A Princess among Barbarians

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Prince James looked nervously through the carriage window. A few hours ago the green plains of Oram had transformed into the thick coniferous forest of the northern frontier. The forest were foreboding with an uncountable number of large and ancient trees. The forest was so thick that little sunlight made it down to the road. For all Prince James knew, every shadow and dark place among the trees could be host to the barbarians who had been rampaging across the frontier.

James had just ascended to adulthood, which was the age of eighteen in the Kingdom of Oram. James’ father, the King, had used the opportunity of the recent barbarian raids in the northern frontier to toughen up his son. The King was not pleased with his heir. James was timid and bookish. He was also rather frail looking. His body was pail and skinny. He had an effeminate face and large blue eyes. His red hair had grown over his ears, which was longer than Oramian men kept it. James preferred his books over martial matters and this infuriated the King. So, the King had sent Prince James with a contingent of soldiers to join the Oramian force guarding the North. Hopefully the hard life of a soldier would make a man out of Prince James.

James had dreaded this trip and had kept mainly to himself in his royal carriage. He wanted nothing to do with soldiers or barbarians. All James wanted was to read his books in peace. That peace, however, was short lived. As James was looking through the window he saw some movement in the trees. Soon after a loud horn blast broke through the air.

Large armored men descended upon the carriage and the soldiers around it. Prince James could hear clashing steel mixed in the amongst the sounds of the screams and shrieks of dying men. Suddenly the right door of the carriage was pulled upon and one of the Oramian soldiers looked inside. Prince James could see the terror in the man’s eyes.

“Your Grace, you must leave at once! Escape through the doors to the left and hide in the forest. The Carriage driver is dead and we are being overwhelmed. You must not be captured!” The soldier yelled.

Prince James did not hesitate and sprang through the carriage doors. He bolted into the dark forest as quickly as his legs could carry him. He ran for a while and collapsed beneath a large tree. The forest was dark and tangled to such a degree that Prince James doubted if he could find his way back to the road. He could still here the sounds of battle in the distance. Maybe if he stayed hidden long enough the battle would end and he could slowly make his way back to the road. He then could head back south and get out of this horrible forest.

His thoughts of escape were suddenly cut short by the sound of heavy foot prints moving through the forest.

“I thought I saw the boy run this way.” A gruff voice stated.

Prince James quickly put the large tree he had rested under between himself and the voice he had just heard. “Maybe they will not see me and go by me.” James though to himself. He started to shake out of fear. The footsteps were coming closer.

“You better be right. The whole point of this ambush was to capture that little prince.” Another voice snarled.

“We will find him. I am sure I saw him come this way.” The first voice answered back confidently.

From what James was hearing, it sounded like there were only two the barbarians looking for him. James could not contain his curiosity and he stole a peak around the tree. Abut twenty yards away from him were two hulking barbarians. They had to be over six feet tall and were muscular. The barbarians had on studded leather armor and had axes strapped to their belts. Prince James knew that he had no chance of beating them in a fight. His only hope was to stay hidden and evade them.

James’ chances of staying hidden evaporated when he realized that he had been staring for a little too long.

“Hey! I think a see someone behind that tree!” the second barbarian whispered excitedly.

Prince James, knowing that his cover was blown, decided that now was the time to run for it. He dashed away from the tree with all the speed that he could muster. He had not gone far before he heard a whirling sound behind him and all of a sudden he was face down on the forest floor.

James was sure that he was dead and quickly felt around his body for the fatal wound. He did not find a wound, but found that his legs were tied up by rope that had two lead weights on each end. Prince James frantically pulled at the rope, but he could not free his legs. In seconds the two barbarians were upon him.

“Well look what we have here!” The first barbarian exclaimed. Prince James noticed that he had a large skull tattoo on his shoulder.

“Great throw! I didn’t think you would be able to get him.” The second barbarian replied. The second barbarian had a large necklace made of bones around his neck.

Prince James looked on them in terror as they approached. He couldn’t even find the breath to yell or scream.

“Now you stay right there and adiosbet yeni giriş stop pulling at the ropes or we will hurt you badly.” Skull ordered.

James heeded the order, but quickly began pleading with his savage captors.

“Please let me go! I am the crown prince of Oram. My father will pay you what ever you want! Just don’t hurt me!”

The two barbarians erupted into laughter at his pleas.

