A Peaceful Evening on the Beach

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It was a beautiful warm summer night with only the slightest breeze, the sky was clear the starts shined bright like little lights in heaven, the moon was full and the light from it glistened over the water.

As I sat in the warm sand just staring over the water not realizing anyone was out there with me, I was pulled out of a deep trance by two strong yet very gentle hands resting on my shoulders, a sweet voice whispering in my ear.

“You are so beautiful.” He whispers, my hands resting on top of his, melting to the sound of those words.

“How long have you been out here?” she replies.

“ Just long enough to catch your beauty in the moonlight!”

Gently your hands work their way from m shoulders, gently down my arms, gently down my sides, finding their way around my waist as he kisses my neck softly, melting softly to the feel of his lips on my skin it completely overwhelms me, looking up at him, your lips meet mine, our lips part, our tongues search for one another, poker oyna as they come sweetly together the begin to dance in harmony, our passions begin to slowly erupt.

Your hands move slowly up my stomach, cupping my breasts massaging them gently, my fingers run through your hair as the scent of the cologne your wearing takes total control of me.

Slowly you help me to stand, turning me around to face you, looking deep into your eyes I can see the moonlight shining in them, our lips meet again our tongues dancing feverishly, our passions growing stronger, slowly I begin to undo the buttons on your shirt, removing it from you slowly running my hands over your gorgeous chest, You slowly remove the sweatshirt that covers my bathing suit.

Finding myself wanting you more and more, working open your jeans sliding my hand inside taking your hard bulging member into my hand stroking it gently, the feel of my hand around your cock causes a soft moan to escape your lips, as you remove canlı poker oyna my top I lower your jeans.

“Baby don’t move stay right where you are.” You whisper in my ear as you lie out the blanket that you brought out with you.

Taking me into your arms once again you slowly lower me to the blanket, laying you on your back, kissing my way down your chest, down your love trail, taking your cock into my hand, slowly running my tongue over the tip, gently around the head, wrapping my lips around it sucking it deeper into my mouth, slowly inch by inch till I have it all, causing your body to shutter, your hands roam and explore all over me, as I massage your balls gently, as I enjoy the wonderful taste of your cock.

“I want you right here right now!” he whispers, looking up at you, you pull me up to you laying me on my back.

Slowly you begin to remove the bottom to my bathing suit gently kissing my thighs as you work my bottoms down my legs and completely off, internet casino slowly you kiss your way back up, spreading my legs gently, licking and nibbling on my inner thighs, putting my legs over your shoulders, slowly your tongue finds and licks that magic spot, driving me absolutely crazy as moans of ecstasy escape me, sucking on my clit you gently enter a finger into my hot wet hole.

You feel the orgasm ripping through me as my pussy clamps down on your finger; taking a hold of your arms I guide you on top of me. One hand guides your rigid bulging member into me; the feeling of your throbbing cock inside me is so overwhelming I wrap my legs around your waist.

Wanting you harder and deeper inside me, passions explode between us, as we love one another, with every pump our moans grow in intensity, I feel your cock swelling inside me as your balls tighten and your body tenses, your head throws back as we hit new heights in the most wonderful orgasms ever.

My pussy squeezes down on your cock milking it like it has a life of its own as you shoot streams of hot cum into me, as we finish you lay next to me. Resting my head on your chest, kissing me softly we both drift off to sleep together under the stars and moonlight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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