A Long Weekend in May Ch. 03

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The dinner had been interminable. I guess bankers’ dinners always are. They always seem so to me.

I’m Megan. I’m 56 years old. I’m very tall and slim, with brown-blonde hair, long, pulled back in a bun for work. I like slim-line women’s business suits … that’s what I was wearing, as David and I closed the door of my hotel room behind us.

David is my brother-in-law, the younger brother of my husband, Richard. David’s 50, average looking, a little overweight, and a really nice guy. Kind, thoughtful, trustworthy. He’s a branch manager for one of our banks. I’m on the executive team at a regional office, three or so hours away from here. “Here” is only an hour from David and Karen’s place (Karen is David’s wife).

Richard and I had stayed over with David and Karen last night. This hot Friday night we were staying in the hotel where our meeting was held. Only an hour home, but the alcohol had been flowing freely, as it usually does on these junkets. So David and I both had rooms, separate rooms, at the hotel. We’d drive back to David and Karen’s on Saturday sometime.

“Oh, God,” I said. “These dinners are sooooo boring!”

“Still want a night-cap?” asked David.

“Take of your coat, and check the mini-bar,” I said, taking off my own suit jacket. “I’ll take a G&T, if they’ve got it.” I sank into the desk chair.

David investigated the mini-bar. “Looks like we can both have a gin and tonic,” he said, standing up with bottles from the little fridge. “Well stocked, even a gourmet tonic water … no fresh lime, though.”

“Just pour us the drinks, David,” I commanded. “I’m parched!”

“I think we both had plenty to drink at the dinner, but OK,” said David.

He poured us our drinks, handed me mine, which I set on the desk. David sat on the edge of the bed, sipping from his glass.

“Old Barton sure gassed on tonight,” said David. “You must have to listen to him all the time, with you both in the same office.”

“Fortunately, I don’t see him every day,” I replied. “But I did notice Janice and Tim sneaking out during the dinner, and not returning.”

“I don’t know them,” said David. “Headquarters people?”

“Yes. And the rumors will be flying, because I’m sure the others at their table noticed their absence, together.”

David laughed. “All busily imagining what might be going on!”

“And wishing they were party to it!” I laughed, too.

“I figure that when people are so obvious, they must not mind the speculation, really,” said David.

“Oh? Is that what you figured, when you disappeared with Evie for so long yesterday evening?” I smiled at him. “Not minding our speculation?”

David paused for ikonbet giriş a moment, then, “Did you speculate?”

“Not together, out loud, we didn’t,” I said. “I know I had my own fantasies running wild, but Karen said she wasn’t worried about what might be happening. You’re a lucky man, David, with such a loving wife.”

“I am lucky,” he said. “Very lucky. So, what did you talk about, while I was gone? You were all gone to bed when I got home.”

“We talked about when we were kids,” I said. “Karen was interested to know what you were like when you were young, before she met you.”

“What memories did you share, Megan?” David said. “I could enjoy a little trip down memory lane.”

“Well, I explained that I was a senior, Richard was a sophomore, and we did the usual teenage things.”

“How exciting,” said David, a little sarcastically.

“And I told Karen how you liked to spy on us,” I said, casually.

David was quiet again.

“You didn’t know we knew you were there, did you, David?”

“No,” said David. “I was sure my watching was a secret, from everyone, until now.”

“We knew you were watching us from the first … little Davy. You were such a sweet boy. Richard and I enjoyed putting on a show for you.”

“I remember it all so clearly,” said David slowly.

“All for you, little Davy. Well, not just for you. For me, and for Richard, too. We really enjoyed ourselves.”

“I mostly remember you putting on a show, and Richard watching,” I said.

“And now you know we knew you were watching, too, little Davy.”

“You didn’t mind?” asked David.

“No, dear,” I said. “We found that rather thrilling.”

“It was,” said David.

“What do you remember, little Davy?” I asked.

“You know what happened,” he replied.

“Yes, but I’d love to hear you tell me what you remember,” I said. “Oh, and Karen got us to tell her about your spying, too.”

“You told Karen?” asked David. “What did you tell her?”

“She didn’t mind, doesn’t mind, dear,” I said. “She dragged it out of us, actually. We explained that you liked to watch Richard watching me do things.”

“Oh,” he said. “And she was OK with that? Is that all you said?”

“We explained pretty clearly what I did, what Richard did, and what we imagined you did,” I said. “We didn’t go into great depth or detail. What did you do, little Davy? Do you remember?”

“This is pretty weird,” said David. “This was a really long time ago. We’re all grown-ups, now.”

“We are,” I agreed. “And the things we did in our youth often carry on with us through our lives, in one way or another.”

“Well, that makes sense,” ikonbet yeni giriş David said. “Does that mean you and Richard still …?”

