A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 09

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The first two customers only wanted to see his cock and when they did they almost touched it. The third one was a middle aged woman with short curly hair and brown eyes. She had paid to touch it and once she started stroking his cock she went wide eyed as a thick bead of precum welled up at the tip. She looked up at him and he winked. The woman pursed her lips and sucked the precum out and let it sit on her tongue. “So sweet.” She said and when the timer went off she reluctantly got up and walked out.

The next three just wanted a look and then they debated about going for a second round to either touch it or fuck it. They couldn’t decide so they left. The seventh customer was a gorgeous young ginger girl. She had long red hair and bright freckles on pale skin. As she walked in she blushed and fell to her knees before Gregory. She wore a long white dress and white shoes which made her red hair look like it was on fire.

She handed him the paper and blushed again.

“Before you ask, I’m not a virgin but I know it’s a bit to ask of you.” She said. “I just…really really want to enjoy it and I figured you would be the person who would do it.” She looked up at him with a hopeful expression.

Greg looked over her paper one more time and then added it to the tray of papers with the rest of them.

“Molly right?” Greg asked.

Molly nodded her head.

“Just to be absolutely clear. You are ready to be my sex doll for the next hour? All holes? As much as I want? As long as I want?” Greg asked, even as he asked the question he could see the sexual resolve in her face.

Molly wanted it and she wanted it bad. Greg knew he wanted it too. She was a curvy young girl with large B-cupped breasts and a rounded ass and a curvy waistline.

“Did you clean out? When was the last time you ate?” He asked.

“I haven’t eaten since yesterday afternoon and Umm…no I haven’t cleaned out. Sorry.”

Gregory walked across the room and grabbed a tall medical IV stand which had a full half gallon of water in it with a six foot long clear cord.

“I’m going to give you the deal of a lifetime right now.” Gregory smiled. “For an extra one hundred dollars I’ll let you be my sex doll. I’ll even help to clean you out.”

Molly’s eyes lit up brightly and her mouth slid into a massive smile. She reached into her purse and pulled out a one hundred dollar bill and handed it to Gregory.

“Three rules Molly. Rule one…you always call me sir. Rule two…you always obey. Rule three…when you don’t obey any of the rules you’ll be punished.” Greg said. “Understand?”

“I understand.” Molly said. Gregory arched an eyebrow and she added “sir, I understand sir.”

“Good girl.” He replied. “Get undressed and wait in the corner on your hands and knees.

“Yes sir.” She replied and pulled off her dress and panties and bra and stood in the corner of the room and fell to her hands and knees. Gregory got up and walked to the door and poked his head out.

“Who is next in line?” He asked.

There were only two more girls to go. He pointed to the first one and she hurried in with a bright smile. She handed him the paper and he opened up his robe and she stared at his monstrous cock.

“It really is…huge.” She said in awe. After a few minutes he wrapped back up and the girl left wanting to do more than look.

“Come her doll.” He commanded.

Molly crawled over to him and looked up at him longingly. Greg stood up and grabbed the clear cord and started stroking his stiff cock. Molly watched intently as his muscular hands stroked his thick veiny cock until a large bulb of precum was about to drip from the tip. Greg took the bead of cum and spread it around the tip of the clear enema hose.

“Turn around and bend over.” He said.

“Yes sir.” She replied and spread her legs wide giving hiltonbet giriş him a clear look at her shaved pink anus. With the semen lubricated tip he slid it into her tight anus. Molly let out a soft whine as the tip went in. He twisted the nozzle and warm water flowed down the tube and into her anus. The door to the room opened and a middle aged Asian woman with long black hair and chestnut brown eyes walked in.

She wore a tight top and a loose flowing dress and black flats. Her eyes went from Gregory to Molly and back to Greg. She handed him the paper and he opened his robe for her. She walked closer and gently wrapped her hands around his cock.

“So big.” She said and started licking his large swollen head. Quickly beads of precum rose to the tip and she made quick work of drinking them up.

She looked up into his pleased face as she tried her best to suck on his mushroom headed cock. Her small mouth could only stretch so far and when she did get his cock in, it filled up her mouth.

“Sir?” Molly asked in a tone of urgency. “Sir I’m feeling very full.”

“Go to the bathroom.” He pointed out the door. Molly grabbed a blanket and hurried out the door and across the room to a side room with a private bathroom. Greg never broke eye contact with the Asian woman as she struggled to take in any more of his cock.

“Need help?” He asked.

