A New Friend and Our Daughters Ch. 02

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All participants in the sexual activities are over 18. Since this is my fantasy, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. All my characters exhibit good hygiene and no mention of showers, etc. will be mentioned unless it involves sexual activities.


Rick’s attention was diverted by Aria screaming out.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy, I’m going to cum soon. You cum too, Daddy. Fill my pussy with your daddy cream.”

It seemed that Chris was not going to disobey his near orgasmic daughter. He grunted and grunted as he ejaculated into his daughter’s tight pussy. The pair, father and teenaged daughter, kept up their groaning until they were both done. You could see the tension leaving their bodies as they began to come down from their sexual high.

Under the circumstances, with Kim still sucking her daddy’s cock, he did the only thing he could. He screamed out, “Kim! Daddy’s cumming,” and he did.

There was a pile of collapsed body parts in the livingroom. Rick lay sprawled back on the love seat with his legs straight out. Between his legs and leaning on them was his daughter Kim. He could only see the teenager in profile yet he could still see that she had dribbled some of his cum down her neck.

Forcing himself to tear his eyes off his young daughter, Rick looked across the coffeetable to see his new buddy Chris was also sprawled out across the couch. His teenaged daughter was laying across the five foot square coffee table on her back.

It wasn’t often a guy could admire naked 32DD tits on a teenager without guilt so he wasn’t going to pass on this opportunity. Since Aria had such a small frame, her tits covered most her chest making them appear even larger. Her areolae were huge, filling in almost the entire end of her boob. Capping the picture were absolutely fitting, size wise, strong, rigid nipples. Well, one was, but the other had already softened and retreated from view.

Rick reacted with a small jump when his teenaged daughter, slapped his thigh extremely close to his hanging dick trying to find a life of its own.

“What are you looking at, Daddy?” demanded Kim. “Are you already tired of me, Daddy?”

“No, no, no, Babygirl, absolutely not!” exclaimed the slightly bewildered father. “How can you even think that?”

“You’re staring at Aria. Not me,” said his daughter in a hurt tone of voice.

“I’m sorry, Baby,” he said to his daughter,” I was just looking…um…looking…”

“Rick, I think you’re busted,” said his new friend, Chris. “Take your punishment like a man!” said the laughing man.

Demonstrating that she was only teasing her daddy, Kim pulled herself up so that she was sitting on his lap with her arm around his shoulders. This position, of course, put the teenaged beauty’s boobs directly in front of his face. The father needed only to turn his head a little to be able to put a nipple in his mouth. That is exactly what his daughter wanted since she was teasing her father by drawing her fully engorged nipple across his cheek.

Before he could move to this new play toy, the attention of all three was caught by a series of groans coming from the other teenaged sexpot in the room. Chris sat up and leaned forward to check on his daughter.

Kim ran to her best friend to see if there was a problem. Aria was saying something but Kim could barely hear her. Rick’s daughter leaned in closer to hear better but was surprised when her friend wrapped her arms around Kim’s neck, pulling her in for a lip smacking, deep kiss.

Both fathers sat in place, eyes agog as their two naked, teenaged daughters launched into a makeout session. The vixens teased their audience by pulling their lips back from one another while continuing the dance of their tongues. The fathers saw the tongues and couldn’t help but begin to rub their crotches.

Kim, seeing what her father was doing, broke from the kissing for a moment to see what Aria’s father was doing. Seeing that both fathers were enjoying the kissing action going on in front of them, she leaned to whisper into her best friend’s ear.

Both teenagers nodded and smiled. Kim swooped in on her impatiently waiting partner who was now sitting upright on the coffeetable. As the girls relaunched their exchange of soul kisses and swirling tongues, Kim placed her hands on Aria’s huge tits.

The fathers were mesmerized as they watched Kim cup both of the breasts before her, squeezing them as her best friend pushed her head back arching her breasts out even further. There was no way Rick’s daughter could fully envelop the huge, teenager tits in her grasp. Yet she tried and tried some more to squish Aria’s tits within her grip.

Forfeiting that battle, Kim leaned over and started licking her best friend’s tit.

“Rick, Rick, look at that!” exclaimed Aria’s father who was mauling his own dick at this point.