“Boy, we will be well rewarded by our chief when we bring you to him.” Bones said.

“You are a pretty boy.” Skull said as he knelt next to the bound prince. He roughly lifted James’ chin with a large dirty finger to better get a look at James’ face. “Your skin is so smooth and pale. Your hair is longer than a man’s and those eyes. . .” Skull looked up to Bones, “Do you think the boss would mind if we had a little fun with him first?”

“The chief only said to bring him back alive, I think that we can have a little fun and still have him alive for the chief.” Bones replied with a sadistic grin.

“No!” James yelled “Please let me go! I will do anything just please let me go!” James sobbed as tears began to fill his eyes.

“Shut Up!” Skull yelled. Prince James went silent. “You are going to do everything we say. If you try to run, scream, or resist us we will break every bone in your body. Our chief wants you alive, but he didn’t say that he needed you to be able to walk.” Skull ordered gruffly. “For right now, little prince, we are going to make you our little princess. Do you know what that means?”

Prince James shook his head and the two savages erupted into laughter. “Well, if you are as much of a girl as you look then you may enjoy this too, but only if you listen” said Bones.

“Now I am going to untie you. If you run we will catch you and it won’t end well for you. When you are untied, you will take off all of your clothes and we mean ALL of them.”

James looked at the ground he could not believe that he was in the predicament. He could see no way out. He was going to have to play along for now. He nodded in agreement at the barbarian’s orders.

Skull untied the rope and James rose to his feet. He quickly shed his clothes in front of the two hulking barbarians revealing his smooth pale skin to his captors. When he was done he could feel the pine needles beneath his bare feet and the cold breeze across his flesh. He could see the look of lust in the barbarians’ eyes as they scanned his small body.

“Damn! He really does look like a woman!” Skull exclaimed.

“Look at that firm ass. I don’t think I have seen a better one on a woman.” Bones replied. Prince James began to blush under the gaze of these two hulking men. Something strange was stirring in his stomach. Was he enjoying these two grotesque men ogling over him like a young girl?

Skull picked up James’ clothes and spread them on the ground as an impromptu blanked.

“Come here and kneel down in front of me.” Bones ordered. Prince Jamie knelt obediently. The blanket of his clothes made kneeling that much more comfortable. Bones then unlatched his trousers and fished out the largest cock that James had ever seen. It was eight inches long and thick. James was stunned at its size. “Now, princess, suck my cock.” Bones ordered. James looked up at him out of fear.

“Please don’t make me! I have never done this with a man before.” James pleaded.

“I don’t care!” Bones yelled. “Did you just forget what we just said.” Bones glowered at him. Skull cracked his knuckled menacingly.

“No . . . I didn’t forget.” James said shakily.

“Then get sucking.” Bones replied.

Before James was the largest cock he had ever seen. James had never imagined sucking another man. He had imagined, on a few occasions, a young maid who worked at his family castle sucking his cock, but he never gathered the courage to proposition her. Now he was the girl having to satisfy a large and intimidating man.

James slowly reached out and grabbed Bones’ large cock. It was thick and he could feel all the veins running through it. As James felt it, he could feel Bones’ cock harden in his hand. There was something that excited James about holding Bones’ cock. He could feel butterflies in his stomach as Bones’ cock began to grow and harden.

“Ohhh your soft hand feels good.” Bones moaned. James slowly stroked Bones’ cock and reached out and stroked Bone’s giant balls with his other hand. They were huge! James’ balls were tiny compared to this beast’s. Bones began to get impatient and began to nudge James’ face towards his cock. James obediently opened his mouth and allowed the savage to penetrate his mouth.

Bone’s cock was softer than he imagined. It was rather spongy and it filled up James’ mouth entirely. James had imagined that the barbarians cock would taste horrible, but instead it tasted just a little musty. James ran his tongue underneath the barbarians cock, feeling the pulsing veins.

“Ughhh, the little prince here knows how to suck cock.” Bones moaned. “I love the look of adiosbet giriş those lips wrapped around my cock. Let’s see how much deeper I can get.”

“Gllck!” James gagged as Bones thrust in deeper. Tears began to stream down the prince’s eyes as his throat was filled with cock. Bones held his cock there and Jamie began to gag. James thought he was going to pass out until he started to breathe through his nose.

