A Prank Gone Awry

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It began as a prank on my bratty sister. It was meant to be a prank anyway. We were both home for the summer from college. It was hot and boring in our small town, and she, as she always had, was getting on my nerves and the only entertainment was to somehow get her back. And then one evening I thought of what seemed like a great idea at the time.

We were both in our rooms, and I made a screen name that was very similar to this douche Johnny she had a crush on but one digit off, a 1 (one) instead of an l (ell). This was back when people still used AIM (which for you younger folks, the pertinent detail is just that you made a username and messaged people). I thought I’d mess with her a bit, get her hopes up and then laugh at her.

So I messaged her “hey” and she wrote back “hey (: ” and we got to talking. She quickly opened up, I was having trouble getting her to say something truly cheesy I could use to laugh at her and reveal the prank but I had nothing better to do and it fun just knowing that she thought she was talking to this guy she liked and wasn’t. Then things started to get really interesting.

I was trying to steer things away from the overtly sexual because, like, my sister, gross, right? And as evening drew on she was implying we should meet up but of course, “I” couldn’t do that since I wasn’t actually Johnny. So I said I was shy and this started veering in this kinky direction where she was “joking” about him coming over while she wears a blindfold and ties herself to the bed. It became a challenge to call each other’s bluff, me saying she wouldn’t be so bold to do that, and she saying I(Johnny) wouldn’t have the balls to come over. This could be good, I thought, getting her to tie herself up would be the perfect opportunity to come in and thoroughly have a laugh at her.

“Wait let me see if my dorky brother is still home” she wrote “I haven’t heard him in awhile, I think he went out”

“Okay” I typed and quickly turned out the light in my room, turned off the computer monitor and went and stood in the closet as I heard her door open and her steps in the hall.

“Jimmy?” she called my name “Jimmy are you home?” I heard her pause outside my door and then walk downstairs. I waited quietly until I heard her come back up and go back down the hall to her room and close the door, and then I quietly went back to my computer and turned the monitor back on, though I didn’t turn the light on in the room again lest she notice it under the door or the glow outside, even though her room was facing the other way.

“Okay yeah I think he’s out doing dorky stuff with his lame friends, he probably won’t be back till late” she wrote. I rolled my eyes, we’d see who was laughing soon. “So come over if you’ve got the balls 😉 ” she wrote and signed off.

I figured I’d kill time for fifteen minutes to leave her in suspense and anyway give a plausible amount of time for Johnny to come over, and then go laugh at her, so I scrolled through some porn pics on the internet, hey it was just something quiet and brainless I could do while killing a bit of time.

After enough time had passed, I quietly crept out of my room careful not to make any noise with the door, quietly went downstairs, and opened and shut the front door to make her think I had just come in from outside, and went up the stairs less quietly. As I walked down the hall towards her door I wondered what I would find – most likely I thought she would not be blindfolded, which was fine, I’m sure she’d have quite the look of shock and disappointment when I opened the door and she saw it was actually me, and then I’d laugh at her. I stood just outside her door for a moment, preparing myself. A grin spread across my face, this was gonna be good.

I quickly swung the door open grinning triumphantly… but what I saw inside was not what I had expected. She’d turned the lights down to a romantic warm glow and there she was, lying spread eagle in a dark skirt and top, ropes tied to her ankles and wrists leading to the four bed posts. She lifted her head to look at me and I saw she was wearing a blindfold. Her mouth dropped open a bit, perhaps as she realized the reality of not being able to see who entered her room, and she called out “Johnny?” in a low voice. Well I’d have to mess with her a little more it’s not every day one catches one’s sister so helpless.

Without saying anything I closed the door behind me and walked to the bed. I climbed on and crawled towards her – due to her position I was thus approaching her from between her spread legs but her almost-knee-length skirt hung down giving her modesty. I straddled her leg as I crawled up to her.

“Johnny??” she asked again. Her blonde curly hair was spread in a halo around her head.

