putting it on. In the shower it glistened under the shower head and slid off easily when the water got behind it. The sound of the rubber being pulled off was quite sexy and I thought I would definitely do this in future.

A welcome shower, and a cold one at that, and all the sex sweat washed away. I paid careful attention to my cock, balls, and my ass in case there was more to come. I was just about to turn off the shower when Karen came in the wet room, still dressed in all that gorgeous shiny rubber but minus the strap on.

“I’m bursting for a piss,” she said.

“Well at least you don’t have to pull your panties down,” I joked.

We have a large shower cubicle easily big enough for two or three people and wifey and I often had sex in here.

Without warning Karen said “Leave the shower on John!”

“Okay I replied assuming she was going to do the same as me and remove all her latex in the shower. But before güvenilir bahis siteleri I had chance to move, the cubicle door opened and she walked straight in. The water running down her latex clad body was amazing as it ran over her rubber clad tits I resisted the temptation to tweak them again as I now knew one of her many many kinks.

I was about to discover another, as obviously I was now in her confidence she made a startling confession.

“You know your wife and I love to come in here for a bit of water sport John? You know what that is don’t you John?” she asked, as though I didn’t actually know what it was.

“Sure I know what is, and wifey in there has probably told you already that we have tried it a couple of times but not in the mouth.”

“I don’t like it in my mouth either John but I love to piss on cocks.” Her breathing getting shallower and deeper. “Lie down John and let me show you.”

“What about my wife in the other room?” I said.

“Oh she knows why I’m in here John, don’t you worry. She said this might get you up and ready again.”

That was like written permission. I lay down on the tiled floor and the shower still running behind my back. Karen squatted over my cock with a gorgeous view of her latex ass right in front of me, butt plug still in place. She began to piss and the liquid squirted all over my cock, balls and torso. My cock immediately regained some blood and I was surprised. Probably due to the view I had of all that amazing rubber stretched taut over Karen’s ample ass, the suspenders gripping the latex stockings as they pulled tight across her thighs. The piss trickled down her latex thighs and mixed with the shower water. She carried on for what seemed like an age, my torso, cock, balls and thighs covered in a mixture of piss and shower water. My cock now nearly back to its erect state.

She turned to face me and simply said

“Your turn baby!” as she lay propped up against the shower wall.

Fuck it I thought and aimed my cock at her latex tits. I started pissing and moving my cock so it covered all the lovely rubber, paying attention to pissing all over her latex cunt. Watching my liquid spray all over her rubber lingerie was a real turn on and soon I had to apply pressure to point my cock downwards as it was trying to aim at the sky with the sudden rush of blood. Karen started thrusting the butt plug in and out of her ass which added to my hard on.

“Piss on my ass John” she ordered,” piss all over my sexy rubber ass.”

She continued to wank the butt plug in and out of her ass as I approached her from behind and slid my slippy hard cock between the latex panties and the cheeks of her ass. Then I let go a long stream of piss which squirted out of all the tight gaps in the rubber, all over her ass and down her thighs. I soon ran out of flow and Karen matter of factly thanked me like I had just poured her a drink or something.

“See you soon babe,” as she swayed those latex hips and ass right past me and out of the wet room.

Am I dreaming, this was the most amazing sexual encounter anyone could ever have. Well if you’re into latex and cross dressing it was. I had now resigned to go with the flow and whatever happened, happened. Knowing full well though that this would definitely change the sex for me and wifey, obviously for the better.

I toweled dry and looked at all the latex I had on which was now drip drying over the shower enclosure.

Fucking hell that’s my latex fun outfit not available until it’s dry and talced again, I thought. I tried to think of what I could wear if this session was going to continue. I was never a fan of naked sex as for me the rubber added that extra sense of kink and adventure, and it obviously did for the girls too.

I wandered back into the lounge and both girls sat there, still draped in shiny silky rubber. Still looking horny as hell, and ready for anything as they finished off the bottle of wine.

“Well look at my sexy hubby!” Exclaimed my wife “He looks like we have taken his birthday surprise away now he has no latex to wear,” she added mockingly.

“It looks like you’ll have to give him his present then.”

I listened intently as the girls decided which present to give me first. There’s more to come? I thought.

Karen had obviously been in the bedroom and brought down the magic bag that she arrived with.

She slipped her sexy green latex glove inside and pulled out a pair of blue semi-transparent stockings and laid them out on the couch. Closely followed by a pull on latex basque in the same colour. Wow I loved semi-transparent latex and so did my cock, as it started to rise again. Blue short gloves like medical exam gloves were next. Then a pair of blue sheath pants but this time with an internal sheath at the back. I’m presuming this was for my ass, which by the way was still fine and no ill effects from the pegging I’d received from Karen earlier. Finally a hood with cut out mouth eyes and nose, the eyes and mouth were surrounded in contrasting white latex. Oh my god, I’d seen these and so wanted one but never bought one. A complete matching outfit of semi-transparent blue latex was laid out in front of me. All talced up and a shiny as the rubber the girls were wearing. I couldn’t believe this experience and realized it would change my sex life forever.

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