A Lonely Mommy

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The first time I committed incest with my son Kevin was when he was 18 years old. He was a senior in high school, so he was still living at home. His bastard-of-a-father left me almost ten years earlier for a younger woman, and that shattered whatever was left of my self-esteem. Because of what he did to me, I hadn’t been with a man since the day he left, sexually or otherwise. The only man in my life now was my beloved son Kevin. So it may not be so surprising what eventually became of our already close relationship.

The first day it happened I had barged in on him while he was masturbating in his room. I was bringing in some of his clothes into his room that I had just got through washing. He apparently got so horny that he forgot to lock his door when I came barging into the room carrying the clothes basket. He was fucking himself contently with his pants and boxer shorts around his knees and didn’t notice me in the room at first. Then he gazed over at me standing in the doorway of his bedroom with this horrified look in his eye.

“Mom!” he yelled at me as he tried to cover himself with his hands.

I didn’t think it was such a big deal myself. I mean, I was well aware of what teenaged boys did in the privacy of their own rooms and wasn’t shocked at all by him doing this. But he was understandably embarrassed because, hey, what boy wants their mom catching them jacking off? I just turned my head to the side and remarked casually, “Oops, sorry!”

I was about to walk out of his room and let him finish up, but, something inside of me made me turn back around and have a second look. I probably should’ve just turned around and walked out of my son’s room altogether without looking back, but I had to take just one more peek.

And that’s when it all started.

I hadn’t seen a man’s penis since my ex-husband left me and subsequently divorced me for that two-timing tart. So I wasn’t prepared at all to see my son’s fully-developed penis. I guess he thought I was walking out of his room because he had stopped trying to cover himself when I started to turn around to initially leave his room. Or maybe, just maybe, he wanted me to see his schlong. Whatever the reason, when I turned back around to have my peek, I could clearly see his hard, throbbing dick from where I was standing. And it turned me on! I dropped the clothes basket on the floor and slowly began to stride across the floor to my sexy, well-endowed son. I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off my son’s cock. The last time I had seen his penis was when he was just a little boy, and then it was barely the size of my pinky finger. But now he was a man . . . in more ways than one!

I sat down on the edge of his bed still staring at his big, beautiful cock. I glanced up at his face and saw that he was looking away from me, his face flushed and his mouth quivering slightly. He obviously couldn’t stand to even look at me he was so embarrassed and flustered at having his mother gaze upon him in such a lustful, lascivious way. Or maybe he was excited at having a grown woman, even his own mother, admiring him the way I was doing for probably the first time in his young life. His dick was certainly excited! I gazed back down at his throbbing member and found myself literally drooling the more I kept staring at him. I finally reached out with my hand and gently touched the middle of his prick with the tips of my fingers, my touch causing it to throb that much more. I immediately pulled my hand back as if I had just touched a rattlesnake! I gasped as I put my hand to my chest, still not taking my eyes off my son’s cock. I gazed up at him one more time then I did something I’d never thought I’d do to my own son.

My body trembled slightly as I lowered myself down until my face was almost touching his cock. Before I realized what I was even doing, I smelled his cock as if I were sniffing a rose. I moaned at the sweet, innocent smell of his virgin manhood.

“Oh, Kevin,” I moaned out to him as I sniffed both his cock and his balls, “your cock smells so good!”

I then heard my son moaning along with me while I was sniffing him up and down. He was clearly turned on by what I was doing to him just like I suspected he was. This, in turn, made me even more turned on . . . and incredibly kars seks hikayeleri horny! I scooped up his balls, which were just as impressive as the organ they lay under, with my hand and slowly ran the tip of my first finger up and down his extended shaft. After playing with him like this for the next minute or so, I grabbed his cock in the middle and slowly started to stroke it. This obviously must’ve felt really good to Kevin because he started to hump my hand. I gripped his prick tighter as he fucked my hand harder.

“Oh, Mommy,” he moaned out to me as he kept fucking my hand. “That feels so good!”

My breathing grew heavier the faster he humped my hand. He opened his mouth and started to wail out loudly. I looked down and could see come droplets forming at the tip of his penis. I had been with enough men in my life to know that was a clear sign that a man was about to ejaculate. I reached up with my free hand and pulled his shirt up to his neck because the last thing I wanted was to clean a big come stain out of my son’s shirt! It only took a few more seconds for my son to shoot a straight line of come across the middle of his chest, not taking my eyes off his face as he came. He kept humping my hand as he kept shooting his load across his chest. His wails soon turned into soft moans as he started to settle down a bit. I looked back down at his penis and saw that, except for a few clear droplets, he had stopped ejaculating. I removed my hand from around his softening penis and noticed that some of his sperm had splattered onto my hand. I lifted my hand up to my face and did something that I had never even done with his father: I stuck out my tongue and licked every drop of my son’s semen from off my hand. It tasted hot and salty . . . and tasted good! I decided I wanted to taste some more of his gooey spunk, so I bent over once again and proceeded to lick his come that had shot onto his chest. Not taking my tongue off his body once as I was licking him off, I gazed into my son’s eyes when I reached the tip of the come line. He looked down at me and gave me a rather lustful smile. I gave him my own lusty grin as I finished cleaning him off with my tongue. However, when I bent down to kiss him, he turned his head away from me. I guess it was difficult for him to fully accept what had just happened between him and his own mother. I gave him a light peck on the cheek then I got up off his bed and finally walked out of his room, closing the door behind me.

