A Navy Buddy and My Wife

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Ava Addams

Back in the late 70s when I Was 20 and in the Navy, my new wife Tori (she was 19 and we had been married only about a year) and I were living in an apartment off base but very close to the base. There were lots of Navy people living in the complex so it was pretty casual and family like.

I had a good buddy Pat (21) that used to come over to our house a lot. He and I worked in the same shop and we both worked the 3 to 11 shift so after work, he would come home with me and we’d sit around and watch late night tv and drink beer. Most times, my wife would already have gone to bed (with earplugs) so it’d just be me and him. It happened so much that he started just spending the night and sleeping on the couch. Many nights it wound down to he and I sitting on the couch in our underwear, drinking beer, and watching tv. We’d sometimes have a little weed to smoke too (this was before piss testing). My wife hated that so if she was up when we lit up, she left and went to bed.

As I said, she was a 19yr. old little thing, barely 5’4 and only weighted about 100lbs. No boobs to speak of. She was a nearly B I think her bra tags said. Really great tight little ass and a tasty ginger covered pussy. I would go down on her for as long as she would let me. She usually had me stop after a few orgasms cause she was ready to fuck! She had a wet sloppy little pussy and was a virgin when we met so she didn’t have a lot of other experience. She was a nice little church girl growing up and didn’t really have much imagination when it came to sex. I exposed her to fucking in different positions.

“Why?” she’d ask.

“Just come on.” I’d say.

She reluctantly went along unless she got to liking it. It was this way she found out she loved reverse cowgirl…I taught her to rub herself while riding my dick and she’d cum like mad!

So anyway, Pat and I would get home, get out of our uniforms, and sit on the couch with a beer and a joint and she’d go to bed. She worked days so she had to get up. More than once, after smoking, we’d be sitting there talking and absentmindedly rubbing our cocks. Once, I asked him to show me his. He didn’t even blink, just pulled open his underwear and out popped his cock. Average size and thickness, like me, and hard as a nail. I just leaned up, reached over and grabbed it like it was my own.

He looked at me and said, “Go ahead, jerk it if you want.”

I did and it wasn’t 10 pumps later and he was cumming all over my hand and his belly.

“You want me to do yours?” he asked.

I just leaned back and pulled my boxers down and let my dick stick up. He reached over and started pumping me and not long after I came too, covering his hand and my stomach. I got up and got some paper towels and got each of us another beer. We cleaned up and drank a little more before I headed off to bed and he crashed on the couch. It was like nothing weird had happened, just a jerk off session.

As you can imagine, that started a trend. We continued to do that almost every night for the next few weeks. One evening Pat told me he had passed out on the couch and forgot to pull his underwear back up or clean the cum off. He said Tori walked thru on her way to the kitchen getting ready for work the next morning and stopped and stared at him. He heard her but didn’t open his eyes so as not to embarrass her or himself and make her mad. She look for a bit then got her coffee and came back a looked some more. When he realized she was staring at him, he started to get hard. Once that happened he heard her gasp and then leave to go get ready for work.

As he was telling me this, I started to get hard thinking about her seeing another man’s cock. He noticed this too (we were having our nightly couch session while having a beer). I asked him if he jerked off about it. He said he had to to get back to sleep.

“Damn dude that makes me horny.” I told him.

I started jerking my cock. He said he was too and started jerking his. I pushed his hand away and took over.

“Tell me what you were thinking when jerking off after showing your cock to my wife.” I told him.

He hemmed and hawed a bit and didn’t really answer.

“Let’s see if this helps.” I said.

I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth. I had always wanted to suck him as I had sucked a cock before and wasn’t sure how to approach him. He jerked upright but didn’t push me away.

“Shit man!” he said, “I didn’t know you’d do that!”

I lifted off his cock, slowly letting it slip past my lips, one of those spit strings still attached between my mouth and his cock.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me. Now tell me about jerking off to my wife.” I said.

With that I lowered my mouth back onto his cock and started sucking and running my tongue along the underside while pushing it up toward the roof of my mouth. He moaned then started to tell me about how he was thinking how hot it would have been for her to come over and start touching his cock. I asked him if he wanted her to suck him like I was.

