A Nice Family Christmas

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When the first snow of winter finally came the holiday spirit was officially in full force. Lights went up, cards went out and Michael Buble claimed his annual monopoly on mall music. As soon as he had finished his last final, Jude similarly found himself thrown into the full force of seasonal preparations. Christmas had always been Jude’s favorite holiday, it was a time when families came together to exchange meaningful gifts, but that year something was off. It was Jude’s freshman year of college, he had spent the fall semester taking credit classes and was moving out that spring to finally start pre-law. Everything seemed so surreal in the knowledge that he only had a few weeks before he would leave for good, and as such he found it hard to get into the “Christmas Spirit”.

On Christmas Eve the guests started to trickle in. First came Jude’s paternal grandparents who lived nearby. It was pleasant when it was just them, but soon his mothers parents showed up and the house quickly went from calm to hectic. Next came the Coens, Jude’s father’s sister and her husband and seven kids. Jackie Coen, the eldest, was about his age but most of them were small, rambunctious children. Then came Jude’s other paternal cousins, the young Mr. and Mrs. Harmon and their newborn baby Annie. Jude’s sister Susanna returned from college with Pierce, her latest boyfriend and after that he simply lost count. His mothers side was far more tame, she only had one step-sister, Janell, who worked in New York City as some kind of lawyer and had never married, it was she who arrived last of all.

The bell rang and Jude’s father, who was getting almost as annoyed as he, asked him to answer, “only relatives and creditors ever ring in that Wagnerian manner,” he remarked under his breath as Jude went to open the door.

Janell Thompson stood about 5’6″ in the doorway; she was dressed in a well tailored, grey suit with black heels, vintage sunglasses and dangly earrings. Her light brown hair was freshly curled and her nails were bright red. When Jude answered the door she exclaimed,

“Good heavens Judie… is that you? You’re so big! You must have been what, 15 the last time I saw you right?”

“H-hey Aunt Janell…” Jude said awkwardly. He may have changed but she was the same spunky, carefree milf he had had a guilty crush on ever since he hit puberty.

“Oh please, we’re both grown-ups now… just call me Jan.”

She came inside and hung up her purse, gave Jude and his mom a hug and joined the party. Jude had gone from being a scrawny, acne-faced teenager to a 6′, broad-shouldered young man with fair skin and wavy blonde hair, and Janell simply couldn’t help but feel just a little bit turned on. His deep, blue eyes were so intoxicating to her, soon she began to feel her gaze unconsciously drawn to him. It was just her luck that she noticed the boy nervously eyeing her when he thought she wasn’t looking.

“I’ve gotta say sis, I almost didn’t recognize that man over there!” Janell said pointing to Jude, who tried his best not to blush.

Jude’s mother laughed, “well we’ve had him a good long time, it’s a shame he has to leave us so soon.”


“Yes, didn’t you hear? He’s going to be going to your alma mater in Windelford this spring.”

“How exciting!”

“Oh come here Judie, I know your ears must be burning!” She said laughing, “say, it’s getting a çankaya escort bit noisy in here, why don’t you two go out for an afternoon coffee and meet us back at church for the Christmas Eve service? I’m sure you’ll have lots to talk about. You know Judie, your aunt is an appellate lawyer and I know how much you want to go to law school.”

Janell looked straight at Jude with her big brown eyes, magnified by her glasses, she was biting cherry-colored lips and smiling.

“Oh I-I don’t know… are you sure you don’t need any more help around the house?” Jude said nervously.

“Don’t worry about it, you’ve been a help for the last 18 years, go have some fun! My little step-sister will take good care of you, won’t you Jan?”

“I won’t bite Judie, I promise,” Janell said laughing.