Kevin didn’t come out of his room the rest of the night. When I got up the next morning, he was already in the bathroom getting ready to go to school, which was very unusual for him to do since I had to nearly drag his lazy ass out of bed every morning and almost force him to get ready! I was sitting at the kitchen table having my morning cup of coffee when I saw him walking towards to door in a hurry. He was probably hoping I wouldn’t notice him leave. Well, I did.

“Kevin,” I called out to him, “come into the kitchen for a minute, would you?”

He stopped at the door, his hand almost touching the doorknob, then he slowly turned and walked into the kitchen like I’d asked him to. He was standing away from me not even batting an eye in my general direction. His face was flushed just like it was the day before when we . . . well, you know!. . . and his body was shaking a little. I smiled at his nervousness as I said to him in a playful, teasing way, “Come over here and talk to Mommy. I promise I won’t bite you.” I shrugged as I added teasingly, “Well, not unless you ask me to!”

Kevin paused for a brief moment before he very slowly stepped over and stood in front of me, still not looking at me. I turned in my chair to the side and looked up at him.

“Now you wasn’t going to leave without saying goodbye to your Mommy, now was you?” I said to him, taunting him a little.

“No ma’am,” he mumbled, barely moving his lips to speak.

“Good!” I shouted at him in mock enthusiasm.

I looked straight at his crotch and noticed the big protrusion between his legs. He was wearing a pair of baggy shorts pulled down with the top of his white underwear sticking out, which was the style among teens today. He had apparently done this in an attempt to hide his bulging package. I guess he couldn’t even look at his Mommy now without getting a hard-on! I was feeling my confidence level rise just like my son’s penis, and this, in turn, made me bolder. I placed my hand in the crotch of his shorts and began to rub my son’s engorged dick.

“Mmmm,” I cooed as I was feeling my son up, “is this for Mommy?”

“Y-yes, ma’am,” he stammered as he closed his eyes and started to moan out a little.

“Well,” I began, “Mommy will just have to take care of this, won’t she?”

Kevin said nothing as I pulled down his shorts and then his underwear. His pecker nearly hit me in the face as it popped out of his underwear. I glazed over his cock for a moment like I did the day before when I saw my son’s rock-hard, well-hung penis for the first time. I took it in my hand and began to stroke it more forcefully than the way I had yesterday. Kevin started to moan out louder the harder I stroked him. I wrapped my lips around the head of his prick and began to suck off my only son. I wrapped my other hand around his shaft and started to beat him off with both hands as I took more and more of his penis into my mouth. He was so large and well-endowed that I was only able to a little more than half of him inside my mouth.

But that was okay judging by Kevin’s rather passionate reaction to Mommy giving him head. Besides, I was still able to take care of the rest of his cock with my hands. Kevin began to thrust his penis in and out of my mouth a little and fuck Mommy’s throat similar to the way he’d done my hand in his bedroom the day before. My head bobbed up and down on his penis as he thrust his pelvis back and forth a little bit more as if he was trying to keep up with me. I took his prick out of my mouth as I lifted it up and sucked on his balls. This caused Kevin to throw his head back and wail out even more as I bit, pulled and sucked on his two big and hairy balls with my lips and teeth. I let go of his nuts and asked him while I stroked his cock with one hand, “Do you like what Mommy is doing to you? Are you enjoying yourself, Kevin?”

“Yes, Mommy,” he groaned, his head still thrown back in ecstasy.

“Good,” I said again, this time with genuine enthusiasm.

I slipped his penis back into my mouth and sucked and masturbated him with both hands again to finish him off. As I had expected, it didn’t take long as he his wails and moans turned into near-screams as he sprayed Mommy’s face and filled Mommy’s mouth with his thick, burning semen. I held my mouth wide open so I could catch his escaping sperm that he was shooting at me and beat him off so hard and so fast that I thought I was going to pull his dick right off his body! He shot such a huge load, as a matter of fact, that it caused me to remark lustfully to him, “Boy, you sure were saving a big load for Mommy, weren’t you, son?”

“Y-yes, Mommy,” he said moanfully as he finished coming.