“Hiiiii” I said in a gaspy whisper so she couldn’t distinguish my voice from it. I wasn’t actually sure what Didim Escort to do at this point. Maybe tickle her? I began to brush my fingers up her sides. She sighed and squirmed, and then I noticed her round breasts heaving on her chest, were her nipples hard? Immediately I tried to banish the thought from my mind, but I moved my fingers to her belly, tracing gentle circles across the slight swooping curve between her hips and belly.

Yes I could definitely make out the rising bumps of her nipples on the domes of her breasts. Her pillowy lips were slightly parted as she let out a long exhalation, her pearly white teeth just inside her mouth, one tooth a bit crooked. I remembered all the times I’d seen that smile mocking me, and rejoiced in the power of what she didn’t know just now, and pushed my hands up under her shirt, tracing patterns all across her lower ribs, making big circles back down to her soft belly and back up, exploring her torso until on the upper strokes my fingers were grazing the bottom of her bra. It would be a funny prank to take her bra right? Sure, yeah, that would be funny, I said to myself, inadvertently biting my lip.

As I slid one hand under her she obligingly arched her back. I found the hook, pinched it together and felt the latch come loose. I slid the bra out from under her shirt, it was a light pink one I had many times seen in the laundry basket or on her floor and not thought much about. I tossed it off the bed and compulsively my eyes went right back to her breasts, now jiggling enticingly, and without a bra the pointiness of her nipples was obvious. I continued to trace my fingers across her chest under her shirt, ever closer to her breasts until they were tracing the soft warm roundness of her breasts themselves, I made circles around them with my fingers, spiraling slowly upwards until I was tracing each erect nipple with my fingers. This electric feeling went through my body as I felt the distinct harder texture of my sister’s nipples against my fingers. This is just a prank just a prank I told myself, as I noticed with concern I was getting a bit hard myself. I can totally laugh at her for getting such erect nipples I told myself insincerely. She squirmed a moaned softly.

I dragged my hands away, okay one more gambit and then I’d end this game. I put a hand on the inner side of her leg and began to slowly slide it up, past under the edge of the skirt. I watched her face, her pink lips parted in anticipation, and her two front teeth showing like bunny teeth. I felt the soft curve of her thigh as my hand moved up. I’d just get to the edge of her panties and then I’d definitely call it quits I told myself. My hand moved up her leg steadily to her crotch, the edge of her panties, and helpless to stop it slid easily under the edge. I had kind of expected a tangle of pubic hair to be honest, which would have repelled me, but instead I found soft freshly shaved smoothness, which beguiled me to continue, curious what her whole “situation” down there was.

At first I didn’t find the slit I was both dreading and secretly secretly hoping to find, but found the fuzzy landing strip above it, it felt like a triangular one, and moving my fingers down ah there it is. Smaller than I had expected, my fingers moved along it, it felt like a soft pair of lips under my fingers. I eased my fingers right inside, it was warm and tight. With shock I realized I was feeling my own sister’s warm slit – my heart pounded, and inexplicably my dick got even harder, straining against my underwear. As I sunk two fingers into its warm stickiness I looked at her face, her mouth was open wider as she let out an almost silent “ahhhh.” With a bit of shame I realized I was myself rock hard now. This is fucked up I thought to myself, while continuing to move my fingers in and out of my sister’s pussy. She squirmed and moaned. I tried to swallow my shame – after all, if no one finds out what’s the harm? –and relish the control I currently had over my bratty sister. In fact…

I pulled my fingers out and unzipped my fly, quickly fumbling around to pull my fully erect dick out. She heard the zipper and lifted her head to look, although with her blindfold she of course couldn’t see.

“O– oh!” she exclaimed, no doubt guessing what I was doing. “J– Johnny… you wouldn’t!”