Jude and his aunt climbed into her car and drove off to a little coffee joint near the church. Janell picked a relatively isolated booth and the two sat down, ordered and began to talk. At first Jude was awkward; his hot aunt was there right in front of him and with no one around. Half of him wanted to kiss her big, red mouth and fondle her double-d breasts while the other half wished he could have crushed on someone less taboo, even if she wasn’t technically a relative. Janell on the other hand was thoroughly enjoying her nephew’s adorable awkwardness. “My my, he really is this nervous about sitting with me… oh it’s so freaking cute!” she thought as her mind began to wander into all kinds of fantasies. The tension started to ease when the conversation turned to law. Janell seemed to have no end of advice and Jude found himself genuinely interested in everything she had to say.

Poor Jude had just started to relax when he felt his leg rub against hers, sending shivers all through his body. He hoped that she wouldn’t think anything of it, but at his touch Janell felt herself immensely horny. She shifted her legs so that the two of them sat in perpetual contact, which only made Jude’s nervousness return in full force.

“There’s no way,” he thought, “There’s no way she thinks of me like that…”

But then steadily he felt her foot begin to stroke his leg. Jude could hardly believe when she stroked higher and higher until her bare foot was pushing against his wood. Neither one spoke and Janell’s face betrayed nothing, she continued to make talk about the early stages of her career and how Aristotle’s rhetoric saved one of her first cases, but underneath the table she was unzipping his pants with her toes and stroking his now throbbing penis with her soft arches. Jude flushed red as he felt her grip his tip between her toes and gently sway it back and forth. Janell was an expert multitasker and had no trouble carrying on a perfectly normal conversation while simultaneously giving her nephew the best and first footjob of his life. He was so adorably flustered, like a boy and his first crush, and Janell had long ago started thinking with her pussy. She squeezed his knee under the table, making him blush uncontrollably.

“Is something wrong?” she asked innocently.

“N-no… keep going please…” he said softly.

Janell smiled, “let’s finish in the car,” she replied winking.

Jude zipped up his pants and after she paid the bill and put on her sunglasses, the two got into the car together. All of Jude’s senses seemed escort çankaya more alive than ever: the strong new-car-smell, the wonderful sounds of his aunt’s clacking heels and the throbbing shaft between his legs. Janell climbed into the driver’s seat and without hesitating, kissed the impassioned boy. Jude felt all sorts of confused hormones pumping through him as her firm lips pressed against his. She gave his dick a little caress and then pulled away.

“Let’s drive somewhere more private shall we,” she said smiling.

“W-wow… I’ve never had anyone do this to me before…” he said shyly.

“What do you mean kiddo?” Janell replied with a smile, she could hardly believe what she was doing.

“Like… you know… touch me there…”

“Wait… you mean you’re a virgin?” she said in disbelief. Jude nodded his head.

Janell pulled the car into a narrow alleyway and parked. Then, turning to face Jude she gently kissed him and whispered in his ear, “don’t worry… auntie Jan’s going to fix that for you!”

She unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard penis. It was circumcised, about 7 inches long with a nice vein going all the way down. Janell looked dumbfounded at the pulsing shaft, running her eyes over every curve.

“I-Is it alright?” asked Jude nervously.

“Oh yes… sorry it’s just… well I never thought I would be here… about to suck my nephew’s cock… but gosh… I’m so fucking horny!” she said as she put her lips around his lip and began playing with it with her tongue. Jude gasped, he had never felt anything like it before. She slowly bobbed her head up and down until at last she was sucking the full length of his boner. Janell lost her gag reflex as a teenager, but it had been some time since she had done anything sexual. She missed the taste of cum in her mouth and the feeling of a stiff cock sliding effortlessly down her throat. With one hand she began to tickle his balls, fondling them until Jude, almost against his will, started to make little noises of pleasure.

“Don’t hold back sweetie… no one’s around… let it all out for me baby…” Janell said in between pumps.

