A Night to Remember

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I remember the day like it was yesterday. The scent of his sweat still lingering around the house as if he had just been there. As I laid in bed, I remembered how I never got around to changing the sheets from that night, but I know that it was because it was a night I never wanted to forget. It was perfect evening, I can remember how the wine tasted, the music sounded, and the felling that everything felt just right. As I laid in bed thinking, I reminisce of the sound of him singing while he took a shower the next morning, remembering the sweet soft notes coming from such perfect lips. Oh, do I remember those sweet lips, so soft in touch.

It was late in the evening when our lips first touched. He had just finished telling me how happy he was to have accepted my invitation to dinner. I, myself, was surprised he had agreed to come. After cleaning up dinner, I found him relaxing on the floor in front of the fireplace and quickly joined him with another round of Pinot Grigio in hand. He looked up at me as I approached and all I could remember were those eyes, his bright blue eyes, sparkling in the light that shined from the fireplace. We sat there on the floor and just stared at each other for what seemed like hours. We sat gazing into each other’s eyes, sharing a few giggles here and there to help pass the time.

At one point, not knowing what to say, I quickly glanced away embarrassed by his perfection, but he didn’t move a muscle. I felt his eyes looking at me, digging deeper and deeper into me as if he was looking for a part of me unnoticeable to the naked eye. I glanced back trying to meet his eyes but at that very moment, he reached his hand out toward me gentle brushing my face with his fingertips. He leaned forward and pressed his soft lips against mine. My body was immediately sent to heaven, each part of my body shivered from his very touch. Laying here now I can still feel his beard tickling my chin and it sends shivers down my spine.

To his surprise I kissed him back. I took his hand in mine and pushed toward him. Thump. He fell against the wood floor making a loud noise that echoed in the quiet room. We both shared a quick giggle before I asked if he was ok. His response could only come from that of passion. He grabbed at my shirt and pulled me down kissing me again. We laid there on the floor, tongues sliding passed one another’s lips, rolling back and forth sharing the dominant pose. I began to hear him panting and started escort taksim to become aware every breath he was taking. I started to try and pull away, but he wouldn’t allow me.

Finally breaking free, I pulled back to take a deep look into his eyes. As he looked back at me, we shared a moment of indescribable passion. I watched as word escaped his mouth, but I couldn’t make out a word, all I could see were his lips move up and down. Every day I watch him talk at meetings, but tonight was different, all I could think of as I watch his lips move was how I wanted to slip my tongue passed those luscious thick lips and push him back into submission.

I reached for his shirt and slowly started to unbutton it. With each button coming undone, I slowly started to reveal how well shaped he was. I knew he was a huge gym head, but his suits were never form fitted. I began to see that sweat head formed on his groomed pecs. As I got lower down, I began to reveal the perfect 6-pack abs that he had only ever mentioned. When I finally got his shirt unbuttoned, I started to head for the belt. He stopped me and asked if we could move to the bedroom.

We stood up and he started to lead the way, allowing me to watch as he removes his shirt, only to reveal a his perfectly tan muscled back. When we finally make it to the bedroom, I start to remove my shirt, but he stops me. He grabs my shirt and lifts it above me locking my arms in a tangled web. I think to myself; how does he knows this is how I like it. With my head free I can look at him again, and just as I catch a glimpse, he shoots me a smirk and pushes me onto the bed.

He climbs on top of me and starts kissing me. Our soft lips touched again making me weak in my knees, making me glad that I was laying down. He slid his warm tongue into my mouth, as if he was searching for another way out. He was my first so, I followed along by doing the same. He started to kiss a trail down my body. He started with a kiss on my lips, down my chin, along my neck, towards my nipples then straight toward my happy trail. He looked up at me with his large blue eyes and stopped at the tip of my belly button. A simple grin was all I need to have shivers shoot through my body. He worked his way back up to my nipple, licking circles around the tip. His tongue felt magically as he teased me for a couple minutes allowing my body to tense then relax from the waves of pleasure.

