A Lesson Pt. 01

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It was 8 pm on a Friday at the office of Hathaway Corporation in Mumbai. Alex, the senior Vice President, had just concluded a meeting with a major client, and it had not gone too well.

Last month, Vienna Holdings hired Hathaway Corporation for a consulting project for pulling the company out of potential bankruptcy. It had been around 28 days, and Hathaway had not concluded its financial research. For a project span of four months, Alex knew that his company was late.

After the meeting, Alex was sitting in this corner office with his hands on his forehead. He seemed lost and shook his head vigorously, unable to comprehend the turn of events. It had never happened in his 15 years stellar career that he could not deliver on time. And given the high stakes of this project, he could see himself losing his job if he didn’t make amends.

Veronica was a new hire at Hathaway and reported to Alex. She had joined the firm six months ago and had been doing quite well. After setting the bar high, she was put into the Vienna Project and had played a crucial role from the project’s beginning. Alex used to assign her research tasks and slide work, and she was on top of her job every time.

Except for this time, when she messed up, and Alex knew. It was evident from the meeting that she had not done her research correctly when she could not convincingly answer any of the client’s questions. Alex was fuming as he knew what was at stake.

After the meeting, he dialed Veronica, “Hi, could you come to my office, please.”

“Yes, I will be right there,” replied a shaky voice.

There’s a knock on the glass door.

“Can I come in?”

“Yes, please.”

“I was just leaving. Is it something urgent?”

“Yes, it is. I would not have called you on a Friday evening had it not been urgent. Take a seat.”

Alex was visibly angry and annoyed.

He asked her if she knew what had happened today. Sensing the tone, Veronica apologized and said that she would take care of her ends in the future. This did not convince Alex as he indicated Veronica to come over to his side of the table.

“What do you think have you put here on this slide? Did you even think it through?”

Veronica was apologizing profusely, and she did not know how to deal with the situation.

“Sorry, Alex, you’re right. It should not have been there.”

“You have just cost us our jobs. I don’t think you should work here anymore. Please pack up your things.”

Veronica could not take this. A fresh MBA out of college, she had loans to repay. She started sobbing.

“Please, I will make up for it.” A tear rolled down her eyes down her cheeks as she begged Alex for her job. Alex seemed unmoved. He did not have any empathy left.

“I do not know what use Kartal escort you’ll be to us.”

Veronica was sobbing; tears were rolling down her eyes to her neck. Her shirt had patches of wetness because of them.

Alex took a glance at this, “Your shirt is getting wet. Please stop this crying. It is nothing personal.”

Alex offered her a glass of water, “Please go and wash your face. I will wait here.”

Veronica went out to the washroom.

Alex had not thought about work for the first time in the last few hours. Glancing at the wet shirt of a young girl had taken his mind off the job, and he had started thinking about his college girlfriend, who resembled Veronica to a great extent.

With a voluptuous body and tightly worn shirt, Veronica was popular in the firm. She had caught Alex’s attention several times before joining his team.

Veronica returned from the washroom. She had not wiped her face, and water was dripping down her shirt.

“Do you need a towel?”

“No, I am good. I feel good this way.”

Alex’s eyes were regularly slipping south of Veronica’s face. He noticed that a couple of top buttons of her shirt were open. The bright light of the room was making her chest bone shine. A drop of water flowed down her cleavage, which was now partially visible. Veronica could sense her boss glancing down her chest. But she was too afraid to make an effort to hide.

People had already left the office. It was just the two of them, sitting in the corner room.

“See Veronica, I cannot keep up with your unprofessional work ethics. It is harming everyone- me, you, the firm. I am sorry but I have to draw a line somewhere.”

“Alex, please. Isn’t there anything that I can do?”

Veronica was sitting on a chair beside Alex. She pulled her chair close to Alex’s and begged, “This job is very important to me. I will do everything to mend my ways. Please, I will do anything.”

Her hands were on Alex’s thighs. Her eyes were teary and wide open.

She was looking at Alex with anticipation.

“You know there’s one thing you can do, and we can try giving you another shot,” said Alex after a long stare at her shirt.

“Anything, I will do anything.”

Veronica had sensed what was going on in Alex’s mind. Alex put his hands on her bare thighs, trying to console her.

“Please stop crying. I will give you another chance.”

Alex’s breathing had become heavy, and he had started to rub her thighs. His hands were sliding upwards and had reached her skirt.

“You know where this is going. Take your skirt off.”

“But people can see through the glass door. Are you sure nobody is around?”

“I do not care. Even if someone is, they should watch you get punished.”

