A Night at the Lake House

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After a crazy, long weekend of frantic family working, laughing, and story-telling, the lake house was mostly quiet now. Most of the family members had caught flights earlier in the day, heading to various destinations to return to their normal lives, spouses, children, and jobs. At the end of every summer the large family spent a long weekend making repairs and generally sprucing up the lake house their grand-parents passed down to them, but the work had wrapped up for this year. Future weekends were reserved for family vacations, and any unused weeks would be made available for public rent.

Since Thursday night, every bed, couch, and air mattress was full, suit cases were stacked on every table, and the two bathrooms had long waiting lines. People had to pause to let others pass by before they themselves could take a step, but no one griped and everyone amazingly got along. Each evening after the table was cleared, beer, wine, and stories were shared as grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, and the memory of their youth were all celebrated. Members of the younger generation reveled in the stories the older generation had shared dozens of times, learning the little nuances that made each one funny and trying to silently separate fact from fiction.

The only two family members remaining were Mark, the oldest brother, and Gina, the oldest sister. The other three sisters, seven of their children, and five of the children’s children had left that afternoon. Mark and Gina couldn’t get flights until the next day, so they used the rent cars to run other family members to the airport knowing they had one more evening to recover from the chaos of the previous few days.

Mark and Gina picked up burgers on their way back from shuttle duty, then raced home as menacing evening clouds gathered west of the lake. They barely beat the rain, then met on the enclosed patio to watch the storm roll in while having a few beers and laughing at some of the more recent memories – the new ones from the weekend.

“So how’s Andy been doing?” Mark asked.

Andy was her second husband and was a hasty decision Gina made after Stan, the father of her children, had been caught in an affair with another man. Andy was comfortable – not rich – and the security he offered her in a time of need was more important than the physical traits she expected from her boyfriends growing up. But he was older than her and not in the best of health.

“He’s fine,” she said with no follow-up or enthusiasm that made Mark put any faith in her reply.

Gina had been a teenage beauty queen and a fast developer that had a full figure by the time she was 14. She could date any boy she wanted, and Mark learned early to not bother learning their names since they wouldn’t be around very long. She married young, bought a house, had kids, and seemed to be living the perfect life. But everyone soon learned that Stan bounced from one get-rich quick scheme to another, usually owing money to many people and burning every bridge. Gina spent all her energy trying to keep the family from knowing how bad things were. She gained weight and could no longer afford to take care of herself, so when the photos of Stan and his man-friend showed up in the mail she had few options.

But after a couple of years with Andy and not worrying about every financial decision she started coming out of her frumpy stage and finding the grown-up version of the head-turner she had been in her younger days. Now when she and Andy would show up for family events, they looked awkward together – he was tall, plain, and frail while she was short, curvy, and very attractive.

Mark wasn’t sure how to respond, but after a few minutes of awkward quiet, Gina spoke again.

“We haven’t had sex in years. I thought it was because I had gained weight, but after I lost it he still didn’t care. I guess maybe he’s past that part of his life…” she trailed off to silence again.

Mark was a little surprised that his sister confided in him but not hat Andy no longer satisfied her. But he didn’t want her to have any reason to doubt herself.

“I promise you it’s not because of how you look,” he eagerly blurted out. “When I was waiting on a ride at the airport, I was checking out this super-hot MILF walking down the concourse, and when she got closer, I realized ‘That’s my SISTER'”.

The enthusiasm with how he told the story and the look of excitement on his face were more than enough to snap her out of the funk that almost took over the room.

“So I’m a MILF?” she asked, digging for more compliments. “That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me in quite a while.”

She was smiling as she got up from the couch and headed to the kitchen to get them a couple of more beers. Mark wasn’t sure, but he thought there was a little a little swing in her rear as he watched her walking away, her shorts clinging tightly to her very nice ass.

She popped the top of one beer and offered it to her big brother as she came back. She sat back down kocaeli seks hikayeleri on the couch opposite him looking much happier than a few minutes earlier.

“How’s Jenn?” she asked.

