A Mother and Daughter Pt. 01-02

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Chapter one

Unfortunately, my girlfriend Shona was becoming a liability; there was talk of marriage and I wasn’t ready to commit. There was no denying she was very attractive with a lovely body, but passion and excitement didn’t feature strongly among Shona’s love making, she just seemed to go through the motions. Shona never gave the impression of actually enjoying the sexual act but on the other hand she didn’t demonstrate any physical displeasure or lack of enthusiasm in participating. Initially it didn’t bother me, after all getting one’s leg over was the name of the game, and to Shona’s credit she didn’t mind if I ejaculated inside her or anywhere else on her body, but it didn’t stop me from thinking of ways to end our relationship.

Then, thanks to a windfall, courtesy of my parents, I was able to purchase a property. It required much renovation, which I was prepared to do, but in the end it would free me from rented accommodation. I spent a lot of time at the house doing what I could or overseeing the other contractors I’d hired. This meant time spent apart from Shona and gave me the perfect opportunity to initiate a permanent separation; I had to dissuade her that there would be no marriage.

But my plans were scuppered when my builders hit a snag with the drainage system, which they estimated was going to add a further two thousand plus to the overall cost. Unfortunately for me this problem coincided with the end of a rental agreement on the house I presently leased, meaning I would have to look elsewhere for a short-term let or rough it in my own house while the work was being done. I plumped for the second option, as it seemed the only feasible way out.

I was explaining all this to Shona’s mother one evening.

Unlike her daughter, Linda was a rather plain woman, an observation based solely on the fact she never used much make-up and her fashion awareness seemed non-existent, which was a shame really because she possessed a sublime curvy figure that looked perfect for the wearing of tight fitting dresses and skirts. However, despite my personal opinion of Linda’s dress sense she and I got on well.

‘Of course there is another option for you, Robbie.’ Linda said.

‘I can’t afford another option.’ I replied. Linda went on.

‘You could live here with Shona and me, you’d be most welcome.’

This was a bolt from the blue. It would certainly solve any short-term accommodation issue. And, living under the same roof with Shona and her mother would reduce the opportunity for sex, thus helping to facilitate my exit from Shona’s life. I made a mercenary decision.

‘It would certainly be more comfortable than roughing it in a half-finished house, Linda, but only if you are sure.’

‘Of course I am there is plenty of room. But on the downside, you’d have put up living with two females!’

‘That would be no problem,’ I replied in my best flirtatious voice. ‘I would be delighted to accept your kind offer.’ I concluded.

‘Good, that’s settled. Move in at your convenience and if you’ve stuff that needs storing, there’s room in the garage.’

‘Thank you so much, Linda. I’m indebted to you.’

‘Don’t be silly, it will be nice to have a man around the house again.’ Linda’s coquettish tone wasn’t lost on me as she continued. ‘Shona and I get on well, but I have to admit that since her father left us three-years ago, I’ve missed having a man around.’ Linda’s words, although perfunctory, seemed to produce an air of fresh cordiality between us, something that bordered on more than just affection.

I followed Linda to the kitchen, once more wishing she would wear something more elegant to enhance her figure. I wondered if there had ever been occasions when she wore stockings and lingerie of a frivolous nature. I continued to dwell in the delightful world of erotic lingerie as Linda began preparing the evening meal.

Shona eventually joined us in the kitchen and her mother explained about me accepting her invitation to stay with them for the duration of the renovations. This prompted Shona to fling her arms around my neck and kiss me joyfully on the lips, before awarding her mother the same treatment. I found this sudden incestual spectacle of mother and daughter kissing mouth to mouth provocative and in those brief few seconds my mind filled with fantasies of the pair taking the moment further. Then Linda spoke.

‘The guest room has an en-suite, Robbie, so you won’t have to share with us and our multitude of feminine toiletries, but I hope we will all eat together.’ Linda was, without doubt, going out of her way to make me feel welcome and wanted.

‘You must let me pay my way, though. We will have to come to some arrangement over rent and food.’

‘I won’t hear of it and that’s the end!’ Linda was adamant so I let the subject drop. ‘And you don’t have to worry about doing your own laundry, Robbie.’ She said. ‘Anything you want laundered just put it in the basket in the utility izmit rus escort room along with our stuff and I will gladly do it for you.’ Linda sounded pleased to offer this service and I thanked her profusely once more.