“Wouldn’t what?” I asked in mock innocence, again in a breathy whisper to disguise my voice, as I leaned down over her, bringing my face near hers as I asked the question, and letting my dick brush against her leg near her knee. She jerked slightly with surprise when my dick touched her leg. I slowly pushed her shirt up while also moving my body upwards so my dick dragged steadily up the inside of her left leg. As her breasts popped out from under the shirt I realized I’d really never appreciated the quality of her breasts before, Didim Escort Bayan a pure milky white compared to to the (slightly) tanner shade of the rest of her body, not the ridiculously round melons of implanted porn stars but plump and slightly pointy, especially with her rock hard nipples. I lightly dragged my lips up from her belly towards her breast as my dick moved up her leg, under the edge of her skirt and now dragging the skirt up as it continued up her thighs. She continued to squirm and “oooh.” As my lips reached the base of her right breast I dragged my tongue up it. So it was my sister but god damn do breasts feel nice, so soft and warm. I reached the nipple and traced circles around it with my tongue and then very gently bit down just enough for her to feel my teeth on it. She let out another moan, and then my dick was against her panties.

I let her nipple out of my mouth and pushed myself up to a sitting position, still strattling her leg and with my dick against her pantied crotch. I pushed her skirt up, exposing her narrow light pink panties.

“You wouldn’t!” she gasped quietly as my hands went to her panties.

“Oh you think so?” I whispered back as I pulled her panties to the side, revealing a perfect little nicely trimmed triangle above her slit. I always loved how blonde girls had such darker pubic hair, a secret contrast. Beneath the triangle was her slit, as I had surmised by feel, it was relatively small and low. My sister has an adorable pussy I found myself thinking, almost laughing at myself.

And then, knowing it was wrong, but strangely turned on by the very wrongness of it, I positioned my dick against her pussy lips. Just feeling the contact flooded my body with adrenaline. Holy shit this is wrong. I looked up at her face, her mouth was slightly ajar letting out a slow “ooh,” but my eyes quickly went back to the crazy sight of my dick against my sister’s pussy, and I gave a little push, the lips easily parted to let the head of my dick enter between them, though they held it tightly.

“You wouldn’t” she said again, I leaned forward and cupped one hand against the her cheek, my thumb just as the corner of her mouth. I kind of wished I could see the look in her eyes for what I was about to do, but of course, her seeing me was out of the question.

“Oh yeah?” I said, and thrust with my pelvis, easing my dick fully into her tight warm pussy. I’d had sex with a few different girls in college but I couldn’t remember any of them feeling this good. Having sex with a girl at a party or after a date or two has nothing on the significance of someone you’ve known your whole life, and the total wrongness of it was actually a huge huge turn on. Plus, god was she good and tight. She let out a moan and I felt her whole body squirm against her restraints.

“J- j- j- j- Johnny” she managed as I sped up my thrusts, until I was thrusting in and out quickly and she was just making the cutest squeaking noises with every thrust. I slowed down again for some slow and deep thrusts and she moved her face to the left a bit, taking my thumb into her mouth and biting on it as I thrust into her.

After a few minutes of fucking like this, She was moving around again, and with great alarm I realized she had gotten her left hand loose of the rope. I continued fucking her but a cold fear washed over me that she would take off her blindfold and god that could be apocalyptic if she discovered who I was. She reached across to her right hand and undid her other wrist restraint, and then with both hands free pulled her shirt up over her head. I was frozen in terror for a second that her blindfold would come off with her shirt, but as her shirt came off above her head the blindfold was still there and she tossed the shirt off to the side. I looked down at her now completely uncovered chest, pale perky boobs with their bright pink nipples, a small gold cross hanging from a thin chain around her neck, down to her soft belly and the skirt bunched up around her hips, and as she gently pushed me away and reached for her ankles I understood what she was doing, and much as I didn’t want to stop I wanted to see her completely naked, and not have her panties and skirt bunched up on her hips. I got off the bed and stood facing her, slowly stroking myself to avoid dying of blue balls as she deftly untied one ankle and then the other. Then she quickly slid off her panties and skirt and kicked them both off the bed. I was still gripped by a fear that she would take off the blindfold next, and thought about diving out the door or something, it would be weird and hard to explain but sure as hell better than being caught. But after freeing herself of all her restraints and clothes she just lay back down,

I began to climb back to be on her, taking in her now entirely naked body as I came. I swear to god I Escort Didim hadn’t ever really looked at her body “like that” before but seeing it now I was really appreciating it. Her lightly tanned skin with pale tan-lines across her breasts and hips, the vaguely hourglass shape between her hips and chest, her adorable little pussy and triangular patch of hair above it, much darker than her long blonde hair. As I climbed over her I ran my lips up her thigh towards her pussy. Coming face to face with it, I really admired it as a cute pussy and in a way it called me to sink my tongue into it but at the same time.. it was my sister what am I some kind of perv? I bit my lip and skipped to gently kissing her soft tummy and moving up from there until I got to her breasts, as I had before. Now my dick was rubbing against her pussy.

