A Night Out and In!

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I was just home from work and jumped in the shower. I was going to make a little dinner for myself once I rinsed off. Looking forward to a night of television and video games. I could entertain myself easily for the evening. Dad had a cocktail party for work later this evening, leaving me to my own devices… Or so I thought. I had just dried off when he walked in the door. I heard him shouting for me. I yelled back, letting him know I was in the bathroom. He appeared then with a garment bag. I assumed he had picked up one of his suits from the cleaners for the party tonight.

“Don’t got dressed,” he said casually. I instantly started getting hard. He often came home from work horny, looking for release. I dropped to my knees, ready to free his cock and give him a quick blowjob. I knew he would not have a lot of time since he needed to get ready for the party soon. He chuckled, and grabbed me under the arm raising me back to my feet. I’m still hard, confused, but hard. “This is for you,” he stated, holding up the bag. He chuckled again, seeing the further surprise on my face. “You wanna go with me tonight, cub?”

He usually went to these things alone. He was “out” at work, but it was usually just his coworkers and strictly business. Apparently tonight’s affair was a bit more formal and significant others were invited. I was conflicted a bit to be honest. I loved being at his side, but was actually looking forward to my night of gaming. He slapped my ass and woke me out of my thoughts. “You’re going!” This time it was not a question. He pushed the bag at me and I took it. I opened it and examined the Navy blue pin stripped suit. He even had purchased a new red diamond tie for me.

He was stripping down now and stepping into the shower. He motioned for me to join him. I stepped in and he pushed me to my knees. The piss started to flow immediately, spraying me in the face and running down my chest. His hand on my forehead, he eased it back so I was looking up at him. He gently pulled down on my chin opening my mouth, then angled the stream right in my gaping maw. I gulped and gulped. I didn’t think he was ever going to stop. I was wondering what he had eaten today as it was a very strong pungent piss. This just turned me on all the more.

Without saying a word he motioned me back to my feet and he spun me around. He bent me over a little and with a quick spit and shove, his cock was buried in my ass. Then he whispered in my ear how he was going to be inside me all night. He was going to seed my ass and explained how I was going to keep his load inside all through the party. “Our little secret,” he said, as he slowly thrust back and forth, in and out of my hole. “My little bitch cub,” he said. “Taking dad’s load in that little cunt. I own that pussy and you too. And I’m gonna use you anyway I want. You like dad filling you with my load don’t you?” He taunted. “You like pleasing your dad don’t you son?”

He knew I did. Even if he didn’t know, he could tell by my throbbing prick, bouncing between my legs as he fucked me. He grabbed it and squeezed. “Yeah, you like it alright. But you can’t cum yet. I want you on the edge all night. Dad’s cum inside you and you unsatisfied. You will be ready and willing for anything by the time we get home.” He pushed me over further and increased the pace of his gyrations. I was so turned on and reached for my cock. I need to stroke it. He grabbed me by the wrists and pulled my arms behind my back. “No, no,” he scolded. Using my arms as leverage he began to slam his cock inside me. He fucked me like a machine. It did not take much longer and he was shooting deep in my hole. He shuttered and howled as he exploded until gradually he stilled.

He slapped my ass a couple of times causing me to flex my cheeks and hole. “Good, keep it nice and tight now. Don’t spill any out,” he ordered. So I clenched as he slipped out of me. I had not seen him bring the butt plug in the shower, but he had it now and grabbed my lube of the shelf. He bent me over again, lubed up the plug, and eased it right in my ass. “Damn, we need to hurry or we’re going to be late,” he said. “Wash me off boy, and let’s get dressed. I soaped us both up, and he slapped my ass again when my attention stayed to long on his cock. It was still half hard and I loved to play with his foreskin. But I got back to work and we rinsed off.

We began to dress, but I was quite distracted by the plug in my ass. I hardly noticed that the fit of the suit he purchased for me was perfect. He knew me so well. I must have been taking too long, because he swatted me on the ass threatening, “If you don’t finish up, I’ll leave you here and find another boy to attend me tonight.” I was done dressing in a flash. I knew he wasn’t serious, but I wasn’t about to take a chance.