“Ahhh yeah he likes taking it deep. We will make a woman out of you yet!.” Bones exclaimed as he started to pump his cock in and out of James’ mouth.

“Glllck!” James could feel the head of Bone’s cock hitting the back of his throat with each thrust. He had saliva running down his chin as the barbarian used James’ mouth for his pleasure.

Bones had James going balls deep onto his cock so that with each thrust, Bones’ balls were slapping James’ face. James could smell Bones’ musk, but instead of disgusting him, it was beginning to turn him on. James could feel his little dick starting to harden as Bones pounded his face.

“Ughh, I think princess here is starting to enjoy this.” Bones laughed “I told you that you would enjoy it if you listened.”

James blushed. He hated what was happening, but it was true. He was starting to enjoy the barbarian fucking his mouth. James reached out his hand and started stroking Bones’ massive shaft.

“Mmmm, you are not a princess, you are a dirty whore.” Bones moaned. James was beginning to taste Bones’ salty precum. Even though he was enjoying this, it was deeply humiliating. “Maybe after making Bones cum they will let me go.” James thought optimistically.

James began stroking the behemoth’s balls trying to get him to cum, but Bones kept thrusting. The forest was silent except for the noise of James’ lewd slurping and gagging, and the sound of Bone’s balls slapping against James’ chin. James looked over and saw that Skull had unlatched his trousers and was stroking a cock just as massive and hard as Bones’.

After a while all James could taste was Bone’s musk and his salty precum. Bones was beginning to moan like a beast.

“Ugh, Ugh, UGH, take it you little prince whore!” Bones continued, “Are you ready to take my seed?” Bones asked looking into James’ large blue eyes.

James nodded hoping that this would bring his face fucking to an end.

With that Bones thrust forward hard and let out a massive moan “Ugggghhhhhhh!!” James gagged as the first jets coated the back of his throat. James was not expecting the beast to cum this much, soon his mouth was full and cum was pouring down his chin. Bones then pulled out of his mouth and shot a few more streams of hot cum on James’ smooth face.

“Ahhhh, that bitch can sure suck some cock” Bones sighed. James was still holding Bones’ massive load in his mouth. “You better swallow.” Bones ordered. James obediently swallowed down Bones’ hot salty seed.

James was surprised to see just how hard his little dick was. He did not realize how turned on he was by having to swallow another man’s cum.

“So, can you all let me go now?” James asked.

“You’re an impatient one.” Bones scolded. “First, my companion here still needs his turn and it looks like we need to help you cum. It would be rather ungentlemanly if we didn’t help her highness cum.” Bones said sarcastically.

“I don’t need to cum!” James shot back as he quickly covered his hard little dick with his hands, “But I will suck your friend here if it means I can leave!”

“Suck!?” Skull cut in. “You are not going to suck me your highness, I am going to take your sweet maidenhead.” Skull said with a lustful grin.

“And how will you do that?” Prince James retorted, “I do not have a maidenhead to take?”

Both Bones and Skull erupted into laughter.

“I am going to fuck your tight little ass.” Skull replied after catching his breathe from laughing.

The horror of the situation dawned on James, “I have never had anything up there before! You are way too big! You will rip me in half! You can’t do this!” Jamie begged.

“Trust me, it will fit. Also, the only way I am going to make you cum is going to be by taking you like a woman.” Skull replied. “If you do not want me to rip you in half you better do what I say.”

“Now how should I take our little princess?” He asked as he turned to Bones. “Should I take her like a common whore on all fours. Or should I take her like a virgin maiden on her back?”

“It doesn’t matter to me.” Bones replied. “I don’t see why you can’t fuck her both ways.”

“Hmmm, you are right I will take her as a maiden first.” Skull said as he removed a tin from his belt. He cracked it open and inside there was some white ointment. He scooped up some ointment and began coating his cock with it.

“Lay down on your back and spread those legs.” Skull ordered.

James was shaking again, but he followed obediently and laid on the spread out clothes. Skull then removed his armor and kicked off his trousers and boots. He was a massive, muscled, adiosbet güvenilirmi hairy man. He could easily snap poor James like a twig. He then knelt between James’ spread legs and scooped some more ointment onto his finger and spread it onto James’ puckered hole.

“What is that?” James asked.

“Trust me, it will make this feel a lot better for you.” Skull gruffly replied as he lined his massive cock up with James’ tight little hole. Skull then slowly pressed his cock head up against James’ ass. As James’ ass gave way he could feel searing pain as he was invaded.