Alex stood Kurtköy Escort up from the chair and pulled Veronica up in his arms. She gasped as he brought his face close to hers and planted a kiss on her lips. The warmth and wetness of her lips melted away all his stress, and he started to eat on them like a hungry man. Veronica was not reciprocating very enthusiastically. Alex was pissed.

He slapped her face. Twice.

“Kiss me, you bitch,” he commanded.

A shiver went down Veronica’s spine as she realized that this would not be a fun ride for her. She obliged and started to kiss him back. Her body began to arch as she pushed herself into his arms. Her chest was brushing against his shirt.

Alex snapped open a couple more buttons of her shirt. They broke and flew away. And within a blink, Veronica was standing there in Alex’s office in a bra and skirt.

Alex had unleashed the hunger inside him for a young girl’s body. He was licking her neck, smooching it, and kissing it all over. Sucking on her shoulders, he slid his hands inside the white transparent bra and felt her boobs. Veronica had closed her eyes and tilted her head back. She let out soft moans and felt the pleasure, her body moving rhythmically with Alex’s kisses. The breaths had synced, and their bodies were geared against each other.

Alex paused and looked around. He then turned to her and pulled her by her hair, taking her towards the glass door. He pushed her onto the door, her face towards him. Her skirt got tucked up in the process, and her fine ass would be visible to any passerby.

“You don’t wear panties to work, you little slut?”

Veronica was biting her lips, and she shook her head.

“That’s good. It makes my work easier.”

Alex pulled her tits out of the bra. They were huge. His eyes lit up as he went down to feed on them. He grabbed a boob and rubbed its nipple with his thumb. Putting it in his mouth, he took his hand to her pussy and inserted a finger inside. He started sucking on her titty while the fingering got intense.

Standing against her door with her ass out for display, Veronica moaned loudly in pleasure. Little did she know what was lying ahead for her.

Alex turned her around abruptly. He pulled her ass out and reached for his belt.

“You need to be taught a lesson for sucking at work.”

As Veronica stood there facing the office corridor with her tits out, Alex spanked her ass twice with his hand.

“Mmhm, do you like that, you little slut?”

“Yes, daddy. But please don’t go harder. It will hu…”

She had barely completed her sentence when there was a whip sound on her ass. The real spanking had begun.

“Count the spanks. For each missed count, I will deduct ₹5000 from your salary.”

Veronica Pendik Escort started counting like an obedient helpless person.

1..2..3..4..aanh it hurts…5…6…oh god please…

The spanks were getting harder and harder. The work stress had returned, and Alex wanted to take it out on the person responsible for the recent mess.

46…47….48.. oh god it actually hurts…49.. She was crying and begging him to stop. Her ass had started to go numb. He stopped at 60 spanks when her body began to shake vigorously.

But he wasn’t done. He unzipped his pants and indicated Veronica to go down. He pulled out his hard cock from his pants and pushed it inside her mouth. She reluctantly took it in and started licking it.

“Don’t you know how to suck a dick? Move your lips, you little whore.”

Veronica was pumping the dick in and out of her mouth. She had spit on it and was using her hand and mouth interchangeably. It was sloppy, and the dick slid in and out without any friction.

“Oh god, I love it. Suck it harder,” said Alex, reaching out to her hanging tits and squeezing them. He held her hair and pumped his dick inside her face.

He was about to reach the climax when he pulled out. He pulled her by her hair and turned her around. She was on her fours, with her ass out like a doggy.

He stood behind her and spanked her numb ass. After spreading her cheeks, he felt her dripping wet pussy and her asshole. After fingering them both for some time, he brought the finger to her face and made her suck it.

He rubbed his throbbing cock against her asshole and down till her pussy. Her pulsating pussy could be felt against his dick. He pushed it inside her pussy and started making strokes without any warning. The stroking got harder and more intense. Holding her hair, he rode her like a little bitch, hoping that she will learn her lesson.

When he was about to orgasm, Alex stopped again. He spread her ass and spat on her asshole, and inserted two fingers inside it. After fingering it for some time, he jerked his dick and rubbed it on her asshole before pushing it deep inside. The strokes got harder and she screamed out loud. He did not stop and kept fucking her tiny asshole. The fucking was getting hard and intense, with him hurling filthy abuses at her.

“Do you like that your ass is getting pounded by a fat cock?”

Veronica could only scream as he asked her such questions.

After fucking her ass for a good fifteen minutes, he came inside her asshole and pulled it out. The cum was dripping out of her asshole. He reached for his phone and took a closeup picture of her asshole.

“This would be a souvenir,” he said before spanking her ass playfully.

Veronica was lying down on the floor, exasperated. She was barely able to crawl. He reached out for her clothes and threw it at her.

“You better watch your work, else this will be a daily thing. I will see you tomorrow,” he said while buttoning his shirt.

Veronica could barely reply.

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