A Matter of Time Ch. 02

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Marty woke up hard again. He’d dreamed of sex. He usually did. It didn’t help that his girlfriend was sleeping in the other room.

He had proposed this experiment. Victoria Church had debated him about it. They had been dating for a year and spoke about the idea of getting married. This experiment had started a month earlier and, most days, went well.

But Victoria was still a virgin and guarded her body from him. It’s not that she abhorred the concept of sex, but it scared her and she’d been told for the better part of 20 years that sex before marriage was not only wrong, but evil and a damnable offense. Even touching herself was a no-no unless she was cleansing her body.

In those moments when she and Marty would kiss and she’d feel her body start to respond to the stimulation, she’d get up and walk away. A part of the experiment was to see if they could live together — and a part of that meant Marty would have to deal with her convictions.

Her parents lived in separate bedrooms; her maternal grandparents did as well. It was a part of her culture. Sex wasn’t for pleasure. It was to help grow God’s garden.

But in the morning, Marty woke up hard — he was a bee without a flower to pollinate.

He opened his door. It was just after 6 a.m. and he could see his girlfriend sleeping on their futon. They purchased it together a month earlier. They loved cuddling on it while they watched the NBC Thursday night shows. Victoria appreciated the human comedy and positive messages of The Cosby Show while Marty enjoyed the sexual tension of Cheers.

He didn’t feel wrong for being horny. He was 20. Most of his friends were getting laid on at least a monthly basis. They lived in a college town and plenty of girls here wanted to be fucked. And Marty wasn’t quite a virgin. He got laid on the night of his senior prom back in Minneapolis. And the first month of college, he’d gotten head from a fellow IU student. She was a sophomore and a little drunk after leaving a Kirkwood Avenue pub.

But Victoria was raised in Oklahoma, and was the product of Christian fundamentalists. She was smart, funny and sexy as hell. Marty wanted to be with her and hoped she’d accept him in her life — and eventually in her body.

He looked at her sleeping. Her breasts were hidden under a nightgown, but they were rising up. Her mouth was pouty and he thought about oral sex. He loved the idea of sliding his cock into her mouth.

Marty looked at the clock. It was 6:30 a.m., Sept. 1, 1989. Victoria would be sleeping for another half-hour.

He went back to his bed and pulled a Penthouse magazine from between the mattress and box spring. It was from several months earlier.

He read through some of the letters … one allegedly from a woman talking about her first time having sex… how much she wanted it, but feared it. Marty thought maybe those were the thoughts of his girlfriend sleeping 10 feet from him. He reached down to his cock and rubbed it up and down.

Marty’s breathing quickened just a bit. He decided, yes, it was time. He got up and went to his door, quietly locking it. He hoped one day he could masturbate beyoğlu escort bayan with his girlfriend…but she’d probably move out if he walked out with his cock in hand right now. And he loved her. He didn’t want that to happen.

From the desk that had his old Commodore 64 and the telephone that hooked up to the modem, he grabbed some tissues. Ostensibly, they were for his allergies. In reality, he had no allergies — except to the filling of his scrotum from his prostate. And that took just a sneezing from his balls through his hard-ons every few days to control.

He pulled off his REO Speedwagon T-shirt and whipped it into his closet. He looked at the Penthouse and flipped to the centerfold. She was beautiful, a redhead in a black teddy.

The biography told of her desires for a smart guy to seduce her. Marty was a smart guy; he graduated first in his class and had interned at the Mayo Clinic. He was studying physics and biology — he knew he had ideas nobody else had. He could blow this centerfold’s mind with his knowledge. And she could blow his cock with those lips. She cupped her breasts in the photo, and Marty cupped his balls. He pulled his tight, white underwear down to his knees and jerked his cock slowly.

His cock had gone from morning wood to enraged in just a few minutes. He pulled his cock with his thumb, index and middle fingers on played with his balls with his ring and pinkie finger. He was a guy and he wanted to have sex. He need to release his seed. He was human and sex was a part of that — even if it was just in his head.

He thought about his cock sliding into his girlfriend’s mouth. Victoria, a virgin, taking it in and licking and sucking on it. He thought about that other girl, Janet, who sucked on it two years earlier and wondered where she was. She was so good at giving a blow job. She seemed to love it as he got so hard.

Marty looked down. His cock was flexed and veins pronounced as he stroked. He quickened his pace, like he would if he was inside this redheaded centerfold. Or inside Janet. Or, better yet, inside Victoria — the love of his life. Pressing into her mouth or body. Needing to, about to…

Precum leaked from the hole of his head and his eyes widened. If Victoria wasn’t here, he’d get some lotion to help, but he was close already. His masturbation was a sin to Victoria — but it was keeping him sane. He stroked harder and faster, imagining her body underneath him. It was in his mind now, a body he’d never fully seen or touched. Sure, the breasts of this centerfold was helping him visually, but he wanted to be inside Victoria — feeling her pussy around his cock as her body started…

milking …


His face tightened as his thoughts raced. He moved his hips back and forth, rubbing his cock harder and faster. Thinking of her body underneath his, rubbing his balls quickly with his ring finger and pinkie. He wished he was inside her, pleasing her. He caught his breath just one more time and felt the jet streaming from his cock. The white cum leaped like a daredevil off a launchpad over a dozen buses filled istanbul escort bayan with naked, horny women. Most of it landed safely into the softness of the tissue. Some ended up splattering onto the page of the Penthouse, coating the centerfolds neck and breasts as he looked down.