Since Jenn was a teacher that steered one of Gina’s kids to education, and since she had just brought up her own sex life, and since Mark was starting to feel the effects of his previous 4 beers, he wasn’t sure if this was the generic ‘how are they doing’ question or if was a continuation of her ‘are you guys still doing it’ discussion. With the very recent memory of her shaking her ass in those fairly small shorts, he preferred the latter but went with an all-encompassing answer.

“She’s fine, teaching’s fine, my job’s fine, the boys are fine, the house is fine, our sex life is fine. EVERYthing’s fine…”

He immediately realized he probably sounded a little sarcastic as his voice faded away, so he tried to get things going again and not kill the moment.

“I’m Sorry,” he offered, hoping to bring back some of the happiness he had seen in her just seconds ago. “I was just thinking about what you said… Our life is going just fine – there is nothing terribly wrong so I should be happy. Everyone is healthy, the boys are starting to get letters from colleges, we all get along… But the sex has really changed recently, and I miss the way it used to be. We do still have sex, but after being married 25 years and raising the boys the heat is gone… we don’t get naughty anymore”.

“Naughty?” she asked?

“Yeah,” he answered. “We used to talk about sex because talking was great foreplay. We’d be out somewhere and she would point out a hot MILF and say, ‘I’d like her to be my next girl/girl.’ I knew then I was getting laid that night. Or I’d be having a beer on the patio, and she would show up in only a towel with a couple of more beers and drop that towel to get in the hot tub. Pretty sure I was getting lucky that night, too. And we…”

He voice faded to silence before he finished the thought.

“We what?” she eagerly asked, digging for more details.

“Uhhhh… nothing,” he replied back realizing it might be TMI.

She kept asking but he didn’t offer any more details. He thought about telling her more of their adventures as he finished the last of that beer but thought she might be shocked at some of the things they did in their younger days. He squeezed the empty can once in the middle so it would take up less space in the recycle bin then sat it on the table. Gina stood up and grabbed both their empty cans and headed to the kitchen again. As he watched her walk away he thought to himself, “I don’t care if that is my sis, that is one, fine, ass…”

He thanked her for the beer then got back in to their discussion.

“Do you miss sex,” he asked her?

“Not so much at first,” she replied. “But now I miss it all the time.”

“Do you ever think about getting something on the side?”

“I used to, but I’m afraid of being caught like Stan the weasel. The kids already hate their dad – no need for them to hate Mom as well. Luckily, I have a very graphic imagination to get me through the rough times.”

He liked to think that meant plenty of solo activities and hoped she had a nice stash of toys to help her out like he fantasized about in their younger days. But he felt himself getting hard and thought this was not the best time for that.

The storm finally died down a little, so they decided to call it a night. Mark gave Gina a few minutes to get to her room before turning out the lights, stripping down to his boxers, and lighting the first of the three joints his niece Taryn had given him when she left that afternoon. He got comfortable in the big chair facing the lake and threw his feet on the ottoman. There was still plenty of distant lightening and the low rumble of far-off thunder to entertain him while he enjoyed one last buzz before heading home tomorrow and becoming responsible again. He might even slide his hand in his boxers and enjoy the image of Gina and her toys he started thinking of earlier.

He was enjoying a calm rarely available in the world of adulting when mother nature came roaring back. A blinding flash of lightening followed immediately by a terrifying clap of thunder ushered in another round of storms. All the lights around the lake were suddenly gone as the storm knocked out all power. Mark had no chance to put out the joint before Gina came running frantically back to the enclosed patio.

“That was close” she said as she dropped back in to her spot on the couch. “Wonder how long power’s going to be out? I was just about to get in the shower. Are you smoking a joint?”

She had never liked storms, and the way she rambled different thoughts let him know she was nervous.

“Uh, yeah…” He was trying to think of a way to apologize when the next bolt of lightning struck followed immediately by house-shaking thunder. Before he could get it out, she had jumped up, taken the joint from him, and sat down on his ottoman to take a few, frantic puffs. She was much calmer as she handed it back to him. Mark had forgotten she had been a party girl and smoked pot years earlier than he had. He had been drunk with her many times but had never gotten high with her. They passed the joint back and forth until it was gone, then Mark quickly lit a second one.