Jude nervously started to moan, he wasn’t sure at first what was dignifying for a man, but soon it didn’t matter, he was a nephew getting a blowjob from his aunt and nothing was too undignified for that. Janell smiled as his little grunts and moans of happiness landed on her ears. She knew he was enjoying her, and that made her hornier than ever. She started to play with her clit through her panties as she worked on Jude’s leaking cock, rubbing little circles around it and feeling her pussy start to leak with him. At every pass she tickled his tip to work out as much precum as she could. Jude was a quivering, moaning mess in the passenger’s seat with one leg over his aunt’s body. Soon the fire in his tip had built up to the point of orgasm and he ejaculated fresh, virgin cum deep into Janell’s mouth. The thick, salty batter seemed to flood into her brain, her eyes rolled back as she swished it around and swallowed everything.

“I-I’m sorry…” Jude began.

“Don’t be,” she said smiling and kissed his twitching tip, “but we’d better start heading to church, can you direct me?”

They arrived at church and quickly seated themselves with the rest of the family. All through the service çankaya escort bayan the two love birds were making eye contact and smiling nervously. They sat with their legs pressed together and Janell even squeezed Jude’s thigh when no one was looking. When they finally got home the family ate dinner and watched Christmas movies well into the night one the younger children were in bed. Janell made a point of sitting next to her nephew, cuddled under one blanket on the couch. From there she had free range to touch and tease him however she liked. It wasn’t long before Jude learned the right way to touch his aunt and then the taboo couple became a squirming mess under the covers.

The next day was Christmas morning, and Janell gave Jude a copy of Aristotle’s rhetoric, but tucked away in the pages was a little note that read: “See me tonight at ten.” The day passed agonizingly slow, but when the house was finally dark, Jude crept out of his room to find his aunt waiting for him. She was wearing an emerald green dress, with fishnet stockings and a Santa hat. Her red and white striped toenails were just peeking out behind her scarlet heels.

“Merry Christmas Judie,” she whispered, “come, I rented us a hotel room for tonight!”

So they snuck out of the house and drove to the nearby room. As soon as they closed the door Jude gave his aunt a long, deep kiss and crawled onto the bed. Jude took his time kissing her and fondling those double-d breasts he had dreamed about for so long, but eventually their clothes had to come off. Both were stunned by the other. Janell looked like a Christmas goddess in nothing but her painted nails, her perfect breasts hung like fruit, her ass stuck out like a peach and her long legs were as smooth as silk. She felt her breath getting heavier as she looked over every inch of her naked nephew. He was muscular but not over the top, with a subtle six pack and sexy tush.

Janell climbed on top of him and pinned his arms down, leaning down to whisper in his ear: “Tonight you’re going to lose your virginity, is that alright?”

“Y-yes ma’am!” he said, her pussy already sliding back and forth over his shaft.

She smiled and slid onto him. The sudden wet, tight warmth was a thousand times better than Jude had ever expected. She slid on and off of his dick in a slow, rhythmic way, driving her virgin nephew nearly insane.

“Play with my clit baby…” she told him, and Jude began making little circles around her clitoris with his fingers and tickling around the outside.

Every time she felt Jude getting close she would slow down and let him cool off, sometimes leaning in for gentle kisses. His little quivers under her and soft moaning was the cutest thing Janell thought she had ever heard. At last she felt herself getting close and started to speed up.

“Oh… Jan… Jan I love you!”

“Yes sweetie, cum for me-aaah” she felt her pussy begin to contract and flush with pleasure as his sweet moans filled her ears. A moment later and warm, thick fluid began spurting into her vagina. They kissed and cuddled on the bed for a little while before eventually returning back to the house to awake extremely tired the next morning.

One by one the various relatives trickled away until the only ones left were Jude’s sister Susanna and his aunt Janell.

“It’s always a pleasure to have you with us,” said Jude’s father, “now remind me, when was your flight again?”

“Oh didn’t I tell you?” remarked his mother, “she’s staying with us till New Year’s.”

Jude practically spat his drink, “New Year’s?” he said in disbelief and happiness.

Janell looked at him and smiled, “Oh yes! And we are going to have so much fun together, aren’t we sis?”

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