A Personal Masturbator

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We were talking, Eric and I, about fantasies. Sexual fantasies, of course. I didn’t get out much, but Eric had been round the block. He had a stable of fucking partners, most of them young starlets, willing for just about anything if you could believe Eric.

“It’s all very well for you,” I said. “I don’t get the fucking you get. I have to play with myself.”

“You mean masturbate,” Eric said. “Don’t knock it. It has its moments.”

“One of my fantasies is to have a masturbating machine,” I said. “Something I could turn on and it would make me cum. Maybe all sorts of gadgets to do it in different ways.”

Eric looked at me with a peculiar smile on his face. “You’re kidding? Is that what you’d really like? I know where I can get you something that sounds like just the thing. Leave it to me.”

I didn’t think any more about it until about a week later when the phone rang. It was Eric. “Remember that gadget you were talking about the other day? I’ve got just what you want. A masturbating machine. I’ll bring it round tonight.”

I’d heard Eric’s promises before, so I didn’t hold my breath. And when he hadn’t arrived by midnight I showered and turned in. I was so pissed off I didn’t even feel like jacking myself off, even though I was lying in bed bollocks naked as usual. It was a hot night, so I just lay on top of the sheets, read for a bit and then went to sleep.

I don’t know what time it was when the door bell rang. By the time I was half awake someone had come into the apartment and switched on the light. By the time I was really awake that someone had crossed the room and was sitting on my bed. And that someone was someone I didn’t know, had never seen before. And I was lying on the bed stark naked. And that someone looked very much like one of the cutest babes I’d seen in a long time.

“Hi,” she said as if there was nothing unusual about sitting on a naked man’s bed in the middle of the night. “My name’s Sam and I’m just delivering something Eric said he promised you.”

I didn’t have anything to cover myself with because I was lying on top of the sheet, I was embarrassed all to hell, and now she was delivering the most intimate thing I could think of, a masturbating machine! If she’d said she was a whore, or did I want to fuck, well that’s something a guy can admit to. But admitting I wanted to masturbate? I know I must have gone red in the face. And where a chick with long shiny black hair and red lips and a wicked smile would normally have set the hormones in action, I was so embarrassed that I doubt if she could have seen more of my cock than a shriveled up apology.

“Eric said you wanted a masturbating machine,” she said, and leaned over to look at my limp tool more closely. “Looks as if you need one pretty badly.”

I tried to be flippant. “You’ve kind of caught me with my pants down.”

“I can see that,” Sam said. “I should explain that this patent masturbator comes with a three hour warranty, two willing hands, a pretty fair pair of tits if can say so without boasting, and a cunt with a battery that’s got a limited endurance before it needs recharging by injection.”

She got up from the bed, and I saw she was wearing, of all things, a rain slicker. “Mind if I make myself comfortable?” she asked, and took it off.

I gasped. Under the slicker she wore nothing. She stood back and posed for me. Stark naked. “Like it?”

I liked it. Pretty fair pair of tits, she’d said. They were a magnificent pair of perky, tip-tilted boobs Escort kolej with nipples that would be wasted on a baby. I didn’t notice what her legs were like because my eyes fastened on two delicious thighs that joined just below a mound that bulged beneath a neatly trimmed bush of black curls.

Sam looked down at me. “I see some action beginning,” she said. “Now as I understand it, masturbation consists of anything that’s going to enhance an erection, and hopefully cause an orgasm, and then an ejaculation. I don’t know whether you have any preferences, but I certainly have so we’ll start with those.”

She came to the head of the bed and leaned over my face. Those gorgeous tits hung down a few inches from my eyes. And my mouth. I reached up with my hands to grab them, but she drew away.

“No touching the machine,” she chided. “Keep your hands to yourself.”

It wasn’t fair, because her hands were already beginning to massage her hanging tits, squeezing them to make the aureoles stand out full and swollen. And then she was rolling two nipples between her fingers till they swelled with miniature tumescence.