“I’m ready dad,” I told him. He was slipping on his shoes. His eyebrows raised and he looked from me to his shoes. There was a smudge on the tip of his left one. I fell immediately to my knees and licked büyükesat escort the toe of his shoe over and over till it was as shiny as its partner. He tugged at my collar, “Good boy, now get up before you wrinkle that new suit!.”

We got in his car and he drove us to the hotel where the function was taking place. We were actually right on schedule. He slowed the speed and fished his cock out of his fly. “We don’t need to get there right at 8,” he nodded at me, eyebrows bobbing playfully and expectantly. He was grinning widely. He loved this as much as I did. He constantly teased and used me like this. We both enjoyed these little sex games. I went down on his already engorged cock. Sucking him and taking him deep in my throat. I backed off and tongued between his foreskin and the head of his dick.

“You fucking cock tease, cub. You’ll make me crash if you don’t stop that.” He was growling at me, but I knew how that drove him crazy. He grabbed the back of my head choking me on his dick. He pushed down on the back of my head over and over. I started to cough and sputter. “Don’t get the front of my pants wet with your slobber boy!”. He pulled me off and I handed him my hanky which he used to wipe my spittle off his cock. He was tucking himself back in his pants, with my help, as we pulled into the hotel parking lot.

The evening was a nice affair. I had met a few of his coworkers previously so at least I had someone one to talk to while daddy socialized and networked. We nibbled on appetizers. He sipped on his whiskey sour and I partook of the champagne. It was a good champagne and I could not resist more than a few glasses. As the evening progressed, a few of us ended up out on the balcony, overlooking the city. Dad produced a couple of cigars from his breast pocket and it was not long before several of his coworkers joined us smoking.

The aroma was intoxicating, though I did not need any help there. The champagne had me well under its spell. The men were all handsome and chatting about sports. It was hard for me to not be aroused, especially when dad would look at me with that knowing look in his eye. I had not been able to forget about the plug he had placed in my hole, and every once in a while when no one could see, daddy would pat my ass, sending a vibration through the plug into my ass. Reminding me that he was still deep inside me.

One of his coworkers noticed us exchanging looks. “Wait till you two get back home for that shit,” he chided. It did not bother him or any of the men that we were gay, or even that were were obviously horny for each other. The group of guys began to joke about how lucky my dad was. We were both a little surprised at their comments. One of them said that he almost wished he could be gay… “I’d get laid all the time then,” he explained. “Once you marry a woman, she looses all interest in your cock. But guys are always horny so it’s easy for you gays to get some,” He lamented. Everyone laughed and agreed. Apparently not many of them were getting a lot of sex.

“What about you, Erik?” one of them addressed daddy. “Do you and Todd go at it like rabbits every night?” Surprisingly, they all seemed interested in our sex life. Dad just laughed it off. The chat made me nervous, but aroused at the same time. I had to half step behind daddy to hide my stiffening cock. “Seriously, Erik. Do you get it all the time?”

I could not believe what Daddy did next. He actually told them how I had sucked his cock on the way here. Then he told them how he had fucked me in the shower and plugged my ass so that I was still carrying his babies, even now. They roared in laughter and patted him on the back in approval. If straight guys are comfortable in their own sexuality they are actually quite ok with gay guys. Then they started staring at me knowingly. A couple of them even winked at me. I could no longer talk with any of them. I was so embarrassed that they knew I was daddy’s plugged cum whore. But he grabbed me and pulled me back in with his arm around my shoulders. My embarrassment gave way to pride. If he was confident enough to parade me like this, then I was more than happy to play my role.

It was nearly midnight when we got ready to leave. Dad had been responsible and only had 2 drinks all night. I lost count of how any glasses I had consumed, long ago. But I was still coherent and upright if not more than a little giddy. I was quite pliable, which pleased Daddy to no end. The drive home seemed to fly by with me pawing at dad’s cock. He let me tease it with my tongue till we pulled into the drive. He did not even bother to put it away as we climbed out and walked in the house. The driveway was protected from the street and there is never anyone out in this neighborhood this late anyway.

We stepped through the kitchen and he guided me into the den before he stopped me. Quietly he pushed me to my knees so I could really suck on his cock. He took another cigar cebeci escort from his pocket and lit it. The room filled with his smoke as I deep throated him. He undid my tie and pulled it off as I continued to soak his prick wth my tongue.

