A Night of Incest

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I was unbelievably horny as I lay in bed. I had to do something, something naughty and exciting. I may be a teenaged guy – I’m eighteen years old – but my need for unconventional sexual excitement can at times be all consuming. I had been rehearsing a scenario in my head for weeks and tonight I wanted to make it happen.

My twin brother was asleep in his bed across the room. And he definitely figured in to my plan. You see for years now he and I have been having sex. It started with jerking off together then graduated to hand jobs and blowjobs. I have developed a serious love for sucking his cock and do it sometimes several times a day. He has even fucked me a few times. My love of sucking cock has given me some of the best orgasms imaginable. Usually when a guy comes in my mouth it will make me come – without even touching myself – a very intense way to come. I was certainly going to suck his nice dick tonight. That was the first part of my plan.

The second part of my plan would increase the excitement level for me. I am also a bit of an exhibitionist. I like to be seen having sex – I like people to know that I enjoy sucking cock but I really love it when they see me doing it. This has made for some great adventures when my brother or another of the guys I blow go to a local nude beach. Tonight I was going to have someone watch me suck my twin brother’s cock until he explodes in my mouth. I was going to have someone watch me perform not only bi sex but incest as well – a very taboo evening indeed. And who better to show this to but our parents. I wanted to see their reaction as they see their twin boys having sex, I wanted them to see my body, my hard cock. I wanted them to see my brother’s cock slide down my throat. This was definitely going to be exciting.

I knew our parents would be home shortly from a party. I would be able to hear the garage door as they arrived home. I slid out of my bed already naked. Both my brother and I sleep in the nude. I went to lordbahis güvenilirmi the door and opened it about six or eight inches. With the door open anyone standing in the hallway outside would have a perfect view of my brother’s bed. My brother would not be able to see the door due to the position of his bed, which is just fine, I want them to see me and what I would be doing. I turned on a dim light across the room that softly illuminated my brother’s bed. Everything was now set. I had butterflies due to the combination of nerves and excitement. There was no way I was going to back out now.

I heard the groan of the garage door as it opened signaling the arrival of my parents. I knew I had a few minutes before they would walk down the hallway and as usual stop to check on us. It was time for me to get down to business. I pulled the covers gently off my brother. He was conveniently on his back. His cock lay limply across his thigh. I had talked him into keeping his balls shaved so I could more easily suck on them. I knelt beside the bed and began licking my brother’s balls. I slowly moved my tongue up to his cock and traced the underside with my tongue up to the head which I sucked into my mouth. I could feel him start to harden and swell in my mouth. I took him all the way to the base so I could feel him stiffen and push against the back of my throat – I really like the feel of a cock pushing into my throat. Another 15 seconds and he was completely hard. I began sliding my lips up and down his shaft taking him all the way to the base on each time. My brother was beginning to stir and I knew he would wake shortly.

As I continued to suck my brother’s cock I heard and noticed movement in the hallway. I could see out of the corner of my eye that my parents had stopped directly in front of the partially open door. They had a perfect view of me naked and sucking my brother’s very hard cock. I heard a muffled gasp from my mother followed by a whispered lordbahis yeni giriş “Do you see what they’re doing?”

I slipped my brother’s penis from my mouth and firmly licked the underside the full length of his shaft before running my tongue around the swollen head and then plunged it back down my throat and snaking my tongue around his balls. A soft groan escaped my brother’s lips and then he said “You are such a good cocksucker.”

I responded saying “I love sucking your dick, I can’t wait till you come in my mouth.” This brought a soft groan from my dad in the hallway. I was pleased to see that they both were intently watching, evidently enjoying the show. I was getting very turned on with them watching. From the corner of my eye I could see my dad reach down my mom’s blouse to fondle a breast.

I continued sucking and licking my brother’s cock and balls until he said he was about to come. I took him out of my mouth and ran the flat of my tongue back and forth just under the head giving everyone a view of his cum spurting across my tongue and into my open mouth. When he was done coming and I had licked all of the cum off his dick I knew I wanted to come. Holding his load in my mouth I stood up just enough to position my cock next to my brother’s. I held my cock and started to come without even a stroke to it. I then swallowed his cum increasing the intensity all the more. I covered his cock with my cum. After my orgasm subsided I knelt again and slid his cum covered cock back into my mouth. “You are such a cum slut” my brother said. All I could do was moan around his dick and notice another soft gasp from the hallway.

Our parents, sensing the show was over moved down the hallway toward their bedroom. My brother said “Thanks, that felt great” and turned over to go to sleep. I was still very turned on and wouldn’t have minded blowing him again but I guess that would have to wait for morning. I turned off the light and went lordbahis giriş back to my bed across the room. I was too sexually revved up to sleep and replayed the scenes in my head. My mom and dad had seen me nude, seen my erect cock, had watched as I sucked another cock, which happened to be my brother’s. All in all a very satisfying experience.

As I lay there thinking about what had happened I heard noise in the hallway and the bedroom door slowly opened. I could make out the shapes in the dim light of my parents as they moved through the doorway and into our bedroom. I could also make out that they were both naked. My eyes were moving from my mother’s large breasts and hard nipples to my father’s very erect cock. They moved to my bed and I could hear my mother whisper “This will be so hot” as she pulled the covers of my nude body. My father knelt on the bed as my mother grasped his hard dick which was already shiny with precum and rubbed it around my lips. I opened my mouth and she guided the head of my dad’s cock past my lips across my tongue and then placed her hand on the back of my head and pushed to force her husband’s cock further down my throat. She placed her other hand on dad’s ass and forced him forward saying “Fuck your boy’s mouth with that big prick.”

She bent closer to me and whispered “You really do love sucking cock don’t you?” to which I moaned a yes. My mother then wrapped her hand around my fathers cock saying to him “I’m going to make you come in his mouth” and proceed to stroke his dick as I sucked and tongued the head. She also placed my dad’s hand on my very erect penis and he wrapped his fist around it and squeezed. I felt my mouth being flooded and dad released the largest load of cum I have ever had in my mouth. It was leaking out the sides of my mouth before I could even start swallowing. My mom kept stroking saying “That’s right, fill his mouth. ”

The cum in my mouth and my dad’s hand squeezing my cock sent me over the edge as I erupted. Our cocks both softened about the same time. My mother ran her hand over my cock gathering the cum on her fingers and brought it to my mouth saying “You are such a cum slut.”

I think this was by far the most memorable adventure I have had. But I hope to have many more just like it.

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