I don’t know what it was doing for her, but I could tell I wasn’t going to need much masturbation, my prick was already sitting up and taking notice. Sam stood up straight and climbed onto the bed, one foot on either side of my head. All I could see was two long, shapely legs reaching up to a pair of nicely rounded buns. Beautiful, but there was something missing.. Right up there where the thighs joined the buns there should have been an important piece of feminine anatomy, but the legs were too close together for it to show. Sam must have read my mind, because her feet moved apart to the two sides of the bed and the thighs opened wide and the missing twat came into view.

This wasn’t my idea of masturbation. It was prick teasing. But then it was certainly having the desired effect. What had she said? Anything that was going to enhance an erection and hopefully cause an orgasm.. She’d certainly enhanced my erection, and gazing up at a naked cunt was certainly better than wanking myself in my lonely bed.

There was evidently more to come. Sam moved back, and knelt down on the bed with one knee on either side of me. The beautiful globes of her ass lowered themselves toward my eyes. And then it was an open mouth with two glistening lips that filled my view. I had never before seen a cunt close up, and certainly not so close that every intimate detail was a few inches from my eyes. Sam’s fingers came into view, pulling apart the two protruding lips and opening a mouth that my tongue longed to probe. For a while she played with the lips, and then that delectable mouth was lowered onto my face to press against my own mouth in a soft wet kiss.

Suddenly my prick was throbbing, and instinctively my hand grabbed it to masturbate and ease the tension. But Sam forestalled me, leaning forward to take my hand away.

“You don’t employ a masturbator and then do it yourself,” she chided, and my first cunt kiss was abruptly terminated as she stood up and climbed off the bed.

My prick was practically crying to be taken in hand to ease its tension, and Sam evidently knew what I was feeling because her hand gently enclosed it and began a gentle massage.

“Masturbating yourself is a lonely pastime,” she said softly. “And sexual stimulation needs more than just a hand job. Did you think I was just going to jerk you off? I could have sihhiye escort done, but look how your cock responded to the sight of my body, and the idea of such close proximity to a cunt. That’s all part of masturbation. The nicest part.”

She was holding my prick and doing all the right things to it, the things I like to do to ease the tension when I’m somewhere where I can’t actually masturbate. Then she held it with her thumb on top and her fingers underneath and squeezed it gently, moving her fingers from the head all the way down the shaft and back again. She explored the sensitive vee underneath. She ran her fingers round and round the swollen head. I felt as though I could lie there and let her play with me all night, just pleasuring my prick without masturbating me or giving me an orgasm.

And then she stopped, and got up onto her knees, and I panicked in case it was all over. I saw that her hand was pressed to her belly with her fingers rubbing her clit. She was masturbating herself! Or perhaps she was just pleasuring herself the way she was pleasuring me. She must have seen my look of surprise. “Didn’t you realize this was going to excite me too? Don’t you think women masturbate? Playing with your prick is wonderfully exciting to me. When you cum later on, we’re going to cum together. Now I’m going to show you how you can make the pleasure last longer.”

She took hold of my prick again, and began to slowly jerk me off, watching my face and jerking me faster and faster as she saw what it was doing to me. I had masturbated myself often enough to realise that this was the best I had ever had, and I knew she could make me blow my wad whenever she liked. I’m going to cum any moment, I thought, and she said it was supposed to last longer. I began to gasp, ready to explode, and then Sam took her hand away and I was left on the point of orgasm, almost crying with frustration. I went to grab my prick to finish myself off, but Sam was too quick for me and grabbed my hands and held them tightly.

She got off the bed and stood beside it. “That was almost as good as an orgasm, wasn’t it? But if I’d made you cum it would have been all over. We can have a lot more fun yet. Now stand up and let me see what a man you are.” I sat up and then stood up beside the bed, feeling pretty self conscious. My prick was a rigid rod. It had always been curved slightly upward, but now it was thrusting out from between my thighs, pointing up at an angle, the head swollen more than I’d ever seen it.