He eased me off his cock and pulled me up to a wooden chair in the corner. He had me straddle the chair facing the chair back. Taking my tie, he secured my hands to the top of the chair back. He puffed his cigar all the while and the smoke billowed over me, increasing my intoxication further and causing my libido to race. He kneeled by my side and slipped off my dress shoes and socks. He used the socks to tie my feet to the chair legs.

I could move a little and adjust myself, but I could not get up from the chair. he stepped behind me and leaned into me. I could feel the heat of his groin against my back, even through my suit coat. He unfastened the top buttons of my shirt and slid his hand down. His fingers slicing through my chest hair. He paused at my left nipple and tweaked it. He continued on down till his fingers touched my naval. With his hand spread wide he pushed against my stomach. I understood he wanted me to move back in the chair. I did so until my ass hung off the chair. He removed his hand from inside my shirt and continued to caress me.

He stepped to one side and his hand moved across my back. I thrilled at how his touch was so electric and attentive. Kneeling again his hands found their way to my ass. But now he was not caressing. He massaged my cheeks a little, then grabbed them firmly. He released my ass then smacked it hard. I clenched down hard on the plug still lodged there. He removed his belt and proceeded to strike my ass with it several times. My head was spinning and my cock was straining against the fly of my dress slacks. My ass began to redden as he caressed my cheeks feeling the heat under the material.

He grabbed at my ass again, easing off until he had a handful of fabric from the seat of my pants in each hand. He yanked suddenly, ripping the ass of my slacks right down the seam. I had not worn underwear per his instructions. Which had been a dangerous gambit considering the plug and my horniness. Now the plug was exposed. He tugged at the rip and slipped his hands inside. The palm of his hands on the red stripes he had just placed on my ass. Normally his touch is hot, but it felt cool and comforting now. He enjoyed feeling his handiwork. He leaned into me and I felt his hard exposed cock against the flesh of my ass. Precum smearing across the red flesh.

I was crazy with lust. I wanted to get my hands on his cock. Pull back his foreskin and lick it like a lollipop. I had been dizzy moments earlier from the champagne, but laser focused now… On one thing. Satisfying my daddy.

He stood up and struck my ass with the belt again. I tried to jump but was limited to how far I could move. After a few swats he’d run his hands across my ass, occasionally tapping the plug in my hole. Sending a jolt right to my core. He tugged on the plug but I had it clenched tightly in place. He slapped my bare ass again. “Give it to me cub,” he growled. I could do nothing else but give in. As he pulled the plug from my hole, he slowly rocked it in and out of my sphincter, toying with me. He released it completely from my ass and lifted the slick toy to my face.

“Open wide boy,” he said. I opened my mouth and he shoved it my mouth, all the way in. I could taste my ass and his cum on it but my teeth could barely fit over the widest part. He held his hand over my mouth keeping the plug in place as he pulled off his own tie. He used it to secure the plug in my mouth. Then he stood there in front of me with his erect rod waving back and forth in my face. His foreskin was so tempting and I was staring at it salivating. A stream of precum leaked out of the opening in the foreskin and stretched almost to the floor in a long clear strand. He leaned in and his cock hit me in the face. He drug it across my nose leaving a slimy trail from one cheek to the other.

Next, he reached over to the desk and pulled something out. He was holding it under my nose and I realized it was a bottle of poppers. He pressed against one nostril and held the bottle close. He did not need to speak, I breathed the odor in deep. This only added to my euphoria and headiness. I was lightheaded and relaxed. He grabbed my hips and pulled me still further back off the chair so my ass was hanging off. Then he tipped the chair forward so I was face down and ass up, still tied to the chair.

I heard him spit, and his two of his fingers were rubbing my loose hole. He lubed the outside with his spit before pushing them in deep. “That’s my pussy, boy. Wet with my seed from earlier. Did you like carrying daddy’s babies around all night? Did you like Daddy’s coworkers knowing you’re my horny cunt?” He continued his taunt, working me up even more. The front of my ruined suit pants kolej escort were soaked with my own precum. He stroked the inside of my ass with his fingers as he baited me. “I can still my feel my cum in there boy. Ya did good son. Kept em inside your pussy all night. Did ya notice how the guys keep dropping things for you to pick up? That’s because they could see the outline of the plug in your ass when you bent over. They didn’t believe me at first that I seeded your little boy cunt and made you keep it in all night. I told them how I was gonna make you suck on that plug and taste my cream when we got home.” His fingers managed my prostate. He was gonna make me piss or cum… Or both.

