A New Old Friend Ch. 03

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Eric was laying on his back in the middle of the king-sized bed in his friend Jeffrey’s spare bedroom. He still had on the yummy ankle-length yellow mohair sweater dress that his friend was planning to post on Ebay later that evening.

He was also quite securely bound and gagged. His ankles had been tied together with soft, black bondage rope and so had his wrists. Another length of rope ran around his wrists and anchored him to the bed’s headboard.

After he had given Jeffrey his first blowjob on this cold rainy late fall day, Jeffrey had brought out his leather strap penis gag.

“I love you in this,” he whispered into his friend’s ear as he buckled the gag into place. “You are a natural-born cocksucker and this gag reminds both of us of that wonderful truth.”

Eric response was a rather enthusiastic “mmmmppphhh!” which caused his friend to laugh and begin gently caressing Eric’s helpless, mohair covered body. Eric moaned in anticipation as he felt his dominant friend’s fingers move down his body to where his rock-hard cock quivered against the yellow mohair.

Jeffrey softly kissed his golfing buddy’s cock through the mohair. “Pretty soon, my not-so-little friend,” he said.

Just then, both men heard the doorbell ring.

“Shit,” Jeffrey said, waling over to window and parting the thick curtain slightly for a view of his front door.

“It’s my neighbor from across the street,” he artemisbet yeni giriş told his bound and gagged friend on the bed. Then he smiled and said, “Don’t go anywhere Eric. I have to talk with him. I’ll try to get rid of him as soon as possible.

Eric had little choice to nod his head in weak agreement.

Jeffrey opened the door and said, “Hey Richard, how are you doing?”

Richard, a big man, at least six-three and weighing around two hundred and thirty pounds, was an avid motorcyclist and, this morning, was dressed in his leathers—leather jacket, leather pants, leather boots. He had a neatly trimmed gray beard and he kept his long grayish-black hair in a ponytail. He had intense brown eyes and he stared at Jeffrey before saying, “Who’s your new friend?”

Jeffrey actually was pretty fond of his neighbor. In the summer, Richard often came over for a drink on Jeffrey’s back yard deck. He knew that Richard was, at heart, a good guy but he did tend to be a little nosy. Jeffrey had yet to explain to him about his small business of selling wool sweaters, scarves, and mittens online. Richard was not a golfer and Jeffrey had no interest in motorcycles but the two men were avid baseball fans and most of their conversations tended to be about baseball. Jeffrey was a die-hard Chicago White Sox fan, having been born on Chicago’s south side. Richard was a Seattle Mariners fan, having gone to school artemisbet giriş at the University of Washington.

“Someone I used to work with,” Jeffrey replied, deciding a little lie wouldn’t hurt. “He got up early this morning and drove over from western Montana to play some golf but as you can tell, today is not a day for that kind of thing.”

Richard laughed, “I know, I wanted to go for a last ride before the snow comes but I don’t like to ride in the rain.”

He looked around and said, “So, where is he?”

Jeffrey smiled, thinking of his bound and gagged friend, all pretty in mohair, upstairs. “Taking a little nap—us old guys you know.”

“Understand that,” Richard said.

Then Jeffrey remembered one of Eric’s fantasies was to be taken captive by a leather-clad man and made to suck his cock. While he didn’t know whether Richard was bisexual, he didn’t know many men who didn’t like to receive a blow job.

“Say, Richard,” he said, still smiling. “Why don’t you come over for lunch in a little bit? I think you and Eric would get along well.” He playfully slapped Richard’s shoulder and said, “And keep your leathers on, will you?”

Richard smiled back at him and walked over and picked up the black mohair scarf which lay on the living room couch. “Sure thing buddy. Nice scarf by the way, yours or Eric’s?”

“Eric’s, definitely Eric’s.”

When Jeffrey returned to artemisbet güvenilirmi the bedroom, he couldn’t help laughing. His helpless buddy had managed somehow to re-harden his cock.

“Miss me?”

“MMMMPPPHHH!!!” Eric nodded his head to emphasize his muffled words.

Jeffrey quickly resumed his fondling of his well-secured mohair-covered playmate. By the time he finally pulled the sweater dress up to expose Eric’s cock, the bound and gagged man was pleading into his penis gag with soft moans.

“I do believe you are ready my dear,” Jeffrey said and slowly, gently took his friend’s cock into his mouth.

Eric felt absolutely ecstatic when this happened. In addition to being more than ready to explode, he knew that his dominant friend must be quite pleased with him to reward him with this special privilege of a tender, loving sucking of his cock.

Jeffrey also knew that he owed his friend something—after all, he had kept him bound and gagged for close to an hour now and, he thought to himself as he felt the pressure build with Eric in preparation for the finale of act one this morning, they were about to move into new, uncharted territory together.

When Eric had finished his delightful orgasm, Jeffrey untied him gently, making sure that the mohair sweater-dress did not get soiled from the rather impressive amount of semen that had been pumped out of Eric’s cock.

Jeffrey pulled the sweater-dress over Eric’s head and then unbuckled his friend’s gag. However, he put his hand over the submissive man’s mouth.

“You need to take a shower sweetie and I need to find you something nice to wear. We’re having company for lunch.”

(to be continued)

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