Ever ready to throw in a comment -not- Rick nodded at the man unwilling to look away from what might be a once in a lifetime experience. klasbahis güvenilirmi He had never imagined his gorgeous, teenaged daughter would be making out with another teenager in front of his very eyes. Of course, he wasn’t giving up on slowly masturbating his hard cock either.

Shifting positions a little, Aria pushed her best friend enough that she could get her lips on Kim’s nipples. One teenager was sucking nipples while the other was holding the mouth free tits in her hands. The girls kept adjusting themselves so they could rotate nipple sucking.

Finally finding the ability to talk, Rick said, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop! For all the gods, don’t stop!”

Chris let out a loud whoop of delight in response while both girls smiled at their fathers’ reactions.

Aria seemed to be the more aggressive of the teasing twosome. With one hand, she pulled Rick’s daughter’s face tight against her tit. Meanwhile, her other hand drifted down her best friend’s body to Kim’s thigh.

Kim moaned at her best friend’s touch. Chris moaned at seeing his daughter pushing more boundaries with her friend. Rick moaned at everything going on in front of him.

Aria pinched the teenaged thigh she was holding causing Kim to yelp around the nipple she was sucking and spread her legs. Instantly Chris’ daughter was using two fingers to rub and caress, the inner, tanned thigh of her best friend. The side of Aria’s hand was sliding up and down the length of Kim’s clean shaven slit. Both girls were moaning in excitement.

The fathers were both leaning in as close to the girls as they could without falling off the edges of the seat. Chris was even drooling a little knowing his daughter would soon be fingering the pussy of the teenaged beauty. Rick was too occupied in the moment to bother forecasting anything.

Perhaps the little minx, knowing where her father’s mind would go, did not finger her best friend’s pussy as expected. Instead, Aria sank to her knees while pushing Kim’s legs further apart. Kneeling as she was, Aria began to tease everyone in the room, the fathers and the daughter.

Chris’ daughter went back to her best friend’s boobs, caressing and squeezing them, waiting for her nipples to regain their full hardness. Kim placed her hands over those of her best friend indicating she wanted her tits squeezed harder. Not arguing, Aria complied while leaning in to bite at Kim’s nipples.

Both teenagers were enjoying the sexual demonstration they were providing their fathers. Those same fathers were staring at their teenaged daughters with rapt attention. Rick knew the girls were becoming wet as the scent of sex began to fill the room.

Aria began trailing her tongue down the teenaged body before her, stopping occasionally to nip at whatever skin she could get in her mouth. Kim was groaning and moaning while twisting her own nipples.

Rick found the sight of the two teenagers in front of him to be awe inspiring. He had fantasized about girl on girl sex before this but he never would have imagined he would one day watch his teenaged daughter in a lesbian scene with her best friend, another teenager.

Feeling compelled to move closer, the father tried to fight the urge. It was, of course, a losing battle. Rick sat on the coffee table beside his daughter. Putting his arm around her, Kim lay back against his chest. Since Aria no longer had her best friend’s boobs occupied, Rick took over the chore, playing with her nipples. Squeezing, pinching, and tugging on his daughter’s nipples caused his cock to throb.

Kim’s hand dropped to her father’s thigh. She alternated between rubbing it or clawing it depending on what he, and her best friend, did to her sweaty body.

Seeing Rick had moved closer, Chris wasn’t going to be left out of a more intimate view of the two teenagers. He knelt beside his daughter with one of Kim’s legs separating them. Reaching across Kim’s thigh for his daughter’s body, he rubbed and caressed the teenaged flesh of his own flesh.

Rick brought kisses to his naked daughter, deep, passionate, soul kisses transmitting his sexual desire to his daughter. Their tongues took turns in each other’s mouth, sometimes dancing, sometimes dueling. Rick nipped his daughter’s tongue between her teeth. She yipped and tongued on his teeth. Rick relaxed his grip on her tongue allowing it to slip back into her own mouth.

Both broke their embrace for a moment in order to catch their breath. His daughter lay back against his chest, eyes closed, savouring the moment. It was proving difficult to catch her breath as the actions between her thighs were causing her to gasp repeatedly.

Aria, head buried between her best friends legs, was fighting Kim to keep her legs apart. Seeing her difficulty, Chris put his hand on his newfound friend’s daughter. He pulled on her knee separating her legs as far as she could.

He glanced up to see the other father’s reaction to Chris fondling his teenaged daughter. klasbahis yeni giriş In all actuality, Rick was totally unaware of what Chris was doing since his view was blocked by the tit in his mouth, Kim’s tit.