More spit and then he added another finger continuing to gently fuck me with. “Mmmmm would ya look at my boy’s ass. It looks hungry. Is it? Is it hungry boy?”

I grunted and nodded my head.

“What does Daddy’s boy want?”

I thrashed a little and he slapped my still pink ass. I squeezed tight on his fingers. “That’s right son. Show dad how you like it.” I did my best Keagle exercises, clenching and relaxing my outer sphincter. “Fuck your dad’s fingers son!” He purred… I am not sure when, but he must of slipped a fourth finger inside me. I could feel his thumb massaging the meat of my cheek into the crack of my ass. His other had reached up and he worked my hole and my meaty ass cheeks. “Your tightening up cub. You need another hit of poppers?”

I nodded and he grabbed the poppers with one hand and unscrewed the lid, shoving them back under my nose. I took a hit and then another. He held them there for a minute and let me take one more deep breath. I was drunk and high now. I’d do anything for him, and probably would before the night was over. My ass completely relaxed and his hand slipped out and back in easily… Only spit and his cum from earlier as lube. He fucked me with his four fingers for a bit and asked me again, “what does my boy want?”

I shouted into the plug in my mouth and thrashed again. He responded with a sharp slap. “Hmmmm, I think you want me to fuck you again. Is that it?” I nodded at his question. “You want dad to fuck that sloppy twat, boy?”

“Yes!” I screamed again… But it just came out a muffled cry.

“Yeah boy, cry for me. We have a long night ahead of us. I am going to wreck that hole tonight son. I’m gonna use you… all of you. You ok with that?”

I nodded again… A little less enthusiastic this time. I was intrigued but a little nervous. He was really wound up. He moved around to my head, he still fully dressed. I felt something wet on the top of my shaved head. He was squeezing his precum out and onto my head. It slowly ran down over my ear and the side of my face. It met the previous streak and dribbled down to the chair. He leaked a lot. I just wished I could taste it now. He was a master at teasing me.

Then he moved back behind me again and I felt his hand wet against my ass. he was lubing me up again. I could feel his legs straddle me and his stiff cock entered me. He pushed all the way in one stroke. His balls slapping my balls. The head of his cock opened and slid past my second, then third sphincters. He owned me. Taking me with his raw cock and opening me deep. If I could have pushed back on his dick I would have but tied in this position I could barely wiggle. I wanted all of him inside me.

He eased his cock back out. All the way out and waited as my hole gaped open and then after a few seconds reflexively closed. He slapped my ass. “Keep that cunt open for me boy.” He slapped me several more times which did little to help me open up for him. He pushed back inside quicker this time. And rocked back and forth. “You like dad’s rod buried in your hole boy?” He asked. I grunted and nodded my head. He pulled back out abruptly and I felt his thumbs grab my hole and stretch. I pushed my sphincter and held open for him… Seconds went by and he just held there waiting. Finally he slammed his cock back in my rosebud. Smacking my red ass, he groaned, “Good. Fucking. Boy. That sloppy wet hole feels so good on Daddy’s cock.”

I rocked as much as I could, but got no where. He slid his prick in and out of me. “How many times are you going to make me cum tonight cub?” He wanted to know. I just grunted again. His hands were on my lower back. He was propping himself up on me as he pistonned his hips while his thick meat continued its assault on my ass. He sped his pace and increased the force of his thrusts. His breathing drew shallow and quick. He started to shudder and he yelled out as he bust another nut in my cunt.

His cigar must have been burning low. The smoke started to clear and he slowed his pace. Finally he slid out of me. He sat down in the chair behind me. I could hear him lighting another cigar. He just cooed and moaned a bit enjoying the first few puffs on the cigar while he admired his work. I was face down, ass up, wearing a suit with the ass completely ripped out of it. My ass was red from the spankings he had given me. And my hole was swollen and loose from the plug and punishing fuck he had inflicted on me. I could feel a bit of cum mixed with his spit drool down out of my ass across my taint, onto my balls and finally onto the floor. I was covered in spit, sweat, and other body fluids. I was sure more was to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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