A Leather Ass Lick

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One night I was chatting with my Mother. She had recently asked me about Greg my best friend at that time as well. “Does Greg still like you?” She asked one night. No I answered why? “Well I know he likes to spend the night and all… and I realize you two aren’t …active that way any more, but I woke up Saturday evening and he was in the bathroom. I waited out side for awhile and he wasn’t coming out. I walked up to the door to see if he was Ok. Just before I knocked I heard him moaning lightly and I knew he was masturbating. So I quietly tiptoed back to the kitchen to wait. It still seemed like awhile so I figured I would just try to sleep.

As I entered the hallway he was standing there and he was a bit startled. I think he was trying to sneak back to the couch. I just acted calm and said asked him if he couldn’t sleep. He said yes and we just both smiled and walked by each other. That’s when I noticed he had some of your clothes in his hands. It was a pair of your pants. Your leather pants.” “Oh” I said but I knew what she was talking about. “Mom, Greg is…has a particular liking.”

My mom is not dumb so I decided to not to beat around the bush. She is also very sexual for mid forties woman and quite attractive. With no husband around the last few years she was rediscovering the benefits of dating. She had short blond hair a bit plump around the rear but still cute. She also had a secret boob-job touch up done to make her self feel perky.

“Greg has a fetish” I said. “Oh” she tried to be innocent. “He likes Leather and he loves leather pants.” She was curious but still tried to be innocent. Greg and I broke up since high school but we went to college together so we were growing into our own in front of each other’s eyes. We decided to be open enough to share his last girlfriend together one freshman night. She then decided she was gay and I just felt bad. We then decided to just be honest with each other and are pleasures. So I told her “I know he loves that stuff and since he hasn’t been fooling around lately he is sort of reeling I guess. I think he finds Leather pants on girls very sexy and needed to relieve some tension.” My mom Oh’ed again but I could tell deep down she was intrigued She always liked him and I knew she wanted him. But felt guilty. I even remember once in high school she was spying on us when were alone in the TV room.

A week or so passed when she then one Saturday night came home had 3 stiff drinks and told me her story. Earlier she called Greg up that morning and asked him if he would come with her shopping. Greg liked my mom and loved having a reason to hang out in women’s stores to check out women. So he was happy to. She took him to a small Avenue of boutiques. She played innocent until her planned store casually was in sight. Licorice Leather’s was very hip leather shop. Wannabe models and rock bands sometimes stopped in. She told him she was feeling a bit “giddy” and wanted to try something new. He easily agreed thinking one thing not realizing she was being very coy.

They walked in the sound Dance music filled the store but not enough to deafen people. A young girl came out to ask the preverbal “Can I help you.” Greg’s mouth dropped. She wore black dress and Knee high brown clunky platform boots. Another favorite. She was very polite and said she was doing inventory and was alone but when they needed help to let her know. My mom still being very coy said “Thanks” and headed to the pants rack. İstanbul Escort Bayan Greg was following her as well but couldn’t stop thinking about the sales girl until he saw mom fingering some of the leather pants.

“I always wanted a pair.” My Mom said out loud. Greg being the opportunist said, “Try on a pair”. My mom hesitated: “I don’t know I don’t have an ass like the sales girl” Now Greg had to put on some charm even if it was a bit sleazy. “Well I’m sure trying them on will make you realize you have a nice bum” A bit forwards but he played as kidding. “You think?” He nodded yes. “Ok” she pulled her size.

They were black with no pockets and flares at the bottom. The sales girl said those are nice and began opening the door to the back. The 3 walked back and she unlocked the dressing room door. The girl asked what size they were. My mother told her 8 but the girl said” Wait a sec. You want them to fit and reveal your curves”. She took the pants and headed out to the dressing room. Greg casually tried to sneak a peek at her ass cheeks walking away. Each cheek rose as she shifted weight to move her legs. The visible curve of her buttock was tight. “You can tell she is not wearing any under wear.” blurted my mom.