“Hell yeah!” He said.

Then I told ataşehir escort him she wasn’t very good and I was way better! We laughed a bit at that.

“Yeah but she has a pussy. Is it tight?” He asked.

I told him it was and she gets really wet. That was enough to make him cum a big load in my mouth. I swallowed it down and sat up.

“You don’t expect me to do that to you do you?” he asked.

“Nope. Unless you want to.” I replied.

“No way man but I will jerk you off again.”

“Go to work buddy.” I replied.

I pushed my cock up for him and he went right at it, jerking me slowly at first and telling me how he though my little wife was hot and asking questions about her body. I told him all he wanted and had him stop for a minute. I got up, went into the bedroom and grabbed a pair of her dirty panties, quietly so as to not wake her up of course. Then I came back to the couch and sat down and gave them to him.

“Here.” I said. “Smell these while you jerk me off.”

He dove right into the crotch of those panties and inhaled and jerked me like mad. Made me cum right away and I had to pull his hand off me.

“Fuck these are sweet!” he said.

This became a regular part of our jerk off sessions after that. We’d even cum in them and I’d put them back in the dirty clothes. I occasionally would suck him off too if he asked for it. Which he did about every other night especially if we had a particularly crusty pair of panties to sniff (sometimes she flowed a lot).

This went on for about a month until I had to shift to 3rd shift to cover a vacancy. My wife hated this but she liked having Pat over all the time so she felt she could feel safe. Irrational but how she felt. Now, I worked 11 to 7, she worked 9 to 4, and Pat worked 3 to 11. We had some overlap but not much. I’d always have a few hours alone with her before having to go to work so that was fun. I asked Pat if he thought he could handle it if I arranged for him to have the opportunity to fuck Tori. He was incredulous. He asked if I could handle it. I assured him I could. After all, I just asked didn’t I? He wondered how I would set it up. So this is what we did…

I told him to keep jerking off and cumming on himself and fall asleep without covering up.

“Do this about every third night. Not too obvious. Let’s see if we can create some interest.” I said.

So he started doing just that. It seems she was pretty timid though and was happy with just staring at his cock, which always got hard She just didn’t seem to put it together that her staring was making him hard and that he was aware. She was pretty naive sexually remember. She did come over to the couch and stand closer, he told me. So, I gave him a pair of her panties and told him to put them under his pillow and just let a small edge stick out. He did that a few times but she didn’t see them. Then I told him to wrap them around his cock and jerk off in them and cover them in cum. Then “fall asleep” with them still lying on his cock for her to see. This time, when she walked over to look close, she recognized her panties and he heard her gasp! She gently reached over and picked them off him, stared at his now hard cock for a few minutes, then walked off and threw them in the hamper in our room. She walked straight out the door then and he thought he had blown it. I told him not to worry, I’ll check it out. Now all this time I’ve been getting home before she leaves and going to bed just as she was getting up. Sometimes, many more times than usual, she’d be waiting for me naked and ask to make love before she went to work. It wasn’t making love though. It was fucking.. She wanted me on top and she would shove her pussy up on me while I was fucking down on her smashing her clit until she came. She was obviously getting turned on by her voyeuristic activities and it was working beautifully for me!!

She continued to stare and uncurl her panties off his stiffening cock but we didn’t seem to be making any progress toward anything further. Well, except for the fact that she was ready to fuck when I got home in the morning. Pat’s fear if blowing it began to dissolve so he and I planned for the next step.

First I told him to wait until he heard her moving around in the morning, usually after I had come home and gone straight to bed (purposefully of course). When he heard her getting up, then he was to start jerking off and to cum in his stomach and let it lie there, still wet and sticky and still obviously having used her panties but to have them off to the side. The idea was to see if she would notice and touch the wet cum. He told me later when I got up just before he went to work, she had come out of the kitchen to get her coffee like she usually did and looked over at him. Sure enough, he was lying there asleep (supposedly) with her panties in his left hand and his right hand resting while gently cupping his balls and with a fresh load of cum on his stomach. Sure enough she stood there and looked for a minute then walked over and gently retrieved her panties. She ataşehir escort bayan continued to stand there for a minute as she realized the puddle of cum was still wet. He heard her gasp at that point and start to walk away. She then stopped and stepped back and whispered his name. When he didn’t respond, she gently reach down and ran her finger through his cum puddle. She got enough on her fingertip and then put it in her mouth tasting it! He was watching through slitted eyes and it was all he could do not to confront her. She savored it a moment , almost like she was comparing it to mine. During this time his dick was steadily growing harder. She watched it grow, still sucking on her finger, then turned around and left heading for her shower.

