A Potentially Dangerous Situation

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Editor’s Note: Over the next little while I am going to share some stories told to me by a girl I met in 2017 at a bar in Koh Pha-ngan, an island in the Gulf of Thailand just north of Koh Samui. Koh Pha-ngan is famous for its Full Moon Party with attracts upwards of 20,000 party-goers, sometimes more, every month. I met her in a bar on the outskirts of Thongsala, persuaded her to leave the bar and travel Thailand with me from Surat Thani to Hua Hin and on to Chiang Mai. In that time, I got her to share some of her stories. These are her stories, and my understanding of them. I remain in touch with her to this day.

A Potentially Dangerous Situation

About six weeks into my time as a bar girl, I met a middle-aged Indian man. He had come into the bar in the late afternoon and sat down. He took his time looking over the girls and finally he signalled for me to join him. He was well-dressed and polite, and for his age, good-looking. We chatted for a couple of hours and got to know each other before he asked me to go back to his hotel for “short time” sex. We agreed on a price of 2,000 Baht and off we went.

It was just a short walk to his bungalow by the beach. He held my hand as we walked along. I thought to myself that this would be good. I’d pocket an easy 2,000 and be back at the bar by 9 pm at the latest.

When I entered the room, I found three other Indian guys waiting; one older and two younger. I was shocked. I had heard about this happening before, and it seldom ended well for the girl. India might be a wonderful place in many ways, but culturally it is very repressed when it comes to sex. That’s why so many Indian men come to Thailand. They can do things in Thailand that they simply cannot do with girls in their home country, and Thai women — but especially bar girls – are rumoured to be accommodating in bed. The truth is also that Indian men — not all of them, but many of them — come to Thailand on a tight budget, and they also tend to hunt in packs.

That seemed to be what was happening here. All four of them wanted to have sex with me, and what was worse, they wanted to have sex with me, all four of them, for 2,000 Baht. I was in trouble and I knew it. They were all bigger than me and stronger. What was I to do?

I told the man I had come with that I had only agreed to have sex with him. They all pleaded with me. I stood my ground. They pleaded some more. I refused to budge. They could easily have overpowered me. I was just a small Thai woman, about 160 cm and just 47 kg. I was tiny compared with them. I was also dressed in the traditional bar girl garb: loose-fitting T-shirt and low-cut short shorts. We wear that to entice the customers, but in this case, I felt very vulnerable. If they wanted to, they could have me naked gaziantep escort in no time.

I think they could sense my vulnerability and my fear. To their credit (and to my great relief), they gave way and agreed that only the man who had picked me up from the bar could have me. I made one concession. They asked if the session could be recorded on video. I figured they’d set the camera up on the dresser and that would be that. I agreed on the condition that they pay me another 1,000 Baht to film me getting fucked. Then they asked me to choose one of them to work the camera. I hadn’t counted on this. “OK, but no touching”, and I reluctantly chose the oldest of the men, somewhere in his fifties if I were to guess. I figured that if things got out of hand, it would be easier to deal with him than one of the younger ones.

With this settled, the two young lads left the room. I was instructed to take a shower, and into the bathroom with me came Mr. Video. He filmed me undressing, and he complimented me on my looks, but he didn’t touch me. I was a little embarrassed. I have been videoed numerous times, but still, it made me uncomfortable. It’s not the traditional Thai way. Anyway, out I came and then I insisted that my lover-to-be take a shower, which he did. While he was there, Mr. Video asked that I pose for him. He had me sit up in bed, legs spread, and play with my nipples. Then, he asked me to lie down on the bed and play with my cunt. The more I showed myself to him, and the more I obeyed his commands, the more excited I became. This wasn’t the first time I had allowed a man to video me, but it was the first time that a man had posed me like a model.

At one point my would-be-lover came out of the bathroom. I beckoned to him but he instructed me to continue with the modelling session. Mr. Video then instructed me to insert a finger into my pussy, which I did. It slid in easily, and when I withdrew it, it glistened with my juices. I was more excited than I wanted to let on. Again, slowly, Mr. Video commanded. Again, deeper. Each time I withdrew my finger, it was slick with my juices. Now play with your clitoris. I did, moving it in little circles, feeling the excitement build within me.

I was aware that my breathing had become ragged, that I was making little sounds which telegraphed my growing arousal. Mr. Video was between my legs, careful not to touch me, but ever so close, filming it. I could sense him near, and a small orgasm swept over my body. I reflected on how wicked — exciting, but so wrong — this all was. Still, nobody had touched me except me. This was a very strange experience for me. Six weeks ago I was working in a field in Phetchabun, earning 200 Baht a day, never dreaming that I would be touching myself in front of strange men like this. At that thought, I shuddered once again, but this time the orgasm was stronger, and I gushed.