And so I moved in with Linda and Shona, full of expectations about a comfortable stay. But there were to be many surprises ahead for me, beginning with breakfast on my first morning, when I discovered that Linda’s idiosyncratic attitude for dressing down during the day, didn’t extend to her nightwear. It was just before seven the following morning, I was sitting at the kitchen table having a bowl of cereal and reflecting upon my good fortune, when Linda swept in to the kitchen exuding the kind of nightly aroma only women can. She was wearing a full-length, silky, peach coloured wrap over a matching nightdress and looking very seductive.

My earlier opinion of Linda having a lovely body was endorsed and I couldn’t stop ogling the sublime curve of her breasts. They were larger than I’d previously estimated and their erotic virtue was characterised by a firmness that seemed to contradict a slight sagging; at that moment Linda looked very alluring.

‘I hope you don’t mind seeing me like this at breakfast.’ Linda said smiling apologetically. ‘I usually make a cup of tea and toast then take them back upstairs to eat before I shower, it saves time. But I will gladly make some breakfast for you if you want.’

‘Good Lord no, I can make my own.’ I replied dragging my eyes from her ripe bosom.

‘OK then, but don’t worry about clearing up after yourself, I can deal with that later.’

So saying, Linda turned and left the kitchen with her toast and tea and I swear I smelled perfume as she passed by.

Shona came in shortly afterwards wearing just a tee-shirt. It reached mid-thigh and her nipples stood proud under the thin cotton material. After seeing her mother’s glamorous choice of sleepwear, Shona’s was a definite let-down, however, it made her body beneath freely accessible to explore and I was feeling horny; Linda had seen to that. Shona wished me good morning and bent to kiss my head, but I pulled her on to my lap … there was no ignoring my erection; she wriggled her backside against it.

Then, lifting the tee-shirt clear of her breasts I kissed a nipple, while my fingers squeezed the fullness of the breast. Shona offered no resistance, which wasn’t unusual, and I continued to indulge my escalating lust by sucking the nipple harder to make it more pronounced. The flesh of her breast was firm under my rough caress, but when Shona cried out softly I stopped, wondering if I’d hurt her. But the complete opposite was true and she pulled my mouth back to her nipple.

‘No Robbie, carry on sucking and squeezing like that, it’s wonderful.’ Did my ears deceive me? Was Shona actually enjoying my rough attention?

‘But, Shona …’ I mumbled raising my eyes to hers. ‘… Are you saying you like me sucking hard on your nipples?’

‘Yes, and squeezing my tits roughly! You’ve never done it like that before! It makes me go quite limp. Feel my pussy; see how moist you’re making me.’ This was a new Shona and, like her mother, a person I was seeing in a different light. Her naked thighs welcomed my fervent fingers and opened wider for them. I uttered an obscenity as her wet pussy enticed my digits to sample its sensual beauty

‘Fuck, Shona!’ I said pushing two fingers between her moist labia. ‘Fuck, ‘I repeated. ‘You feel gorgeous.’

‘Yes, I know I do, darling, all because of you and, I can feel you’d like to take advantage of my wet pussy.’ She said pressing down on my erection.

‘Do you mean a …?’

‘Yes, not here though. Upstairs in my bedroom, while mum’s taking a shower, we should have enough time.’

We ran up the stairs as quickly and as quietly as we could, ever mindful of the window of opportunity open to us for an early morning fuck. But as we neared Shona’s bedroom there was no sound of a shower running in Linda’s en-suite; were we too late to take advantage?

Pausing in the doorway of Shona’s bedroom we looked at one another pondering our options. I desperately wanted Shona’s moist pussy and knew I could be quick about it; I was ready to cum at a moment’s notice. But there would be noises, the unmistakable sound of two people slaking their lust. Then we heard the indisputable pitter patter of water and Shona’s mother singing.

‘How do you want me?’ Shona hissed as we rushed to her bed.

‘Astride me, I want more of those tits!’ I replied ripping off my tracksuit trousers.

I barely had time to savour the softness and smell the freshness of Shona’s bed-linen before she was on me, adjusting her position and guiding my throbbing knob between her wet, tumescent lips and beyond.

‘Christ, that feel nice, Robbie.’ She whispered lifting herself up and down using her knees.