The woman blushed but nodded. When Greg stood up she was easily able to fit between his legs as she knelt. His tight testicles dangled just above her face and her head had tilted up while his cock pointed nearly straight down.

“Swallow my sword.” He said and began to squat down. Her throat expanded as his massive cock filled her throat. Her eyes went wide as he pushed down and then back up. He pulled out and she gagged and coughed but opened her mouth wide for him to do it again. Gregory didn’t hesitate. He pushed his cock straight down her throat about half way and held it until her face grew red. He pulled out slowly just as the timer for the session ended.

“Thank you.” She coughed out happily and left the room with a sore and used throat.

After a moment longer Molly returned and resumed her position. Gregory filled up the bag again with warm water and slid the hose back in. Molly enjoyed the feeling of both the nozzle and water in her ass. So much so that her pink pussy was drooling precum onto the floor. Melissa popped her head into the door and smiled.

“That’s all of them…” she said and looked at Molly in confusion.

“She has paid an extra fee for an extra service.” Greg said.

Melissa nodded her head and hid the jealousy and disappointment that she felt as she closed the door. Greg looked at Molly who looked a little red in the face from being seen by so many strangers.

“Tell me doll, how is your gag reflex?”

“I’ve been practicing sir. I don’t vomit nearly as much as I used to.” She replied.

Greg walked across the room and into a small closet and pulled out a plastic bucket and set it down in front of her.

“Open wide.” He said and Molly opened her mouth wide and her mouth was forced even wider as his cock pushed through and into her throat.

Molly heaved once but pushed the bile back down. Greg started slowly fucking her mouth and the opening to her throat. Tears ran down her face from the lack of oxygen and the force of trying to contain her vomit. She made a soft sloshing sound in her mouth and he pulled out.

“Full sir.” She said.

“To the bathroom.” He pointed.

“Yes sir.” She replied and hurried to the bathroom. Greg filled up the bag once again and hung it from the medical stand. Melissa walked back into the room and stood meekly inside the door.

“Hey Lisa. You okay?” He asked.

“Would it…do you think…” she tried to get the words out but she hiltonbet yeni giriş couldn’t. “Can I watch?” She asked, face red as an apple. Gregory raised his brows in surprise and gestured to the bed. He hadn’t expected her to want to watch. Molly walked back in a moment later and resumed her position. Gregory slipped the rubber nozzle back into her anus and she opened her mouth and accepted his massive cock.

She moaned as his cock pressed against the barrier of her throat. Gregory started pushing and pulling his cock with a very wet sucking sound as Molly tried to breathe. Gregory looked over at Melissa who was firmly watching his cock as it vanished into her throat. Gregory took Molly’s head and pushed his cock all the way in popping her throat barrier. Molly’s eyes went wide and her chest bulged.

Gregory pulled out as Molly heaved over the bucket and vomited. Molly wiped her mouth and Gregory handed her a glass of water to wash down the bile.

“Ready?” Gregory asked.

Molly nodded her head and he pulled out the rubber nozzle and she hurried to the bathroom. Melissa sat on the bed feeling both shocked and absolutely aroused. She had never actually seen his cock so close and she had never seen him in action.

Watching Gregory do what he did made her insides tingle. Molly came back with a smile.

“It was clear this time.” She said happily.

“Good.” Greg replied and pointed to a saw horse looking piece of furniture. The top was furnished with black leather and the bottom where the foot holds were was furnished with red velvet. Molly climbed onto the saw horse and Greg used black zip ties to tie her ankles and wrists to the wooden ledge on the furniture.

“For the next…” he looked to Melissa who looked at the small timer clock.

“One hour and twenty minutes.” She said.

“Thank you. For that long you will be my toy. Your safe word is Melons and only by that word will I stop. Do you understand?”

“I do sir.” Molly replied.

Greg walked over to the desk and picked up a bottle of oil and began spreading it across her skin. He spread the oil with his hands and rubbed it into her ass and anus and then her pussy and labia.

Greg walked over to the dresser and pulled out a large black vibrator and placed it against her clitoris. He turned it on with a loud audible click and turned it up three more clicks. The heavy and loud vibrations thrummed through Molly’s clitoris. Greg shifted the vibrator up and down slowly.

“Yes…sir don’t stop please.” Molly whined. Greg turned up the vibrator another click and held the head of the toy against her clitoris harder.

He pushed his index finger into her anus and slowly started finger fucking her tight pink ass. The combined sensation of her anus and clitoris being used pushed her up and over the edge faster than she had anticipated.