Greg turned and looked back with an embarrassed face. “Uh..” he stammered. “Greg it’s ok. You’re young and horny.” My mom looked away playing it as a casual thing but she wondered if her knowing had made his prick throb a bit. The girl bounded back and handed her a new pair 2 sizes smaller. “Now these will look good. You have a nice figure when you wear these you can show it off.” She smiled and opened the dressing room door. As mom walked in she whispered to her;

” When you try them on make sure your panties are off or they will show through.” As she walked out she smiled at Greg and said.” I wish I could get MY mom to wear this stuff.” She was gone when they started to laugh.

“Well try’em on Mom” Greg Laughed “Ok” she said. She took off her sneakers and white socks, undid her khaki pants and pulled them down. Finally she slide down her cotton panties and with that she felt herself getting wet. She stood there with no pants and only her blouse she wished Greg would peek like she used to when she watched him and her daughter. She remembers his muscular ass thrusting while she fiddled herself. Now she was definitely wet. She put both feet into the leather pants. The leather tickled her ankles as the smell then overwhelmed her. She slid the leather skin up her legs around her hips and over her ass, which felt now suddenly tender. As she buttoned her fly her fingers glanced over her pubic hairs. She then remembered and felt the memory of her college friend Maria.

That feeling, as they sat in the front row of the Movie Theater. It was empty and Maria convinced her to see a French erotic film. As they watched Maria took mom’s hands and slide it up her black leather mini skirt. She felt her friend’s soft but strong leather skirt. She could smell it and hear the soft straining sound of the material that clad her Maria’s bare ass, hips and thighs. At last her finger felt her shaved pussy and she eagerly dipped in to feel Maria’s warm wet insides. She let her feel her for the whole film. My mother never did that again but sometimes wished she could find Maria but the year’s passed by. Yet every time she saw a leather skirt she couldn’t help but get excited. All of this now coming back from a pair of pants. İstanbul Escort It was unbelievable.

All this from smooth soft leather sliding up her skin. She had them on looked at her self in the mirror. She felt powerful and sexy. She moved her hips as if she were dancing they moved well. The leather made a stretch sound as she shifted. She was getting moist. She felt like a hussy at a singles bar. She opened the door. Greg looked at this older woman and saw the tight black leather that encased and emphasize her sex. Her hips and ass defied her age and the leather rode up her ass hiding nothing. He got hard.

“What do you think, Son?” she joked. “Great” Was all he could muster. She walked towards a mirror letting her ass swing. Greg got harder. Then she asked “Do I look fat or…” “No.” He interrupted. She knew he liked them She looked at her self then caressed her hips as if checking the leather’s quality. “Come here.” She said. He walked towards her. “Feel the leather is it good?” As she asked she lifted her blouse revealing her stomach a bit. “You want me to check it?’ He asked. She nodded her head. He reached down just below her knee ad tried to pull the leather back but it was so tight he quickly felt it and shook his head. “It’s great.” Mom knowing when to seize the day coyly purred; “Please touch the crease again.” With that she quickly took his hand and made him touch the crease of the leather pants along her hip. He started to tremble a bit. He tired to pull away but she pushed just a bit harder before he withdrew his hand and slid his fingers just near her Ass cheek.

“Ms..” She interrupted him. “Oh I’m sorry Greg, excuse me.” He knew she was toying with him. “I’ll buy them and let you borrow them in the bathroom.” He was stunned and she wanted to smile but was to nervous from what she said. Did she cross the line? She put his hand on her ass, feeling her hip and moving it slowly as they both trembled. If she did cross the line no stopping now.

“Did you want to try some shoes…Oh I’m sorry?” The sales girl walked out as fast as she walked in. They both got startled and backed off each other. “Uh, maybe I should just sit.” Greg said and he quickly put himself in the courtesy chair. “Greg, I’m sorry.” My mother started to feel ashamed. “No, it’s fine…I mean I like you” He said. “I like you too” Mom replied. “I’m sorry I’m weird.” Greg said now feeling strange. “No you’re not. You just know what you like.” He smiled. There was an awkward pause and she just said it: “Greg, do you have an erection?” Mom now was just openly and nervously blunt. “Yes” Greg whispered back. “Greg. I want you to fuck me, I want you to squeeze my tits and fuck me,… fuck my mouth.” All moms’ tension began to spill.