Aria was enjoying teasing her best friend. She would lick the length of Kim’s thigh until she was almost licking pussy. Instead, she would stop just at the cleft between thighs and pelvis laying a wet kiss close but not on her pussy. Aria smiled knowing she was driving her best friend into a frenzy of wriggling and writhing.

Finally, knowing her friend’s level of passion was reaching new heights, Aria stuck her tongue out as far as it could reach. Leaning forward she swiped her best friend’s slit from bottom to top. And again. She loved the taste of the fluids leaking from Kim’s cunt.

Growing impatient, Chris reached to his new friend’s daughter’s pussy and spread her labia with one hand. Aria’s lips locked onto the fully aroused clitoris before her eyes. Aria suckled on the little bugger, she lashed it with her tongue, she caught it between her lips and tugged on it.

Kim’s attention was fully diverted from her father’s prick in her hand. The intensity of the feelings flowing from Aria’s actions were becoming too much for her handle. The volume of her moans, her yelps, as well as the tautening of the muscles in her whole body signaled an approaching orgasm.

Chris, realizing what was about to happen to the teenager being licked by his daughter, he reached over, took his own daughter by the back of her head and jammed it into Kim’s pussy. Kim screamed her sexual release as Aria’s mouth continued working over her cunt.

Watching his daughter achieve orgasm was the ultimate sexual thrill for Rick. He was stroking his cock, threatening to tug it free from his body so great was his own level of sexual stimulation. Chris saw the near agony look on his friend’s face and nudged his daughter in order to get her attention.

“Suck Rick’s cock. Make him cum,” said Chris to his daughter.

Aria knee walked her way to her best friend’s father. She took Rick’s cock in hand and in one swoop swallowed it whole. Never having been deepthroated before, Rick let go a loud series of moans. Trying to grab the teenager with his cock in her mouth, she swatted his hand away. Aria continued swallowing and releasing his cock.

Chris, not willing to be left out of the action, fell to his knees between Kim’s spread and soaking wet legs. He didn’t hesitate. Fresh teenaged pussy was not something he would or could ignore. The opportunity to fuck his daughter’s friend was knocking at his door.

Closing the distance between them, he maneuvered his body until his dick was resting on the opening to the young girl’s cunt. He held back as long as he could, attacking Kim’s sweat and saliva soaked tits with his mouth, lips, and one hand. His actions energized the teenaged daughter of his newfound friend. Chris leaned up and forward to thrust his tongue into Kim’s mouth. She sucked his tongue deeper into her mouth catching it with her teeth.

The slight tug was enough to throw the other father off balance. Chris fell balls deep into the teenaged pussy feeling her muscles ripple along the length of his invading cock.

Rick heard his daughter’s yips and yelps increase in intensity causing him to break his eyes away from the sight of the big titted teenager treating his prick like her favourite flavoured ice cream cone. Seeing Chris fucking his young daughter almost enraged him to the point of battling the offending father.

It took Rick but a moment to realize the hypocrisy of his anger. It was difficult to be angry at the man fucking his daughter while that man’s daughter was giving him the blowjob of his life. Seeing that his daughter was lost in the moment, far from objecting, she was wrapping her muscular legs around the other father trying to pull him deeper into her pussy.

Rick turned back to the teenager working his dick over with her lips and tongue.

“Baby, I want to fuck your tits,” he semi-moaned at her.

Wordlessly the teenager pulled back, laying on the floor with an inviting look on her face. Not hesitating, Rick fell to his knees and waddled up her body until the little girl’s huge DD tits were ready to engulf his cock. Aria pushed her big tits together. Lubricated by the girl’s sweat, Rick’s cock slid smoothly back and forth in the boob tunnel he was beginning to fuck.

Every time his cock pushed to the bottom of her tits, enough would be sticking out at the top for Aria to take the tip into her mouth. Sometimes, she would suck on his cock, other times she would swizzle it around in her mouth. The father and teenager quickly found a rhythm that suited them.

Wanting to be a gentleman, and share the sexual excitement with the young girl beneath him, he reached back and found her pussy with two fingers. The two people, teenager and father of another were like a perpetual motion machine. klasbahis giriş Finger fucking the teenager caused her to work harder on his cock when it was within reach of her mouth. The more she tongued his cock, the faster he would thrust his dick between her tits while fingerfucking her teenaged cunt.