More cum leap from his cock and he caught most of it with the tissue. He wished the tissue was her body. He wanted Victoria so badly. He squeezed out some of the leftover cum, it leaking softly onto the centerfold’s waist.

Marty exhaled in pleasure. Page ruined, cock satisfied.

He dropped back to his feet and closed the magazine. He laid down and slipped the magazine back between the bed and the box spring, pulling up the edge of the bed to do so.

Ten feet away, in the living room where she was sleeping, Victoria awoke from a dream. She’d been having sex with her husband on their wedding night. It was Marty — and that was good. A dream about sex may be evil, but not if it was with her intended, surely. They were wanting to have children and it was only natural to have sex to do that.

But she felt dirty because she’d awoken wet. She heard Marty in his bedroom — was he grunting? Maybe he was just having a weird dream as he was waking.

She’d been tempted. Tempted to touch herself. Tempted to touch him. But it wasn’t allowed, wasn’t pure. She thought of Marty — his jet black hair and how good he looked in his rock ‘n’ roll T-shirts. She really liked his Def Leppard Hysteria shirt, but if her mother knew that, Victoria would certainly be kicked out of the Oklahoma City Pentecostal Church of Christ’s Way. And she didn’t want that.

Victoria pulled herself up from the futon, the heavy bedding she enjoyed while sleeping with the windows open. It was cool in Indiana in September. And it stayed cool, until it was replaced with cold. She preferred the heat of Oklahoma when it got too cold in the winter, but fall was her favorite season.

Her nipples were hardened from the chill and she felt guilty. It was 7:10 a.m. — and she decided to take a shower before her alarm went off.

She stepped softly to the bathroom, reliving her bladder and stretching as she turned on the vent. She liked hot water, but didn’t like the steam that it left. She started the shower and waited till the water was hot. She locked the door to the bathroom. Marty knew he wasn’t allowed inside when she was naked, but temptation was always there — especially with him.

Victoria pulled her nightgown over her torso and looked in the small bathroom’s mirror over the sink. Her breasts were full and firm. Her sister had measured them at 34C prior to her fitting for her sister’s wedding last summer. It was her body and something she’d needed to know, but Victoria was embarrassed by them — they could create such a fuss.

Reaching her hand up, and then down, Victoria lightly touched her breasts and nipples.

The warmth relaxed her nipples and she felt a slight tickle as her fingernails glided against her tummy. She’d seen a sorority girl walking around with a shirt too tight the previous week and shorts too low. She had a merter escort bayan tattoo along her hipbone. The sure sign of an easy girl, she thought. Still, Victoria was intrigued by it. She’d never wanted a tattoo — but curiosity was now there. It was … sexy…

and sometimes, she wanted to be.

She stepped into pouring shower and reached up her arms as the water jetted across her arm and onto her breasts. She grabbed her bar of soap and blue washcloth (Marty’s was green) and lathered it up. She scrubbed down her legs, stretching her back as she reached down. She felt exposed. Her privates, which she never mentioned aloud, she simple knew as her vagina-area. She was curious but cautious. It’s God’s body, but the Devil would love to own it. And the Devil can control your actions — even those of your fingers.

Victoria still felt wet inside — the water hitting her body not helping her feel cleansed. She was … horny.

And she hated it.

She stopped as her breathing started to increase. This was God’s body, not hers. She would not break her vows. She would only let her husband touch her when the time was right. When her body was ripe.

Victoria thought back to the evening she watched her sister and husband make love. She hadn’t meant to, but she’d witnessed it. The look of pleasure on her sister’s face as her husband entered her. Their bodies together under the sheets.

One day. Maybe one day soon.

She turned the water cooler and lowered her head so it ran through her red hair and down her back. She thought of her academics. She thought of the library sciences and the controversy on how long the Dewey Decimal System would survive.

Her body craved touch. Her mind forbade it.

Twenty minutes later, she ate breakfast with her boyfriend. He seemed, relaxed, she thought. They chatted about their dreams; he said he’d dreamed of an IU basketball game; she said she’d dreamed of walking in fields in rural Oklahoma. Both lied.

They walked out of their apartment five blocks north of the IU campus at 8:45., Victoria locking to door with a bright brass key as they were leaving. They didn’t really notice the older couple across Third Street eying them.

“Wow,” the older woman, Vicki, said, as she saw a younger, sexy version of herself and her husband walking down Henderson Avenue.

“How surreal is this?” Martin acknowledged.

“We’ve certainly done it,” she said. “FluX is right. We’re back in 1989.”

It was time to sent some things right, they realized. They wondered how their personalities of 1989 would take it. They came here from 2023 in a simple time-traveling experiment; and they hoped it would complicate things too much to meet up with themselves.

Victoria was going to be the tougher one to get through to. Marty probably already knew he’d time-travel eventually.

The older couple was still a bit in shambles from the time-travel experience along with the sex and walking around for the last four hours. They knew young Marty and Victoria wouldn’t be home until after their last classes ended at about 4:40 today. The older couple needed some showers and some sleep. They had nothing but time on their hands.

Vicki held up her aged key, brown and scratched.

“Want to go relax in our apartment,” she said.

“You know,” Martin said, “We’ve never made love in that apartment.”

“And we never fucked in there either,” Vicki said. “But we’ve got all day.”

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