I felt her warm hand grasp my dick, a hand I’d more often in my life felt hitting me and now it was gently wrapped around my dick, guiding it until the tip was in between her pussy lips and rubbing it up and down there, but not further in. Ooh she was teasing my dick with her pussy and it made me squirm, as she teased it a little bit further but then back out to “just the tip” again, and up and down against her warm wet wet pussy. Finally when I felt I couldn’t’ stand it any longer she let me plunge it in and she wrapped her legs around me as I fucked her with all the vigor her teasing had built up in me. I let go of her erect nipple with my mouth, holding myself up on one arm for leverage for my fucking, and grasped her neck with the other, feeling the tenseness of her muscles. She once again let out cute little squeaks with every thrust.

After a few minutes she pushed me over and climbed on top of me. I once again admired her hot body as she straddled me, and watched still unbelieving of the sight, as she positioned her tight little pussy with it’s dark pubic triangle just above my erect dick. I had my hands on her hips on either side of the milky pale band of tan-line. Holding my dick in position with her hand she eased herself down on to me, the warm wet tightness felt so good it felt like my eyes were gonna roll into the back of my head. Looking up at her face I saw she was biting her lip with a look of concentration. Once I was fully in her she started moving up and down on it first slowly and then faster.

Her hands went to the blindfold, and, the fear again surging that she’d take it off, but feeling no way to escape this possibility, somehow it just made me feel even harder (if that was possible!), well, in fact, I started to feel like I almost might blow soon. But thankfully she was just adjusting it slightly, then she put her hands down to support herself as she leaned down over me. Her beautiful shapely breasts hung towards my face, and her gold cross bounced across my face for a moment, cold metal contrasting the wet sweatiness of everything else. I laughed to myself thinking about that cross, “good christian girl” indeed! But soon forgot the thought as I was able to catch a nipple with my mouth and suck on it. She continued to rhythmically ride up and down my dick, man this was amazing, how would I get this out of my mind ever after and act normal?

She move back a bit so her face was just above mine and I could feel her warm breath coming faster. Hoping to make her finish, after all it’s a point of professional pride to bring girls to completion, I sped up my upper thrusts, though I was coming very dangerously close myself. Our noses bumped, I could feel her breath right on my mouth, it was weird even though we were actively fucking the thought of kissing her seemed so wrong. But oh, I was getting so close, and so was she, and we bumped lips, her hot breath coming right into my mouth, and then we locked lips and thrust our tongues into each other’s mouths and it felt so wrong and so hot and at that moment I heaved with ejaculation and felt her spasming with hers and gripping me tightly with her thighs.

Fuck, I should have pulled out. I thought to myself as we made out, and tried to remember if my sister had ever mentioned being on birth control. I couldn’t remember if she had. A general feeling of fear and regret began to fill me. But strangely I now didn’t mind the tongue hockey, damn she was good at it. After a few minutes she rolled off of me and lay gasping on the bed. I mumbled a goodbye and stumbled out of the room.

The next morning at breakfast she greeted me rudely as is often the case with “hey buttface” and a scowl, but she seemed a bit cheerful other than that, smiling to herself as she ate her cheerful.

“Why are you so cheerful?” I asked, narrowing my eyes at her, as if I didn’t know but suspected something.

“Oh no reason loser” Lol jokes on you I thought to myself.

Later that day I got the shock of my life though. While she was out I went poking about in her room hoping to find evidence of birth control pills I saw the black cloth she’d used as a blindfold hanging over the back of a chair and wistfully held it against my eyes reminiscing about the night and… holy shit waitaminute you can see through this.             

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