“Oh, man, that is good,” she said in a less agitated tone. She laid back as relaxed as she had been in years.

Mark enjoyed the lightning, the buzz, and the company, and during one of the constant flashes he noticed Gina was only wearing a t-shirt over her panties. As she got up and sat down to pass the joint her shirt had ridden up where a little skin was showing above the waist band giving him a perfect view of her panties. He decided this was an ideal time to light a candle “so she didn’t have to be afraid” (and so he didn’t have to rely on lightning flashes to get a peek).

“So tell me some of the naughty stuff you didn’t want to talk about earlier,” she asked as he sat back down. He was still a little drunk, and more than a little buzzed, and even a little horny from looking at her panties, so any modesty or discretion were gone.

“OK, but first tell me about your ‘vivid imagination’. What does my little sis fantasize about when she is playing alone?” It took every bit of will power to not use ‘fingering your pussy’, his favorite phrase when he and Jenn were playing.

She vainly tried to deny that she masturbated but knew he would never believe her. She finally told him about fantasies of earlier boyfriends, or of being a hot mom with some of the girls’ boyfriends when they were younger, or being with some guy she had seen at the mall. Nothing too crazy. So he started by telling her about the night he and Jenn fucked on the hotel balcony while the woman two balconies over watched. When she seemed interested in that he followed up telling about their same-room sex with best friends. When this didn’t shock her he got in to his and Jenn’s first threesome with her teaching friend Casey.

“First threesome?” she enthusiastically asked. “There was more than one?”

Then he gave her all the details on their second threesome with the rich lady whose flat tire he changed. Gina kept asking for details, and Mark gave her whatever she asked for.

“Holy crap – I always thought Jenn was such an angel,” she shockingly said.

“She is,” he offered back. “Just an angel who loves hot sex. If you ever decide you want a side piece, the two of you should got out dancing together. Do a little slow dance on the dance floor with your hands doing a little caressing and every guy in the place will lose his mind!”

Gina hadn’t had sex in forever, so she loved the hypothetical possibility of Jenn being her wingman. She especially liked the scenario of Jenn being in the room watching while Gina was getting fucked – Mark loved voyeur scenarios and threw this in to plant the seed for future possibilities. They laughed, and they invented new wingman scenarios with Jenn helping out, and Mark made Gina promise to bring the subject up with Jenn the next time they went out drinking. But as wingman talk seemed to drift off a little, he switched directions.

“Remember when I was just starting to drive, and I came home late and you had some friends spend the night?”

“Yeah,” Gina quickly answered. “That was the night we had you judge the cutest panties contest”.

“Yep, that’s the night!” Mark replied.

He closed his eyes and fondly remembered a bunch of her teenage friends dancing around begging for attention, tantalyzingly lifting up their t-shirts to show their panties and stomach and coming oh-so-close to exposing their boobs. He never did see any boobs that night but those dancing panties were the beginning of a stretch of three-times-a-day masturbation that lasted for months. Any remnants of discretion were long gone as he shared his next intimate fact.

“I barely got my door locked before I had to rub one out, then I came out for another quick look and number 2 was just a few minutes later.”

He thought she would be shocked but she never skipped a beat.

“Oh, number 2 was probably about the time Kimmy Spencer was teaching me how to French kiss…”

For the last hour he had been wearing only boxers and talking about intimate sexual experiences with Gina and somehow managed not to get aroused. But the image of Gina and Kimmy wearing only panties and t-shirts learning the joys of another person’s tongue probing their mouths was too much. He felt the unmistakable sensation of boxers straining to hold his erection in place. There was no shirt to pull down or pillow that could be used for cover.

“Uh… Guess you liked that story!” she said with quite a bit of enthusiasm as she stared at the rise in his boxers.

He thought about any honorable way to get out of the awkward situation, but nothing came to mind -there was nothing left to do now but own it.

“Yep I did,” he quickly replied. “Now GET OUT!”

He didn’t really want her to leave, and there was more than enough laughter in his voice to let her know he wasn’t mad at her, her story, or his predicament. She was emboldened by his response.