While he worked on undoing beşiktaş escort my pants’ buckle, I continued to fight to free my hands. Just as he got in, I broke free. I assisted him in removing my pants and watch as he stood at the edge of the bed. I leaned forward and began to remove his pants. As I pulled his pants and underwear to around his knees, his penis sprung at me, welcoming me. I looked up at him and grabbed it in my hand. I started playing with him. I looked up at him, wanting insurance that he will still be here in the morning. He answered without me even saying a word. I leaned forward and placed my lips at the tip. I kissed along the shaft and felt him tense up. As I sat on the edge of the bed, I could not predict what will happen, but something came upon me and I went to work. I started with the tip and worked his throbbing cock into my mouth. I have never done this before, so I wasn’t sure what to do. I placed it into my mouth and worked it in deeper. I heard him moan, from the pleasure. I started to head to the base, struggling at first but I made it all the way down. I started taking it out, but he thrusts it deeper and moaned again. We continued in this manner for a few minutes.

He pushed me against the bed and got to work. He started working on me as if he had never eaten before. He took all eight inches of throbbing cock into his mouth without a struggle. I tensed again from the pleasure. I had never felt this way, crazy, uncontrollable sensations, running wild in my body. He started working his way up my chest again. Kissing every inch of my body. We locked lips and did not let go.

We took turns sliding our tongues passed each other’s lips, as if it were a game of tag. He looked at me again with those eyes, with out words he asks me if he can have me. I said ok but to take it slow.

He removed a condom and lotion from the dresser draw that was next to the bed. He said the lube makes it not hurt. He removed the condom but I said allow me. I headed south again toward the perfect V I have had dreams about. I worked again making sure he was at the fullest of attention and I felt his knees loosen up again. I used my mouth to roll the condom on all the way to the base. He lifted my head using only one finger under my chin. He kissed my lips and said he loves me and that he would not hurt me. I smiled.

I shuffled my way on to the bed and grabbed a pillow. (I felt like a dog.) He came from behind and started şişli escort lubricating me as if I were about to have a baby. He told me to bite the pillow and I did. I felt him start to inch his way into me. It hurt, and I screamed. He removed himself but asked if he could try one more time. I shook my head. I felt him start to approach again, a teardrop formed in my eye. I held it back. As he finally made it all the way in, I felt a wave of pleasure go through my body. He asked me if I was ok, I again only respond by shaking my head. He started to remove it but he trusted himself into me again I moan. It was a pleasure I had never felt before and I didn’t want it to stop. He started pounding me. In and out, in and out. Over and over. Wave after wave of pleasure ran through my body. I moaned, loud. He stopped and asked me if I was ok. I told him not to stop and to keep going. He pulled out and turned me over with a huge smile on his face.

He lifted my legs in the air and tried again to insert himself. Success. I felt the wave come again but this time it was different, I looked at him in the eye, he smiled at me. I smiled back. I moaned for more. Harder, HARDER, could be heard throughout the house. I didn’t want it to be over. He started slowing down and I felt him become weaker. He reached for me and played. He rubbed his hand up and down with each and every thrust into me. I started to feel weak myself. We both became weaker with each thrust. And finally we share a moment of pleasure. He quickly removed himself and pulled off his condom. Still, playing with me he jerked both himself and I. As if it was the countdown to take off we both moaned. Louder then any other moan of the evening. He exploded and I followed soon after.

He fell to the bed in exhaustion. What was his and what was mine was now one. He rolled on his side and leaned toward me pressing his soft lips against mine. He laid on my chest. On what we have just created, without a care in the world. We fall asleep panting heavily entangled, and sticky.

I awoke that next morning from the sound of the shower. I look to my side and saw the remains of our love. I laid there and listen to each sound that morning. Everything sounded different then it had the morning before. Everything was clearer. Then I heard the most wonderful voice coming from the bathroom. It was his. I heard every note that came from his mouth. I awoke, and stretched. I made my way out off the bed and toward the bathroom, where my lover had been taking a shower.

It was my first, but it wasn’t our last. I joined him in the shower and he showed me some more tricks. But that my friends will be for another time. Everyone has a first to tell, what’s yours?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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