“I want to..I will.” said Greg back almost silently. She pulled him close and wrapped her leather-clad leg around the back of his legs. She held his head and kissed him long and let her tongue probe his mouth. She was in heat and she felt so hot she had to suck on his tongue. He tasted good. His hands could not stop feeling her leather clad ass cheeks. He slowly moved his hips. “Feel my hips.” She said pulling away. He did so as she moved her hands down to his belt buckle which was promptly undone. She reached in and of course found no underwear.

She did find his erect penis, which already had a fulltip of precum, which she swirled around immediately. “Uh…I’m sorry but can I come in?” The sales girl’s voice stuttered Escort İstanbul from the sales floor. “Uhhhh not yet I’m still …2 minutes Missy” said my mom hoping to buy just a few more seconds. She pulled out his dick and he moaned like a little boy. “Feel my hips more and press hard Greg do it like you did my daughter. I’ll beat you off…” He pressed hard on the black leather ass and hips he slide his hand between her leather legs and felt her soft leather pussy crease and pressed. “MMmmm yeah…”

Mom moaned and she began moving her hand up and down his prick using the pre jiz as lube. “Mam” The darn sales girl voiced: “And sir I can’t have you guys …do…be doing…uh …what if someone walks in. Ok, you better stop because I’m coming in!” She declared. The door slowly opened and just then

“I’m gonna spurt!” moaned Greg. “Do it…yes do it. Do it on my Leather Ass.” sighed Mom. She was gazing at his beautiful tool which was getting a bit chafe so she moved her jaw around and spit a long glob of saliva on his dick. She then moistened him by rubbing the spit around of shaft and put his own hand on his rod. She turned around and shoved her butt against Greg’s pelvis. She moved it slowly. Her leather cheeks rubbed his hot and sweaty balls. He grabbed his dick and went to work. His fingers pumped his penis and his veins almost glowed.

The sales girls stood there stunned and tried to say well anything. She finally looked at Greg who had a helpless face but still a small smirk. “Please just do it and get it over.” Said the sales girl. She seemed helpless but still somewhat aware of their fun. He glanced at the girl. She stammered: “Go ahead…Cum.” She stood there nervously pulling at her skirt. She rubbed her foot behind the other. He saw her boots come together as she did so and listened to them rub. She tried to hide her face but she seemed a bit interested. Maybe she was waiting to see how far his cum would squirt. Mom spoke. “Yeah, go ahead..” she cooed and looked at the girl “Cum on your mother’s Ass.”

The girl looked shocked and Greg looked at my mother. He was partially disgusted but tell that to your throbbing hormones. She rubbed her ass hard against him and grabbed his hips making him hump her leather rump. He was in bliss and he squirted all over her warm, soft leather ass. The ropes of cum went from pure white to clear. He would have moaned out loud, as usual, but he felt to faint. His whole body went numb with pleasure. “Oh yes, you ARE a stud boy.” said mom looking into his eyes as she smiled benignly. He started putting himself away.

My mother turned around and kissed him. She whispered to him. “I’ll let you buy me this pair of leather pants and you’ll have rights to what’s in them. Ok?” He nodded yes. “Besides I need this cash for something else.” My mother went into her dirty, dirty mind. She walked over to the sales girl. “The gentleman will pay for these and I’ll wear them out.” She then pulled out her cash from between her breasts, her infamous “safest purse”. “But here’s my deal. You can keep this. It’s $500.00. It’s for our trouble making and for your…cleaning” She shoved the money between the boobs in the top of the girl’s open blouse.

She turned around put her feet apart a bit and slowly arched her back. Her leather bum slowly rose and her semen covered leather buttocks were in full view. The sales girl was in awe but not her quickly moistening pussy, which was taking her down a dark, dirty and sexy lane. A girl in knee high black leather boots is not that pure. She got to her knees. Put her hands on Mom’s leather cheeks and said “Well… yes Ma’am.” Mom was so sly and teased “Greggy you can just watch!” And the Sales Girl opened her mouth. – The End.

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