Rick’s attention was diverted for a moment by another increase in the volume of his daughter’s yips and yelps. She had her legs over the other father’s shoulders and locked at the ankle. Chris was pounding the soaking wet teenaged cunt, preparing to shoot his load into her.

Seeing this inspired Rick to reach his own breaking point. Hearing his daughter begin to scream her way into orgasm with her friend’s father, he shot rope after rope of cum over the teenager’s big tits he had been fucking as well as her face. The teenager reached an orgasm as well due to Rick fingerfucking his daughter’s best friend.

They looked to see that Chris was still pounding his cock into the teenager’s cunt. The scrunched up look on his face let his friend and his daughter know he would be drenching Kim’s already sopping pussy shortly. The teenager was working herself into another orgasm with Chris’ big cock.

“C’mon, Daddy,” urged Aria. “That’s it, fuck her!”

“Baby, I’m watching you, I want to see you cum!” exclaimed Rick.

Both the adult father and the teenaged daughter heard and responded to the words of encouragement. Feeling Chris’ cum spurting into her pussy pushed Kim over the top. She screamed her way into another orgasm with her friend’s father.

All energy spent, the two daughters lay curled up in the arms of the opposing fathers. All that could be heard from any was the sound of long, deep breaths. It would be difficult to look at the four bodies and decide who felt the most fulfilled at that moment.

Both fathers were laying with their heads cradled against teenager boobs. Both sets of boobs were wet and spotted with either cum or sweat or saliva.

The fathers were fighting the near coma inducing effects of sex with the daughters. The two teenaged daughters recuperated much quicker than their fathers. Kim was the first daughter to move.

She crawled to her best friend and pushed her daddy off the teenager’s body. Once she had given her best friend a passionate kiss, using her index finger, Kim began to scrape her father’s cum from her friends tits and face. Being the good friend that she was, Kim would suck the cum from her finger and then offer the next scoop to her friend. When her fingers could scrape no more, Kim began to lick the traces from her friend’s tits. The teenaged beauty quickly discovered she loved the taste of her father’s cum. As much as she loved licking his cum from her best friend’s tits.

Aria must have felt that her friend had licked up all of her daddy’s cum that she was going to get as she pushed Kim away from her, toppling the other girl onto her back.

“You got yours and now I’m going to get mine,” said Aria.

With that, she buried her face between her friend’s legs and began to suck on Kim’s cunt. Holding Kim’s labia apart, Aria twizzled her tongue into her best friend’s pussy. She caught drop after drop of her own father’s cum on her tongue, Aria swallowed it savouring the taste. Time after time she returned her tongue to Kim’s cunt, her tongue drilling for more remnants of her daddy’s cum. Despite her exhaustion, Aria’s mouth drove Kim to two more small orgasms.

The balance of the afternoon passed quickly. One by one, each of the sexually satiated adventurers showered and cleaned up. There was no more sexually oriented talk, they watched whatever was showing on the TV.

Eventually, it was time for Aria and her father to go home. The two men gave each other man hugs with forceful slaps on the backs. They turned each to the other’s daughter, wrapped them in a full body hug, and shared passionate kisses.

Once they were alone in the house, the father and daughter duo relaxed on the couch.

“Daddy, I’m hungry,” said Kim.

“Let’s order in then,” replied the girl’s father.

Soon enough, there was a knock at the door and their Italian meatball subs were delivered. The father and daughter passed a quiet evening together, cuddled on the couch watching tv.

Eventually the duo ended upstairs together with Rick giving his daughter a goodnight kiss on the forehead. Even he acknowledged to himself that was a pretty lame way to end the day after the activities of earlier.

“Daddy, can I sleep with you tonight?”

Hesitating for some moments, the father resorted to his favourite answer, “Umm…yeah.”

“I’m going to change and be right in then, Daddy.”

Accustomed to sleeping in the nude, the father found himself in a conundrum. The activities of earlier may have been a one-off deal or they may have reset the boundaries of the father daughter relationship. His teenaged daughter had given him no indication in the hours since as to what her preferences were.

Deciding on compromise, Rick rooted through his dresser to find a pair of his flannel lounging pants. Once he had donned them, he lay on his bed, not quite in the middle where he usually found himself. A flick of the remote and he found a movie to watch until sleep overcame him.

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