A New Master

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Tall, dark, handsome and young, that was exactly the way she liked her men, and he was far from disappointing. She thought she was making a mistake in waiting, he was more than a half hour late, and was deciding for the third time to leave when he came up to her, breathless, apologetic and glorious.

When their eyes met, she knew it was going to be an experience. His playful, mischievous eyes held hers and told a story of things to come. As they decided to go have a drink somewhere close by, she shivered with anticipation and walked at his side, barely keeping up with the stride of his powerful legs.

While they drank and talked, the air between them was heavy with their pleasure and desire. She had decided to go to a hotel with him before he even suggested it, or to suggest it herself if he didn’t. At some point, he took her hand and held it to his body, letting her feel his hardening cock, which felt thick and long. When he reached in between her legs, she felt almost embarrassed by the heat coming from her.

They had to walk a few blocks to find a cab to take them to their destination, and he stopped them and pulled her to him against the nearest building. His hands moved urgently over her body, under her coat, squeezing her breasts, and pinching the nipples, even bending to lick one and suck it until it was tight and hard, and she stroked his chest and pulled at his hard cock through his pants.

The cab ride was a quiet frenzy in the backseat; he opened his zipper and pulled his cock out through the opening. It was so beautiful, a rounded, smooth, very plump head, and a thick, solid Zonguldak Escort trunk of a shaft, pulsing visibly. He gently pulled her head forward and looked deeply into her eyes. She broke their contact to bend down and kiss the tip of his cock gently.

Wetting her lips, she made a tight O with them and descended on that proud dick. When she had taken as much of it as she could, she tightened her lips further, swished her tongue all over the underside, and slid back to the tip, never letting go of it. Her lips anchored under the lip around his cockhead, and she sucked and ran her tongue roughly around his smooth, swollen flesh. He moaned, pressing his cock back into her mouth, and she sucked him hard and long, touching his balls with her tongue and licking them while she jerked his cock in her petite, tight, wet fist.

They got to the place, and went to get a room. Arranging for a few hours of private time, they had to wait for something to become available. They decided to go get some beers and waited outside on the street, talking, and flirting. He even took his cock out again, and holding his coat open, she bent down and sucked on it, feeling she had never tasted such a delicious cock, and how very erotic this all was.

Finally they were in the room, and he wasted no time in grabbing her and pulling her to him. He kissed her roughly, and pulled her pants down to her knees. She felt herself being turned, and pushed down onto the bed. Her legs were hanging off the bed awkwardly, and she felt him slide between her legs and pull her thighs up to make her open wider. The Zonguldak Escort Bayan broad head of his swollen cock rubbed in between her pussy lips, she could feel them being pushed apart widely, and the wide, very hard shaft stroking over her clit, making it pulse, and swell from under its soft hood.

When he entered her, she realized just how thick his cock was. She was stretched to what felt like her limit, the walls of her pussy felt altered, widened, as she spread to accommodate him. She felt the fat tip meet her cervix, and he thrust mercilessly, then pulling back and plunging back in, over and over.

After stroking in and out of her for a while, he got up and lay down on the bed, his cock waving in the air, begging for attention. She crawled up to it, and asked his permission to suck it, her eyes begging silently, her tongue running around her lips, hungry to taste her juices on his throbbing, sticky dick.

He pulled her up to him by her tits, taking hold of the heavy, pink-tipped globes, and making her kiss him, then move down to lick and suck on his hard, tiny nipples. She bit and stroked them with her wet tongue, and he moaned, and forced her further down his body. Her mouth dripped as she dragged her tongue across his flat stomach, and let his bobbing organ brush her cheek. It was wet, a very big, clear drop was rolling down the shaft, and another was forming at the dimple in the tip. She could feel the trail across her cheek, leading to her lips, which she rubbed across him, gathering the slick, sticky wetness on her mouth and tongue, and started to Escort Zonguldak lick up and down his hard stalk,

Looking up into his eyes, she continued to tease him, lapping up and down, then pulling away for him to see the clear, strings that attached them from cock to mouth. She started to suck him then, really stroking his cock with her mouth, sliding her hand expertly along the smooth shaft, feeling the pulse inside, growing stronger, the outer layer of skin moving over the hard stalk inside his dick, feeling it fatten and grow hotter, darkening with the blood rushing into it. It throbbed when she swallowed the length of it, and held it in her throat, his moans told her how much he loved it.

Grabbing her by the arm, he stopped her ravaging of his dick. He pulled her on top of him, and with her back to his chest, she slid the raging organ into her hot pussy. His hands grabbed her hips and rolled them back and forth, she was moving on his cock like a machine. They both watched themselves in the mirror on the ceiling, and he caressed her tits and teased her clit while he fucked her.

When he held her face close to his, and made her look up at their reflection, she was so turned on that she started to cum violently on his cock, her juices pouring out around him, letting him drive in deeper, his body under her covered in her cum. While she watched in the mirror, he pulled his huge dick out of her pussy and shot thick streams of his hot cum all over her body. She shuddered out her orgasm as the hot cum coated her pulsating clit, and slid down between her pussy lips.

“Next time, I’m going to rape that sweet ass of yours”, he said, holding her face to his, and cradling her body on top of his. “I’m going to fill it with my cream, and you’re going to love it.”

She smiled at his reflection, “I know I will, baby, I know I will.”

Further adventures with Master to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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