“Oh my god! I’m gonna cum!” She screamed and with a long drawn out moan she orgasmed. Her body shook and quivered as long thick strands of cum drooled out from her pussy.

However, Greg did not pull away the vibrator. He pulled out his index finger and inserted his thumb in its place and stretched her anus further.

“Wait…sir. I’m too sensitive it-“

Molly’s voice turned into a sudden shriek as Greg slapped her right ass cheek with full force leaving a large red hand print.

“Toys do not get to decide how they get played with.” Greg replied and turned up the vibrator again. He pushed in his middle finger and began speed fucking her anus while moving the vibrator in small circles around her clitoris.

Melissa watched as Molly’s eyes rolled back inside her head and her mouth hung open in a continuous moan of pleasure. Melissa had not even realized that she had started rubbing her pussy on the outside of her pants as she started watching.

“Lisa.” hiltonbet güvenilirmi Greg said.

Melissa looked up at Greg with wide surprised eyes.

“Come here please.” He said in a deep testosterone boosted voice.

Melissa got off the bed and walked over the Greg.

“Hold this vibrator right there.” He said and turned up the vibrator one more click. Greg stepped up onto the second set of foot pads on the saw horse and oiled up his cock and pressed just the head against her tight anus. Molly’s attention returned as his swollen head pushed into her anus.

“Oh fuck!” Molly screamed as her ass stretched wider than anything she had ever used before.

Greg pulled just the head back out and then pushed it back in. Molly moaned each time and her moans quickly turned to whines as the dual sensations brought her up to another orgasm.

“Oh sir! I’m gonna cum again! I’m gonna cum!” She whined.

“Melissa turn it off.” Greg demanded.

Melissa pulled the vibrator away and turned it off and Molly’s climax stopped.

“Fucking dammit!” Molly shouted. “I need to cum! Please!”

Greg spanked her left ass cheek leaving a matching red hand print.

“I’ll tell you when you can cum.” He snapped and pushed another inch of his cock into her anus.

“So fucking huge.” Molly moaned.

Gregory pushed another inch and inch by inch he pulled out and pushed in. Melissa couldn’t help but stare at Gregory’s cock as it disappeared into Molly’s anus.

“Lisa. Put the vibrator back.” Greg said.

Melissa didn’t move though, her eyes were trained on his cock.

“Melissa?” Greg asked.

She glanced up at him as if his words hadn’t really registered. She looked down at the vibrator in her hand and then as if the words suddenly clicked into place she put the vibrator against Molly’s clitoris and turned it on.

“Oh god!” Molly shouted as Gregory started fucking her anus once again only much faster.

“Turn it up two clicks.” He demanded.

Melissa turned up the vibrator and Molly’s back arched.

“I can’t stop! I’m gonna cum sir! I’m cumming sir!” She screamed and a second later her anus and pussy tightened and she let out a loud agonizing moan as she squirted a full stream of cum.

Gregory pulled out slowly and as his thick swollen head came free it made a wet popping sound. Without warning he thrusted his cock deep into her sopping wet and sensitive pussy. Molly let loose a loud shriek of pain. Gregory began pounding her cervix like a hammer to a nail.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Molly shouted with each pound of her cervix. She could feel his whole cock fill her vaginal canal in a way that nothing had before. It hit every sensitive spot all at once.

“Sir! I’m gonna cum! I’m-” her words dropped off as her orgasm rushed forward once again. “Oh shit!” She moaned as her orgasm wracked through her body and she fell limp. Melissa glanced at the clock. It was nearly opening time and there was still thirty minutes left of the session. Her body was burning in a way that made her yearn for Gregory like never before. She slid her hand through her thighs and she felt the puddle of precum that had gathered in her pants.

She pulled down her pants slightly and looked at the thick creamy white cum that had smothered her pussy and panties. Melissa had never seen her vagina leak cum like that before. She pulled her pants up and turned and walked out quickly. Her breath was ragged and her heart pounded in her chest. All she could think about was tasting and feeling Gregory’s cock. Every time she closed her eyes it was all she could see. His massive cock thick with veins and his ball sack full and swollen.

She felt a tingle in her pussy and then a new warmth spread across her thighs. She closed the door behind her and pulled down her pants again. Fresh new cum had coalesced in her panties.

‘What is happening?’ She thought to herself as she lifted her pants back into place. Just before she left the door she could hear Molly screaming in pleasure as Greg began fucking her again. Melissa hurried away in an attempt to avoid giving into her desires.

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