“What if I don’t to want to get out?! Why do I need to – are you going to ‘rub one out’?”

His normally quick wit had abandoned him as he struggled for any reply.

“Yes, I’m horny and I …”

“You what?!” She had all the power and was relishing teasing him.

“I want to be alone!” he weakly offered. “And you’re in my bedroom so get out” he replied with not quite as much laughing as before.

Gina didn’t hesitate as she teasingly shot back, “No, I’m good… If you need to go ahead and jerk off – Don’t let me stop you.”

She sat back on the couch reclining against one arm and didn’t appear to be leaving any time soon. Mark was so aroused by her story, her teasing, her panties, her defiance, and now her using the term ‘jerk off’, that his erection had gotten even harder. He needed immediate relief. Even though their mood was still fun and light-hearted, there was a hint of seriousness now that let them both know that the situation was changing.

“OK…” he replied then trailed off as he wasn’t sure if he should say his next thought out loud. But the booze and the joint told him he should.

“…but give me your panties, first” he said very matter-of-factly.

Gina knew he was serious by the intense look on his face. She had challenged him to a dare and could now either back down, leave the room in a huff, or play along. A few less beers or 1 less joint and she might have considered backing down. If she was getting anything resembling sex-on-a-regular-basis, she might have left the room. But she wasn’t, and any kind of sex, even the voyeuristic variety, was better than anything going on with her now.

“Why?” she asked with a hint of mock innocence.

“Because it’s more satisfying when it’s naughty…,” he replied wondering if she was ready to be naughty as well. “Might as well get REALLY naughty. Besides, it’s something Jenn and do all the time.”

Naughty was a very faint memory to her but sounded intriguing. She stood up and lowered her panties down her shapely legs until they were a soft, delicate pile on the floor. She picked them up and walked them over to Mark where she gently dropped them across the bulge in his boxers. She turned to retake her place on the couch but she heard her brother again.

“…and your t-shirt” he added so matter-of-factly.

“Shirt?” she questioned

“Yeah,” he replied. “Otherwise I’ll spend all my time trying to see under it and won’t be able to concentrate on the job at hand. Plus, I tried for years to see you naked but never did. Now it’s my prize for you seeing me in a pretty compromising situation. Shirt!” he said again with obviously fake sterness.

Gina hadn’t been desired by a man in more years than she cared to think about. This was a faint memory from her youth that she was ready to experience again. With her back to him she grabbed the bottom of the shirt, and with one motion raised her arms above her head until the shirt came off. She playfully tossed it behind her on to the ottoman without ever turning around. All 5 foot, zero inches of her was totally naked for him to see.

Mark stared and her bare backside as she took the last step to the couch. Her brown, curly hair fell on her bare shoulders, and her naked back curved seductively into a smaller waist and then curvaceous hips. There was enough fullness to her ass to look womanly. He had tried hundreds of times as a teenage boy to catch any glimpse of her naked but never succeeded. As she turned to reclaim her spot on the couch his vision was completed by her neatly trimmed bush, full breasts capped with large, pink nipples, and red-painted toenails. It might have been 35 years late, but he finally fulfilled one sexual bucket list item.

“So are you going to fantasize about me and Kimmy making out?” she asked in a very teasing manner.

As she settled back in on the couch just a few feet away from him, Mark grabbed the waistband on his boxers, lifter his butt off the chair, and quickly tossed them to the floor. He got comfortable in the oversized chair, and as he had done so many times with Jenn, he took the panties he had been given and held them to his face. He deeply breathed in her fragrance and held it inside as he closed his eyes and let thousands of adolescent fantasies run through his mind.

“No, I want to fantasize about a MILF I saw at the airport the other day…”

Full of the smell of her womanhood and ready to ease the throbbing between his legs Mark opened his eyes so he could enjoy the view of the naked woman just a few feet away. He wrapped Gina’s panties around his erection and started slowly moving them up and down his dick. The feel of the satiny, forbidden material on his throbbing dick was exhilarating as he studied Gina’s body for inspiration, and to also see if she might be having second thoughts.

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