“That was the physical pleasure,” Sam said. “There’s more to come. And you were looking at my tits and my cunt. That was the visual stimulation. Now it’s time for sensory pleasure. What would you like to do to my tits?” I didn’t need to tell her. I fell on my knees and put my arms round her naked body and grabbed her ass cheeks in my hands. And pressed my mouth to one of her tits, sucking the nipple as if it would give me milk. Sam took my head in her hands and pressed me to her breast, holding me close while I took her whole aureole into my mouth and rubbed the nipple with my tongue, feeling the roughness of it and sure that I could feel it swelling even as I sucked. The other tit I took in my hand, exploring the smooth softness and the firmness as I gently squeezed, rubbing my finger over the swollen aureole and playing with the hard nipple.

At last Sam began to gasp, and I wondered whether it meant she was approaching an orgasm. But she pulled me away. “This is supposed sincan escort bayan to be masturbation for you,” she said. “If I’m not careful I shall cum before you do. Now lie back on the bed, and I’ll give you some pleasure you can’t get by yourself.”

I got back on the bed again, pleased to see that my prick was still a ramrod. Sam bent over me, took my engorged knob into her mouth, and began to rub it with her tongue. Then her tongue moved down to the Vee place and rubbed while her lips fastened round the rim of my prick. So this is what cocksucking is like, I thought, and just then Sam began to suck at my prick the way I had been sucking her nipple. The sensation was something I could never have imagined, nothing like the crude hand jerking I’d been used to giving myself.

Once again I could feel an orgasm approaching, and I wondered whether I should cum into Sam’s mouth or whether I should tell her to stop before I ejaculated. But Sam seemed to be able to sense just where I was, and once again she stopped before I could cum.

“I forgot to tell you this doesn’t come for free,” she said. “Lonely masturbation is no better for me than it is for you, so you’ve got to pay me back by making me cum while I make you cum. This is called mutual masturbation.” She climbed up on the bed and stood astride me, her feet wide apart. I had seen her cunt briefly when she gave me the first cunt-kiss, but now she was showing it off to me, pulling the drooping lips apart with her fingers to open her vulva for my benefit.

“I can make myself cum just as you do,” she said. “But fingers aren’t as exciting as mouths. My clit loves to be sucked, and so do these little lips. And I’ll leave the rest to you.” She turned round and knelt over me, then squatted down so that once again her cunt lips kissed mine. And then I felt my prick taken inside her warm mouth and her tongue began to masturbate me again.

Her open cunt was only inches from my mouth. I put my hands up to clasp her ass cheeks, and lifted my mouth to hers. It was a wetter kiss than the first one had been. The whole area between her thighs was wet with the cunt juice dribbling from her vulva, and as I put out my tongue to probe inside I could feel the soft heat from her very entrails.

Sam sucked me and tongued me and nibbled at my prick, and then I felt her hand clasp the shaft and squeeze it slowly up and down. And while she sucked my prick and gently jerked me off, I sucked first one and then the other of her cunt lips into my mouth and tongue fucked her as deep as I could go and sucked at her clitoris and drank the nectar that flowed ever more copiously from her fuck-hole.

Once more I knew I was approaching an orgasm, but this time Sam didn’t stop. Her hand jerked faster as she felt the throbbing in my prick, and I knew nothing could stop the explosion that was going to happen any moment.

As I clutched the soft roundness of Sam’s ass cheeks to hold them from surging up and down, my fingers had pulled them apart to open up the crack between, and one finger had probed into the crater of her anus. Sam’s crotch was writhing against my face, her cunt a wide open tunnel that took my lips and my tongue right inside to explore the intimacies of her vagina.

Even though it was supposed to be my masturbation, it was Sam who came first, forcing her ass up against a finger that probed to the depths of her anus and then forcing her crotch down against a mouth that opened her wider with every heave. And then I came with an explosion of semen that again and again filled Sam’s mouth and dribbled out around my engorged prick as she sucked my knob and jerked my shaft, draining every last drop of an ejaculation more immense than I had ever been able to achieve by my own manual masturbations.

-The end-

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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