I responded urgently to her movements marveling izmit escort at the depth to her vagina, a mutual experience that incensed our passion. I cupped her bouncing breasts and tweaked her nipples hard once more making her wince.

‘It’s never been like this before, my angel, it feels fucking lovely, you’re fucking lovely and your tits are fucking beautiful.’ I gushed unashamedly as I strived for my climax.

‘It is, it is, but …’Shona stopped moving. ‘… but mum has finished in the shower so don’t take too long to cum!’ She insisted.

In the short time available to us we resumed bucking and fucking each other each in search of personal satisfaction, but it was taking me too long to cum; I couldn’t quite achieve my desired ejaculation, despite Shona’s supplementary efforts of squeezing my cock with her vaginal muscles.

‘Come on, Robbie, quickly. Mum will catch us if you don’t cum now!’

It was the mention of her mum and the vision of Linda’s unsupported breasts beneath the silky wrap that did for me, driving me to the point where I couldn’t control myself. I withdrew and was about to wank myself to an ejaculation, when I sensed Shona’s fingers had got there first and were pumping me like crazy. What a finish it was! Fortunately every drop landed on my stomach thus preventing a mess on the sheets.

There was no time for either of us to revel in any post -ejaculation pleasure, so we swiftly uncoupled with Shona ordering me to get out and back to my bedroom. I managed to do so seconds before I heard Linda emerge from her room and speak to Shona. Christ, it was a close run thing, but very enjoyable all the same, and with Shona’s unabashed involvement making it even more exciting, I wondered if this could be a regular morning occurrence?

I got myself ready for work and went downstairs to say cheerio to Linda. I found her in the kitchen changed from her sensual night attire of earlier in to a frumpy skirt and blouse, but the hint of perfume still lingered. She handed me a plastic lunch box, which I saw contained a couple of sandwiches together with some fruit and a chocolate bar.

‘Robbie, I took the liberty of making some lunch for you. It will save buying anything and don’t forget we’ll be having dinner this evening.’ Linda handed the plastic box to me. ‘I hope it will be to your liking. Have a good day.’

‘Thank you, Linda; it’s most kind of you.’ On impulse I gently squeezed her arm in a show of honest affection and kissed her on the cheek, then headed off for work.


Throughout the morning I couldn’t stop thinking about the change in Shona’s sexual demeanour and her sudden appetite for rough sex; especially the eagerness she showed in making me cum, that was a revelation. Also, there were her mother’s ripe, sexy breasts filling that glamorous nightwear that provided many cock stiffening images for me. But I had another surprise at lunchtime. After I had eaten the contents of the lunch box Linda had prepared, there at the bottom was a note she had handwritten in flowing script … “I hope you enjoyed the contents and look forward to seeing you this evening.” She’d written and below the words was a heart with an arrow through embellished with the imprint of her lips.

When I arrived home that evening I was pleasantly surprised to see Linda wearing something more fashionable and stylish and, had applied make-up. She wore a pink, sleeveless satin top that shimmered and highlighted the contours of her bra. And her hips, accentuated so dramatically by a tight pencil-skirt, made her look sexy and elegant just as she had that morning.

During the evening meal, Linda’s lunchbox note was never mentioned, but the surreptitious smiles we exchanged and the accidental foot contact beneath the table, hinted at something similar happening the following day. Most of the dinner conversation centred on Linda’s upcoming visit to her hairdresser. She was going to have a completely different hairstyle and wanted to know our opinions on what we thought would suit her best.

After dinner as we sat in the lounge drinking coffee with Linda still undecided about her new hairstyle. So she asked me to make the final decision. I didn’t know one style from another let alone the names to accompany them, so she fired up her tablet – Linda was very tech savvy – and pulled up some pictures. After viewing several, I suggested that short hair would frame her facial features perfectly. Shona agreed and went further by pointing out a layered pixie cut she thought would be perfect for her mother.

The following morning I was up and about early hoping again to catch Linda in her nightwear. I had to be at work early so there would be no early morning sex with Shona today and if Linda didn’t appear soon, there would be no flashes of her in a nightdress either. But I wasn’t to be disappointed. Just when I thought my luck was out, Linda floated in to the kitchen on a wave of perfume. She was wearing a wrap and kocaeli escort nightdress but this morning’s attire, although in the same vogue as yesterday’s, was a glossy green colour. The string tie of the wrap hung loose revealing snatches of cleavage between her shapely, mature breasts, which I drooled over longing to bury my face between the voluptuous ripe flesh. I felt myself stiffening as Linda spoke.