I removed my hands from my son’s penis and licked and swallowed every bit of his jizz, just like I did before, that had splattered my hands and face. I stood up from my chair, pulled up his shorts and underwear and whispered to him in his ear, “When you get back home from school this afternoon, Mommy will have a big surprise waiting for you.”

Before he was able to respond to what I’d just told him, I kissed him very passionately on the lips. Judging by his rather shocked reaction, this was the very first time he had ever been kissed like this by another woman . . . even if that woman was his Mommy!

I finished kissing my son as I gave him one last lusty smile, patted him on the ass and told him, “Now you’d better get to school. You don’t want to be late, do you?”

Again, Kevin said nothing as he stood there gaping at me for a minute then he turned around and walked out the door and headed for school, which was just a couple of blocks from where we lived. Now I won’t bore you with telling you every detail of what I did during the day while Kevin was at school, who was probably walking around campus with a hard-on all day thinking lewd, shameful thoughts about his Mommy (which I sincerely hope he was!). I’ll just skip to the part where he comes home from school and I give him his surprise, which is probably what you want to hear about anyway.

Kevin walked in through the front door and started calling out for me.

“Mommy,” he called out, “mommy, where are you?”

He looked in every room in the house and finally found me lying on his bed in his room. The surprise I’d told him about was that I was lying completely nude on his bed ready to give him the best, and very likely the first, fuck of his life. Kevin stopped and stood in the doorway to his room when he saw me on his bed in my naked state.

“Welcome home, Kevin,” I said to him in a lascivious tone. “Mommy’s been waiting for you.”

Like he did that morning in the kitchen before he went to school, Kevin just stood there gaping at my nakedness. I could see his cock immediately springing to life inside his baggy shorts. I knew, we both knew, that this would be an experience that he, that neither of us, would forget for a long, long time. After the initial shock finally wore off, Kevin stumbled over to the bed where I was laying and took off his clothes. I laughed at him when he nearly fell over as he was taking off his clothes he was so excited just like a little kid on Christmas morning! He laughed along with me as he removed his final article of clothing and eagerly hopped into bed with me. He laid on top of me and gazed down at me with an unmistakable lustful gleam in his eye. He wanted to fuck his Mommy and fuck her bad! The problem was, I could tell he didn’t know what to do.

So, being the good Mommy that I was, I reached down with one hand and slowly guided his fully-aroused cock into my wet, waiting vagina. We both moaned as he entered his Mommy. I knew with this being his first time he wouldn’t be a gentle lover, but I didn’t mind. As a matter of fact, I wanted to get my twat pounded by my son I hadn’t been with a man in so long. And he didn’t disappoint Mommy as he filled me to the hilt with his long, hard cock and pummeled my pussy as if this would be the last fuck of his life, which, of course, I would make sure it wasn’t going to be. Being an extremely well-endowed young man, my son was hitting places inside of me that had never been touched before by any man, and that especially goes for his short-dicked father! I wrapped my legs around his ankles and sank my fingernails deep into the flesh of his ass as he continued to give his Mommy the fuck of her life! I wrapped my hands around the back of his head and drew him closer towards me as I whispered groaningly in his ear, “You can come inside of me if you want to, son.”

I was past the age where I had to worry about getting pregnant, so I let him know what it feels like to come inside a woman. And, with this being his first time and all, I knew it wouldn’t take long for him to come. I clawed my fingernails deeper into his ass flesh and waited for my son to shoot his load inside his Mommy like the good little boy I knew he was. And, there again, he didn’t disappoint as he raised his head and groaned out as he shot load after heavy load of his semen into my body. My vagina obviously couldn’t handle the entire load as much of his jism spilled out of my cunt and flowed down the inside of my thighs.

“Oh, Kevin,” I groaned along with my son, “that’s it! Shoot your wonderful come inside me! Come inside me! Come inside Mommy!”

He kept fucking my pussy until he was completely spent. He fell down in a heap on top of me and we laid there in bed for I don’t know how long until we fell asleep in each other’s arms. After our first time together, I taught my son many things about how to please a woman and give her body immense pleasure: I taught him not only how to fuck a woman, but how to eat a woman’s pussy, how to rim a woman’s asshole, how to administer foreplay, how to kiss a woman that will send shivers up and down her spine and make her want to jump your bones, all of it. And Kevin, naturally, was a more than willing student. For a graduation present, I even let him fuck me in my ass, which was something else I had never let any other man, including his no-account father, do to me before.

Kevin went to college, met a girl and eventually got married. I can’t say I wasn’t at least a little jealous by this, but, hey, he can’t keep fucking his Mommy forever, can he? But, on his wedding day, I made sure to remind him that, if he ever ran into troubles with his marriage, he can always come home to Mommy . . .

And that’s just what he did!

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