Then the man who picked me up from the bar climbed onto the bed beside me and touched me for the first time. He started by kissing me and teasing my nipples while I continued to play with my pussy. Then I felt his hand drift down to my pussy. He moved my hand aside and inserted one of his fingers. It slid in so easily. He wasn’t rough. It felt so good. He cupped me, which brought pressure upon my clitoris. I heard myself moan softly, and I felt my hips involuntarily rotate up to grind my little button against the palm of his hand. This continued until my body was wracked by yet another orgasm. Mr. Video captured all of this, bucking hips, moans and all.

What was making me so horny? Was it this man whose fingers were inside me? Was it the presence of Mr. Video? It didn’t matter. I knew the danger I was in. I knew Mr. Video could break his promise and touch me, and that I wouldn’t resist. I guessed that the door was unlocked and that the two young men outside could burst in at any moment and have their way with me as well. I knew all that, but still I was enjoying this.

The one I had agreed to fuck then rose above me, spread my legs and quickly inserted his unprotected pole into little Thai pussy. It slipped in with ease, and it slipped in all the way. He filled me up with his manhood. My eyes went wide with surprise. He stayed buried deep inside me for a few moments so I could adjust to his girth, and then he started to piston in and out of me, sometimes slowly, sometimes faster, always looking at me, gauging my reaction, bringing me to the edge, then backing off. The hotter I got, the more he toyed with me, and he took me in all manner of positions. Sometimes from behind. Sometimes with me on my belly… and this went on, and on. My lover had his way with me in all sorts of positions, but to finish me, he returned to the missionary position where he could watch my face, the better to gauge my reactions and keep me on the boil. I knew he was near the end when he started driving himself into me faster and faster… and then he came, flooding my pussy with his semen… and then he lay there, on top of me, giving his seed nowhere else to go but to my cervix.

After a while, he rolled off me, telling me to lay there and let his friend film while he went to have a shower. So I lay there, panting, exhausted, spent, with cum running out of my pussy and all of it being captured on video. I found out later that Mr. Video was streaming this back to his friends in India. Lucky for me, I don’t have friends in India. To his credit, Mr. Video never touched me. Eventually, I was allowed to go shower and get dressed. On my way out the door, I was given 2,000 Baht for the fuck and another 1,000 for the video. I felt ashamed. I felt exhausted.

As I was leaving, I found that the two younger men were waiting for me on the balcony. How old were they? Early twenties I would have guessed, and quite handsome. Big, strong, and like all young men, probably very horny. At first, I guessed that they had been listening to what had been going on in the room. I later learned that they had been watching it all on Mr. Video’s live stream. They both wanted to fuck me, and they offered to pay me 2,000 Baht each. I was exhausted, but still, that was a lot of money.

If I agreed, I could finish the day with 7,000 Baht. Back on the farm, I had to work 12 hours in a dusty field just to earn a measly 200 Baht, but 7,000 Baht letting men play with me for just a few hours was the equivalent of working 35 days straight in the field. I couldn’t refuse.

I agreed to let them both play with me as much as they wanted for the next two hours and also take pictures. I figured, incorrectly, that they’d be done with me sooner that way. They had one other demand. They wanted to fuck me unprotected and drop their seed inside me, just as their father had done. Their father? Of course!

I immediately knew the dirty reason why they wanted this: they were excited at the prospect of having their seed mixed together with the seed of their father in my little Thai pussy… so I jacked the price to 2,500 each and off we went. Young men. Strong, Insatiable. I can’t remember how many times they brought me to orgasm, and I don’t know how many times they filled my thirty-something Thai pussy with their young twenty-something Indian seed. I wobbled out of that room three hours later, exhausted, the cum of the father and his two young sons mixed together and oozing out of my pussy. They insisted that I go back to the bar in that condition. I didn’t mind that much. Lots of girls returned in that condition. It was part of our life.

A few days later, Mr. Video wandered into the bar. By then my pussy was no longer quite so sore. He sat down and talked with me about what had happened. It turned out he was the uncle. He told me about how he streamed the video, and he showed it to me. I had never seen myself get fucked before and it was quite a sight. He also showed me some of the pictures the boys had taken. Apparently, I now have quite a few fans in India, I asked him why he had never touched me when he so easily could have, and I admitted to him that I would not have objected too much, He said he knew this, but he was a man of his word.

With that, he asked if I wanted to go with him. Just you? I asked. Yes, he replied, And so I did. We spent a wonderful afternoon together, making love many times. What had started out as a terrifying experience, turned out to be very enjoyable, and also very profitable, in the end.

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