“Fuck” he said.

He was super frustrated and jerked off again, adding to the puddle on his stomach, and then fell asleep for real, not waking up until it was time to get ready for work.

I was the “how” that woke him up. I came out and saw him still sleeping with a cum covered stomach and his dick soft and laying flopped to the side. His cock was similar in size to mine. His body on the other hand was the exact opposite. Where I was a bit husky, he was naturally toned and cut. I woke him up by sucking on his cock and running my hand through the sticky crusty mess on his stomach. He groaned Tori’s name as he slowly came awake which just made me suck harder. He put his hands on my head, holding it down and erupted in my mouth, a salty tasty morning cum. Then, after I let him out of my mouth, he started to tell me the story of her finding the wet cum on him.

This was starting to get really good. We had to hatch the next step. He went to work and I started planning. I called the shop and told him not to leave work until I got there. We had to talk as I had a plan. In the meantime, Tori came home from work and we had a few hours before I had to leave. So, after she changed her cloths, we talked for a bit. We had a light dinner and started sharing a bottle of wine. Now she was actually underage as was I but I had no problem getting alcohol. I had a great fake ID at the time or I could just get Pat to go buy it. Anyway, I only had one glass as I had to work all night but she had a couple. Wine always gets her a little loose so we started to play around a bit in the kitchen during clean up. When I ran my hand down the back of her pants she whined that Pat could come home any minute and catch us.

“So what” I said, “It’s not like its anything he hasn’t seen before.”

Then I told her he couldn’t come home as he had to brief me for the midnight shift. That was enough to loosen her up and I slid her pants down while leaning her over against the counter. I dropped to my knees and started to lick around the lips of her pussy. I dipped in a few times to find she was flowing freely, getting wetter and wetter as was her way. I slipped up to her asshole, rimming her a bit. She was a little uncomfortable with that (it was new) but she knew she liked it. And, when my tongue was busy with her ass, my fingers could make their way into her pussy and rub on that G Spot that made her cum so hard. So,I did just that. Except for the cum part. I was working on her, getting her closer and closer, backing off when too close, when, as arranged, the phone rang. I stopped and answered (remember this was pre-cellphone days) and it seemed I had to come into work early. Much to her disappointment, I turned, pulled her pants up and told her I had to go in early.

“But” she started, “I didn’t get there!”

“I know baby. I promise I’ll finish when I get home tomorrow morning.” I told her.

Then I left for work, met up with Pat at the shop and we started talking.

I told him of the state I left her in. Now, she’s pretty conservative so that is not something that would really make a difference in his chances with her but it does give some background “hum” if you will. Well, that and the wine. I told him to cajole her into drinking a few beers with him and let it go from there.

“After all dude. She’s seen your cock. She’s seen that you jerk off with her panties. She’s smelled, touched, and tasted your cum. What more do you need?” I told him.

After I finished my shift, hardly able to concentrate the whole night, I got home to find him fast asleep on the couch as usual but his underwear was pulled up. I began to wonder if he had made any progress at all. So, I went over and leaned down to sniff his cock bulge. Oh yeah, there was a definitely a cummy/pussy smell going on there. I left him and slipped into our bedroom where Tori was lying on her stomach sleeping soundly in her pj top but with no panties. I could see a hint of wet pussy from my spot at the end of the bed.. She still had about 30 minutes before she had to get up so I quickly undressed, my cock hard as a nail, and climbed on top of her and slipped into her from behind. And slipped is the absolutely correct word. She was soaking wet. She moaned a bit so I took my weight off her and pulled back and looked down at my cock only to find it covered in cum. Yes! Sloppy seconds! If I could have gotten harder I would have. I slid slowly back into her, savoring the slipperiness and imagining her and Pat fucking while I was at work. In no time at all, I was blasting my cum into her. I am not sure if she even woke up! I rolled off her and immediately fell asleep not waking up until an hour before Pat had to leave for work.