“Ughhh, it hurts so bad!” James yelled.

“It will feel better soon.” Skull said as he continued to bear his weight onto James. Little by little Skull’s cock slid deeper inside James. At first James was gritting his teeth in pain, but as Skull got deeper, James began to feel little spikes of pleasure.

“Ohh” a little moan escaped Jamie’s lips

“Mmmmph . . . I am going to have to pay your father a dowry for this tight ass.” Skull moaned as his balls finally met James’ backside. Skull began to slowly thrust in and out of Prince James’ love tunnel. James was overcome by waves of intense pain and pleasure with each thrust. His hole was still stretching to accommodate Skull’s girth.

“I never thought I would be fucking a little princess.” Skull continued to moan has he began to speed up his thrusts into James. James had never imagined that he would ever be spread eagle on a forest floor with a smelly hairy barbarian fucking him like a young girl. The thought of it was starting to turn James on. He could feel his dick begin to swell with each thrust the barbarian made. Little moans were beginning to escape more regularly from James’ lips.

“Ohh . . . Ohh . . . Ugh . . . Ohh” James moaned as Skull began to speed up his tempo. Skull’s balls were starting to slap up against James’ smooth ass making a loud slapping sound that reverberated through out the forest. James’ ass was filled and stretched to its limit, but it was also beginning to feel amazing. The pain had almost entirely died away. James caught himself meeting Skull’s thrusts. He blushed in shame as his hips rocked back to Skull’s throbbing cock. James put his arms on Skull’s massive hairy shoulders to keep his balance as the massive man pounded into him. Waves of pleasure were overwhelming James and he began to moan openly.

“Oh . . . Oh god . . . Oh yeah” James panted as Skull’s cock continued to drive into him.

“I think little princess here is starting to like it.” Skull groaned. “Are you liking my cock princess?” Skull asked as he continued to thrust deep into James’ ass. James face turned deep red, but he kept from answering even as moans continued to escape him.

Skull then lifted James’ legs and put them on his massive shoulders and began to thrust even deeper.

“Mphhhhhhh . . . Ohhhhhhhhhh” James moaned loudly as Skull’s cock reached new territory inside him. James never thought a cock could get this deep. A feeling like electricity went up James’ spine every time Skull’s cock reached that spot inside of him. The feeling made him tremble and moan loudly like a girl.

“Let’s try that again.” Skull continued “Are you liking my cock, princess?”

” . . . . yes . . . .” James answered back sheepishly. He turned his face away from Skull out of embarrassment. He couldn’t believe that he was enjoying getting sodomized by a smelly barabarian

Skull thrust in again hard sending another wave of pleasure through James’ body. “Do you want more of my cock?” Skull asked as his cock reached its deepest point.

James couldn’t control himself any longer. “Yes! I want more of your cock!” He exclaimed. Skull began hammering into him. James’ girlish moans filled the forest air as he legs dangled above him. James could feel the pleasure building up inside of him.

“Oh god . . . . Oh god, oh, oh, ohhh, OH, OH GOD!” James moaned as he couldn’t contain the waves washing over him any more. He felt his balls clench and his ass tighten around Skull’s massive cock. James’ dick erupted and the first load covered his own face. The rest of his warm cum covered his body. James was trembling and panting heavily. A feeling of deep shame washed over him as the waves of pleasure began to subside. He had just cum on another man’s cock like a lusty bar wench.

“OH GODS!” Skull grunted as he successfully attempted to stave of his own orgasm. “It looks like we have a squirter.” Skull panted while looking up at Bones, who was seated on a stump stroking his now fully hard cock.

“You have made a real whore out of him.” Bones chuckled. How about you put our highness on all fours and we both get some pleasure out of him.”

Skull scooped up James in his massive arms and flipped him over on all fours. “Stick that ass up in the air.” Skull ordered as he lined up his cock with James’ now gaping hole. Bones knelt in front of James and began rubbing his cock on James’ smooth cheeks and lips.

“Ohhhh yeah . . .” James heard himself moan as Skull drove his full length back into James’ waiting hole. James could not believe how much like a woman he sounded as he moaned. Skull began to pump in and out again, hitting all the right places in James, who reacted by continuing to meet Skulls’ thrusts with his hips.

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