‘I’ve made you lunch again, Robbie. I hope you enjoy it.’

‘I’m sure I will, Linda.’ I answered. ‘Yesterday’s was very tasty, especially the note at the bottom.’

I was flirting with Linda and she knew it, but I had to leave and get to work, so I reluctantly dragged my eyes from her body and departed, wondering if I would find another note under my sandwiches at lunchtime.

I waited until I’d eaten the contents of the lunchbox before unfolding Linda’s note. The heart and arrow were featured again but today there were two kisses, formed by Linda’s pouting lips grazing the paper with bright red lipstick – a lovely surprise. There was also a message reminding me about any clothes I needed washing. The domestic wording didn’t sit right with the sexual flippancy of the drawings and her red lipstick kisses, but I intended taking up the offer of her laundry service.

Linda’s newly created hairstyle suited her perfectly, making her look even more desirable. For the evening she’d chosen to wear a cream silk blouse with long sleeves and had applied make-up. It was lovely to see that when she moved the front of the blouse creased and folded between the buttons, giving me extremely pleasurable sightings of a white lacy bra, which I could determine was well packed. To complement her blouse she wore a full skirt that fell below her knees making her overall appearance quite sensational.

After dinner Linda produced a DVD she thought we might enjoy and so we cuddled up together on the sofa. I was between the two women, my arm around Shona and Linda leaning against me; an arrangement I found distinctly invigorating from a sexual point of view, especially as our positions meant I could fondle Shona’s breasts out of view of her mother. The film was an intense drama with lots of nudity and simulated sex, which seemed to arouse the women causing them to shuffle around a lot. The semi-darkness of the lounge aided my furtive fondling of Shona’s breasts to such a degree I actually undid the top two buttons of her blouse and slipped my hand inside and into her bra cups to play with her nipples! It was a bold and an exhilarating act considering her mother was sitting a couple of feet away. But my rough handling of Shona’s nipple served only to make her fidget more intensely when the on-screen action hotted up.

It crossed my mind that the close presence of her mother while we were fucking this morning, and her nearness in the next bedroom, could be another contributing factor to Shona’s abrupt change of attitude regarding our love making. Was it possible she thought it exciting knowing her mother could walk in and find her being fucked? Was it the exhilaration of being discovered that thrilled her to the point of actually wanting to be found in a compromising situation?

Back in the real time I was finding the film dull, apart from the bedroom scenes. But my harsh treatment of Shona’s nipple had resulted in it swelling and hardening dramatically, enough for me to perform masturbation on its length. Shona loved my actions and was finding difficulty in disguising the effect it was having on her composure … my erection also needed adjusting! Then, during one simulated sex- scene in the film, Linda lifted my arm and placed it around her shoulders, snuggling closer to me; Christ, I could feel her breast pushing against my chest. I gazed down into the folds of her silk blouse and cleavage, my mind whirling with erotic fantasies that caused my erection to pulse mercilessly.

I was aroused and my cock was as hard as nails and fit to ejaculate. I had no control over it whatsoever and no way of disguising the movement my trousers made caused by its autonomous actions; I wondered if Shona and Linda were aware of my predicament. Could they see the involuntary twitching of my trousers? I couldn’t have cared less; I was aching to cum and pondered the consequences of an uncontrolled ejaculation. But my trousers were light in colour and an ejaculation would soak through the material quickly demonstrating that I couldn’t control myself. Matters weren’t helped when Linda commented to her daughter that the actress in the film, who was stripped down to a basque and stockings, didn’t have enough up top to make her look sexy in such lingerie.

‘Yeah, I agree, mum, not like us. But you especially would look sensational wearing stuff like that, you have the boobs to fill the cups and create a fabulous cleavage. What do you think, Robbie?’

What did I think?

I wanted to say that she was right, her mother did have breasts that would look sexy in a basque, but I didn’t have the nerve. Instead, Linda got me out of any embarrassment by telling her daughter her comments were inappropriate in front of me. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop Linda snuggling her breast even closer to my chest.

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