I went out and sat down next to him and he told me how it happened. I had him start jacking me as he told the story which he gladly did. He still loved to jerk me off…

After we talked at the shop, I cut him out a little early so he could get home. He got to the apartment just as she had changed into her pjs which were a babydoll-ish top and cotton panties. Typical fare around our house as we were all very comfortable with each other. They started chatting about general stuff and he asked her if she wanted to have a beer with him. She accepted which was the beginning of her downfall if you will. She was not a drinker. She had just learned to drink after meeting me. So they’re sitting in the living room having a beer and just talking about their day. Pat got up to get another and automatically brought her one. She started to refuse but he cajoled her a little so she relented and took it. About halfway into it, he could tell she was getting a little “happy” so he stood up and started to take his uniform off. She looked at him in surprise and asked him what he was doing? He told her he was getting comfortable like he did every night.

“Besides”, he told her. “It’s not like you haven’t seen me like this AND more”

She sat there for a moment then jerk her head up and asked “What do you mean?”

“I saw you yesterday. I was actually awake” he said as he sat down in only his underwear.

“Oh my” she gasped. You mean you were awake when I…”

“Stood over me and stared at my cock? Ran your fingers thru my cum? And then put those same cummy fingers in your mouth and licked them clean? Yes, I was awake.” He replied.

She was a bright crimson red by this time and stammering. Then, she looked over at him and noticed the tent in his briefs.

“Oh!, You’re getting hard.” She blurted out.

“Yes. You do that to me. And thinking about you tasting my cum gets me very hard.” He told her.

I had to interrupt him at this point as my cock was so hard and leaking so much, I was about to cum. I told him to ease off and just finish the story. I didn’t want to cum just yet.

He told me she stood up then and said she HAD to go to bed. She was very unsteady what with the wine earlier and then the beer so she stumbled and started to fall. Pat grabbed her around the hips to steady her and she fell into his lap being artfully guided so her butt hit him on the stomach and she slid onto his lap. As she had spread her legs to try unsuccessfully to steady herself, she sat down on him with one leg on either side of his. Since he had guided her down, his cock was now sticking up right between her thighs, pressing a bit against the gusset of her panties which by now was quite moist.

“Is that your..?” she asked.

“Yes, it is. And please don’t move yet. I’m really close to cumming and i don’t want to.. Not yet anyway” He told her.

“You’re close to cumming? Why?’ she asked.

“Why? Because my dick is pressed up against your pussy and you’re wet! I can tell. I just want to pull your panties aside and slip it in! I bet it’d go right in too. If you move too much, I’m gonna cum all over your panties and thighs.” He warned her.

She giggled at that and unexpectedly reached down and pulled his briefs down freeing his cock. She grabbed it and pressed it hard against her pussy on top of her panties and started to rub up and down on it.

He couldn’t take that and told her “Dammit. You’re gonna make me cum” and blew his load all over her.

The first couple of shots painted her soft white 19 yr old inner thighs and the rest dribbled out against the gusset of her panties, soaking through and coating her pussy. That was enough to make her cum too. She held onto him and just started shaking as she moaned thru her orgasm.

“You’re still hard” she said after she caught her breath. “Ronnie usually has to wait a bit before he can get hard again.”

“Well, he gets to fuck you all the time. I don’t and you really turn me on so of course I’m still hard” he replied.

With that she reached down and pulled her cum covered panties aside and grabbed his cock, raised her hips a bit and slid right onto him, taking his cock all the way to the hilt.

“Oh God” she said. “I have done it! I have another man’s cock inside if me!”

He started to say something but she reached back and put her hand on his face and told him to shut up. She then started to ride him, reverse cowgirl, her favorite position. She would pull up until he was just inside her, reach down and feel his cock head still in her pussy, then slam back down. After a few times of this she started rubbing her clit and BAM, she came again and hard. She stopped moving but Pat wasn’t through. He started thrusting up in her now, holding her hips up enough so he could get a good movement going. It didn’t take long, he told me, before he was coating the inside of her pussy with his cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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