A picnc with Tom

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We met on a Senior Dating site. You were a brunette and attractive, and we seemed to connect, and both of us knew we had to meet. So after a torrid affair of phone calls and texts I convinced you to let me pick you up and take you on a picnic. I packed a few sandwiches, diet soda, beers, a can of whipped cream, and a few towels.

I drove to the park where we agreed to meet. I told you to hop in my truck, I have a secluded spot in case it gets romantic. And though you were not sure this was a good idea, you loved the thought of being fucked outdoors. So you settled in, and put your seatbelt on.

Down the road I went a couple of miles and then turned off onto a side road, then onto a dirt road and a bit down the road I stopped. There it was a grassy spot, a nearby creek, a fallen log, so smooth it had no bark on it.. We hopped out and put some towels on the grass and we ate our lunch and drank some cool drinks and I leaned over to kiss you.

You know why we are here.

I cup your breast as our tongues dance in out of our mouths.

It’s not long and we are on our knees pulling off clothes. You get down to your bra and panties, and are shy. I pull your bra off and kick my jeans off and begin to suck your nipples hard, your hand is stroking my cock. I reach into your panties and my fingers go between your fat lips and my, are you wet. I pull you panties down and sit you on the log. I lift up one leg and go to your pussy and inhale. Your musky fragrance is just what I’d hoped for. I put the can of whipped cream on your pussy and squirted it on it and in it. I feasted upon your pussy. Lapping at your clit, shoving my tongue deep into your pussy. I suck your clit and roughly shove two fingers into your cunt. Squish Squish Squish the noise of my fingers finger fucking your intensely wet pussy.

I pull em out, suck em, and I stand up and put my cock to your mouth. You grab it near the base and lick it and suck it and run your tongue around the head, causing me to shiver with delight. You do it so well, I stop you before I can cum. I straddle the log, so do you and I pull you closer, your legs over my thighs and I enter your pussy with my very hard cock and we start sliding in and out. I look at my watch. And we still slide, forcing my cock to rub your clit as I go in and out of your wet pussy.

Again I look at my watch. You ask “why are you checking the time?”

I tell you, “Susan, I have a friend coming here to join us, his name is Tom, you will love him”

You are astonished. You did not agree to this and you are a bit peeved. Just then, Tom pulls up and gets out, we are still locked together. Tom throws off his clothes and walks over stroking his thick cock. It was huge, it was about 8 inches long, but thick as a tree branch, As thick as your wrist, you can not take your eyes off of it.

Tom says, “touch it” and he introduces himself. Without any guidance your hand goes to his big pole and you stroke it. He comes closer and says “taste it”

You are in a daze, oblivious to my cock in your cunt you lick the massive cock, the head stretches your mouth to much to suck. He says “I know you want this”

You never said a word. I lifted you off me and Tom sat on the log, leaning back and you straddled him. You spread your lips wide apart with your fingers so his massive head would slip inside. You were dying to feel his thick pole inside you. As you lowered yourself onto him, it was almost too much. He barely went in you. But you rubbed your clit and rocked and soon he stretched you and began to go deeper into your sweet cunt.

I watch you, your face contorted with joy as you began to ride Tom’s big cock. It wasn’t long and you were sliding up and down, so well stretched, but no longer too tight. Tom played with your clit which jutted out because your pussy was stretched tight around his cock.

I straddle the log and get behind you, I push your back towards Tom a bit and I squeeze a bit of KY on my cock and shove my finger up your ass, and lube it, and then position my cock at your small brown asshole, and as my balls touch Tom’s, I push my cock into your ass. I push, feeling Tom through the tissue that separates us. Once I’m most of the way in your ass I begin to thrust

With Tom’s fat cock in your cunt, I grab your hips and rabbit fuck your ass, and then slow down and I lift you up a bit so Tom can lift his hips and fuck you as I pound your ass You are moaning and crying and we are soaked from your juices. I let go and fill your ass with cum, and Tom thrusts deep and goes fast until he cums. My cock softens and falls out of your ass, and you get off Tom. His cock has shrunk some and you bend over and lick cum and pussy juices from his cock.

He jumps up with a start, and says “Gotta go Dan, I’m on my lunch break. Nice to meet you Susan, hope we can visit again” and runs to his truck, gets dressed and leaves.

I look at you and say “Susan? Did you like Tom?”

“You grin and tell me, “you know I did. I loved it all, thanks Dan”

You picked up your clothes and we got dressed and went to the truck, and left. On the way home I asked you if you were ok, and you said “Oh yes, just a little sore. A good sore, but I never had a cock like that before and you in my ass, it was intense, but I’m a bit sore.. A good hot bath when I get home will do”

So I dropped you at your car in the park, and I promised to text you later in the eveningA picnc with TomA picnc with Tom 2

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