“Tell me what you remember, little Davy,” I pressed. “We’re not going to get in trouble talking about it. Richard and Karen already know.”

“OK,” said David. “One time, I remember following you up to Richard’s room, when Mum and Dad weren’t home. You left the door open just a crack.”

“For you,” I said.

“For me,” David swallowed. “I remember Richard sitting in a chair, and you standing on his bed. I remember you undressing, really slowly, facing him the whole time. When you were naked, you started touching yourself, all over, caressingly.”

“Did I touch my breasts, little Davy?”

“Yes, you touched your breasts.”

“Did my nipples stand out, little Davy?”

“Your nipples did get hard,” said David.

“Did I touch my pussy, little Davy?”

“You touched your pussy, Megan.,” said David. “You rubbed your pussy.”

“And what was Richard doing while I was touching myself? I asked.

“He was touching himself,” said David.

“Masturbating?” I asked.

“Yes,” said David. “Richard had his trousers and underpants down around his ankles, sitting in that chair, watching you, and touching his penis … masturbating his penis.”

“What were you doing, as you watched us, little Davy?” I asked.

Quiet for a moment. A sip of gin and tonic, for each of us.

“I was masturbating, too,” said my husband’s little brother.

“You liked watching me and Richard, didn’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, I loved watching you and Richard,” said David. “It was my favorite thing for that whole year.”

“Oh, my. Lots of different places, but always me naked and touching myself, and always Richard masturbating, and always you watching,” I said.

“It really was amazing for me, Megan,” said David. “I’m happy we’re old enough to share the memory, now. Thank you.”

“What happened at the end of each ‘performance’ though, little Davy?” I asked. “It was always the same, wasn’t it?

“You would take Richard’s penis in your mouth,” said David, softly.

“Is that when you came, too?” I asked.

“Yes,” answered David.

I took a last swig from my G&T. David still had half of his left in the glass.

“Well, I’m going to take a shower,” I said.

“I’ll go to my room,” said David.

“Don’t be silly,” I replied, “Relax, finish your drink. I’ll only be a few minutes.”

I walked into the bathroom, turned on the light and the exhaust fan, and pushed the door – only halfway closed. I turned on the water in the glass-walled shower, and ikonbet güvenilirmi undressed slowly. Shoes off. Pantyhose rolled slowly down off my legs, No panties. Skirt unzipped and off. Blouse unbuttoned and off. Bra unfastened and off. I left the clothes where they fell. I unpinned my bun of hair, and let it fall straight to the middle of my back, and stepped naked into the hot water of the shower.

I took my time, washing my hair, soaping my body, paying particular attention to my boobs, my bottom, and my pussy. Then I stood, facing out through the foggy glass shower wall, towards the partly open bathroom door.

“David?” I called.

“Yes,” he said, sounding close.

“Are you watching me?”

Quiet, then, “Yes.”

“Can you see me clearly?” I asked.

“The glass is foggy,” he said.

I stepped, dripping, from under the still-running water, onto the plush white terry-cloth bath mat on the bathroom’s tan tile floor.

“Better, now?” I asked, water still running down my body.

“Yes,” came David’s voice.

“Are you touching your penis, David?”

Quiet. “Yes. I unzipped my fly and took it out.”

“Have you started masturbating?” I asked.

“I’m masturbating now,” came his reply.

“Looking at me?” I asked, shaking my long hair back, running my hands down over my breasts and down to my pussy, with my right hand starting to probe and rub, water still dripping from me, shower still running, fog still floating through the bathroom.

“Yes,” said David.

“Well,” I said. “You’d better come closer if you want me to finish this the right way.” And I sank to my knees on the plush white mat.

David pushed the bathroom door open, and walked to me, his hard uncircumcised penis sticking out from the fly of his trousers. He was a little smaller than Richard, but he looked just fine. His hand was pumping that penis as he approached me.

“Little Davy,” I smiled. “Time for the finale of this show, I think.”

He was standing before me, with his penis in my face. I took his hand off his penis, and took his penis in my mouth. One, two, three, four, five sucking pumps in and out between my lips, and he spurted into my mouth.

I swallowed, stood up, and kissed him on the lips … letting our tongues swirl together as he tasted his own come in my mouth. He put his hands on my bottom and pulled my wet, naked body against him. I could feel is softening penis.

“It’s been a long time,” said David, into my hair.

“And you’ve never personally experienced the finale before,” I said. “Was it all you dreamed it might be?”

“A childhood dream come true,” said David. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” I replied. “I hope we can spend a lot more family time together, with a variety of impromptu performances.”

“Soon would be good,” said David.

I kissed him again, pulled back, grabbed a towel, and began to dry myself. “Family barbecue tomorrow!” I smiled.

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